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Chapter 38: Grab a spot! 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


At 11:30, the E-class virtual reality game builder was successfully upgraded to D-class, and after Xiong Pili finished debugging to confirm that there were no problems, they told Bai Li the news.

“Mr. Bai, the virtual reality game builder has been upgraded, after this you can use it normally.” Xiong Pili said to Bai Li. “If there are any problems after that, or if you want to continue with the upgrade, you are welcome to contact us and we will come over to help you deal with it.”

Bai Li took the paper receipt from Xiong Pili and gave Xiong Pili’s head a thoughtful stare.

Xiong Pili was very perceptive and noticed Bai Li’s gaze at once. Remembering Bai Li’s curiosity about his ears last time, he didn’t get angry, but cheerfully explained, “Mr. Bai, you are looking for my ears, right? Last time they were exposed because of Genetic Collapse Disorder. They couldn’t retract on their own, but recently, I don’t know what happened, but I can actually control them to retract, so I definitely have to retract them, that’s why today you can’t see them.”

The flirtation-like statement, caused Bai Li to be slightly embarrassed; it was because his gaze was too obvious, and was noticed, so Xioang Pili had to deliberately explain it to him.

“Sorry,” Bai Li whispered an apology. “My curiosity might be too much. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Why? There is nothing to care about. We’ve long been used to it. These days, who doesn’t have Genetic Collapse Disorder? It’s the minority who don’t have it.” Xiong Pili put on a very indifferent attitude, but looked at Bai Li with some envy. “I heard that those who have the Ancient Blue Star genes will not have this disease. Mr. Bai is an Ancient Blue Star, so he does not have to suffer from this disease. Let’s not talk about that, actually…I also want to thank Mr. Bai. Carefree Farmstead is really fun. Except for work time, I am farming or inside the landscape. The atmosphere and food are excellent, and sometimes I even suspect that if I stay in the game, my Genetic Collapse Disorder will slowly start to get better, Haha!”

Xiong Pili boasted about the game Bai Li had made, but he didn’t notice his two friends, whose eyes were getting darker and darker, and whose smiles were becoming unkind.

I know you can enter the game, don’t show off!

“No, I should be thanking you. If it wasn’t for you yesterday, today’s equipment upgrade may not have ended so early.” Bai Li showed an awkward and polite smile, “I made such a big mess, I hope Mr. Xiong won’t blame me.”

“Haha, no, no, I didn’t think of it for a while, Hahaha!” Xiong Pili scratched his head with a naive smile.

“Mee-ow!” Supreme went to Bai Li’s feet and rubbed his calf. Then he looked in Xiong Pili’s direction, and turned to Bai Li with accusing eyes.

Why was this big, tall black bear spirit so talkative? When were these people going to leave?

Bai Li could not understand the meaning contained in Supreme’s scream, so he could only bend down and touch his head.

Because of Bai Li’s action, Xiong Pili also noticed the light orange cat that appeared on the floor, and recalled that Bai Li’s house didn’t seem to see this cat when they came last month.

“Gee, Mr. Bai actually has a cat. It looks pretty cute.” After a courtesy compliment, Xiong Pili quickly averted his eyes.

Naturally, he also missed the difference between Supreme’s body and ordinary critters.

How can ordinary critters have fire on the tip of their tails? The only ones with this characteristic were Interstellar people who could bestialize.

The final payment was settled, and Bai Li took out the gifts he had prepared long ago, a small bag for each person, containing two cucumbers. The same kind he ate with Song Xinran today, both of which he grew himself and then hoarded in the storage space.

Bai Li also thought about what to give away beforehand. In the Interstellar era, for unknown reasons there was constant decline in taste with the crops, the taste of everything became light as air, and very close to the taste of plain water. The cucumber, as a vegetable that didn’t taste heavy, had become one of the few foods that could occasionally be mentioned. The cucumber that he was giving out to people, although the taste would be ‘primitive’, it was also not too shocking to those who ate it.

In addition, Bai Li also did not want to be well-known in the future. No matter what fresh vegetables and fruits he comes up with, all the people around would go crazy. He needed to use warm water to boil a frog, so that the people around him would slowly accept that he had a special supply of fruits and vegetables. Even if he could grow his own, this was the smoothest and most stable development.

