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Chapter 79: You Kissed Me and He Was Jealous

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey loves Mama Qin. Go, Mama Qin!


Ye Fei didn’t say anything, the corners of his jaw tensed into a straight line. He wondered how he could explain it so that Qin LeHe wouldn’t be angry. When he didn’t say anything, Qin LeHe was about to slam another stick down towards his knee.

The stick was halfway down when Gu Ang reached out and grabbed it, “Mom, stop it, hit me if you want.”

“And you speak for him? Listen to yourself, the dog is here, and you say you don’t know who the child’s father is?” Qin LeHe moved her wrist, and with all her strength, still couldn’t pull the cue out of Gu Ang’s hand. She was so angry that her face was red, and her own son had turned his elbow to the outside. Of course she couldn’t hit Gu Ang with the stick, she had no place to vent her anger, so she had to keep it to herself.

Ye Fei held back the pain in his knee, gritted his back teeth and said, “Auntie, I’ll take care of it.”

“Last time you called me Mom, but this time you’re calling me Auntie?” Qin LeHe sneered and sat back on the couch, “Tell me, how are you going to be responsible?”

Gu Ang was irritated by the cold wind blowing in from outside and couldn’t help but shiver. In his twenty years of life, he had never seen his mother so angry as to lose her manners, except for the time when she was out of her mind. He and his dad were, indeed, sent from heaven to torture the fuck out of each other.

Gu Ang pinched his palms, not daring to look up and meet her eyes.

Ye Fei stood in front of Qin LeHe with downcast eyes and a white face, “I’m marrying Gu Ang.”

He had been thinking about getting remarried before, but he didn’t think it would be bad enough to bring it up in the context of this. He imagined a picture of a nice sunny evening, exquisitely dressed, proposing marriage at his door.

Not now, all wretched and bowed before Qin LeHe, begging for her to take her breath away.

Gu Ang looked at him with an aggravated face and heartache written all over it, “Big brother, you don’t have to be like this.”

Qin LeHe glanced at him, “You two were playing some kind of you-push-me game with me now, dare I be the bad guy?”

“Mom, it’s really not what you think it is. Ye Fei and I haven’t exactly marked, and I don’t have anyone else, but the baby just exists, and I don’t know why.” Gu Ang lifted his eyes and said the words over and over again.

Each time he repeated it, his heart sank a little more. It was absurd, and ridiculous. And yet he convinced himself to believe it over and over again. Gu Ang feels like the tragic male lead in a family ethics drama right now, bickering with his mother over the kids.

It was unseemly and humiliating.

Qin LeHe looked incredulous, “You don’t even know why, kids popping out on their own?”

Gu Ang spoke with difficulty, “Yes, I’m waiting for the hospital test results to see who the father is, or maybe it’s just me.”

“That’s ridiculous, I don’t understand.” Qin LeHe sat back on the couch, “You guys are fooling me with this kind of reason. Why did he go to the hospital with you if you don’t know if it was Ye Fei’s?”

Ye Fei spoke, “Because I couldn’t bear the thought of him facing this situation alone in a panic, he’s scared and confused. Give it a little more time and we’ll get this straightened out.”

Qin LeHe pursed her lips and didn’t say a word. It was the first time she’d come across something so ridiculous in 40 years of living. After the divorce, she had even less expectations of marriage and her lover.

True to Ye Fei’s words, this man could be so good to Gu Ang, so good that he was willing to accept a child that may not be his own, she didn’t believe it. A terrible silence pervaded the living room, like a smokeless battlefield, each one physically and mentally exhausted.

Gu Ang helped Ye Fei to the couch next to him before he could look at the wound. But he was hit quite heavily with the stick, it should have hurt quite badly. He sat next to Ye Fei and asked in a small voice, “Does it hurt?”

Ye Fei shook his head and looked at the anxious looking mother again, “I will take care of Gu Ang, don’t worry.”

Qin LeHe was in a trance, her eyes almost out of focus, “So you guys are really going to play this game?”

“Go, it’ll be fine.” Gu Ang laughed and tried to lighten the mood, “It’s not like you don’t know how good your son is, I’m not the same person I was back then.”

In every sense of the word, no.

Qin LeHe was silent again. She really didn’t get it and couldn’t figure it out. After a long time, she spoke, “Ye Fei, auntie is not an unreasonable person. If it’s true that you don’t even know who the baby’s father is, I won’t force you to get married. But if I find out the baby is yours, you know the consequences.”

She sorted out the middle thoughts for a long time, and if Gu Ang wasn’t lying, then Ye Fei was pretty innocent. Just how was Gu Ang going to get by on his own with a kid? Little did she know that after her son re-differentiated into an Omega, there would be one headache after another.

Qin LeHe was filled with self-blame inside, blaming herself for raising Gu Ang as an Alpha from a young age, being big-hearted and heartless, which led to such a mess. For a moment, she couldn’t think of any ideas. The matter itself alone messed her up.

Ye Fei hmmed, “Okay, I’ll let you know first when I have the results.”

Qin LeHe braced her fingers on his brow and steeled herself, “You two go back, I want some quiet time.”

