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Chapter 51: There were actually such good things in the world!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Ah, it’s over.” Bai Li got up from the reclining chair and lazily stretched his back, as his tone of voice slowly lamented, “Watching others live stream is quite interesting, kind of relieving.”

Wen XingYao laughed out loud, and stood up after him. “If Song’s Blunt Opinion heard that, he would be very moved, right? But…as the designer of this game, are you actually still under pressure?”

There were no other people around, so the two could discuss the topic with impunity.

“Of course there is!” Bai Li deliberately opened his eyes wide, and said with a fearful face, “You don’t know that the comment book on my game homepage is full of people urging me to increase the number of game slots!”

The expression was like a black-hearted boss who was about to run away.

The smile on Wen XingYao’s face became more obvious, “Is this actually the case? Then I really do not know how much hard work it has been for the designer.”

Bai Li began to walk slowly around the courtyard after stretching, and suddenly became a little embarrassed, so he modestly said, “No, no. It’s not too hard…It’s the players who have to work harder, not only to cultivate the fields, but also to do the tasks.”

Wen XingYao, “…” Who was responsible for this…? Also, your tone of voice is a little too obvious.

Moving his arms and legs around, Bai Li walked back to Wen XingYao’s side. Suddenly, he asked, “Demon Xing, why don’t you also go live and play? I still have a few places left to give out. Good water does not flow outside the field, ah! I’ve heard you are quite famous in the game forum. If you live stream, the audience shouldn’t be small.”

The fame Bai Li was referring to was actually the No. 1 Kryptonian in Carefree Farmstead that players had dedicated to him. He also remembered several posts related to each other, such as ‘Counting the gold tools in the hands of Demon Xing, continuously updated…’ ‘How much money has Demon Xing spent in the game?’ There was even the more simple and brutal ‘Big brother Demon Xing is double kryptonite!’ Blah blah blah. Bai Li was bored and only clicked to look at a few, but also could not help but guess how many mines this friend of his had at home.

The game was not meant as a place to spend money…

Wen XingYao quickly shook his head and refused. For one thing, he was not the kind of person who talked a lot or liked to interact with people. Before today, the number of times he’d watched a game live stream could be counted on one hand, and for another thing…He also remembered that he and Bai Li were currently ‘bound.’ In case he really agreed to go live, but frequently dropped the line during the live broadcast, it was estimated that he would be cursed by the cranky audience to spiral to heaven.

When Wen XingYao refused, Bai Li said nothing more, looked into the yard next to his house and found that the potatoes he had planted earlier were ripe, so he said something to Wen XingYao and went home to work.

“You go ahead.” Wen XingYao said. “I’m also going to go fishing by the river. The task of catching those koi is really too difficult!” If he had known, he would have gone mining!

“Haha, it’s not bad. You can always catch a few if you work hard.” Bai Li hid his weakness. “When I’m done here, I’ll go to the river to look for you. I have also learned fishing skills. But before that, I have to go offline first.”

Wen XingYao’s heart jumped, and he asked reflexively, “Go offline? Where are you going?” 

“I need to eat a meal, and feed my small kitten.” Bai Li brushed off Supreme’s presence, and did not go into detail.

Wen-small-kitten-XingYao, “…”

He was incredibly envious of his infant form at that moment. While his human consciousness was still eating air in the game, his kitten self was able to rely on Bai Li, without knowing how many good things he had eaten.

Bai Li only said that he fed small animals, but Wen XingYao had a hunch that the food he fed must be several levels beyond the ordinary people of the empire. Maybe it was the same as the food in the game, so good that it would make people wonder that they had lived their lives in vain.

“I’m off then.” Bai Li said goodbye again, left Wen XingYao’s yard, took a few steps into his own yard, and dug up potatoes.

Wen XingYao stood in the same place and planted lemon trees for a while, as he constantly told himself that his juvenile self and he were one, and that if he ate this jealousy, his human consciousness would also eat it before he could gather his emotions. After that, he went out to the river outside the village. Originally he wanted to go fishing in the old place, but he suddenly thought that yesterday he fished for half a day but only caught two koi, and even forgot to go to Bai Li to verify the situation. Thinking that maybe that place was not a good spot, he turned off to another fishing spot.

After Bai Li dug up the potatoes and replanted a batch of forage seeds, he looked up to see that Wen XingYao had already left. At that moment, there was a faint ‘whimpering’ sound coming from his other neighbor’s yard.

Bai Li took a look and found Heart’s Jade crouching in the corner of the yard. Due to the angle, he could only see half of her face, but he could clearly see the pain and torment on her face. Bai Li was curious. He had never seen such an expression on a gamer’s face before, who was not playing the game with a relaxed and comfortable face.

“Heart’s Jade, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen?” In the spirit of being responsible for the gamers, Bai Li raised his volume and asked softly.

