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Chapter 63: I Will Beat You to Death

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, yaaaawn~


Ye Fei didn’t feel too good about the entire thing. He just got over the mystery man thing, and here came another flip-flop. If he was a four-wheeler, now he had four wheels pulled out from beneath him. The car didn’t even need to be turned over, it just collapsed.

Ye Fei’s scalp tingled with embarrassment at the question, it was too stifling to talk about things when there were other people here. He hmmed softly, squeezing a few words out of his lips, “It was me.”

He was tempted to do the math on whether or not it was a recent water emergency. Unlucky stuff, that point was too backwards.

Gu Ang didn’t say anything, and seemed to be thinking about how to respond.

Ye Fei lifted his eyes slightly to look at Gu Ang, his expression unusually calm, his look particularly bland. There was a sense of, well, suffocation. It was written all over his face, “don’t talk to me, and don’t use any tricks”, the kind you couldn’t coax out of him.

Seeing the weird atmosphere between the two, Lin XiuYong gave an “ah” of hindsight, “I seem to have said something untoward.”

Gu Ang didn’t care that there were outsiders present, and his cool gaze zipped over, “Why did you bite me?”

Ye Fei went out on a limb and shamelessly admitted, “I crave your body.”

“You stay up in the middle of the night to do this?” Gu Ang reached out and hammered a fist into Ye Fei’s chest. It wasn’t a flirtatious kind of playful fight, it was a solid punch, with all the force it could muster.

“I couldn’t help it.” Ye Fei wobbled from the blow, using all his composure to keep from backing away. He did know that Gu Ang was angry, but in the past, when he was angry, he just scolded him with his mouth, and rarely did he do anything. He didn’t know if it was a hormone disorder again lately, but Gu Ang was particularly fierce when he striked.

Seeming to be in a particularly up and down mood and grumpy. At the drop of a hat, domestic violence began.

Gu Ang narrowed his eyes at him, “You didn’t do anything other than bite my neck, did you?”

Ye Fei’s form stalled slightly, blinking slowly, caught up in the memory. The first time he marked him, he didn’t know Gu Ang was in heat yet and just sucked gently as his physiology would have it.

That time, it was the white peach oolong’s pheromone that was baiting him.

But the second time, not so much. Although it was also rutting, he crossed the line.

That night, he laid into Gu Ang’s bed, held him tightly in his arms, and… He came once while Gu Ang was sleeping and put their hard-ons against each other. Gu Ang, on the other hand, was dead asleep, oblivious to the fact that he was kissing and touching and hugging him.

Fuck, he wasn’t human. Ye Fei didn’t even dare to think about how Gu Ang would blow up if he knew these details. He replied vaguely, “Didn’t do anything else.”

“Is that so? I took sleeping pills that day and was unconscious.” Gu Ang’s memory came back with an untrusting tone, “Didn’t do anything else, why don’t I believe that? I still felt a little weak in my legs the next day.”

Ye Fei shouldn’t be able to bang him while he was asleep, but there was the feeling that sneaking around was definitely rare. Gu Ang gritted his back teeth again at the thought. This old dog knew how to take advantage of him while he could.

Ye Fei threw in a little more information, “Oh, and slept with you in my arms all night, not the first time either, not a big deal I guess.”

“You’re getting shameless.” Gu Ang spat at him, “Rascal, shameless, scum.”

“Yeah, it was all me, I’ll take it as it comes.” Ye Fei returned good-naturedly.

Nothing was a problem as long as they could get past this.

Bai SiNing caught the blind spot and asked curiously, “Wait, Ah’Ang isn’t an Omega, what were you biting his neck for?”

“Hell no.” Gu Ang turned red, “Bother Bai, don’t bring up the subject, it makes me angry just talking about it.”

“It’s true that compared to God Ye, Lieutenant General Shen still lost.” Bai SiNing sighed quietly, “Dealing with An alpha like Ah’Ang is all about domination.”

Gu Ang slapped him on the back of the head, “Fuck you, you idiot, why don’t you think about who bit you on that spot?”

Bai SiNing’s drama watching expression suddenly froze, “Yeah, oh, if it was not a bug, who was it… seems like the other day, XiuYong came to my house to sleep over.”

“Mn, so…”

Gu Ang, with a wry smile, followed the trail, “Where did you get bitten again?”

Lin XiuYong showed a hint of embarrassment and coughed lightly without speaking. He didn’t expect to run to see the fun and flip the car over onto his head.