He still couldn’t believe that with his Agricultural Deity identity, in this Interstellar era he wouldn’t be able to grow normal vegetables, fruits and food!

“The bag contains cucumbers sent to me by my friend. The taste is not bad, you take some back to try.” Bai Li temporarily put forward ‘my friend.’ The million dollar excuse. Here again, he had to praise the Empire’s protection of all residents’ privacy, residents’ private accounts, friendships, even online shopping lists and logistics details of sent items, unless the residents themselves were willing to disclose, it was difficult to find out through the StarNet. There were no more than a handful of people in the entire empire who had that right.

Therefore, Bai Li wasn’t worried that Xiong Pili would be able to find his “friend” without going through him.

Bai Li didn’t forget about the game quotas and looked at Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi and said, “By the way, I heard from Mr. Xiong that you guys also want to play the game, so I’m going to keep five accounts for myself when I give out the quotas this afternoon.”

Not to mention that Xiong Pili helped him a lot yesterday.

Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi both were still recalling the look of cucumber and its taste, but when they suddenly heard those keywords, their ears pricked up. When they heard Bai Li ask if they wanted them, both of them had the illusion that they were dreaming, or else how would they have the game quotas they wanted day and night fall from the sky.

Xiong Pili was quick to react and slapped both of them on the back. He successfully woke up the two who were dazed, and couldn’t care less about their modesty, then they nodded their heads in agreement.

“Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Mr. Bai!”

“Thanks a lot Mr. Bai! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to grab it by then! Hehehe! we are so lucky!”

Who could resist the temptation of game quotas?

Well, two more game slots were given away.

“You’re welcome.” Bai Li smiled and reminded the trio to quickly get their bags before sending them out the door with their unsolicited goodbyes.


Some distance outside the neighborhood door, Mo Zhu was still in disbelief, he lifted the bag upwards and asking Xiong Pili, “Old Xiong, are we really going to work at Mr. Bai’s house? How inexplicable, taking food and places again, I feel a little uncomfortable now that I think about it.”

He also told them privately at the time that Mr. Bai was a “little fox-eyed”, but he hadn’t expected Mr. Bai to be so generous as to give them two game slots without blinking an eye. Even if he was really a fox, he was also a good little fox, and on the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star that group of arrogant and cunning sky fox family were completely different…

Blah, blah, blah! Mr. Bai was not a fox!

He’s such a good guy!

Xiong Pili and Bai Li were in contact most frequently, and after yesterday’s incident, he thought he knew him more or less, so shook his head and said, “Don’t worry. Since Mr. Bai took the initiative to mention it, that means he has already made this decision. You take it. If you really feel sorry for yourself, let’s buy some thank you gifts for Mr. Bai after work? Or in the game, let’s go together to give Mr. Bai a hand. The only player next door is a player named Demon Xing, who is also his friend. I happened to pass by their houses yesterday and found that Demon Xing had reclaimed all the land in his yard, but Mr. Bai, actually left a lot of uncultivated. We will go to help him reclaim the land together and give him the row to do up!”

Just kidding. Mr. Bai was the designer of this game, how could he be compared to other players?

Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi nodded in agreement, but since the gift could not be forgotten, they went to buy it when they got off work.

While talking, Xiong Pili noticed that Ji Yingqi had a green object in his hand, and when he looked at it, he saw that it had short thorns on its skin.

“Snap.” The refreshing aroma leaked out from the corner of his mouth with a click, and Xiong Pili’s gaze was instantly glued to the fracture of the object.

“Hmm? What an aroma!” At first, Mo Zhu didn’t notice, but then he followed the smell to look over, just to see Ji Yingqi again enjoy a large bite, and immediately spoke out. “This is what Mr. Bai called a cucumber, right? How did you eat so quickly Ji?”

Ji Yingqi’s mouth lumped, as he slurred to explain, “I could not hold back ah…I was just going to take it out and look at it, but then I got close enough to smell it, and somehow I took a bite. It was so delicious! You also hurry to eat it. It is refreshing and quenches your thirst. It is more useful than drinking a lot of water!” Then he took a few more bites, click, click, click.

