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Chapter 36: Game Quota

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


[Great Mr. Bai, you finally remembered to upgrade the game builder! You don’t know, but out of the three of us, only I grabbed the game qualification at that time. Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi, I mean those two colleagues of mine, look at me more and more enviously lately.]

Xiong Pili sent over a large paragraph. Looking at it, Bai Li’s pair of good-looking peach blossom eyes were smiling and narrowed. Who wouldn’t like to hear compliments from others about what they were doing, let alone such genuine ones.

[Thanks.] Bai Li typed. [I wanted to ask, if I plan to upgrade the virtual reality game builder tomorrow, can I make an appointment with your side first today, or do I have to do something on Starnet?]

Xiong Pili quickly sent over a form. [Mr. Bai, you can first fill in your address, contact information, and the level you expect to upgrade to. After I confirm with the company, you can pay a 50% deposit.]

The form was concise and Bai Li quickly filled out the first two, but got stuck on the last one.

[Is it possible to be specific about each level, how much they cost, and how many players they can accommodate, as well as the upgrades to the virtual reality game builder, which must be upgraded one level at a time and cannot be crossed?]

On Bai Li’s side, Xiong Pili was always very enthusiastic, [Of course, that’s our job! At present, there are six levels of virtual reality game builders: E, D, C, B, A and S. The prices are five thousand, one hundred thousand, five million, twenty-five million, one hundred million and ten billion star coins. The higher the level, the higher the number of players it can accommodate. Today’s virtual reality games on the market generally use C and B grade virtual reality game builders. Only those old brands, and the Imperial Research Institute certified games that help the Genetic Collapse Disorder and have a certain therapeutic effect of the mega game, will be more profitable than ordinary games and use the more expensive ones. For example, a game like Void War uses the top of the line S-grade.]

[When upgrading the virtual reality game builder, it is impossible to skip the intermediate levels. In other words, if you want to upgrade to C grade, Mr. Bai, you need to pay the upgrade fee for D grade and C grade twice, totaling five million one hundred thousand star dollars. Mr. Bai, if you have more money, I suggest you upgrade to C level directly, because the number of players that can be accommodated in D level virtual reality game builder is only five thousand, while C level has one million, the difference in numbers is very big.]

When he gave such a suggestion, Xiong Pili actually still had a little bit of selfishness. These days, the voices on the Starnet urging Bai Li to upgrade the builder were getting louder and louder, and he refreshed the comment book every night after he got off the game.

What did this mean? Once they know that the game builder of Carefree Farmstead would be upgraded soon, they would definitely watch the game homepage day and night, waiting for the moment when the new game quota was released. How many people would there be then? There would be hundreds of thousands of people, not counting those who were silently following and not leaving comments!

Hundreds of thousands of people competing for a less than 5,000 game quota. Just thinking about it he knew that the scene would certainly be very scary. If they were lucky enough to get it, they would be happy, but if they couldn’t get it, they would just collapse, right? The netizens were willing to wait, but if they didn’t, they might even take out their anger at Bai Li for not being able to get a game slot, which would be too much.

Xiong Pili remembered his two colleagues and the friends who he knew. They had been practicing their hand speed since half a month ago in the hope that they would be able to grab a spot in the game. At that time, not many people knew about the game, so they had a high probability of success. But now well…Xiong Pili was sweating hard for the two of them.

The premise of that situation was that Bai Li only upgraded the virtual reality game builder to D level. If it was C level, the situation would be different. With a million game slots, it could last for a while anyhow, right? That way, his two best friends might be able to grab a game slot.

Xiong Pili held on to that glimmer of expectation and made his suggestion.

Bai Li’s end was silent.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go up to C rank in one go, but…There really wasn’t enough money!

Originally he thought since he could earn more than two million a month it was really great, but when he found that in front of the expensive virtual reality game builder, more than two million wasn’t that much and he couldn’t even afford to buy a C level!

Given that, he really couldn’t start slacking off now, but had to continue to work hard.

Bai Li didn’t worry about shame and directly told Xiong Pili the reason was that the money was not enough for the time being. He made an appointment with him to come to the house tomorrow at 11 am to help him with the upgrade.

