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Chapter 34: It’s all a misunderstanding!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang Yu was the head of the data supervision department of Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, and that day should have been an ordinary day of work for him. However, when he was about to leave work, he received an urgent report from his subordinates, saying that the competition participants may have been found to have swiped scores.

Score swiping? He didn’t expect that after the fifth year of the competition, there would still be people who would still try to do this. If the contestants were really successful, they were likely to be publicly punished in the last two months of the competition. If they were accidentally discovered by the competition officials, they would be immediately and permanently disqualified from the competition and have to pay a huge amount of money for breach of contract.

After all, the players had signed a contract when they signed up for the competition, and the consequences of being found with fake scores were clearly written in it.

Jiang Yu recalled the first two years had the strongest swiped scoring culture, and their company earned hundreds of millions of dollars just by collecting the players’ liquidated damages. It was because of this harsh rule that this behavior had disappeared in the last year.

However, as a result, it came out again this year? When he thought of this, the expression on Jiang Yu’s face became more and more serious.

Nowadays, most of the work could be done without leaving home, as long as the main office of the company was set in the virtual reality world. Jiang Yu quickly walked back to his study, lay into the virtual reality pod, and the next moment, he appeared at the entrance of the company building located in the virtual reality world. The Data Supervision Department was on the tenth floor of the building, Jiang Yu walked fast and soon reached his destination. He took a deep breath at the door and pushed the door in directly.

The interior of the office was dark blue in color, and the walls and floor had a very thin stream of light flashing by from time to time, creating a full sense of technology. Three of the walls were filled with dozens of screens all the same size. If non-professionals looked at the content on it, it would cause a headache bad enough to make them explode. However if one looked carefully, they would find that these screens could move at will, and even be able to zoom in or out according to the needs of the user.

At this time, the entire office has a relaxed aura. All the employees were gathered in front of the same screen, head to head and seemed to be looking at something. The crowd from time to time issued, “tsk tsk”, “wow”, “is this real?”, “too powerful, bah” and other exclamations, so that Jiang Yu wondered if he was in the wrong place. Shouldn’t this place have a stagnant air, and everyone with the tense face of the data supervision department?

“Ahem.” Jiang Yu deliberately coughed a few times to get everyone’s attention.

“Ah, the boss is here!” Someone shouted, but without daring to look at him more.

Jiang Yu recognized this person. He was the one who sent the message to tell him that he found someone swiping scores, but now look at him…Why did it feel like that kid was the most weak-minded?

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you say that you found a contestant who swiped his score?” Jiang Yu’s gaze flicked past everyone’s faces, and managed to find that along with not being vain, there was actually a hint of embarrassment on their faces.

This discovery made the doubt in his heart become bigger.

Several subordinates stood in a row like quails, as they quietly elbowed their colleagues next door. Finally the one who had tipped off Jiang Yu came forward and explained in a whisper, “That, boss…It seems that we made a mistake. The contestant did not swipe scores, the number of likes is really the netizens.”

Jiang Yu wrinkled his eyebrows and said seriously, “What is going on?”

This could not be described in a couple of sentences, so the man helplessly brought Jiang Yu directly to the big screen, which showed several pages. It was Mo Song’s post which the good netizens forwarded to the Starblog comment page, and the virtual reality game Carefree Farmstead opinion book.

The comment book was enlarged, and they could easily see that it was densely packed with text and rows of emoticons. Each message was in the form of a long speech, and they rarely saw only a few words.

This discovery made Jiang Yu a bit dazed. This was still their Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, and every game details page had the opinion book. The existence of the opinion book was actually quite ribbed, and generally used by gamers as a place to express their feelings about the game. The interested came to praise a few words, some lazy players even directly placed “flowers” 1 “press the claw” and “card” 2, so long as they could prove that they’d come.

However, in Carefree Farmstead’s opinion book, it was not even the game players, but the Starnet users making comments. They took the opinion book to the extreme and did the same thing. That was – to urge the game designer to upgrade the virtual reality game builder!

After roughly browsing a few pages, Jiang Yu was able to determine that the score brushing thing was really not the game designer, but because they used the cheapest virtual reality game builder, which could only accommodate 500 players. The number of netizens who wanted to play the game was too much. In the same period of time, not only did they push, they did not forget to ‘like’ the game to add popularity, which led to his staff misunderstanding.

The good thing was that the whole thing was now known. The misunderstanding was lifted, and also successfully…Let their entire department know about the existence of the game.

Jiang Yu looked at his subordinates who were discussing the game in front of him again, and rubbed the corner of his forehead with a bit of a headache.

“The game is called Carefree Farmstead right? Let me check…Ah, it was actually done on the last day of the deadline to report the name. No wonder I have little memory of it.”

“And the virtual reality game builder used is still E grade. The designer should be a rookie transparent designer. So many games signed up for the competition, it’s normal that we would not know him.”

“Hey, I went to see the earliest posts related to this game. The initial players of this game went to find fault, but the results were that they never wanted to leave the game. They have become the game’s fanatic enthusiasts, especially that game anchor. Now they aren’t not playing any other virtual reality games.”

