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Chapter 52: Song Xinran’s live broadcast (I)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Five minutes short of 18:00, Bai Li was once again online.

Coming out of the house, he first looked next door and found that the courtyard of Wen XingYao’s house was quiet and peaceful. He thought that the person must have gone out fishing and not returned yet. He thought about it for a moment, and then went to the back of the house.

Song Xinran was nervously waiting for the live broadcast time to arrive, and every minute or two he had to check how many more viewers had come into his live room before it officially started. He was shocked to hear a knock on the door, and ran to open it to see an unfamiliar and familiar 1 face, his blank brain not reacting for a while before he remembered it was his own master, so he greeted him with embarrassment.

“Master, why did you come over?”

During the time he was waiting for the broadcast to start, the idea of going to Bai Li for comfort and encouragement had risen in his heart countless times, especially when he was watching Mo Song’s live broadcast. The other man actually gave him an advertisement when he was about to go off air, which made Song Xinran even more nervous, fearing that the live broadcast would be messed up.

But the impulse was resisted by him. He remembered the phone call he had with his family during the day, and the vow he had made to learn to be independent.

Song Xinran decided to get through this difficult waiting period on his own. Song Xinran moved his body and tried to welcome Bai Li into the house, but he shook his head.

“I came to see you. You’re about to start the live broadcast, so I’m not going in.” Bai Li said. Seeing Song Xinran’s face had a really tight expression, he comforted, “Xiao Song, you don’t need to be too nervous. You watched Song’s Blunt Opinion so learn from him. Treat the audience as your friends to get along. Friends laughing and joking among themselves is normal, right? When you officially start the broadcast, I will also watch it at home, so just settle down and do all the things you need to do.”

“Mn!” Song Xinran listened quietly, and nodded good-naturedly. “I will try my best!”

He raised his hand and rubbed his cheeks hard, narrowly avoiding rubbing the skin on his face red, pinching and pinching to put a smile on his face. He then asked Bai Li how this smile was.

Bai Li naturally gave positive feedback and a few words of encouragement before he urged Song Xinran to go on with his preparations, while he said goodbye to him and went back.

When he returned to his home, Song Xinran was just about to start broadcasting.


[Has it started? 18:00 has arrived, half an hour in advance of squatting, I’m already hungry to give the gifts in my hand!]

[I don’t know what the content of this main broadcast is. Blunt Opinion wasn’t clear with us, but I guess this broadcast should be different from Blunt Opinion’s.]

[Ah…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ran Ran. I don’t know if he’s still as easily shy as before…]

Song Xinran hadn’t even turned on the live camera, but saw that the pop-up screen was already densely packed. The number of people in the top right corner of the live stream, although not as exaggerated as Mo Song’s side, was nearly 300,000 people, which he could never have dreamed of. Song Xinran’s eyes flickered for a moment. He took a deep breath, and directly opened the live broadcast.

A white, soft, round bun face appeared on the screen. Although there was quite a big difference with Song Xinran’s appearance in reality, the shape was similar, so that people who were familiar with him could guess that it was him at first glance.

[Wow! What a cute little brother! How old is he? Why is his face so red? Is he shy?]

[Oh, it’s actually a little boy! It’s so rare to see such a small child on a live broadcast!]

The female viewers in the live broadcast room were overwhelmed with motherly love and teased one after another. Even the male viewers, too, followed suit, but their focus was more on what Song Xinran was actually going to broadcast live.

Song Xinran nervously introduced himself, “Hello, I’m the host, ‘Peaches are So Delicious’, and the theme of my live broadcast is ‘Learn to cook from scratch’. I had never cooked before and wanted to learn about it in the game. After that, every live broadcast, I will try to make 1~2 dishes according to the recipes I’ve got or my own thinking. I almost forgot to say the time of the live broadcast, at present it is twice a day. 11:00 to 12:00 in the afternoon, and 18:00 to 19:00 in the evening, please support me!”

He had said this many times in his heart but after saying such a long speech, Song Xinran’s face not only didn’t cool down, but became even more red and puffy. He was looking more and more lovable. The interstellar people had a lot of patience with their children, especially the well-behaved and understanding ones. In their hearts, which had become somewhat hardened after the baptism of war, they couldn’t help but be soft.

[Support, definitely support! The anchor is so cute, send you a screaming chicken…]

[Learn to cook? Is it food like making white steamed buns? Will the anchor make white steamed buns? Whether you can do it or not, the anchor should try to learn. First, I’ll send you a Dongpo pork!]

[It seems very interesting, I wonder if we can follow along to learn…But forget it, the thought of the taste of those ingredients in reality makes me shrivel up!]

After Song Xinran finished, the audience showed great enthusiasm and threw a lot of gifts, which made Song Xinran dazzled and thanked them after a while. When it came to the art of thanking for gifts, Song Xinran was still very skilled. After all, when he was a live streamer before, there were several tycoon fans in the live stream, and he had to thank them every once in a while!

“Thank you all for your gifts! You’re asking why I wanted to learn how to cook in the game? This…It’s because I want to cook for the people who are important to me, and also to thank… Anyway, I want to learn how to cook! Without further ado, let’s start now.” What Song Xinran didn’t know was that after he said this, the six people who were peering at the screen in the broadcast room got excited all of a sudden.