After he heard the reason, Xiong Pili also thought of Bai Li’s current place of residence, located in the suburbs in a very remote old residential area. He remembered correctly the rent should only be 1000 stars a month. If he really had money in his pocket, Mr. Bai would not live there.

Once he leveled up the game, he would go buy in the game store, and give some kryptonite to help Mr. Bai get his virtual reality game builder up to C level.

Bai Li didn’t know that Xiong Pili was actually thinking this way, so after agreeing with him, he ended the chat. Before it was over, he paid the deposit.

After dinner, Bai Li didn’t continue to play the game, but lay in the gaming pod, opened the virtual reality game builder, then opened the design mode, and slowly thought about how to give both the new and old players a big update when the number of players increased.

These days, he was not only playing the game, but also occasionally thinking about what was still missing in the game, so for the ‘big update’ he already had a general idea. Now he needed to add some of those ideas to the game, but temporarily not release them until the virtual reality game builder upgrade was completed, and then give the players a surprise.

The same went for the game quota. The game’s designer was free to decide when and how many game quotas to give out. Bai Li had already thought about it, and when Xiong Pili and the others came over the next day to help him upgrade the virtual reality game builder, he would release the quotas in the afternoon, a total of 4,500 quotas, of which he would withhold 5, and leave the remaining 4,495 for the netizens to grab themselves.

Song Xinran chanted in his ear for a while, saying that he wanted to hurry up and grab a game slot to see the game he made. After all, it was his own little apprentice, he must be given one. There were two more, which he intended to give Xiong Pili’s two colleagues, they were  dedicated to helping him upgrade the device, and they gave patient answer for his various questions, not to mention even though they weren’t in the game they went online before and expressed support for him. This kindness he accepted, he could not let them continue to be disappointed.

As for the remaining two…Bai Li thought of Supreme nestled in his arms at this time, silently shook his head, but unfortunately the little animal could enter the gaming pod, but not inside the game, or if he brought Supreme into the game, Supreme could also help him look after his crop together…

The remaining two, let’s keep them and send them out when the right opportunity arises later.

Bai Li thought to himself that tomorrow when there were more players in the game, it should become more lively and vibrant, and what he could get from the players, in addition to more star coins, was a tenfold increase in the power of faith. Bai Li felt so excited when he thought about it. After tomorrow, he would be one step closer to becoming a Shennong!

Dreams were beautiful, and as a young man with hope, he was in a happy mood to work.


In the game world, Wen XingYao got on the game, but didn’t rush out from the hut, just sat quietly inside for a while. After all his trials over the past few days, he was almost certain that he had accidentally entered infancy and temporarily lost his memories that belonging to a human, or rather his consciousness that belonged to a human had fallen asleep. What was worse, the two sides of the memory were actually not interchangeable, which meant that no matter what, he didn’t know where he was in his infancy, and who he was staying with.

What he was able to do was to leave an imprint in his subconscious every time he exited Starnet, which was used to caution his juvenile self not to do anything strange. Only when the infant noticed and accepted the message conveyed by the imprint would the imprint disappear.

Unfortunately, after so many days, he had left at least ten imprints, but failed to awaken his human consciousness. This made Wen XingYao wonder, what did his infant little heart lack?

However, there was good news. He could clearly feel the infant was growing rapidly. Maybe when he grew to a certain size, his human consciousness would awaken as if it had been sealed, and then he would regain control of his body. Then the situation would become much better. Soon, Wen XingYao gave up thinking about it. There was no point in thinking about it in the game, during this time, it was better to go see how the crops were growing at the door.

As his character level increased, the experience value needed to level up would become more and more. After playing for such a long time, Wen XingYao’s character level had reached 14, and with just a few hundred more experience points, he would be able to rise to level 15.

The game designer’s level was no match for his, and Wen XingYao was so pleased with himself that he forgot how much money he had invested in the game store in order to upgrade more quickly. The magical spring water that he poured into the ground alone could add up to a small stream.