“Not to mention, now those who did not grab the game quota, are watching them enviously. I’m even curious about this game…”

“Hmm? What are you doing, why did you also go to the message?”

“What else can I do? Of course, I’m not rushing. It’s almost the end of the month. The participants will soon be able to withdraw the first month’s earnings. Although I don’t know how much this person called Bai Li earned from it, I am curious if he will not give the game builder a level up?”

If he did, they’d be very excited!

A lot of employees followed the same thing on the spot, that is, they went to the opinion book to leave a message and started to wait secretly for the game builder to be upgraded.

Jiang Yu helplessly shook his head. These guys, once the alarm was lifted, and they resumed their original tasks…if people outside knew that the staff of the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition actually had this kind of virtue, he was afraid that they could no longer believe the authority of this competition.

“Hey, boss, why are you still here?” Someone left a good message, but when he looked up and found that Jiang Yu was actually still there, he asked without thinking.

Their subordinates knew that their boss was notorious for not working overtime, unless it’s an emergency such as today. Usually as soon as it was the end of the day, he would disappear from the virtual reality world and go about his life. At this point in time, it was already beyond the usual closing time, but Jiang Yu was still here and it made them feel it was a little strange.

Jiang Yu did not have the good grace not to roll his eyes at the person who spoke, “You brat, you don’t allow me to accidentally forget the time? Forget it, I won’t stay and continue to obstruct your eyes, and you do not have to stay on duty. Remember to go home early, ah. Pay attention to more rest…” Jiang Yu walked outside, as he rambled admonitions.

He was answered by the laughter from inside, “Don’t worry boss, we all know. Just go home early and rest. Say hello to younger sister Huaibi for us…”

The ‘Younger Sister Huaibi’ they were talking about was Jiang Yu’s daughter, Jiang Huaibi, who was only 17 years old this year. She was a young girl with an optimistic personality and wild ideas.

Hearing his subordinates mention his daughter, Jiang Yu also smiled in a good mood and hurried offline. But when he came out of the study and saw the messy, sludge-filled scene in the living room, he couldn’t laugh anymore.

He stood in place for a few breaths, then Jiang Yu shouted towards his daughter’s room, “Jiang Huaibi, come out!”

A minute passed…

Two minutes passed…

It was not until the third minute that a small head poked out from around the corner. The short hair looked quirky and playful, but the pair of big eyes looked at Jiang Yu pitifully, “Hey, Daddy…”

Jiang Yu saw his daughter and could only stay half angry. He pointed to the living room floor and said, “Huaibi, ah. Your mother and I agreed you could grow vegetables and flowers at home, but you at least have to plant them alive. How long has it been and we have not seen your planted seeds sprout? Even the finished products that were bought directly from the agricultural star, also live less than three days…If the seeds don’t live, you should clean up the soil on the floor. This is too messy!”

He regretted it, but should have known at the beginning not to promise to give in to his daughter’s desire to grow vegetables and flowers. However, he had already promised, so every day he watched his daughter in the yard and living room, and found it quite interesting. Unfortunately, Jiang Yu and his wife hadn’t expected that their daughter was actually a plant killer. After she was handed the plants, they would never live past the third day.

Half a year had passed with the promise to grow vegetables and flowers, but not one finished product had appeared.

Sometimes, Jiang Yu and his wife would quietly speculate. When would their daughter give up such a ridiculous idea? Were the virtual reality games on the Starnet not good? Her father was one of the leaders of the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition!

Jiang Yu finished a call and felt some regret. In the past, after he said this, his daughter would always be angry with him. She would say that he didn’t understand her, didn’t respect her ideals, or her tests which were on behalf of the future of the Interstellar, ah!

However, this time, Jiang Huaibi was dawdling out of the corner. Her expression wasn’t angry, and showed a contrite look of having listened, as she nodded in agreement and said, “Dad, you are right. I will clean up the living room later. You and mom don’t have to help me.”

“You…” Jiang Yu was stuck, and wondered how his daughter had been stimulated again.

Jiang Huaibi continued, “I’ve taken care of the seeds planted in those pots, so I won’t need them for a long time after that. Dad, I’ve got a new goal now!”

“What goal?” Jiang Yu automatically asked.

“One day I must grab a game slot in the virtual reality game Carefree Farmstead, and then go to the game to farm! I have inquired clearly. In that game, no matter what kind of seeds are planted, they can come to life.” The young girl clenched her fist tightly, and her eyes shone. “I still don’t believe it! Just like that I can still plant something that won’t die!”

When he heard that familiar name, Jiang Yu froze. How come no matter if it was in the company or at home, he would hear the words Carefree Farmstead from the mouth of the next person. Did that game really have such great charm?


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Translator Notes:

  1. “sprinkle flower”: basically welcoming by scatter flower, this one image. I’d say this one emoji 🥳 


  2. “press the claw” and “card”=> “tag” or “.” or “comment” you know like how those fb post where ppl just comment “.” to show that they have read it, but too lazy to type anything else


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