As they looked at Ji Yingqi’s exaggerated and bold eating, Xiong Pili and Mo Zhu gulped hard then immediately took out the cucumber from their own bags and ate them. Soon, the autopilot vehicle resounded with the enthusiastic post-eating testimonials of the three.

“Wow, is this really a cucumber? I’ve never had such a taste. Even the cucumber-flavored nutrient solution that I bought at great cost doesn’t have as strong a taste as this cucumber in my hand!”

“Indeed, it was more flavorful, but they had nothing else to compare it to. It’s shocking. When we bought it for a high price, it didn’t taste the same. It’s not fake, right?”

Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi both doubted their previous perceptions.

On the contrary, Xiong Pili, because he had already eaten too many good things in the game, his determination was greatly improved. Although he also felt that the taste of this cucumber was extraordinary, he still had room to remember what Bai Li had said to them before.

“Didn’t Mr. Bai say that these cucumbers were sent to him by his friend? Since they were sent here specifically, the cucumbers must be different from the ordinary cucumbers on the market, and after eating them, they really taste much better. What does this mean? It means that the friend of Mr. Bai is very powerful. Maybe a big man with an agricultural planet, who also researched a way to improve the taste of the crops…”

Xiong Pili shook his head in self-denial, and said, “That seems too unlikely. Maybe only one batch of cucumbers has such a taste…Well, forget it, why do we think so much about it? We  just know that Mr. Bai has a great friend.”

Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi listened to Xiong Pili’s analysis and nodded their heads in agreement from time to time

Mo Zhu suddenly thought of something and asked, “Old Xiong, is there a cucumber inside the game? Does it also taste like this?” 

Xiong Pili shook his head. “No, there is no cucumber, if so how could I not know its taste! It’s also possible that my character level has not yet reached when I can buy it. When we level up, the crop seeds that can be unlocked in the village chief store will also become more, maybe there will be cucumber seeds by then.”

“Ohhh, then I hope cucumber seeds will appear soon. When I get to that level, I must buy a bunch of cucumber seeds and plant them properly for a few rounds. Eating them once is an addiction!” Mo Zhu couldn’t help but fantasize.

If it was before he went to Bai Li’s house, he wouldn’t have dared to say so, after all, the game quotas weren’t open yet, and in case he didn’t get them, it would be useless to think too much about it. But now it was different. They didn’t even have to go and grab a spot. They’d been given a game slot by Mr. Bai of his own accord. It wasn’t too late to start dreaming now, right?

“Hahaha! If you think so now, you’ll surely forget all about it when you really enter the game!” Xiong Pili’s tone was happy. “The game is much more delicious than you can imagine! You could eat the same thing for a month and not get tired of it.”

But the premise was that one had to have enough money since if one opened a Food Basket, there were not too many repeats. Xiong Pili did not say this, thinking not to douse the enthusiasm of the two people before they even entered the game.

Once Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi heard it, they were even more longing for the future life of the game.

“By the way, I forgot to return my brother’s message!” Mo Zhu said, while he looked for the previous communication records, and replied to his brother Mo Song’s concern about him, [Hahahahaha! Older brother don’t worry! Brother can definitely get into the game! We will see you in the game then ah!!!]

Mo Zhu and Mo Song were blood brothers. The two had a five-year age difference, but were on the Zerg battlefield at the same time. Both were discharged from the military due to Genetic Collapse Disorder, one joined a company under the Imperial Research Institute, and the other was a game anchor. Although the two brothers had not seen each other often over the years, they always kept in touch once or twice a month.

Mo Zhu also knew that “Song’s Blunt Opinion” in the forum was his brother, and he was envious of his ability to enter the game every day, and occasionally complained that he was really lucky at that time. But today, he, as the older brother, no longer had to envy his younger brother!

Mo Song quickly sent over a question mark. [Wake up, brother, do not dream in broad daylight. Hurry up and concentrate on preparing for the late grab for a number, ah!]

Mo Zhu was proud of himself, but he played mysterious and decided not to talk to his brother before the official start of the number grabbing.