The other players were Buddhists compared to him. At least they would not reduce the maturity time by half in one breath every time they planted a field. They also liked to eat all kinds of food, make their own food, go treasure hunting in the woods, sleep on the grass next to the creek, and harass the old village chief on a daily basis.

If Bai Li had a ranking of the total amount spent by all players, Wen XingYao was definitely in first place. A proper kryptonite player.

At this time this kryptonite player was conscientiously digging potatoes out of the ground. With his digging action, a huge potato was dug out from the soil and transferred into his inventory and the same action repeated a hundred times. After he stood up straight, he looked around the fenced area. Except for a small wooden table and two wooden chairs in the corner, and a narrow cobblestone path that connected the door of the house and the fence, the rest of the land was reclaimed.

Because a batch of crops had just been harvested, a hundred pieces of land were left unused, which inexplicably made him feel very comfortable.

At least Wen XingYao was comfortable. He took a glance at his character level, and saw he had just reached level 15. He remembered that Bai Li had given him half of the strawberries from before. There were 30 of them, and each one was half the size of his hand. The tips of the strawberries were as sweet as honey, and the strawberry end was slowly flooded with sweet and sour. One bite of the flesh was hard with a little crunch, and the juice burst in the mouth. He was amazed by the heavenly berries, stood still for a while before he got over it, and was laughed at by Bai Li.

Wen XingYao had picked strawberries as his favorite fruit. Of course, before that, he hadn’t even touched those fruits in the real world. Now that he could grow strawberries, what was he waiting for? As soon as his tools were collected, he planned to go out and buy seeds from the village chief.

That was when Tang Ying came to the door. He stopped Wen XingYao at the door and, without waiting for Wen XingYao to ask him why he was there, he said with a happy face, “Good news, Demon Xing!”

These days, there were few things that could make Interstellar Adjutant Tang so happy. Wen XingYao paused for a few seconds and quickly guessed what he wanted to say. Today was the last day of the month. The three hundred warriors’ physical examination reports were out. Since Tang Ying had become like this, the results of the report should be very good.

Wen XingYao only had to reopen the fence gate, and take Tang Ying into the house.

“What exactly is the situation?” While talking, he also poured two cups of tea, one for himself and one for Tang Ying.

Tea. Only a short time ago Bai Li added it to the new goods on the shelves, and with boiling hot water to brew it, not a moment later it would give off a ghostly tea fragrance.

In Bai Li’s view, there were many kinds of tea. Between expensive tea and cheap tea there was still a big difference, so out of some kind of psychology, he divided the tea into categories. The cheapest coarse tea in the village store was 50 copper coins to buy a large jar, which could be drunk for a long time. And like Xinyang Mao Jian, West Lake Longjing, Biluo Chun, Da Hong Pao, Liu An Gua Pian, Junshan Yin Ye and other famous teas, he put all in the game store, but also marked them at a pretty high price, from 100 to 1000 star coins, and each batch was only a little one. For most players, the game store tea was a luxury.

However, this situation would certainly not happen for Wen XingYao. Since he had his first sip of tea, he bought a pound of each kind of tea in the game store, and changed types every day.

Like today, for example, he brewed the Da Hong Pao.

When a subtle floral flavor came from the cup of tea, Tang Ying’s eyes lit up. He said “really good”, while he carefully blew the tea cool, and took a comfortable sip with an expression of enjoyment.

When the cup of tea was down a small half, he began to talk about business.

When he spoke, he made a fuss, “There is good news and bad news, Demon Xing. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Wen XingYao, “…”

He gave the person across the table a blank look, with a warning in his eyes, “Say both together.”

“Okay, okay, I shouldn’t joke with you.” Tang Ying raised his hands in surrender. “The good news is that the medical reports of 300 soldiers came out. 70% of them have Genetic Collapse Disorder in remission, and the remaining 30% haven’t worsened. Among them there were 18 soldiers who had already entered the middle stage of Genetic Collapse Disorder. CThey started in the middle stage of Collapse Disorder, but by the time the examination came out, they were back to the early stages.”

