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Chapter 39: First experience of the game

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang Huaibi was very interested in the face creation interface. She didn’t mind playing the game with her real face, but it was fun to change it a bit! The floating value of the character’s appearance adjustment was at 20%, within which the player could freely choose, while subtle adjustments needed to be made by the player themself, such as slightly enlarged eyes, or that the corners of the mouth were moved slightly upward and so on.

Jiang Huaibi pounded away at it for half a day to get a look she was happy with, only to run into another tough choice.

Character decals.

Help! Why did the designer offer so many different decals? And it was actually customizable, and each one only cost a measly five star coins, at such a price, it was crime inducing!

In the game forum, veteran players rarely brought up the matter of character decals, they usually set everything up in the beginning days of the game, after which they just buried their heads in the ground. Otherwise, Jiang Huaibi would definitely have planned early on what kind of decals she wanted.

In the end, she chose a free decal with three light scratches on each side of her face, named her character “Heart’s Jade”, and hurried into the game.

Hmph, they weren’t letting her turn back into a small hamster, so instead she became a ‘human hamster!’ The scene changed as Jiang Huaibi thought this. The sky was dyed half-red by the burning clouds, and the forest was a deep and verdant green, and there was the sound of people nearby and birds singing in the distance. Heart’s Jade took a deep breath. Her lungs seemed to have come to a complete stop, as if she had been wearing invisible shackles and at that moment, they fell completely off.

It was so comfortable, the net was right!

Jiang Huaibi found herself standing not far from the entrance of the village. The village chief, who had been standing under the village gate since the beginning of the game, had been swamped by the new players, and there seemed to be a strange female NPC standing next to the village chief, who was also surrounded by players.

That must be the village chief’s wife who was mentioned in the announcement, right? Jiang Huaibi guessed. She retracted her foot, and decided to wait for fewer people before going up.

The village chief, whom netizens had dubbed the ‘strongest worker,’ handed out the first newbie quest to all the new players gathered around him in less than 10 minutes, and smiled at the veteran players who kept asking him how they could help him build a home, saying that he would inform them later.

While busy with his own business, he was even able to help the lady near him who was on duty for the first time, and was still a bit frazzled.

Jiang Huaibi secretly covered her mouth to laugh. NPC’s could also love someone!

As she was waiting, Jiang Huaibi opened the game store and first purchased a 233 star coins Kryptonite Gift Pack, which gave 253 diamonds, and then used the diamonds to purchase the First Charge Bundle, the Medium Fertilizer Combo Pack, and two Lucky Magic Spring Water Packs respectively, spending a total of 120 diamonds.

After she bought those three things, she didn’t even look at the other items and quickly exited the game store. Fear of looking further, she left herself with more than 100 diamonds.

At the beginning of the game, she intended to develop a wave. Right now at least the basic facilities were arranged, now the land needed to be reclaimed. When she was hungry, she could buy big white buns from the village chief’s store. If she was tired, then she could go to the creek and lie down for a few minutes. As for the Food Basket item in the game store…When all that should be done was done, she would certainly buy ten of them in one breath!

Listen to what the veteran players said. After you work, go enjoy the game food, the delicious value was straight down the line.

Cloud players who had been following the game for a while knew that the first task in the game was to weed, and then it was to place their huts in the location of the weeding.

Before entering the game, Jiang Huaibi had spent a long time thinking about where to live in the future, a little identification for the direction of the destination. On the way over, she dropped by to open the first charge package. The forum had widely circulated to open the gift bag, but she did not use one. She thought that maybe when the gift bag wasn’t opened immediately, maybe the probability of good things would be greater. However, it turned out that nothing would change the quota. 

The gift pack worth 10 diamonds gave a small hut, 3X3 land, 10 seeds (5 wheat seeds, 3 corn seeds, 2 carrot seeds), and an ordinary small hoe. This was all she had except for fertilizer and magical spring water.

