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Chapter 35: end of the month

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


As he listened to his daughter chatter in his ear about the various interesting ways to play Carefree Farmstead, Jiang Yu was absent minded for a while before he realized with the benefit of hindsight, that this virtual reality game, which currently had only 500 players, had a huge potential. Later, he had to go to Starnet and take a good look at what the charm of this game really was.

“Dad, Dad.” Jiang Huaibi nudged Jiang Yu, smiled fawningly and approached him. “The designer of this game participated in this year’s competition. Dad, are you familiar with him? Can you help me to ask him when he is planning to upgrade the virtual reality game builder?”

If she knew the approximate time, she could be at the game home 24/7. She must be the first to grab a game spot! She needed to get a game spot. 

As he thought about the embarrassing things that happened in the company, Jiang Yu felt a little chagrined, but his daughter was also staring at him and he knew he couldn’t not answer.

“Not familiar. We don’t know the contestants at all.” Jiang Yu stroked his daughter’s head. “You too. It’s not like you don’t know that our staff can’t have private contact with the participants, so why are you asking such questions?”

Jiang Huaibi spat out her tongue in embarrassment and said, “I forgot. Since you don’t know, I’ll go clean up the living room first.”

After that, she ran away in a flash. When the living room was cleaned up, she still had to brush up on the forum posts, she was busy!

As he looked at the back of his daughter jumping away, Jiang Yu was quietly relieved. As long as she didn’t continue to pound dirt and fertilizer in the house, she could do whatever she wanted!


At that moment, Bai Li, who was being focused on by many people, was holding his chin in one hand, while he looked at the kitten’s butt not far from him, without saying anything. When he came out of the gaming pod, Bai Li noticed that Supreme seemed to be in a strange state. He wasn’t as lively as usual when he woke up in his arms, just looked at him deeply and jumped silently to the corner of the sofa. He had been there, thinking about his cat life ever since.

Not to say that small animals didn’t think, Bai Li could see that clearly, Supreme he,obviously something was on his mind. However, this was also his first time raising a small animal. He hadn’t encountered this kind of thing, and really did not know what to do.

During Bai Li’s distress, Supreme was also suffering ‘from the depths of the torment of the soul.’

That afternoon, as usual, he woke up in the bulging container with his human. According to previous habits, he should go up and be with his human for a while, letting the human rub his belly, and let him pinch his tail tip or something. However when he made his first little meow, there was a voice at the bottom of his heart that he was very familiar with which said to him, do not make such strange movements, quickly remember your real appearance, and return to normal as soon as possible! If this continues, sooner or later you’ll regret it!

Real look? Was his current appearance not real enough?

Regret? Regret what? He will never regret it!

Supreme felt that the voice was speaking in a strange way, and he couldn’t understand it at all. If he chose not to listen, the voice would keep on talking, until it made his head buzz and he lost all interest in playing with his human.

When his temper got up, he decided to get a clear understanding of things. So he found a secluded place, formed himself into a pie shape, and began to think about his cat life. Once he started thinking, the voice disappeared and never came out again.

Supreme was angry, and felt that he had been tricked by the owner of the voice. He had no other appearance, and no need to return to normal. The owner of this voice was really a bad guy!

As he thought about it, he suddenly smelled a tantalizing scent coming from behind him, the kind that smelled so good on humans! In an instant, the kitty put his distress behind him and turned back with a jerk, rushing directly toward Bai Li.

That smell didn’t appear many times, but every time he smelled it, or even ate it in his mouth, it brought him a great sense of pleasure. It was as if his body had gone weightless and was floating in the clouds. He couldn’t miss such an opportunity!

Looking at the rejuvenated Supreme, Bai Li nodded in satisfaction, and thought to himself that the grass and wood clear Qi he brought with him was so good, it was like an alternative catnip!

After this day, Supreme had the same situation several times, but all of them were adjusted by Bai Li with the grass and wood clear Qi, or with the reason of teaching him a new way to take care of the vegetable seedlings.

In addition, Song Xinran, who lived across the street from Bai Li, followed the same arrangement that day, as he wanted to learn from Bai Li how to grow vegetables with his own hands, and so reported to his door every day, rain or shine. It was worth mentioning that every time he came to the house, he brought a big bag of gifts. Sometimes it was the latest nutrition liquid, saying that he would give it to the master as a drink. Sometimes it was the same style of super comfortable home clothes, which Bai Li could wear when he played games, so that his body would be more comfortable. There were more strange things that almost filled Bai Li’s house.

Bai Li tried several times to stop Song Xinran’s excessive enthusiasm, but he could only teach Song Xinran more carefully about the small skills of vegetable gardening, and kept Song Xinran for dinner after each teaching session.

The first time, Song Xinran returned home with a full stomach, and then he felt so mean that he had exchanged those cheap gifts for so many meals for his master, and in his heart, he once again entered TaoTao and selected good things that were priced well and suitable for his master.

Bai Li, “…”

Song Xinran, “…”

Supreme, “………!!!”

He knew it! He knew it! This damned strange human must have had the same idea as him to haunt his human! How can this be? He must be the first kitty in the human’s heart, this position, absolutely cannot be taken away!

So, whenever Song Xinran came over early in the morning with a gift, Supreme would collapse into a kitty face and follow at Bai Li’s side very seriously, as he listened to Bai Li’s instructions with open ears and then tried to operate on his own. With the first two failures, he began to control the small flame on the tip of his tail more and more carefully, and finally it never happened again to burn the small seedling.

