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Chapter 56: New Live Candidates 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Late at night at 23:30, Jiangs’ house. For Jiang Yu, who loved to maintain his health, this was not his usual bedtime. At this time a few days ago, he would have already gone into his dreams to play chess with the Duke of Zhou.

But these two last days were a special case. His daughter Jiang Huaibi successfully grabbed the Carefree Farmstead game quota. From the moment she grabbed it, she soaked herself in the game, and rarely came out of the gaming pod. Every time he asked her to go offline and sleep, it would take him and his wife a lot of effort.

Half an hour ago, Jiang Yu persuaded Jiang Huaibi to get offline. Just when he thought he could go to bed early tonight, a shriek suddenly came from his daughter’s room.

Without hesitation, he and his wife jumped out of bed, put on their clothes and rushed to their daughter’s room. When the door opened, they looked at the shape of the quilt, which seemed to be still lying flat. Their daughter’s entire body was buried under the quilt.

Jiang Yu did not know what had happened, but was already distressed for his daughter. His wife rushed to rescue the child from the quilt and stood close by the bed as she softly comforted her daughter, “Huaibi, what happened? Talk to Mom and Dad. Can we help you?”

“Oooh…” Jiang Huaibi’s whimpering sound came muffled from under the blanket, which made it even more heart-wrenching. However, although she didn’t speak, she was good enough to allow Mother Jiang to peel off the covers and reveal her red face.

Jiang Yu immediately thought of a possible problem, “Huaibi, you don’t have a fever, do you? Why is your face so red?”

“Yes, if you really have a fever then you have to take medicine quickly.” Mother Jiang also looked worried, ready to jump up and go out of the room to find medicine.

Jiang Huaibi’s runaway soul slowly returned to her body. She woke up to find herself staring wide-eyed with her parents. Jiang Huaibi looked at the two of them in bewilderment, and had no idea what was going on. “Mom and Dad, you guys…What are you doing in my room?” 

When she thought of her pretend disconnection to escape from the conversation, she had the urge to cover her face again.

Jiang Yu laughed, “You’re asking us what we were doing here? Why don’t you think about what you just did? You act like you haven’t been doing anything, but why is your face so red? You haven’t done anything bad, right?”

He could now see that his daughter probably screamed due to some emotional excitement, and her body was not related at all. Why should they waste their time worrying?

“Um, I didn’t do anything bad…” Jiang Huaibi wanted to cry. “I just experienced social death. I don’t know what posture to use tomorrow online…”

She didn’t think that her neighbor, who she had thought was the big man of farming, was actually the designer of the game himself. Now that she reflected on it, she really didn’t feel that it was strange at all. Only the designer could farm and make such an interesting game, so wouldn’t that make sense?

She has reason to suspect that LiLi, oh no, Li Bai deliberately revealed his identity to tease her. Ahhh!

“Oh ho, you actually don’t want to get on the game? That is just right. These last two days you have been playing crazily. How about a day off? The crops you planted in the game, they shouldn’t die without a day of harvesting, right?” Jiang Yu was energized, as he ignored the reason for Jiang Huaibi’s death, and happily gave his daughter ideas.

“That won’t work!” Jiang Huaibi frantically shook her head. “The game still has to be played! Besides, I just signed a live game contract, and I’ll be a game host of Carefree Farmstead starting tomorrow! Mom and Dad, remember to come and support me tomorrow…”

After saying that, and without waiting for their reaction, she issued an eviction order. “I’m going to go back to bed. I’m going to sleep too. I’m going to have a good time tomorrow, ha!”

Then she picked up the quilt and covered herself, so that only a pair of big black eyes were revealed, as they blinked and stared at the two people, while she waited for their withdrawal.

Jiang Yu, “…”

Mother Jiang, “…”

The couple went out of their daughter’s room and closed the door. Neither found their voice until they walked back to their bedroom.

“Old Yu, did Huaibi just say that she is going to give up the game to live broadcast tomorrow?” Mother Jiang suspected that she had just heard wrong. How else could she, who was bent on farming, suddenly have her own business?

“…That’s what I heard too. I think that’s right.” Jiang Yu pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t understand how this girl’s mind works, always thinking one thing then another thing. Let’s ask tomorrow morning for her live number, then go support her?”

“Ah, I think that’s okay, it’s a deal!” Mother Jiang agreed without thinking.

The night was getting late, after a brief commotion, the Jiang family had once again returned to quiet.


On the other hand, Bai Li, after having a wave of skin on a whim,1 looked at the other party’s darkened avatar and rubbed his nose in embarrassment. He thought that he would have to apologize to her in the morning.

Adjusting his mood, he continued to contact the second person.

[Hello…] Similar to what he sent to Jiang Huaibi, he sent another message to the second person.

Again, the other person quickly returned the message.

Give me a bowl of rice, [Hello, my name is Zheng Yi, the ‘ancient building replica.’ The application form I filled in is just a preliminary idea. In reality I am an ordinary employee of the Imperial Research Institute. I usually like to study some ancient books, and I am particularly interested in those hand-built things, especially architecture… If possible, I would like to replicate those buildings in the game, even if they fail.”

This was the first time Bai Li heard someone from the Interstellar era tell him that he usually liked to study ancient books, and in his opinion such a person was a very rare existence. And when the other party said that he wanted to replicate the ancient architecture from the ancient background of the game, he was not dissatisfied at all. Rather he felt that the idea needed more encouragement.

