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Chapter 88: You Cheated and You Want to Break Up With Gu Ang?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey wants to go home


In every sense of the word, it was indeed deliberate. He had gone to a lot of trouble to get back together. Gu Ang didn’t expect him to be so frank, and break in a second. He was still feeling a little angry at being set up, but when he heard him say that, he was inexplicably a little heartbroken.

It was hard to think of Ye Fei, who was in a relationship and had a child on the way to still having to find ways to cheat him back. Gu Ang let out a long breath and decided to be generous and not bother with him. He raised his hand to turn on the bedside lamp and turned his head sideways to look at Ye Fei.

The yellowish light haloed away, Ye Fei’s forehead was still drenched with thin sweat, and his entire face was still wearing the faded orgasm, looking very sexy. Gu Ang, suddenly wanting to delve deeper into the subject, asked curiously, “What have you been doing for a long time, deliberately?”

“A lot.” Ye Fei’s Adam’s apple rolled, trying to smoke afterwards and having to hold back. He pursed his lips and continued, “Splitting the dorm at admission, pretending to be a mystery man to mark you, giving you a neck ring that was actually a locator, changing the draft at the start of last school by me, and, now deliberately advancing the susceptibility period, just to mark you. All of it, all of it, was in my plan.”

A big, soothing statement in one breath. Thinking that he had to die anyway, he might as well die once and for all, so he told him everything.

Gu Ang: “…” You’ve done so much behind the scenes, you’re amazing. 

He didn’t speak, fiddling with the neck ring around his neck, remembering bit by bit the details of what he’d said, many images coming to mind. There was shock, anger, and other emotions. A jumble of emotions mingled with an unusual peace of mind instead. Gu Ang blinked slowly and concluded, “Big brother, you’re so mean.”

“Mn, I had to do this because I wanted you to come back to me sooner.” Ye Fei looked at him sideways, “Why are you so calm? Don’t you want to beat me up?”

Gu Ang nodded and shook his head with a conflicted face, his head a rattling drum. He tried to organize his words to express the mixed feelings of the moment, “To think you love me this much, so, I’m not so angry.”

Ye Fei loosened his brow as a large stone fell from his heart. He spoke up without fear of death, “There’s one last thing I have to confess.”

Gu Ang choked and his eyes turned cold, “It’s a confession board today, isn’t it? Tell me.”

“That graduation fight we bet on, I lost on purpose.” Ye Fei smiled, his expression turning soft as he recalled Gu Ang chasing him when he was young, “Mostly because you’ve been chasing me for so long, I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”

Ye Fei dropped his eyes. What should be confessed was finished, and it was quite painful. However, the expected storm didn’t come and his lover looked calm.

“I guessed as much, I really couldn’t beat you at that time.” Gu Ang bristled, his tone taking on a bit of resignation, “But you don’t have to say it outright, it’s humiliating.”

His senses weren’t wrong, Ye Fei was forever chesty and steering him in the direction he wanted him to go. His tactics were brilliant and flawless.

“Shame on me for losing to my husband?” Ye Fei moved his lips to cover the smile under his eyes and took the words naturally.

“Does it bother you?” Gu Ang blushed slightly, not sure how the conversation had gotten off track.

Ye Fei, thoroughly not wanting to be a human being, turned sideways and wrapped his arms around his waist, teasing, “That I’m not your husband? Call out and let me hear it?”

Gu Ang was ruthless, “No, you’re not, you’re an ex-husband. At best, you’re my boyfriend.”

Ye Fei didn’t much like the word ex-husband and wore a smirking expression, “I could take you back to the marriage registration tomorrow if you’d like to call me husband.”

“It wasn’t even a record, it was a marriage in name at best.” Gu Ang rationally pointed out the facts. Crossing back, no one probably ever knew that the two of them had gotten married, except for those few people who had come along from the future. It was kind of sad to think that there were few witnesses left of that grand, roaring love.

Ye Fei grunted, “Whatever, it was just you on the marriage certificate anyway. How about thinking about it, when will you marry me again?”

“Is that how perfunctory your proposal is?” Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, “I should warn you, first, you have to get past my mom. Do you remember what you told my mom?”

That was just, really solid. Ye Fei reached up and wiped his face with a pained expression, he had forgotten about it. After that last stick, Qin LeHe’s threats were still ringing in his ears, and if the baby was his, there would be consequences. The consequences of this… 

Ye Fei coughed lightly and felt the sweat on his back trickle down, “Your mother won’t kill me, would she? If she wants to lay hands on me, I still dare not resist.”

Gu Ang rationalized, “If we don’t say it right, she’ll be furious. The two of us played around her, even if we explain, she probably won’t believe it.”

“If she kills you, the baby won’t have a father.”

Ye Fei lowered his eyelashes, “Why don’t we talk to my dad first, and then have my old man come to the house to propose the marriage together to make it look official?”

“Can Uncle Ye pull this off?”

“For the sake of our happiness, we’ll have to convince him.”

The two men looked at each other and hammered out a silent agreement. It was late in the night when the little reckoning was done. Gu Ang slouched down on the bed before bringing the conversation back around to the original, “You were really being too hard, my leg hurts.”

