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Chapter 50: Demon and Human Romance?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


I’m so sleepy. Why do I still feel so sleepy after sleeping for so long? Qiao Xi opened his eyes in a daze. Huh? This ceiling, this room? Isn’t this Han Tian’s hospital? Why am I in this room again?

Qiao Xi shook his head in confusion and lifted his upper body from the blanket.

“Ah, Qiao Xi! You’re finally awake!” A voice that was almost crying.

When he looked at him, he saw little curly-haired Su Rui?

Qiao Xi looked at him confusedly. “Su Rui, why are you here? What’s wrong with me?”

Su Rui dragged the stool and moved to Qiao Xi’s bed with a clang, and said mysteriously, “If you didn’t wake up, I would have been taken back to Demon Academy by the dean and put on probation!”

“Huh?” Qiao Xi was confused.

Su Rui slapped his thigh and said, “Oh, did you just have a long, strange dream?”

At Su Rui’s prompting, Qiao Xi gradually recalled it, and his pupils suddenly shrank. “I! My power is out of control! My wings were seen!”

“Hmm? Is that what you dreamt about?” Su Rui asked curiously. “I thought you were dreaming about Dr. Han! You kept screaming in your dream, ‘Han Tian, Han Tian, don’t, don’t’—wow, I thought you had done something amazing in your dream.”

Qiao Xi couldn’t be bothered to blush, let alone talk to Su Rui. Instead, he tapped the covers and said anxiously, “Su Rui, what’s wrong with me? What’s this dream you’re talking about?”

Su Rui scratched his head and said with some embarrassment, “Hi, it’s like this. My graduation project is to learn how to use demon power to make people fall asleep quickly. Then that day, I drew a magic array in the library, and anyone who stepped into that magic array would fall asleep and have all sorts of strange and weird dreams. For example, dreaming of what they want most, or dreaming of what they are most afraid of ah—”

The little curly hair gasped, picked up a glass of water, gulped a large half, and continued, “The result, where I thought, you will also come to the library, and then you will also be affected! You just greeted me, and bam, you fell on the floor, I was so scared! And Dr. Han was scared!”

Hearing this, Qiao Xi’s heart pounded wildly and her eyes widened incredulously as she asked, “Are you saying that I passed out—no, fell asleep—while I was in the library? What day is it then?”

He remembered that when he went to the library, it was the 26th of October. The next day, they went to see Xiao Guang, and then—then his wings came out, and he was found by the crowd, and Han Tian found it…

Was it, all of it, a dream?

According to Su Rui, I was just dreaming about what I was most afraid of?

Su Rui patted his chest again, looking like he had been scared to death by him, and said, “It’s already November 2nd! You’ve slept for 7 days!”

At this point, he looked around and moved closer to Qiao Xi, almost too close to his ear. “I was worried that something had happened to you, and I even called the dean! Fortunately, the dean said that you were too sensitive to this spell, and that you would wake up naturally after a little more sleep.”

Qiao Xi’s breath tightened and he asked anxiously, “You called the dean? It’s not possible that the dean, too, has come, right?”

Su Rui sat back down on the bench with a frank face. “Of course he’s here! You’re the student he cares most about!”

Then Su Rui gave a bad smile. “Hey, by the way, Qiao Xi, what is your relationship with Dr. Han now?”

Qiao Xi’s face turned red and white, and before he could think of an answer, there was a knock on the door. 

“Qiao Xi, can I come in?”

Qiao Xi and Su Rui both shivered and then looked at each other: Oh, it’s the Dean’s voice.

Evans came in, looked at Su Rui, smiled, and said, “Su Rui, if you have nothing to do, you can go back first. Remember, in the future, when you use this sleep spell, you must be careful and control the range of use—otherwise, if you really let people sleep through, you will be dragged back to the Demon World and turned into a minotaur.”

Su Rui couldn’t stop nodding, and then scuffled to the door.

However, he refused to open the door, but instead stared at Evans with a pitiful look. “Sir, can I wait for you to go back together? I, can I stay here with Qiao Xi for a while?”

Qiao Xi blinked and thought, I didn’t know Su Rui cared so much about me before.