It was as if he was secretly competing with Song Xinran, having vowed to do better and more perfectly than Song Xinran, and never to be overtaken by this annoying strange human.

However, the two sluggish humans didn’t even notice what was in Supreme’s small mind. Only Bai Li, in a certain way, looked at Supreme several times and his eyes flashed with a thoughtful look.

Supreme’s heart felt smug. Human, you finally realized that I am the most powerful?

When the day’s teaching time was over, Song Xinran ate his meal and left. Bai Li closed the door and hugged Supreme on the couch.

Supreme’s two front paws were haughtily together, as he waited for a compliment from the human.

Then he heard the human hesitantly say to him, “Supreme, you seem to have gained a lot of weight after half a month.”

Supreme, “?”

The original still calm kitten’s face showed a shocked expression. He looked down to observe his body, and didn’t feel too much change in his body, except that white belly that looked a lot softer. He did not wait for Bai Li to say anything else. “Mimi, ow!” He jumped off the sofa, and rushed to the bathroom. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror for close observation. Three circles left and three circles right, tail twisted a few times, and finally had to admit that the human was right.

He had really grown up a lot.

From the original size of an adult’s palm, he was almost the size of a flower pot. This kind of growth was really normal, he was not eating too much, ah…

Supreme’s mind was full of the various delicacies he had eaten before, as he went back to Bai Li’s side with his head hanging in despair.

Bai Li, on the contrary, thought it was a good thing that Supreme had grown up. It meant he had raised the Warm Light Beast extremely well. He just didn’t know whether such progress was fast or slow compared to his fellow immortals. All in all, he was personally satisfied.

Hugging the more grown-up Supreme, and giving him a good meal for comfort, Supreme finally accepted the fact. His human didn’t think he had eaten too much.

What one person and one cat didn’t know was that this was just the beginning. In the following period of time, he would grow faster and faster, and it would become more and more obvious.

The good news of the day didn’t stop there. Bai Li went into the game for a few hours, and when he came out, he saw a new message in his communication software.

The message was from the official of Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, congratulating him for passing the first month of competition and advancing to the next round. Then there was a friendly reminder that today was the last day of January, so if he needed to withdraw his game earnings, please do it as soon as possible.

Oh, it’s the end of the month?

Oh, he will have money soon?

Bai Li popped up from the gaming pod in a flash, moving so quickly that he almost startled Supreme. He was rubbing the hair on his kitty’s back as he clicked on the backend to check his earnings over the past half month.

He remembered the last time he clicked here, was the first day the game just launched. The crazy players overnight brought him more than 400,000 revenue. It had been over half a month and he had stocked the mall shelves with new ‘pop’ goods, so he figured his revenue should also break a million….

This idea, including his brain’s thoughts, directly froze after he saw a long string of numbers.


Good grief, he not only broke a million, but also exceeded his expectations too much. Even though Bai Li was used to seeing great waves and had led several countries to a great harvest for human beings, he was shocked by this spectacle. Thinking about the 6,666 star coins from half a month ago, and the few hundred star coins in his pocket today, he felt a sense of happiness that the bitterness had come to an end.

After he rubbed the corners of his eyes, which seemed to be a bit sore, Bai Li decided to withdraw all of his money. After deducting the 30% given to the contest official, he was able to get a total of 2,398,753.70 star coins.

This amount of money would arrive in his account the next day.

After this step, Bai Li breathed a sigh of relief, he finally did not have to buy only five bags of soil because he was so shy, and even planting a vegetable was withheld. When the money arrived, he had to buy a large pile of soil, put it in pots and put it all over the balcony!

“Meow?” Noticing that the human’s mood seemed a little high, Supreme called out softly.

“Oh, yeah, how could I forget about Supreme!” Bai Li smilingly petted the cat from head to tail, “We will soon be rich, then I will buy you a luxury cat bed and all kinds of cat toys, let you become the happiest kitty!”

He was a Warm Light Beast, who helped him look after the vegetables, so the corresponding ‘salary and benefits’ should be given. Bai Li thought to himself. 

Supreme didn’t know what the human had promised him, but the cat’s face showed a strong sense of affection. His human is so nice!

Oh, yes! Bai Li remembered the most important thing. He found Xiong Pili’s contact information in his address book and asked him about the upgrade service.

On the other side, Xiong Pili received Bai Li’s message and jumped three feet high. He hurriedly told the other two people the good news and told them to be ready to grab a game slot in the next two days before he seriously replied to Bai Li’s message.

At the same time, Bai Li didn’t have the heart to get on the game’s homepage. As the game designer, he issued a short announcement, and said that for the content tomorrow the Carefree Farmstead game builder would be upgraded. The upgrade would increase the number of places in the game, and he had the idea of giving the netizens time to prepare.

As soon as the announcement was issued, it caused a huge stir. Many cloud players cried bitterly. Grandpa/grandmother, the game you are concerned about finally opened a new game quota!


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Who wants to bet that even though he has so much money now, he’ll still only upgrade one level from E to D? I hope for the future players he’ll at least go to C.

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Thanks for the chapter! How much will he upgrade?

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I think he’ll upgrade gradually as he has his earnings earmarked for other things too.
Supreme is hearing a voice in his head; it must be his human self… listen! Oh, but he doesn’t understand the meaning.
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