Wen XingYao nodded, satisfied with the results, and asked, “What’s the bad news?”

“The bad news is…” Tang Ying here couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. “Actually this can’t be considered bad news, that is…Admiral you also know that most of our military are silly and stupid, with a single brain, without being forced, they took the initiative to tell everyone about Carefree Farmstead. Now the whole military department is going crazy and talking about what they have to do to get a spot in the game…I heard that the designer of the game is planning to open up new spots for the game next month. Can we still grab them this time without any problems?”

Speaking of which, Tang Ying was a bit glad that Admiral had let him find 300 people to enter the game on the first day it was launched, which accounted for more than half of the total number of people in the game. At first he couldn’t figure out why the Admiral had to go through all the trouble to get people into the game, but now that he thought about it, it was the wisest decision the Admiral had ever made, right?

It was a pity that there was only one chance like that, and now it was a daydream to grab so many places at once.

This news was really something Wen XingYao didn’t expect. At first, he was planning to go to Bai Li after the medical examination results came out, reveal his identity and try to see if he could reach an agreement with Bai Li to provide a part of the game quota, and then the military department would pay for it or provide Bai Li with other facilities. However the early leak of the news disrupted this plan. Even if he succeeded in getting a part of the quota from Bai Li, those naive people in the military department would probably have a big fight over the internal quota.

Maybe even before entering the game, these people’s Genetic Collapse Disorder would be aggravated once again because of fighting in the group.


“It’s not up to us to say whether we can get it or not. Since they all want the game slot, let them grab it themselves when the time comes, and it’s up to them to try,” Wen XingYao said in a very patronizing manner, as he gave up the intention of looking for Bai Li for help.

Tang Ying hadn’t realized that Wen XingYao actually knew Bai Li, and that even he had added Bai Li as a game friend. After hearing Wen XingYao say this, he thought about it and felt that it made some sense, so he nodded and planned to go announce the news after he got offline.

“There shouldn’t be anything else, right?” Wen XingYao got up and started to drive that person away.

“Oh, oh. There’s nothing else!” Tang Ying realized as an afterthought that his arrival seemed to have disrupted the Admiral’s original plan, and hurriedly stood up after him, “I’ll leave you alone then.”

However before he went out the door, he quickly fished over the tea cup on the table, tilted his head and drank the cooled tea inside, smacked his mouth and lamented, “Not to mention, this tea is really good.”

Wen XingYao directly threw him a delicate wooden box, which contains the tea leaves, “that of course, after all, is 1000 star coins for a tael of tea. This box is for you. Take it back and drink it slowly.”

Tang Ying, “!!!”

Shit, the tea he just drank was actually so expensive?

Tang Ying froze for a second, then he decisively stuffed the box into his backpack. “Okay, Boss. Thank you, Boss! Boss big money!”

After he said that, he slipped away like smoke as he ran off. He glanced back as if afraid Wen XingYao would regret giving him the tea.

Wen XingYao dropped his smile. Adjutant Tang was almost thirty years old, but he could still say such lively words. It seems that he and the game players have mixed for a little too long.

Since the people had left, it was time for him to go about his business. 

The tea on the table was packed up. Wen XingYao went out the door and straight to the village entrance. The village chief’s side was rarely crowded. He quickly bought the strawberry seeds he wanted, sold a large portion of the potatoes he had just harvested, and came back with a large handful of copper coins. When he put them into his backpack they became a dozen gold coins.

Wen XingYao was very satisfied.

He was about to rush back to plant the strawberry seeds when he heard the sound of an overloud discussion coming from not far away.

“Brothers you have heard it, next month our game will open to newcomers. I don’t know how many places will be released, but anyway, I have asked my family and friends to keep an eye on it, as soon as the places come out to rush to grab it.”

“Phew. The game designer finally upgraded the game builder. But, I noticed that he actually upgraded it on the first. Everyone knows when funds made in game during the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition can only be withdrawn at the end of each month. If you put those two things put together, I have a bad feeling ah…”

When such a speculation came out, the scene was immediately silent, and all the smiles of anticipation froze on their faces.

No! No! Right!


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