Bai Li didn’t know how Xiong Pili and the others had communicated with each other after they left his house, not to mention that the cucumbers he sent out were eaten by them on the way back. Before 12:00 came, he sent a service announcement in the game, telling all players online that the game would start maintenance at 12:00. The maintenance duration was 6 hours, and when 18:00 came, the game would re-open on time.

After that, he posted the same content on the official website of Carefree Farmstead, as well as on the newly created game’s exclusive Starblog number, except that he added at the end that a total of 4,495 new game slots would also be distributed at 18:00 sharp, and that online players who were interested in the game could receive them on the official website at that time.

Without waiting for the players who were kicked offline and the dumbfounded netizens to react, he opened a blank document and edited the second announcement of the day, which was also the main content of the game update.

1. Brand new crop types! Details can be viewed in the village chief’s store after the update.

2. “Life skill system.” You can learn these from the village chief’s wife. There are five kinds: cooking, gathering, carpentry, fishing and mining. Each player has two life skill slots.

3. The new “Livestock” feature is added. Players can build an additional livestock barn in the yard. Please ask the village chief for details in the game.

4. Players can upgrade their houses. Add a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, warehouse and other functional rooms. The specific upgrade method can be explored by players. 

5. There are new items in the mall. 

6. A cooperative task “village chief’s residence” has been added! Build a warm home for the homeless village chief!

7. Starting in February, 1 to 2 events will be held in the game every month, with rich rewards, please participate actively. (This month’s event: corn master)

8. There are additional changes. Please, players, explore on your own.

After checking the content was without errors, Bai Li sent the the announcement to the official website and the starblog. The netizens who hadn’t left completely blew up once again.

Little monster, [Bai Li definitely used improper words, reported! Only 4,495 places, how can you use ‘receive’, clearly ‘rush to grab’ is right QAQ!]

Crossing no logic, [Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I thought that there were so many seeds in the game, and it was already great, I didn’t think there was actually more? I am too happy, forced offline gas has been eliminated, now only want to give a big love mua-da (づ ̄3 ̄) づ”]

Handsome fat cat sang, [Seeing so many updates, the indisputable tears from the corners of the mouth come down. Always feel that the game will become more and more fun!]

Winter will come: [LiLi? Is talking about the designer of the game? It does sound a bit friendly! I’ll be honest with you, LiLi, you’re my god, so can you give me a spot in the game? I know you can, you withheld a whole five of them!]

Endless Star Ocean, [Today we have added a few devices here temporarily, to ensure that Starnet speed bar can definitely grab the quota! Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey!]

Milk Gay Gay, [The shorter the word count, the more ruthless the content. Focus on the fifth, my star dollars are already hungry and thirsty!]


Since Bai Li sent out the specifics of the update, more and more people joined in the discussion.

By 17:50, there were few people talking in the comment section under the starblog, as all of them silently logged on to the official website and found the entrance to the game, and stared at the number 0, which would become 4,495 in less than 10 minutes.

Time passed by. The competitors held their breath, afraid that a distraction would cause them to miss the opportunity of the day.

Excited hearts, trembling hands, the moment would finally be here.

Those who deliberately projected the clock on the wall saw that when the second hand crossed the number 12, the page had a momentary lag, fingers subconsciously went to click, and when they looked back, there was still the impression of the quota remaining in their minds from 0 to 4,495, and when they took a closer look, it had changed back to 0.

So, did they get the quota or not?

Some people carefully opened their closed eyes, saw the results displayed on the screen, and let out a scream of excitement, the kind of joy, as if readers saw their favorite big suddenly add more.

“Hahahahaha! I actually grabbed a spot! I’m so great! No matter what I’ll rush first, this will be on the game!” Jiang Huaibi was so happy that she almost turned back to her original form, but for the sake of the game, she endured it and flew into the gaming pod, and in a short while, the gaming pod started up.

At the same time, other places also received good news respectively.

Mother Chu beat up Chu QingLin and Chu Dad, who were shivering together but still with ecstatic smiles, and couldn’t believe that the whole family actually got a spot except her!

Gu YuPing slowly exhaled a breath, turning out the treasured recipes, and seriously reviewing them.

Wen Chen reported in the small group belonging to their food anchor the good news that he had grabbed a spot in the game and instantly became the hope of the whole group…


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