“Haha, the important people the child said must be us! Our child is so sweet! I’m really touched! Can we just leave now and go to his house to find him?” Mother Song clutched her handkerchief in her hand and flung herself into Father Song’s arms with tears in her eyes.

“Well, this child has really grown a lot after being away from us.” Father Song was even more relieved, and tried to restrain himself from showing too exaggerated a smile. “Our hearts have received such good news! We can’t go see him early just in case we hurt the child. Since we made an agreement, we will wait until the day after tomorrow to go over. In these two days we should prepare more food and bring it all to the child.”

Brother Songs and Sister Songs fingers had already pressed the most expensive gift Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, and they frantically clicked the virtual screen while answering their parents’ words, “Yes, we’ll go buy a gift after watching our brother’s live broadcast!”

Father Song nodded in satisfaction and reminded several people to hurry up and calm down. If they weren’t calm, their ears and claws were going to be unable to retract. The four siblings nodded obediently, collected their ears, collected their claws, and then continued to watch their brother’s live stream.

When he saw a few familiar usernames had given him a lot of large gifts, Song Xinran’s eyes smiled into two sweet crescents, and after politely thanking them, he asked them, as he always did, not to send any more, as it was too costly. Even though he knew that even if he said this, these tycoon fans would continue to do what they wanted.

“Okay, okay, the child has asked us to stop. Let’s see what he plans to learn first. It’s not too late to send more gifts later.” Mother Song called off the adults and children in the family and squared up to watch the live broadcast seriously.

At this time, Bai Li also entered the live broadcast room and gave Song Xinran the “opening gift” prepared for him. Like Mo Song, it was also 100 x Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

Seeing Bai Li’s name appear in the live broadcast, the smile on Song Xinran’s face was even bigger, and his heart was still a bit apprehensive, but it slowly settled down at this time. He pulled the tools and ingredients he had prepared out of his backpack one by one, explaining as he did so.

“The game’s life skills can be learned at character level 1. I have only learned cooking for the time being. This is the ordinary spatula given to me by the village chief’s wife. The weight is relatively light, so it is not too tiring to hold in your hand. These, I bought from the village chief: oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, sugar, a coal stove and small briquettes. They are the basic tools needed to cook.”

The pop-ups were quiet, and the audience watched attentively. Song Xinran looked up and quickly returned to his original position as he continued to dig into his backpack.

“Because my character level is only 2, the ingredients I can get are limited. Today I’m only going to make some simple food. This is corn, which can be planted at character level 1, and this is cucumber, which can be planted at level 2. I believe you are already familiar with the former ingredient, it is the material for making corn cake and popcorn, but I do not intend to make these two today.”

There was a vague commotion among the audience.

[Seeing the familiar corn, master’s youth is back! But what else will you make if you don’t use corn to make those two?]

[That said, the frequency of using corn is too big, I really want to know how much food can be made with corn!]

[Simple food? How simple can it be?]

[And that long green strip is the cucumber? Why is it green when it’s called a cucumber?]

Song Xinran looked at the pop-ups and picked out a few answers, “Don’t worry, it’s really simple. I’ve eaten it at the house of someone that I know before, and the only ingredient needed is sugar. I don’t know why the cucumber is green, but the name was handed down from the Ancient Blue Star era.”

As he said, he took one of the three ears of corn in his hand and peeled off the skin layer by layer in front of the live audience, revealing the golden corn kernels inside. And then, in addition, took a shallow dish, left hand firmly grasping the thick end of the corn, the right hand thumb pressed against one of the rows of corn kernels, and began to push down with force.

Just when the audience was full of questions and wondered what the anchor was doing, they heard a ‘pop’ sound, the row of corn kernels were neatly broken off, flush and broken, revealing the cutoff white, but also outwardly flooded with a little sweet juice.

The strong smell of corn spread in the small bamboo house and live broadcast room.

[Hmm? What smells so good, it can’t be emanating from this corn, right?]

[Wow! Sweet, light! The smell of corn is too good! The anchor has not even made the dish and I’m about to fall in love with this corn!]

[God! Anchor, don’t do it again or I’ll have to gnaw on it!]

[I have secretly tasted a grain, So crunchy, so tasty, ah!]

[Really?! Then I’m going to try it too!]

Song Xinran didn’t notice the strange behavior of the audience when he broke off all the first column on the corn cob, after that it was going to be quite easy. Chop. Chop. Chop. Chop. He kept breaking off the kernels moment by moment, and soon the shallow dish was about to be filled.

If Song Xinran, the owner of the studio, could have seen the visualized viewers at this time, he would have noticed that each of them, one by one, had their abyssal mouths wide open, while their heads hung in a strange position over the shallow plate, as they waited for the kernels to fall directly into their mouths. While Song Xinran was changing to a new row of kernels, they chewed the kernels in their mouths quickly, then opened their mouths for the next wave.

During the live broadcast of Carefree Farmstead, the audience’s limits seemed to be constantly being refreshed.


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Translator Notes:

  1. remember that Bai Li changed his face slightly for the game


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