When Jiang Huaibi heard someone calling her game name, her body stiffened for a moment, but after remembering that the owner of the voice was the person of her admiration and her obsession to enter the game, she quickly relaxed and turned her head to Bai Li and said, “I’m fine, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm? I just heard you crying, so I’m asking…” Bai Li was dumbfounded by Jiang Huaibi’s answer, and then looked closely at her face. There was indeed no sign of crying, so he was even more puzzled.

While she was not crying, she was still making sounds.

Jiang Huaibi snorted a laugh out, stood up from the ground, and revealed the weeds she was previously blocking. Debris, some branches and leaves, so many things…it was impossible to count everything at once.

Bai Li took a look and doubted himself even more. What was this child doing?

Jiang Huaibi took the initiative to explain, “Big brother, Li Bai, I really wasn’t crying just now. I was just…I just accidentally stuffed my backpack full of these things that I had sorted out and had no place to put them. I didn’t want to throw them away, so I was worried about what to do with them. I might have accidentally made a little noise.”

“Ah? But these things are useless. They will only take up space. Why not throw them away or take them to the village chief to recycle, and earn a few coins?” Bai Li began to explain, thinking that the new player was not clear about the game play, and he would enthusiastically explain it. After finishing, he added, “You don’t need to call me Big Brother, just call me by my game name.”

Jiang Huaibi first nodded and then quickly shook her head in disapproval, “No, no, no, how can they be of no use at all? Maybe at some point they’ll be of great use! I’ll put them in my house first…,” she said while trying to pick up the pile of miscellaneous items again.

Bai Li’s forehead was already hanging black lines. As the game’s designer, even though he did not know what these things could be useful for, did this little girl have a prophecy? It couldn’t be that his vision was not long enough, right? Also, if his memory was correct, the player’s backpack should have 50 compartments, and then the same kind of items could be stacked up to 999. The new players had not even entered the game for forty-eight hours, but she had actually already stuffed all 50 compartments?

As a veteran player who had never filled a grid, Bai Li praised this ‘cow!’ This little girl was a talent, ah!

But individuals had their own way of playing, knowing that this was a misunderstanding, Bai Li also did not intend to continue to persuade her. After thinking about it, he gave a hint, “You can look in the game store furniture column on the second page. There is a ‘room locker’ with a total of 100 compartments. If you need it, you can buy one and put it in the house, then you can put things you can’t use temporarily inside.”

Jiang Huaibi’s eyes lit up, and she let out an excited scream, “What! There is actually such a good thing in the world? I’m going to go look!”

After that, she ignored Bai Li. Her eyes were unfocused, and it was obvious that she had opened the game store, after a short while, she returned to normal, with a satisfied and happy face, and took the initiative to report, “There really is this thing! I bought 10 of them in one go, and I’ll put them in my small house later. Thank you, Li Bai!”

She gave a big bow.

Bai Li reacted and quickly dodged, crying and laughing, “What is there to thank you for? You paid for the things, I just told you they exist.” What’s more, 70% of the money spent on the lockers would end up in his pocket…

“Yes, you do! If you hadn’t told me just now, I might have had to wait until tomorrow or the day after to find this treasure. What a delay!” Jiang Huaibi said joyfully, looking at the corner with the pile of things, her expression full of compassion.

Bai Li couldn’t help her, so he didn’t say anything. Seeing that Jiang Huaibi’s mind had been fully put on those miscellaneous things, he quickly said goodbye to her and went back to his own yard. He originally planned to finish planting and then go offline for dinner, but after a short delay because of chatting with Jiang Huaibi, he saw that the time had reached 17:30, only half an hour before Song Xinran started broadcasting. He didn’t hesitate anymore and went offline directly, ready to spend half an hour finishing dinner and coming back as soon as possible.

As a matter of course, Wen XingYao, who had just arrived at the fishing spot a short while ago, was forced to go offline as well.

The gaming pod was closed and Bai Li played with the awakened Supreme in the gaming pod for a short while as usual, sighing that he had really seen the wind grow in the past two days. While his heart was full of pride, Supreme’s flesh was fed by him with spiritual goat’s milk and all kinds of delicious food, and now he had grown to such a large size. In addition to Supreme’s natural talent, he, the feeder, could also take half of the credit, right?

But…With Supreme’s growth rate, Bai Li quickly surveyed the space inside the gaming pod. It was likely that in a short while, he wouldn’t be able to carry Supreme with him while playing games.

It would be too crowded.


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May 22, 2023 1:17 pm

Uh-oh, “Supreme” better awaken his consciousness soon so he can sneak into the pod at night. No more gaming dates, but they’ll have a happy domestic life.

May 25, 2023 12:41 pm

Ha ha; WXY feeling jealous of Supreme’s meals.
Well that’s not good! What will WXY do if BL doesn’t have him in the pod!
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 30, 2023 3:42 pm

Fishing trip was abruptly cancelled! Sad angler with no koi

What’ll happen to our story if WXY can’t farm?

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