Bai SiNing stared at him inexplicably and grabbed the culprit, “No, what were you biting my stomach for?”

“Belly? A place so fancy?” Gu Ang swept Lin XiuYong, “You’re more of a dog than this dog.”

“XiuYong, tell me, was it you?” Bai SiNing stared with round eyes, looking pitiful and innocent.

Lin XiuYong glanced at Ye Fei, who looked away and averted his eyes, having no intention of helping him. He pursed his lips before nodding slightly, “It was me, but mostly I blame you.”

“None of my business, I was asleep.” Bai SiNing looked bewildered.

Lin XiuYong briefly recalled the scene, “I went to cover you up and you took me for a bad guy and clamped your legs over my head, I almost suffocated and had no choice but to bite you.”

Bai SiNing seemed to understand, “Is that so? I’m sorry, then.”

Ye Fei had a head full of questions, this could be muddled through, and this was a flip-flop? That excuse could only fool little fools like Bai SiNing. Gu Ang said he was a nervous wreck, but he was a fast thinker at special times. He’d probably be split five ways in place if he made up a similar bullshit excuse.

“Alright, since you two are okay, we’ll leave without being a lightning rod.” Lin XiuYong hooked Bai SiNing’s shoulder, thinking to hurry up and digress from the topic and escape the scene.

Gu Ang called out, “Wait for me, I’m going to stay at Bai’s house for a few days.”

Ye Fei’s frozen expression cracked a little, “You’re moving out?”

Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, and I’m mad at you and don’t want to live with you.”

Ye Fei pretended to look pitiful, “How can I make you get rid of your anger?”

“I don’t know, we’ll talk in a few days.” Gu Ang strode over to the bed, “Just as well the suitcase isn’t unpacked.”

Bai SiNing looked at him, and then at the poor Ye Fei, a bit too much for his heart, “Ah’Ang, that doesn’t count. God Ye did it because he likes you too, forgive him.”

Gu Ang coldly grunted in his heart, pretending to be a mystery man to mark him even if it was enough, stealing and nibbling his neck at night and cheating. Old grudges and new, this couldn’t be turned over. He hauled his suitcase towards the door and looked to Bai SiNing, “Let me live with you or not? If you don’t let me live I’ll go rent a house off campus.”

Bai SiNing heard this and realized if he rented a house, would he still come back? So he hurried up and agreed, “Stay! Stay for as many days as you like, a bed is readily available.”

Ye Fei softened his tone, “Don’t leave.”

“That’s how you beg? Scum.” Gu Ang swept a glance at him and made a vicious face at him, “Bai, let’s go.”

The trio had just exited the doorway when they saw a crowd of foodies still waiting at the door for the postscript. Once he saw that Gu Ang was also dragging a suitcase, they scratched their heart with curiosity, “Gu Ang, are you moving out?”

“Can you tell us what’s going on with you two? I’m curious as hell.”

“That’s right, who won the brawl, huh? Did you lose so you walked away?”

“Are you two together or not?”

Gu Ang was furious, “Why are you guys more gossipy than the reporters? Disperse. I’ll live wherever I like.”

The fierce tone scared back the crowd and no one dared to speak again. Gu Ang strutted down the stairs dragging his suitcase and followed slowly behind Bai SiNing.

Lin XiuYong pulled Bai SiNing, “Then I’ll go first, you two have fun on your own.”

Bai SiNing nodded, “Okay, don’t come for a few days.”

Lin XiuYong gave Gu Ang a disgusted look, “Oh, bye.”

Gu Ang watched Lin XiuYong’s back as he left and rubbed his chin, gaining insight into the truth, “You two are moving pretty fast, was I interrupting?”

Bai SiNing blushed in a rare moment of embarrassment, “What nonsense! We’re just friends.”

“Friends? Friends who live in the same house twice in three days.” Gu Ang grabbed his ear, “Bai SiNing, don’t get abducted into bed one day and still be stupid enough to help someone out.”

Bai SiNing smacked his hand away, “The more you say, the more outrageous it is. How is that possible?”

Gu Ang shook his head, but he thought that it was just too probable. The two wandered to the supermarket at the entrance to buy some food before making their way slowly back to Bai SiNing’s place. It was the same tatami as last time, with blue and white sheets and a messy quilt on top.

Gu Ang put the suitcase on the edge of the couch and said suspiciously, “Don’t tell me that Lin XiuYong sleeps here every day.”

“Occasionally, not every day.” Bai SiNing panicked and collected the messy quilt, “I know you have a cleanliness fetish, I’ll get you a new one.”