Gu Ang got up and asked, inching up, “Is the driver back yet? Give us a lift, Ye Fei looks like his knee is quite sore.”

Qin LeHe had lost hope in the elbow-deep son and returned with no good grace, “Call him yourself.”

“Okay, Mom, take care of yourself and don’t get too angry.”

Qin LeHe thought to herself, I’m going to die of anger.

Gu Ang finished his instructions and got up and went to the side to contact the driver. Within minutes, the driver brought the car back to pick up the person. Ye Fei stubbornly stood up, his knees tingling with pain, but he had to keep up his calm persona. Forcing his face to be expressionless, he moved towards the door one step at a time.

Gu Ang reached out to help him and Ye Fei pursed his lips, “It’s okay, I can walk.”

He could walk, but every time he moved, his knees hurt. Like the tip of a knife was poking at that bone, with the flesh attached.

The two men moved slowly to the car and the driver departed. With outsiders around, it was hard to say anything, and both kept their mouths shut.

Gu Ang reached out and grabbed his hand, wrapping it around his palm and interlocking his fingers. He felt clingy lately, wanting to spend every second with Ye Fei, afraid that if he wasn’t careful, the person would be gone. It would be nice to turn into a little pet and get into his pocket.

What interstellar slugger he didn’t want to be, just wanted to do everything he could to keep the love of his life.

Ye Fei sensed his mood and rubbed the back of Gu Ang’s hand with his thumb, “I’m quite worried about you since we’re leaving the day after tomorrow. If your body can’t hold up, we’ll go talk to Principal about a replacement.”

Gu Ang thought for a moment, “It’s a small fight, so it should hold up. Besides, you’re still here.”

He even thought nastily that if something did go wrong in the middle of the race, so be it if it dropped. He didn’t think about what to do with the rest of his life; could he stay at Red Flame if the baby grew up day-by-day?

A big bellied Omega couldn’t hide it after all.

Gu Ang looked out the window in confusion and mumbled, “Big brother, what do you think everyone would think of me if they find out?” He whispered softly to himself again, “They’ll be laughing at me, I guess, I can just imagine the look on their faces.”

Ye Fei glanced at the driver through the rearview mirror, wrapping his palms tighter around him, “Don’t worry too much about what people think, besides, wouldn’t you look better if you could beat up those Alphas like that?”

Gu Ang brightened up and felt a little brighter, “You make a good point.”

He propped his head up and looked out the window at the scenery whizzing by, expecting a miracle for the first time. If only the baby was Ye Fei’s, all would be well. Gu Ang was an atheist, but liked to make a wish with God every time like this. He knew that there was a gain and a loss, and that wish fulfillment would inevitably result in the loss of something.

But now he was trying to make a trade with the gods again. As long as the baby was Ye Fei’s, he would change anything.

Ye Fei saw him staring and touched his cheek with his fingertips, “Thinking about something?”

“Miss you.” Gu Ang smiled back at him, “I’ll get some medicine to put on you later, my mom hit it pretty hard, I think it’s swollen.”

Ye Fei hmmed, “Actually, it doesn’t hurt that much.” He squeezed Gu Ang’s palm, “I was serious even when I just said marriage, not a reprieve. After all…”

After all, they were married a long time ago. Ye Fei didn’t continue with the latter words, but Gu Ang understood perfectly. How glad he was that he had six years of relationships ahead of him to set the stage for Ye Fei to not give up on him.

The car pulled up to the little store in front of Red Flame, the same grocery store that sold everything, with the same older man.

Gu Ang pushed his way in and greeted the owner, “Do you have any medicine to reduce swelling?”

“Where’s the injury?” The older man looked up and saw a familiar face, followed slowly by a handsome, tall man. He let out a surprised cry, “Isn’t that the handsome guy you asked about last time you brought in a picture?”

“It’s him, my boyfriend.” Gu Ang glanced back at Ye Fei and added, “He hurt his knee and needs to rub some medicine on it.”

The older man had an epiphany, cupping his chin and laughing, “Boyfriend, knee injury, you two playing so fancy?” He took the medicine off the shelf and set it on the counter, “Wait, that’s not right, aren’t you an Omega? How come he’s hurt?”

Gu Ang’s face was awkward as he realized he was thinking the wrong thing, “It’s not what you think, an accidental injury.”

Ye Fei padded over, resting his hand on the counter and asked, “You two had such deep talks? He knows you’re Omega?”

The older man hemmed and hawed, “The last time we both told each other our hearts. By the way, Xiao Lin told me that you are his friend, I’ll give you a discount.”

“Xiao Lin?” Gu Ang’s eyes widened with some surprise, “Lin XiuYong’s your son?”

The older man nodded casually, “Yeah, didn’t he tell you guys?”

Gu Ang froze, hesitating for a moment, “He doesn’t talk much about the family.”

“Yes, the boy has a strange personality and likes to be bored by himself, so you guys take it easy.” The older man sighed, “You guys have to understand him more too, because his dad died before he was born and he wonders every day if he could research something to bring his dad back, but how could people come back from the dead?”