But the topic was not without issues. He thought for a moment and replied to the other party, [Mr. Zheng, I think you should know that nowadays people don’t value the history of the ancient Bluestar period, or even understand it. So if you live-stream with this theme, it’s likely that there won’t be too many viewers.  Will you mind that?]

Zheng Yi, [Why does it matter? In fact, as long as there is one person willing to watch, I can keep on broadcasting. Mr. Bai, you may find it funny for me to say this, but actually I have always had a wish in my heart that more people would take the initiative to review history and discover its beauty…We have too much past that is buried in the long river of time, and now that we are so easily at peace, there is nothing wrong with studying history once in a while.]

Bai Li agreed with this, and seeing that Zheng Yi’s mind was already made up, and also had his own success calculations, the two talked a few more words, and then signed a live contract.

[By the way, if you encounter any difficulties in the game afterwards, you can come to me and I’ll help you figure it out together.] Bai Li said.

[Thanks.] Zheng Yi said thank you, and said, [Mr. Bai’s game gives players full freedom. I can even try to use the wood obtained with the collection skill. Stone can be randomly dug from the mine, and the success probability is also quite high. I am not worried about the materials. Just one thing, about the village chief’s residence, I want to know if the final product will be the same as the picture you provided, and if so, afterward can all the players enter the village chief’s house to visit?]

Zheng Yi still remembered the shock he received inside when he saw those four pictures, especially the last two. The pursuit of harmony between man and nature, the perfect design of every brick and tile made him feel intoxicated, as if the descriptions of ancient buildings in the ancient books he had read in the past had a concrete image at that moment. From that time on, Zheng Yi rose to the idea that he also wanted to make an ancient building in the game with his own hands.

[Don’t worry about this.] Bai Li said with a smile, [I guarantee it will be exactly the same. And after the house is built, there will be no restrictions on player access. But after this NPCs will have their own rest time, which is at night, so it’s better not to disturb them then.]

His reply had already been considered. In front of the virtual screen, Zheng Yi looked at the text in the dialog box and gently pulled the corners of his mouth. Someone peeked out from the door of the office and waved at him, and told him that it was time for the meeting. Zheng Yi rubbed the corner of his forehead and said goodbye to Bai Li, packed up the things on his desk and got up to go out.

Outside the door, the assistant had been waiting for him to come out, saw the heavy dark circles under his eyes, and he couldn’t help but advise, “Boss, why don’t you go and rest for a while? Our department isn’t too busy. A large part is even ahead of the results, and no one will care… You stay in the Institute day after day, and don’t even get a full night’s sleep. Sooner or later your body will give out…”

The assistant’s persuasive voice was getting smaller and smaller. He knew that his boss didn’t like to hear it, but he just couldn’t help but want to say that his boss was so good to the people under his hands, and he only had only strict requirements for himself. Such a good boss, how could the people under his hands not worry?

The assistant could already foresee the end result of the topic. The other party would definitely reject his offer and say that his body was fine and he could continue to work.

Then he saw Zheng Yi turn around and affirm indifferently, “Mn, you’re right. I really should rest for a while. When the meeting is over, you can help me count the holidays that I haven’t taken in the past few years. I’ll use them.”

After the words were said, and without regard for the reaction of the frozen assistant, he left him behind and went straight to the conference room. Behind him was the assistant’s astonished face with his mouth wide open.

Zheng Yi was in a good mood, and thought it would be a good choice to develop a side business while he was on vacation.


While the mediocre ‘ordinary employees’ were running to meetings in the middle of the night, Bai Li finally got in touch with the last applicant of his choice.

However, the first sentence sent by the other party made him not know what to do.

Old Dream of Stars, [Hello, designer. My name is Wen Chen. I’m an anchor in the fox live food area. I’m specially responsible for teaching the audience to make food by themselves. If necessary, you can search my name in fox live.]

Bai Li really went to search. The live broadcast had a replay of the previous installments, the gentle-looking young man without the slightest aggression seriously reported where he got the inspiration, and how many ancient books he read. After cooking, he would list the ingredients used. He could be described as a model of the caring world. In Bai Li’s opinion, there was nothing wrong with the content of his live broadcast, except for one thing, there were not many viewers to watch his live broadcast.

He thought that if Wen Chen were to live stream in Carefree Farmstead, the situation would definitely be very different. The crops alone, which had a huge difference in taste from real world vegetables and fruits, would bring him in more traffic.

Unfortunately, Song Xinran was one step ahead of him in broadcasting this type of content. Bai Li admitted that he was more protective of that child and would prefer to be on Song Xinran’s side. When it came to Wen Chen, whom he had never met before, even if he might earn less money, he found it acceptable.

For hose with less money, he wanted to put something on the game store shelves that even they could buy.

When he was about to say no, Wen Chen seemed to see his hesitation and sent a new text, [But this time, I want to change the content of my live broadcast from making food myself to directly tasting food. I hope that through me, more people can feel the charm of food.]

Bai Li thought, Your idea might work, but before that, you better move home first, or I’m afraid that those viewers who see but can only eat part of it will come to beat you…

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Translator Notes:

  1. revealed his real identity for fun


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