Gu Ang plopped down on the couch and made himself completely at home, “Thanks.”

He tapped on his communicator and saw that Ye Fei had sent him a series of messages.

[I was wrong, come back.]

[Knowing you’re still angry, you can come back and hit me if you’re angry.]

[I told you why. It’s my fault.]

Gu Ang snickered, his fingers clacking on the keyboard, [At first I really believed it. For my own good. What were you doing in my bed in the middle of the night biting me?]

Ye Fei: [Blame your pheromone for smelling too good, I didn’t hold back, my bad.]

Gu Ang: [????? Are you a human being? What the hell are you talking about?]

Ye Fei: [Stop messing around would you? I’ll pick you up at Xiao Bai’s house.]

Gu Ang: [No.]

Gu Ang: [Also, message me again and I’ll block you.]

Ye Fei: [pathetic.jpg]

Gu Ang was speechless, where did he find these emojis? It collapsed his persona. He tapped his fingertips, blocking the person for now. Actually, when he thought about it, it didn’t make him that angry. But it was just that, if he didn’t teach a lesson, this guy would be a secret bully in the future.

Gu Ang twiddled his fingertips and gave a soft grunt of arrogance. After a moment, the communicator re-vibrated and another message popped up.

“I just blocked him.” Gu Ang muttered, tapping the screen before seeing that it was a private message from the forum.

Sender, from YG.

Gu Ang was pissed off, and he had the nerve to use that number?

YG: [Add me back.]

Interstellar Fierce A: [Are you planning to stonewall certified Ye Fei himself?]

YG: [You blocked me and I had to use this to contact you.]

Interstellar Fierce A: [If you post again, I’ll delete this number along with you.]

There was silence on the other side, and no more messages were sent.

Bai SiNing’s side folded the quilt and patted the bed, “It’s done, you have a good stay here for the next few days.”

Gu Ang tsked, “Bai, do you think it would be better if I hang out with Ye Fei for a few days?”

“Well… Half a day?” Bai SiNing scratched his head, “I’m a CP fan, so if you ask me, I can’t wait for you to get back now.”

Gu Ang wiped his face, “Pretend I didn’t ask.”

Bai SiNing sat down next to him, like a little chatty sister, “I think, just this matter isn’t a big deal, you were usually quite spontaneous. Why are you so angry?”

Gu Ang wrinkled his brow, “He lied to me, I hate it when people lie to me.”

“So you didn’t lie to him?”

“I didn’t.” Gu Ang added in his mind, not lying, just hiding. It did seem a bit of a double standard when it was put like that. He slumped into the couch in annoyance, “Forget it, I’ll go back in a couple of days, okay?”

“I get it, you want to save face, let God Ye give you a step down.” Bai SiNing was very uptight.

No sooner had they finished talking here than Bai SiNing turned his head and started snitching to Ye Fei. The details of the chat, Gu Ang’s reactions, and expressions and movements were described to perfection, and the spy work was done with due diligence.

Gu Ang was bored, clicked on the forum to swipe through the popular posts, and it was all a mess of shit. Eight of the first ten were about the two of them fighting, and speculative messages were going around. He thought to himself, if this group knew that he was actually an Omega, this forum would become paralyzed.

The two of them passed the evening with a casual meal with the ingredients they bought. Bai SiNing had a good routine and went to bed in his room early, while Gu Ang sat in the living room and stared at the wall. He couldn’t sleep, his mind was preoccupied.

He, kinda, missed Ye Fei, too.

During that previous time on Ice Blue Planet, the two had eaten and lived together, and slept at night without too much avoidance. Almost every morning when he woke up, he was lying in Ye Fei’s arms. That intimacy seemed to have become a habit. It was as if the man had somehow become an inseparable part of the fine life again.

But the next second, he thought about what Ye Fei had done and hated him. The man had kept him tied up for a little over this mystery man thing for half a year and had stolen a bite out of him in the middle of the night. He couldn’t just let it go.

His mind tossed and turned, and he couldn’t sleep any more.

Gu Ang stood up and walked out onto the balcony to get some breeze, he had just braced his hands on the railing and was casually looking down when he dropped his eyes and saw the man standing downstairs.

As if his heart was in the right place, Ye Fei was staring at this side of the windowsill. The two men looked at each other in silence like that. The man was dressed in the same black shirt as before, with a long coat hanging over him, and stood under the tree with a cigarette in his left hand.