Jiang Huaibi was still in a good frame of mind, even though she didn’t open the legendary golden hoe but also did not feel much frustration. She sped up her pac,e and soon found two small huts.

The game had been online for almost a month now, and most of the weeds in the game had been pulled by bored players.

She has been diving in the forum for a long time, so naturally she hadn’t missed that Li Bai and Demon Xing, were two of the most famous god players. She heard that they were the first and second to enter the game. The former had a superb understanding of the task, no matter how the task was received, they were the first to start. After the players who entered the game, their farming techniques were traced to Li Bai. Also, he had the first gold hoe of the entire game.

The latter, although also considered a novice, was a real kryptonite player, according to the rough estimates of other players. The big man had spent almost 200,000 star coins in the game, and this was only the performance on the surface, he hoarded goods in his backpack and who knew how much more.

In addition to kryptonite, there were a few things he was known for. One was he was the first player to get a recipe from an NPC, which had since opened up the players’ exploration of food. Second was that he was slightly an idiot. The day before the weather changed in the game, he picked up a wooden stump from the small woods outside the village, intended to be used as a bench in the yard. The result was that the next day after the rain, the stump brought out the mushroom spores and grew a variety of mushrooms, which almost all flooded his home… In the end, all these mushrooms were sold to the players who were waiting outside the fence gate.

In Jiang Huaibi’s photo album, there was still a screenshot of the game that the player accidentally shot. In the screenshot, the player Li Bai had a gentle smile on his face as he took a small white mushroom from the hair of the player Demon Xing.

When she thought about that, Jiang Huaibi could not help but reveal an auntie smile. However, at that moment, she heard a little boy’s mumble from behind her, “Ah! Why is there someone here? So I can’t live next door to Master, can I?”

Jiang Huaibi stopped moving her hands and turned around to see a boy younger than herself. He had a little baby fat on his cheeks, and looked a little cute.

Seeing that the boy was also looking at her, Jiang Huaibi couldn’t help but ask, “Your master? Who is your master?”

She had a simple questioning voice, and it wasn’t mixed with any malice. Song Xinran, who was known as ‘Peaches Are So Delicious’ in the game, hesitated for a second before answering honestly, “My master is Li Bai. I was going to live next door to him, but I didn’t expect to be late.”

Jiang Huaibi was amazed and envious. Look, she was still just thinking about hugging a thigh, but now she could hug on two. However, this boy had actually become the god’s disciple. That speed was a little too fast, ba!

Even though she was envious, she did not intend to pick a good feng shui land just to give it away. She turned her eyes away to keep people from getting ideas, “Brother, look! I’m on this side and there is no place for you. You just want to live closer to your master, right? Then you can live in front of or behind your master. I think the location directly behind that piece is good, the terrain is flat and doesn’t block the view. There is still time, so you can go there now, do not be robbed by others!”

Song Xinran was really fooled, “Really? Then I have to hurry over! Thank you, sister, let’s add each other as friends. Ny name is Peaches are so Delicious. Sister, what is your name? I’ll add you!”

He felt that this strange sister was really kind to have reminded him of such an important matter, and because the other party was the first player he had talked to since he got into the game, he naturally wanted to add a friend.

“Yes, my name is ‘Heart’s Jade’.” Jiang Huaibi also behaved generously, but after hearing Song Xinran’s name, she had a little question, “How did you take this name, ah? Peaches, I remember they are fruit, right? How are they delicious?”

Her dad’s job actually earned a lot of money every month, and her mom had a hobby of cooking food, so there was no shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables at home. Jiang Huaibi didn’ like to eat them, and always thought they tasted strange. If she ate them blindfolded, she might not even know the difference.

There was a time when peaches from a certain agricultural planet were very popular, and were sold at a high price of 500 star coins a catty, and Jiang Yu also bought a few pounds. After they ate the peaches, it was unanimously decided, including Jiang Yu, that this was a publicity stunt. The taste of peaches, and other fruits and vegetables were no different.