When people die, they could be resurrected. Unless, of course, time was turned back, or, someone traveled back in time.

Ye Fei couldn’t resist asking one more question, “When did your husband pass away?”

“Told him last time.” The older man pointed to Gu Ang, “He died before he was born. Forget it, let’s forget about the past, this medicine is 35 star coins.”

Gu Ang frowned, “That cheap?”

The older man tapped his fingertips on the table, “Friend price.”

Gu Ang paid suspiciously, how he felt like a ripped off ingrate before.

“Take care of yourselves, you two.” The older man collected the money and slumped back into his chair with a leisurely look on his face.

Ye Fei moved to follow Gu Ang out, leaving after each other, and waited until the door closed before he opened his mouth, “I have a wild guess as to why we crossed back.”

Gu Ang looked up at him, “Why were you bringing this up all of a sudden? Tell me.”

“Just now the boss said that Lin XiuYong wanted to meet his dad and turn back time and was desperately experimenting.” Ye Fei pointed to Gu Ang and then to himself, “Could it be, we’re the experiments?”

Gu Ang froze as he slowly walked in the direction of the dormitory, his mind racing with the possibilities Ye Fei had mentioned, “But now, his father is still dead.”

Ye Fei’s expression was serious as he carefully guessed, “That’s why I said it was an experiment. There may not be a way to go back that far back at first, after all, it has been ten or so years since he passed away. At the beginning of the experiment, the results were uncertain, that’s why it was a mistake to go back eight years.”

“What’s that got to do with us? He’ll come back on his own, right?” Gu Ang wondered, unable to figure out the twists and turns. He added, “It just happened to be us, and it was too much of a coincidence to think that there’s someone else behind it.”

Ye Fei pursed his lips, “I don’t know why it was both of us, and he probably won’t say anything if we ask him now. We’ll look for another break, and when we get the chance, we’ll show our hand to him.”

Gu Ang thought far ahead and looked more than a little hesitant, “Will they send us back after the showdown?”

He was conflicted, and now things were a mess over here, with an extra child somehow. But at least Ye Fei was here, and so was his mother. If it’s true, as Ye Fei said, then they could return.

What about when they returned? Life was a mess over there too, and it didn’t seem to be getting any better. A rare look of confusion came to Ye Fei’s face, “I don’t know, it isn’t necessarily a good thing to go back.”

The feeling of being a stranger to Gu Ang was like being a walking puppet. Gu Ang sighed and pushed the door into the dormitory building. He spoke quietly, “Life’s really too hard to talk about it.”

Things had to be tackled one by one, and pushing them all together would just cause a headache.

The two returned to the room and Ye Fei sat down on the couch before rolling his pant legs up to his knees to check the bruises. The force of that blow was indeed quite violent, and his knee was a light red, the skin in the middle had broken off and looked somewhat serious.

Gu Ang took the medicine over and muttered with a distressed frown, “My mom really hits too hard.”

“I don’t blame her, anyone would be angry about this.” Ye Fei half curled his leg on the couch, “Rub some medicine on me, it’ll be fine in a couple of days.”

Gu Ang took out alcohol and a cotton swab and dipped it on, carefully touching the wound to disinfect it. He was afraid that Ye Fei would be in pain, and he puffed out his mouth and blew softly as he rubbed it, “Is it any better?”

“It still hurts.” Ye Fei lowered his eyes, looking at him in this coaxing manner just felt cute and couldn’t help but tease him.

Gu Ang’s frown tightened, “Bear with it, you still need to be medicated.”

He squeezed out a small store-bought ointment, smeared it on a cotton swab, and applied it to the wound bit by bit. His movements were gentle, fearing that one slip up would show a harder look. The stick he received was truly unjust. Just thinking about it made his stomach feel full of guilt.

“It’s rubbed in. Take care not to touch the water.” Gu Ang wrung out the ointment and set it aside, “Does it still hurt?”

Ye Fei feigned pity and moved his leg with difficulty, “It hurts too much.”

Gu Ang pressed his hands into the couch next to him and moved over to touch his lips, “How about now?”

Ye Fei held back a laugh, “Still hurts a little.”

Gu Ang probed, moving awkwardly to touch him again, “Are you done?”

Ye Fei shook his head, “Not yet.”

Gu Ang bent over and moved a little closer to his side, baring two kisses, twice as loud.

“That’s better.” Ye Fei narrowed his eyes, his evilness bubbling up again. “If I say not enough, what other comfort do you have?”

“I…” Gu Ang was about to speak when he felt a hard kick in the stomach. He felt it more pronounced this time, a real foot kicking him. Gu Ang turned pale and pulled Ye Fei’s palm over and pressed it to his stomach, “He… He kicked me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, another kick, through a layer of his stomach, slammed straight into Ye Fei’s hand. Ye Fei grunted as he felt the force in the palm of his hand, “You kissed me and he was jealous.”


Author’s Note: 

Baby: Stay away from my dad!

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The relationship between the two is so cute! Loving it all! This baby is going to be fierce and mischievous!!! Thanks for the chapter!

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He he he Baby, dont get jealous with your dad😅

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