Evans laughed again and trailed off, “Su Rui, you should, go back.” The tone of voice was clearly non-negotiable.

So Su Rui could only crane his neck and open the door with his head hanging in despair.

Qiao Xi did not know if it was his own eyes, he always felt that Su Rui’s face had a kind of death-like sad look.

In fact, for Su Rui, he was indeed in a mood to “die”.

Because, as he expected, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Han Tian’s face that was so beautiful that people wanted to run for their lives.

Moreover, this expressionless angel made a “silence” gesture with one finger in front of his lips.

Su Rui dared not speak, but hung his head and followed behind Han Tian to the stairwell around the corner, before he shivered and said, “Dr. Han, I, I have let Qiao Xi sleep as much as possible, and I, I have told him and His Excellency the dean exactly what you have told me.”

Han Tian nodded his head and said, “Good.”

Su Rui didn’t even dare to breathe, looked at the man’s face, and cautiously asked, “So, can I, can I go now?”

He was already trying to control himself from running away and shouting “aaaaaaaaaa!” while running.

Han Tian said coldly, “If you are free, you can ask my assistant Xiao Ke to get a temporary pass and go to Ward 2. There is an old man there who hasn’t slept well for a long time.”

After saying that, Han Tian turned around and walked away.

Su Rui was left standing in the same place, unable to believe his ears—huh? What just happened? The legendary Seraph, who is even more fierce than Demon, arranged for me to work in his hospital?

What is this? This is too scary!

Su Rui felt that he really needed to run to the rooftop and “ahhhhhhh!” for a while to relieve his fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, Qiao Xi was not as panic-stricken as Su Rui, but he was definitely not having a good time either.

After seeing Evans come in, he jumped out of bed in a panic, though he was still wearing his pajamas, and tried to hide back in bed—until Evans couldn’t stand it and said, “Okay, you just sit there.”

Qiao Xi then sat on his knees on the bed as well as he could, hands resting honestly on his lap, waiting apprehensively for Evans to give him the go-ahead.

I’m not making progress on my project, I’m not learning how to charm, and now I’ve accidentally stepped into a magic formation and fallen asleep in front of Han Tian—if what Su Rui said is true, then it should be Han Tian who sent himself to the hospital again, right?

If Su Rui’s story is true, Han Tian would have sent me to the hospital again, right?

Evans just glanced at him and said, “I checked your [Guidebook] and found that our Academy’s engineers are not very reliable, and there is still something wrong with the front-end display of the data.”

Hmm? Qiao Xi stared at Evans nervously.

Then Evans slowly smiled. “Judging from the background records, your project is progressing quite well, so you should have no problem graduating.”

Before Qiao Xi could put a joyful and thankful expression on his face, Evans spoke again, “So, I talked to your target.”


Qiao Xi’s half-hearted smile just froze on his face.

You guys talked?

What did you guys talk about?

Evans looked at the stool that Su Rui had left aside, and it moved itself to his side.

The man sat down unhurriedly and said in a more serious tone than he had in the Demon Academy class, “Qiao Xi, Su Rui’s sleep magic allows people to see what they fear as well as what they want. Did anything, particularly beautiful, happen to you in that long dream?”

Speaking of this, Qiao Xi’s face reddened layer by layer.

His eyes drifted around, and finally he said with his head down, “Yes, there was.”

Well, Han Tian kissed me. So sweet, so sweet.

What a pity that it was a dream.

But, thankfully, it was just a dream.

Evans sighed, “Hey, if you dream of some very intimate behavior, it means that your body is ready to unleash the charm. Your tail and wings should not be so easy to reveal.”

Qiao Xi raised his head and stared at Evans in confusion. “Dean, but, but…”

Evans frowned. “But what?”

Qiao Xi clenched his teeth. “But… Han Tian said… said, he has someone he wants to fall in love with. You have to be with a lover to kiss or something, right? I don’t want to… In this way, to, to, trap him.”

Evans was stunned, then helplessly rubbed his brow and inwardly lit a candle for poor Lord Seraph once again. About why Qiao Xi had to avoid him from time to time, this Lord Seraph probably thought of a thousand possibilities in his head, but this one did not occur to him.

