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Chapter 150: Preventing the escape of fully automated piggy banks

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Wen XingYao,” Bai Li gently poked the person beside him with his elbow and whispered a question, “this Zhu…Patriarch. Did he have a wake-up call?”

As he asked this question, Bai Li’s eyes also looked over, full of confusion and doubt, and an expression of ‘you know him well, you should know something.’ It was no wonder Bai Li thought that, because ever since they got offline and the fox cub came out of the gaming pod, his reactions had become a little off.

Now he would only sit with his butt to them, while the large black tail wagged around annoyingly. His pointed ears were originally held vertical, but now they drooped down, and accompanied by occasional twitches, they obviously showed their owner’s heart wasn’t at peace.

Wen XingYao did feel that the black fox cub was in a very bad mood, but the reason why he was in a bad mood couldn’t be guessed. He listened to Bai Li asking if it was because of the “wake up call,” and he almost nodded to help the black fox cub admit it.

Inexplicably, foxes are really pretentious, ah!

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but it can’t be just a wake up call, can it?” Wen XingYao replied in the same small voice.

His “whisper” and Bai Li’s “whisper” weren’t on the same level. Due to the lack of energy Wen XingYao was back in his lion state, so even if the voice is small for him, still much louder than it would be if he was in a human state. The fox cub, who was grumbling by himself, heard this, turned his head and screamed “ow!” As if to say, “I did not wake up, big lion you don’t talk nonsense!”

Bai Li stopped worrying about what was causing the fox patriarch’s bad mood during his infancy, and just gave him a small dose of grass and wood clear spirit energy, which made him jump up and bounce around. Finally, he was able to eat his lunch in peace and quiet. After they ate, Wen XingYao called Bai Li, who was planning to go back to his room to play the game, and talked about the incident that Tang Ying had approached him about before going offline.

“Tang Ying said that the Imperial Research Institute’s testing of this year’s new virtual reality game has reached its end, and the results will be announced on the Starnet probably the day after tomorrow. He is free now, and plans to come over to us in the next two days.” Wen XingYao still remembered how he felt when Tang Ying talked to him about it. His reaction, the way his heart beat violently made him belatedly realize something seemed wrong with him.

Normally, his reaction should have been to discuss with Tang Ying the time to come over, and have him show up at the doorstep on time. Instead he’d told Tang Ying that he would have to call Bai Li and wait for Bai Li’s agreement before making arrangements with Tang Ying, and then he, then he…then…he went offline in a panic.

It was only after lunch, when the two were about to go back to the game, that he reluctantly told Bai Li about it.

It made it seem like he didn’t really want to leave. He vaguely sensed that he had different feelings for Bai Li, that friend who picked up his juvenile form and took care of him, and gave him a lot of help in the game. He couldn’t be sure whether it was a touching brotherhood or a more ambiguous fondness. Or rather, he did not dare to guess wildly, afraid that this kind of conjecture without any evidence, would make things run away in an uncontrollable direction. That would be bad.

Although temporarily forced to press down this unexpected discovery, Wen XingYao thought he had anticipated Bai Li’s answer afterwards.

On Bai Li’s side, the biggest reaction was no reaction.

“Tang Ying is finally coming over?” Bai Li smiled at the words, the subtleties of his face revealed joy. “Did he say exactly which day he was coming over? Tomorrow we have to wait together in the game for the pet eggs to break, so why not just set it for the day after tomorrow?”

Wen XingYao, “?”

He imagined reluctance and unwillingness to part? How come he didn’t show any reaction at all!

What was with the smile on his face? How it looked like he couldn’t wait to let him go, ah? To say that might be a bit too exaggerated, but Bai Li was showing a very welcoming attitude towards Tang Ying’s arrival.

Bai Li reacting like that caused Wen XingYao’s heart to become sour and bitter. He couldn’t put that emotion aside. It was like a rushing flood which could not find an outlet to vent. It could only rampage in the abyss of emotions, so that he simply couldn’t think about anything else, and could only follow Bai Li’s words.

“Well… The day after tomorrow? I think it’s okay. I’ll go talk to him when I’m online, and set the exact time,” Wen XingYao said dryly.

“Nnnn. Go ahead and tell him. I’ll prepare something nice then, and give Tang Ying a reception to wash the dust off. But…When the time comes, I may have to trouble you again, I will only be able to help you,” Bai Li said kindly.

In reality, one person, one lion and one fox had been enjoying “Wen XingYao” boxed meals for some time, and with the skillful application of various ingredients and cooking utensils, Wen XingYao had become more and more comfortable with cooking, and the deliciousness of the finished products had jumped several steps.

Bai Li also praised Wen XingYao more than once in front of him, saying that he really had the potential to become a chef, and Wen XingYao was delighted to hear this. He had forgotten that he held the title of “Imperial Admiral.”

At this time, hearing Bai Li’s words, his original lost mood was revived. What did that mean? It meant that Bai Li actually treated him as a member of the family, otherwise why would he still want to work with him to entertain the guests who came from afar?