“Let me see.” Ye Fei got up and spread his legs, the center of it was red with a little broken skin. He lowered his head and kissed the broken area naturally, in an apologetic tone, “Sorry I couldn’t resist, let me rub some medicine on it.”

Gu Ang felt the hot breath on his skin, tingling all over. He stiffened his legs, his toes on the verge of cramping, “Big brother, don’t be so erotic, get up.”

“Is this erotic?” Ye Fei got up calmly and rummaged through his locker for his medical kit. The two men often suffered minor injuries and had all the usual ointments. Ye Fei fished out the ointment and squeezed a little onto his finger, before carefully rubbing it on the wound, “Wear looser pants tomorrow and you’ll be fine in a couple of days.”

Gu Ang nodded with a red face, “You’re susceptible period… do you feel better?”

“Pushed it down a bit.” Ye Fei exhaled and lay back down on the bed, “Do you think you did this to yourself? If you’d let me in, your leg wouldn’t have been wounded.”

Gu Ang muttered uncomfortably, “And you’re dumping the blame, half on both of us. Besides, you’re pushing so hard that somewhere else might break…”

He mentally counted the time, Ye Fei’s birthday was coming up, and the man would feel happy if he were to give himself to him as a gift.

Ye Fei’s solar plexus jumped a little, the picture was already in his head. He hurriedly turned off the light, “That subject is closed, go to sleep.”

Gu Ang’s eyelids were pressed against a warm palm, forcing his eyes shut before he reacted as an afterthought. How did he come back to bed after being snubbed by this guy? Forget it, Ye Fei ate him a long time ago, and it wasn’t too bad this time.

When Gu Ang showed up in class the next day, the students cheered en masse. The rookie first-timer hung on to beat the seniors to take the five-school league title, and even all the freshmen raised their eyebrows. The online trolls seemed like a beast hiding in the dark, and Gu Ang felt much more relaxed when he actually faced the crowd. He thought to himself, if they knew he was an omega, would they still worship him so much?

Gu Ang leaned back in his chair with his legs open lazily, swiping through the school’s forums. The video of him showing his stomach at the finals was cut into a frame-by-frame picture and was talked about.

Speculation about everything, but it was mostly mockery. Some say Ye Fei let him slip, others say he didn’t deserve to win the title. The reason was bullshit, the body management was so poor, it was obvious that it didn’t work out properly in general, and he definitely couldn’t fight.

Gu Ang, with disdain, and the little titillation he had felt at being touted dimmed again, and the corners of his upturned mouth dropped again. He flipped open his book with great interest and passed a small note through the slit in his class pocket.

Gu Ang gave a sideways glance at Ye Fei, who was staring at the blackboard with a serious-looking face. He opened the note with downcast eyes, and on it was a small line written in dragon and phoenix letters, “Don’t think too much, you’re the best.”

Gu Ang bit off his pencil and replied on the next line of the word, “You see what I’m thinking?”

He balled up the note and threw it back when the teacher wasn’t looking. A short while later, the note re-passed back with another line underneath, “Saw you reading the forums. With how well I know you, of course I know those little thoughts of yours.”

Gu Ang smiled, feeling a little better. He wrote and drew in the space next to the note, moving quickly, and in no more than five minutes, a cartoon was finished. Satisfied, he signed his big name on the side and tossed it back to Ye Fei.

The two looked like high school students stealing a relationship in class, going back and forth in a childish and exciting way. Ye Fei squeezed the note, thinking that he had just relieved the person and was ready to see Gu Ang’s confession of love. However the note opened to a drawing of an arrogant teenager with a sword, cutting off the heads of a group of passersby all over the place.

With the words next to it: Hmph, this group of trash.

Ye Fei: “…” He underestimated the extent to which Gu Ang was childish and was still essentially a middle-aged teenager who hadn’t shed his boyishness. His face was expressionless as he found the last blank corner and added the words, “Good swing.”

Ye Fei thought he might really be overwhelmed by love and could do such a boring thing for half a class. He used to be less than fond of school days, classes and practice exams were just a sure path to the army. He was taking credits fast in those days and graduated early in two years. But now, surprisingly, he felt that it didn’t seem like a bad thing to take his time to get through his student days like this. He tore up another piece of white paper and took a black marker and drew sketches on it.

By the time class was almost over, the action in hand was finally complete.

Ye Fei rolled the white paper into a tube and tucked it under Gu Ang’s elbow to spread it flat, whispering, “For you.”

Gu Ang propped his chin and lowered his head, looking at the drawing. The drawing was simple, but fell cleanly, a portrait of a family of three, “No matter what happens, I’ll be there for you.”

Gu Ang’s fingertips paused slightly, and suddenly his heart was moved and enlightened. Also, Ye Fei and the baby were there, what did he care what people he didn’t know think? He rubbed his fingertips over the white paper, stopping at the spot where the little baby was.