Now even seeing the name ‘Peaches Are So Delicious,’ Jiang Huaibi was naturally doubtful, but also suspected that this little brother had a problem with his taste buds. Who in their right mind would think that peaches were delicious?

“But peaches are really delicious.” Song Xinran blinked and said, then added in his heart, but it must be the peaches given by the master.

What a strange child, Jiang Huaibi thought silently, as she looked at Song Xinran’s back as he walked away. 

She quickly returned her attention to work, and continued to clean up her mission site. Jiang Huaibi did not throw the dug up weeds everywhere and wait for them to refresh automatically afterwards, but very carefully chose a slightly cleaner vacant lot next to it and placed the dug out weeds neatly in that one place.

When the whole open space was cleaned up, she crossed her arms and looked proudly at the clean ground, then ran to the place where the weeds were put, and with a wave of her hand, put the weeds into the backpack.

“Well…These weeds may be useful in the future,” she said to herself. Jiang Huaibi didn’t continue to delay, and ran to the village chief to turn in her task and receive the next task.

She couldn’t wait to have her own little house in the game! She also couldn’t forget to buy a white steamed bun to eat with the copper coins rewarded by the task later. She’d listened to the old players who said that before the Food Basket came out, they could all rely on white steamed buns to live.

It was not too much to say that they were the white moonlight in everyone’s heart forever.

Like Jiang Huaibi, there were many new players who were excited to explore the game, and the veteran players became the meat and potatoes at this time. Many of them were pulled by the former, asked questions about this and that, and even asked questions about the west, as if they wanted to squeeze them dry at once.

However, they were also pained and happy. In the process of explaining the gameplay, they could get a lot of people’s adoring gazes and undisguised compliments, which gave them a great sense of accomplishment.

In the first two hours after the game was updated, the scene was very chaotic.

Bai Li was not in the game during these two hours. As one of the contestants in the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition, he finally clicked on the official list and found his name and the words Carefree Farmstead at the back.

The ranking in the list was based on a combination of popularity and the player’s total kryptonite in the game. Bai Li’s name appeared at the back, which meant his ranking was not too high. However, when he looked at the other contestants with virtual reality game builders above the E level, Bai Li more or less understood. He still was eating the loss in the number of players.

On a deeper level, he still suffered from the loss of money. When the second month was over, his ranking should move forward a lot. After all, the number of players now versus last month was ten times more!

After he looked at his ranking, Bai Li rubbed Supreme who was lying on his hand and went back to the forum to see how people reacted after the game quotas were released. The result was that there were no real players there, and all the people crying in the forum were poor little people who had been passed by the game quota.

[Oooooh! I knew it would be hard to grab this spot, but why did I accidentally blink at 0 seconds and all 4,000 numbers were snatched up?]

[More than 4,000 numbers! The people who grabbed them are animals, right? Why is the speed so fast, my hand speed as a single mother can not compare with you. I’m too angry!]

[Some people waited for a whole month, but they didn’t get it. And some people just plan to get together and get a spot with a little hand. Yes, that’s me and my bestie! Destroy it, this unfair world!!!]

[Don’t even curse in front, that group of animals can’t see what we are saying. They must be all in the game at this time and don’t know how happy they are playing it QAQ…]

[Yes, yes, instead of scolding them, why not put the game designer out. Are you not curious? Who got the five places that were withheld? Maybe the designer still has extra numbers in his hands!]

[Ah!!! Is it true! Then I want to receive one at a high price! Designer, show yourself quickly!]

[LiLi, ah! If you are willing to send me a game spot, I am willing to be your lifelong licking dog wuwuwu!]

Bai Li, “…?”

This group of people were crazy. Licking dog? He exited the forum with black lines on his face. He never regretted a decision he made ten minutes ago as much as he did at this moment. He did have two game slots left in his hand, but he had already thought of their use, and could only be sorry for these interstellar people who did not grab a game slot.

For February’s event, the first event of the entire game, first place was lacking a large enough reward, so he had decided to use those two game places.


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