(Guest-Tang Ying: Ugh!)

“It’s okay, it’s no trouble. I’m happy to do it, I just need you to give me a hand when the time comes, so I can maintain my human form for a little longer.” Wen XingYao said in a rush.

Such a request, how could Bai Li not respond?

Now there were nearly one million players in the game, and the faith generated every day had reached a terrifying amount. Every morning when he opened his eyes, he would feel that the divine energy in his body had filled up a few more points, and not only was the grass and wood clear spirit energy circulating throughout his body more pure, the old players in the game had also bragged to the ordinary fellow netizens in the forum that the air in the game seemed to have become fresher after the upgrade.

Bai Li now had enough grass and wood clear spirit energy, to feed Wen XingYao and Zhu MoLing too. Even if there were a dozen or 20 more, he wouldn’t panic. Anyway, what he used every day was easily refilled.

This was also true for his regular use of grass and wood clear spirit energy to feed the vegetables in the yard.

A small fox cub crouched opposite the two, while he drowsy digested the “goodies” he’d just obtained, as he listened to the conversation between the two of them. He was much better than when he first arrived. He could already understand human language, and could respond to simple content as it should be. But now…He could understand everything they said, but there was a feeling of isolation, how to say it, loneliness and isolation.


When he entered the game again, Wen XingYao, with dark emotions, left a message for Tang Ying via his friend bar and asked him to come back the day after tomorrow, March 4th. He also sent the address of Bai Li’s house, and asked him to find it himself there.

Tang Ying didn’t see the complex emotional changes in Wen XingYao’s heart from the simple text, and indicated that he received it and then “excused himself” with a wink.

Wen XingYao finished cleaning up the freshly ripened crops in his yard and thought it was time to reciprocate. He planted cantaloupe seeds, which could only be grown at level 20, and planned to send some to Bai Li when they were ripe.

His yard had expanded several times using the land expansion card from the game store, and while the land area had not changed, it was still the same 100 blocks, but the extra land was still filled to the brim.

The level 5 chickens, level 10 ducklings, and level 15 goslings were all living in the nests that Wen XingYao built for them with his own hands, twittering and quacking, but as long as he wasn’t near their nests, he couldn’t hear them.

This was also Bai Li’s humane game design to keep the poultry and livestock from making too much noise for his neighbors.

Wen XingYao reorganized an open space next to the nests of these three small animals and purchased a pig pen in the game store for 500 star coins.

Prevent escape, fully automatic, piggy bank: solid and crash resistant, automatic installation, reliable quality, can keep ten pigs at the same time, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, automatic calming of the pigs and pigs to make them happy and grow meat’

When he saw the introduction of this item, Wen XingYao almost laughed out loud, but he was a little regretful when he thought about Bai Li’s distress over the introduction of this item. How could he find it funny? It was Bai Li’s advertising slogan that he spent a lot of effort to come up with, and it must be a good product that deserves its name!

He took the pig pen out of his backpack and used it on the spot.

A solid structure, made of bricks and cement, and the interior with wooden rails into two “rooms” and an aisle of the pig pen appeared in front of Wen XingYao’s eyes in a blink of an eye. From the outside, it wasn’t that attractive, but it really had a great sense of security. From such a pigsty, except Gray Scales boars, there was no escape, not to mention collapsing a player’s house.

It was worth 500 star coins.

Wen XingYao was happy about his choice. Although a pig pen could also be built but the effect of building it themselves, well…It varied from person to person. Wen XingYao decided to go out to the village chief’s kiosk, pick up ten piglets, and arrange for their food as well.

When Wen XingYao arrived at the village chief’s kiosk, there were several players squatting nearby as they chewed on sesame seed cakes. One bit off a large piece, which was crunchy, fragrant and sweet.

A player ran over and gave Wen XingYao a greeting, his cheeks smeared with a few sesame grains. “Big Brother Demon Xing, you should also come to buy things, ah. I tell you, LiLi, he, these last two days these stall shelves have gotten a lot of small snacks. I recommend the sesame cake. You must purchase and try it. Nougat is also good, occasionally you can eat a piece that is so sweet to the heart…”

“Mn, okay. I’ll buy it later to try.” Wen XingYao good-naturedly responded, he pointed to the player’s cheeks, and reminded him, “The corners of your mouth are stained with sesame, so don’t forget to wipe. Actually, I didn’t come here today to buy food. I’m already level 20 and I’m going to buy some little piglets to raise.”

“Little piglets?!” The player had listened to Wen XingYao’s reminder to wipe his mouth, then heard the keyword and his hand movements were almost forgotten. He was instantly curious. “What kind of small piglets? I have not seen small piglets. Big Brother, can I go with you to see them?”

Several other players heard this, and followed up with longing looks. Jealous.jpg

Wen XingYao, “?”

What’s going on with you players? You have eaten pork and seen pigs (boars) running around. How come you are still interested in little piglets?


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