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Chapter 67: I Won’t Move, You Go Down

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is ready for the plot now


Gu Ang felt the kiss like a feather, falling lightly on his lips. It was a different kind of kiss than the old playful ones, this one with pity and affection. It was as if he had become a glass man, held carefully in the palm of that man’s hand. He moved forward, opened his mouth for a return kiss.

This was the first time he had expressed his love so boldly and bluntly since he had returned from his journey. He felt the tip of his nose and Ye Fei’s touch, intertwining their breaths, tinting his cheeks with heat. The tip of his tongue touched his lower lip as if it were a fondly felt warmth. It turned out that kissing someone you love was such a beautiful thing.

Ye Fei sensed his initiative and subconsciously tightened his arms, kissing deeper. It was like trying to make up for all the regrets he had before, all at this moment. The kiss, like a broken mirror glued back together bit by bit.

After a long time, Gu Ang thought his mouth might be swollen again, before he tapped Ye Fei on the shoulder to signal the person to let go. He gasped slightly, and pursed his lips again, feeling like he was stepping on a cloud, light and airy, unable to grasp the reality.

Gu Ang didn’t mince words with his compliments, “Your kissing skills seem to have improved.”

“You still remember how it felt before, and it did seem like you couldn’t forget.” Ye Fei twirled his fingertips around his earlobe, compelling, “So we’re not going back to Bai’s tonight, huh?”

Gu Ang’s scalp tingled at the upward trailing tone. He avoided the teasing hand, “I haven’t brought my suitcase back yet.”

Ye Fei, a man who was usually sober, really made it hard to fight once he struck.

“I’ll walk you to get it tomorrow.” Ye Fei put his hand down and loosely wrapped his arms around the person, “You’re tired today, don’t go back and forth.”

Gu Ang agreed. His mind whirled, mentally combing through the contents of today’s confession. Thinking of what was left out, he took the opportunity to say it all at once. After all, talking openly and honestly about matters of the heart, this vibe was gone when it passed.

Gu Ang slapped his head, “Why didn’t you ask me why I didn’t confess to my mom that I differentiated into an Omega? Not afraid that I’m really scum dragging you down?”

Ye Fei couldn’t resist touching the corner of his lips again before continuing, “You must have your reasons for not saying anything.”

He didn’t expect Ye Fei to not ask why. Gu Ang thought to himself, probably because he had really hurt Ye Fei, and now with this kind of reasoning, he didn’t even think it was a big deal. He muttered in a low voice, “You’re so considerate, making me really look like a scum.”

Ye Fei went along with his question and laughed, “So tell me, why?”

Gu Ang plopped his legs on the couch and sat in an eastward position, his entire body relaxing quite a bit, “I’ve been to the doctor before and he said there’s a small chance that I might change back, and I’m pretty high on all the AO hormones right now.”

“Crossover aftermath?” Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, finding it somewhat new.

Gu Ang bristled, “Maybe… would you think I’m weird? Actually, for the two of us, a lot of things were solved by Omega words, it was just that I’m still a bit repulsed in my own mind.”

Ye Fei thought about it, “I don’t even care, I love Gu Ang, it’s not like it was your gender.”

Gu Ang’s heart skipped a beat at the straight shot, “Big Brother, you’re really straight.”

“I speak from the heart.” Ye Fei’s fingers rubbed against his neck in boredom, “AO is just a very superficial division, it doesn’t matter. Besides, you stalked me first, it’s not that easy to get out of it now.”

“I’m not trying to get out of it, I couldn’t wait to…” Gu Ang gave him a look, “I couldn’t wait to be with you every day.”

He felt goosebumps after saying that. Shit, so fucking cringy.

Ye Fei was amused, “Then you’re still pissed off. I’ve tried everything I could in the past few days, but I didn’t expect to come across a stubborn stone.”

Gu Ang was a bit vindicated, “I’m not in a fit of pique, well, let’s not talk about that.”

Both men’s communicators vibrated at the same time, and each fished them out and tapped them on to see. Gu Ang’s fingertips crossed the screen, “Bai SiNing.”

He didn’t even have to click on it to see what had been posted, mostly to find out why they were missing.

Ye Fei didn’t bother to ask as he clicked on the message and skimmed through it quickly, “Teacher Wang is asking us to go to the office tomorrow morning.”

“What for?” Gu Ang was alert.

Ye Fei shook his head, “I don’t know, something after school starts.”

Gu Ang sharpened his fists, “Not setting us up again. I don’t think it’s a chore, I don’t want to go.”

Ye Fei got up and poured a cup of hot water and handed it to him, “We’ll go tomorrow and see how it goes.”

Gu Ang reached out and warmed his hands by touching the mug, casually clicking on the forum, and the red-fluttering post did carry his and Ye Fei’s names.

“Ye Fei, Gu Ang’s double A love, what’s the reason for the split? Last time Ye Fei was beaten, this time Gu Ang was crying!”

Gu Ang was so angry that he waved the screen in front of Ye Fei, “Where did I cry in pain? They’re just writing nonsense.”

“No painful crying, just that little bit of redness in your eyes.” Ye Fei thought about how Gu Ang’s eyes were red like a rabbit’s. “I remember someone saying that they never cry.”

Gu Ang mentally counted that he had indeed only cried three times before. But lately, his mood had become sensitive, gibberish, and violent.

“I will never cry in the future.” He took a deep breath and sniffled again, “The future is all well and good, nothing could make the interstellar fierce Alpha break out in tears.”

Ye Fei didn’t correct him, fierce A was fierce A, fine. He said heartily, “There’s only one possibility of crying later.”