“Ahem,” Evans said with a serious expression as he tried not to laugh, “does the Academy have a code that says demons are forbidden to fall in love with humans?”

Qiao Xi was a little confused by the question. He rubbed his hair, said dumbly, “No… but, but, humans can only have relationships with humans. But, but, humans can only fall in love with humans, right?”

Evans shrugged. “What’s the difference between you and a human as far as your target is concerned? Can you still lay an egg for him after you become human?”

Qiao Xi blushed at this comment, but still whispered, “We, we, we don’t have souls… We can’t possibly know how to ‘love someone’…”

Evans stood up from the stool with an impatient look. “Come on, Qiao Xi. if you can do ‘how Han Tian treats you, how you treat him’, you’re already better at ‘loving’ than 99% of the humans on earth. The ‘love of people’… Besides—”

He reverted to his “mentor” face. “In addition, I see from the background that your Capture Value data has stabilized, but it has remained at 59. It’s November now, are you going to just sit there and not try to break through?”

“Finally,” Evans aggravated his tone, “I remind you again that if you can’t succeed in raising your Capture Value by the specified date, then you can wait until you go back to being a minotaur. You will no longer be able to eat any delicious desserts, much less see your beloved prey again. Is that what you want? Hmm?”

Qiao Xi’s face turned pale at the question and he shook her head uncontrollably. “No, no, I-I’ll try! Sir! Please don’t, don’t drag me back!”

Evans then nodded in satisfaction and said, “Well, in that case, I’ll be waiting for your breakthrough.”

After that, the man leisurely turned the doorknob and opened the door, winked back at Qiao Xi, and walked away.

Qiao Xi was left in the room.

He rubbed his face with his hands, his mind was still a bit confused, and, in his heart, he always felt that something was not right.

Su Rui said it was a dream, and the dean also said it was a dream, but was it really a dream? The fear of being discovered, the pain of being torn apart, and Han Tian’s heart-wrenching call from behind me, were they all dreams?

He looked around, jumped to the floor, grabbed his phone from the bookshelf, and started flipping through news and social media platforms.

A short report jumped into his view:

[Oct. 27, City News.

A man surnamed Zheng fell from the 19th floor of the Third Hospital in Haicheng City and died on the spot.

It was found that the man had multiple mental disorders due to emotional disputes, and often engaged in dangerous behavior. The fall was an accident.]

The following news included a “Zheng man” life photo. Although the picture was blurred and the eyes of the character were specially mosaiced, Qiao Xi could see at a glance that the “man surnamed Zheng” was Zheng Tong.

Is it such a coincidence?

I dreamed that Guang was haunted by Zheng Tong’s spirit, and then Zheng Tong jumped off the building—but in reality, it was Zheng Tong himself who jumped off? “Accidental fall”?

What about Xiao Guang? Where is Xiao Guang now?

Qiao Xi held the phone in one hand and bit his finger in his mouth with the other, feeling that the coincidence was too much.

At this moment, the door opened again.

The familiar voice that made his heart so soft that he could melt, that made his nose slightly sore, and made him want to shed tears when he heard it, rang out: “Qiao Xi, you’re awake.”


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August 28, 2023 2:09 pm

So much to contend with and now QX’s back in the dark; but he isn’t stupid and senses things aren’t right.
What will HT tell him?…
Thanks, Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

August 28, 2023 5:35 pm

That’s right, what happened to Xiao Guang!? If I remember correctly the poor baby had a stab wound?

August 28, 2023 5:49 pm

That’s a great way to solve the problem 👍🏻☺️

HT must’ve made a Deal with Evans!

Did he sell his soul to the Devil 😈 in order to get QX?!

September 8, 2023 10:36 pm

I really want to express how tired I am of the ‘keep the character completely ignorant for the sake of future drama’ plot tool, but… I have to admit, in this case, that Qiao Xi as a character is honestly stupid enough that it’s the best choice. I respect that there’s no attempt to claim in text that he’s intelligent, while simultaneously writing him as stupid. Consistency and honest character portrayal are much better to read.

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