It was dark, and he almost blended into the night. When did he get there? How long had he been standing there? Why didn’t he come upstairs? Gu Ang had a lot of questions on his mind, and he looked into those deep inky eyes and couldn’t get answers. If he didn’t come to the balcony to cool himself, was he going to stand there all night silly? It was still early spring, so what if he stands out in the cold like this and catches a cold?

Gu Ang blinked, and Ye Fei was still looking at him with a depth of affection that would never fade. It was as if it was really just to speculate through this floor-to-ceiling window as to whether the person inside was asleep or awake.

Gu Ang waved a hand at him and spoke in a very soft voice, “Go back.”

Bai SiNing lived on the seventh floor, and didn’t know if the man heard him. A short while later, Ye Fei snuffed out his cigarette and turned to walk away.

Gu Ang’s heart fell a beat. He just went, just went to sleep.

But he felt empty inside.

This man said he would chase him, said he would beg him to make up, and that was all he did. He snorted coldly, so let’s leave him alone for a few more days. Gu Ang lifted the quilt of the tatami and rolled over to lie down in it. The bed was cold and there was no one to warm the bed in advance or Ye Fei’s temperature. It was as if they’ve spent so much time together that any little nuance would easily remind them of that person.

Gu Ang sighed and was about to close his eyes when there was a rattling at the door. He sat up alertly. There were still thieves in the middle of the night? Bai SiNing’s home didn’t have an anti-theft option.

Gu Ang grabbed the cup of tea from the table and moved carefully to the door. Before the hand holding the teacup could be slammed down, his wrist was squeezed.

Ye Fei spoke in a low voice, “It’s me.”

Gu Ang also lowered his voice, “No, how did you get in here?”

“Bai told me the gate code.” Ye Fei exhaled, carrying the coolness that swept in along with the cold night outside.

Gu Ang tossed his teacup onto the nearby foyer and half leaned against the cabinet door, “You know the code… What’s with acting like a statue down there?”

He had been worried about him standing down there all night blowing and freezing, dare he say it, was he playing the pitiful card? He was so good at playing the poor guy, he almost went soft.

Ye Fei explained kindly, “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to see me, but I want to see you.”

Gu Ang looked away, avoiding his burning gaze. “Cut the crap, then you know I don’t want to see you. I’ve told you to go back, what are you doing up here?”

Ye Fei smiled and moved a step forward, bringing the two closer together. “I was standing downstairs thinking about it for a long time when I had a sudden epiphany. I don’t think gentleness seemed to be working for you, probably forcefulness was what’s working.”

Gu Ang, “?” He looked through the darkness at the blurry outline, “What the hell?”

The next second, a warm breath plunged close. A familiar scent swept across the tip of his nose, ambiguously wrapping around the person.

Ye Fei reached out and cupped Gu Ang’s pointy chin, using a slight amount of force to make the man lift his head, “The procrastination had to go on for days, and I couldn’t stand it and decided to be tough and make up with you.”

Gu Ang put a finger against him, “What do you want again?”

Ye Fei turned his head sideways, some slightly cool lips pressing against the corner of his mouth and sucking heavily, “Okay, I’m sorry, don’t be mad.”

Gu Ang was about to speak when his lips were sealed again. Even his wrists were pinned behind his back and he couldn’t move them. But this time it wasn’t a lingering, passionate lover’s kiss, more like a game between two gladiators. One dodged and the other chased, back and forth, like an overkill.

After kissing for a while, Gu Ang finally caught the chance to push him away violently and wipe the corner of his mouth that was bitten red, “You’re sick. Who gave you the confidence to think that a forced kiss would work?”

Ye Fei let out a genuine quibble, “No? I thought it would bring back some good memories and make you angry sooner.”

After all, it was quite enjoyable when he forcefully kissed Gu Ang on the airship.

Bai SiNing said Gu Ang needed a step, and Ye Fei thought long and hard about it, thinking it would be useful to just do it. But now it looked like he was using the wrong trick.

Gu Ang was half pissed off by this theory. Nothing else, a strong kiss couldn’t evoke goodness, it only brought back memories of being forcibly marked. He couldn’t resist giving Ye Fei another heavy punch, and the trace of warmth was instantly extinguished, “Do I have anything to do with you? Who gave you permission to kiss me? Get out.”

Ye Fei covered his chest, which was hammered until it turned blue, and remembered the conversation Shen Fei Zhou had with Gu Ang on the airship.

“What happens if I kiss you forcibly

“I’ll beat you to death.”

What? Had he now fallen to the same treatment level as Shen Fei Zhou?


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