Gu Ang looked up, “Why?”

“You’ll see later.” Ye Fei let out a soft laugh. He crossed his mind with some not-so-upstanding thoughts. It would be pretty exciting to think about making Gu Ang cry in bed. But he was afraid to talk about it now for fear of a violent beating.

Gu Ang continued to scroll through the forums, all of which were full of non-nutritious blind guesses. He was about to exit the forum when he remembered the little number and snapped out of it, “That poll post, I was wondering at first who those four idiots were? You’re one of them.”

“Yeah, I implied it all so obviously, YG.”

“Fuck, I used to just think it was a CP fan making up a name.” Gu Ang rubbed his chin, “The person in question took the lead as a CP fan. If your fanbase knew this, they’d blow up.”

“I’m more looking forward to the look on their faces when they know we’re really together.” Ye Fei reached out and jerked away his communicator, “Don’t look, let’s go to bed early.”

Gu Ang ahhed, “We?”

“Mn, you’re not going to sleep?” Ye Fei bent down and reached out to pull him up from the couch, “What’s done is done, what were you doing out of bed all night?”

Gu Ang looked at him, “You’re not going to let me sleep in the same bed, are you?”

Ye Fei began to use his ability to speak without blushing, “I’ve slept with you so many times, what’s one more?”

Gu Ang didn’t really know what to say in return for a moment. The two have literally slept together more times than they could count, at home. He frowned, “No, aren’t you going after me? How do you go after someone while taking them to bed first?”

“No conflict.” Ye Fei pushed him towards his bed, “I’m not doing anything to you.”

Gu Ang muddled through as he was pressed into bed and tucked in, still feeling something wasn’t quite right.

Ye Fei lay on his side and hugged the man, unable to stop another sigh, “It’s good to have my Guang Guang back, the trip wasn’t in vain.”

Speaking of which, Gu Ang came to life, “Do you remember anything about crossing over? How did you get here?”

Ye Fei shook his head, “No recollection, as soon as I opened my eyes I was in my house.”

Gu Ang brainstormed that scene and found it a little funny, “So you didn’t see your dad then and thought something was wrong?”

“The first thing my dad said when he saw me was, ‘It’s the freshman competition don’t embarrass me’. I was so confused.”

But the statement was informative enough to immediately raise his suspicions. Ye Fei talked to Ye HongFeng a bit more and pretty much determined he had crossed. 

Gu Ang laughed out loud, picturing Ye Fei’s cold look of bewilderment, “But you lost to me and got robbed by me.”

Ye Fei thought, Actually, it was letting you, but there’s no point in bringing it up. He hmmed lazily, “Yeah, how awesome are you? Beating people up with your helmet on.”

Gu Ang raised his hand and turned off the light, slowly closing his eyes. He thought back to the first time he met Ye Fei when he crossed back, smoking a cigarette, high and unapproachable. It was amazing how the two were entwined again in a circle. He thought again of his cranky behavior over the past few days and reached down the buttons of Ye Fei’s pajamas, “Did I hurt you in the past two days?”

Ye Fei let out a thick breath, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Gu Ang admitted vaguely, “A bit, but I can’t quite control my temper these days, I don’t know what’s wrong.”

Ye Fei ground his teeth, “I say, did you lie in the same bed with me and put your hand up my shirt and touch me on purpose?”

“I hadn’t really thought about this place…” Gu Ang responded, hastily withdrawing his hand back. It was easy to get in, but getting away was harder with Ye Fei’s hand held tightly in place. He felt his palm press against that firm chest, muscles taut and full to the touch.

The palm of his hand was right in the middle, and could feel his constantheartbeat beneath my skin.

“Tsk, let my hand go.”

“No, you reached in yourself.”

Gu Ang’s head smoldered, feeling more wronged than a sinus, “I just wanted to see if you were hurt by me, why aren’t you reasonable at all?”

Ye Fei had his own skewed theory, “I don’t care about the process, just the results.” He pressed Gu Ang’s palm harder against his skin.

“Why? You want me to give you another massage, do you?” Gu Ang broke into a frenzy, one hand leaping carelessly inside his pajamas. Accidentally touching the spot where Ye Fei had been hammered and bruised for a muffled grunt.

A dense itch spread across Ye Fei’s throat, “Don’t move.”

“Weren’t you the one who wouldn’t let me leave? Why are you more pretentious than me?” Gu Ang teased him, playing piano on his skin with his fingers. He smiled and asked, “Guess what I played?”

“Don’t want to guess.” Ye Fei squeezed his wrist and rolled over to pin the man down, “I said, don’t move.”

Gu Ang felt the searing heat against him and was instantly still, “I won’t move, you go down.”

In his last life he’d felt Ye Fei in bed, and when he got real, he wasn’t human. Gu Ang couldn’t imagine being his Omega… 

Ye Fei didn’t move either, propping himself up on his elbows and dropping his eyes to look at the man. The pale moonlight outlined Gu Ang’s delicate silhouette, inviting crime.

Gu Ang struggled for a while and resorted to the “pre-boyfriend” argument, “Not keeping your word? You haven’t even been accepted yet, what do you want?”

Ye Fei rolled his Adam’s apple, his eyes deep like a wolf that looked at its prey. He closed his eyes and held back, kissing his head sideways on Gu Ang’s gland, “You’ll be eaten sooner or later, little prey.”


Author’s Note: 

Sorry, you’ve already eaten him.


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What a pity that they both can’t remember what happened after the aphrodisiac episode 😉😏

May 10, 2023 9:07 pm

True and well eaten!🤭 Thanks for the chapter!!!

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I wonder if a repeat main course might jog their memories.
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