With a round face and dark eyes, it was pretty cute when he couldn’t see if it was a boy or girl that Ye Fei drew. He suddenly had much, much more to look forward to about the life that had yet to come. While this future was the complete opposite of what he had once fantasized about, it didn’t seem so bad. For Ye Fei’s sake, for the sake of the baby, he could carry through all the criticism.

Gu Ang thought to himself, what the hell. Find a time, and he’d announce himself as an Omega in a big way, and he’d admit to whatever consequences. Gu Ang turned his head and smiled brightly at Ye Fei, shifting into line with the sunlight shining in through the window. With his fingertips still resting on the image, he whispered, “I like this.”

“You two fit and proper, I’ve been watching you for a class.” Wang Chuang suddenly raised his voice on the stage and snapped, “Gu Ang, sit back next to Bai SiNing, you’re browbeating Ye Fei in class everyday, enough of you.”

The class turned back in unison and looked to the last row. Gu Ang’s expression froze, “…”

Fuck, why did he get caught every time he did something small? He didn’t move his position and was thinking of how to argue.

“Come on, change now.” Wang Chuang urged.

Gu Ang got to his feet and gathered up the scattered books on his desk, folding them into a pile with the note and cradling them in his arms. He reluctantly glanced at Ye Fei before returning to the empty seat next to Bai SiNing with the pile in his arms.

Bai SiNing spit with a grin, “Caught in the act, huh? What were you two doing?”

Gu Ang blocked his face in annoyance, “Don’t talk, you’ll get caught later.”

Bai SiNing lowered his voice, “I guessed you weren’t coming to stay, and brought your suitcase over for you, so you can take it straight back after class.”

Gu Ang hmmed with great interest. Later on, the fun of class was gone, and without Ye Fei as a tablemate, it wasn’t fun anymore. He changed his sitting position a few times and had a hard time waiting for class to end.

Ye Fei gathered his things and went over to him, dragging the suitcase for him.

Bai SiNing said, “God Ye, make up this time but don’t separate again, my little heart can’t stand it.”

Ye Fei laughed helplessly, “I can’t make the call, you’ll have to talk to Gu Ang.”

He couldn’t help it if his husband wanted to leave every time he got angry.

Tch, I can already see your future family status.” Bai SiNing slyly sighed, “As a CP fan of you two, I feel deeply for you.”

“Don’t be gross.” Gu Ang swept him off his feet and his tone lightened again, “But thank you for contributing to the harmony of our family.”

Bai SiNing covered his cheeks and grimaced, “Ah, this sour smell of love, it’s so sweet it hurts my teeth.”

Ye Fei asked, “Where’s Lin XiuYong? I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

Bai SiNing said, “Brother Lin has broken his foot and is at home these days. Do you have something for him?”

“Forget it, I’ll ask him when he comes to school.” Ye Fei didn’t say any more.

Gu Ang teased Bai SiNing, “Why don’t you hurry up and take care of your brother Lin?”

“I’ll go now.” Bai SiNing made a face at him.

Gu Ang joked with him some more before following Ye Fei back to the dorm with his suitcase.

Ye Fei clicked on the chat and relayed, “My dad came home today and asked us to go home.”

“Is there going to be a showdown so soon?” Gu Ang jerked up from the couch, a little nervous.

It was only last night that the two finalized their plans, but they didn’t expect it to be on the agenda so quickly.

Ye Fei did things fast and very accurately.

Gu Ang was a little timid for the first time, “Uncle won’t be mad, would he? Why don’t you go back and talk to him alone?”

Ye Fei didn’t get it, “What would he be mad about? He’s happy as can be.”

Gu Ang sighed, “I wish I could take a loud speaker and tell people the antecedents all at once, I feel like an execution every time I tell them again.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come and you’ll just stay with me.” Ye Fei reassured him. He thought that he would discuss the marriage with his father this time, so that he could get rid of the problem earlier.

Gu Ang was convinced, “Okay, let’s go over there now.”

He changed into clean clothes and took a car with Ye Fei to Ye’s house. All along the way, Gu Ang was bellyaching about how best to open his mouth. It was so abrupt that he had been re-differentiated into an Omega and got pregnant just after joining the military academy, what would Ye HongFeng think of him?

Ye HongFeng stood in the doorway early, watching with a smile on his face as the two came to heel. He reached out and gave Gu Ang a hug, “Little Ang, it’s been a long time.”

Gu Ang had a nervous look on his face and his palms were sweating, “Hello, Uncle, are you feeling well?”

Ye HongFeng waved his hand, “I’ve been doing a lot of things lately, and I’m a bit arrhythmic, but it’s a minor problem, don’t worry about it.”

Gu Ang immediately turned pale, “So were you frightened?”

“Not quite.” Ye HongFeng rubbed his heart and turned to pull the door open and enter, “Ye Fei said it was urgent, what’s wrong?”

“How about another day?” Gu Ang pulled at Ye Fei and beat a retreat. He was afraid that Ye HongFeng would be frightened by the sudden surprise and something would go wrong. After all, no matter how much he looked up to them both, getting pregnant and having a baby at eighteen was still slightly too much.

Ye Fei rubbed his waist soothingly and whispered, “Just for today, I’ll speak.”

The two sat down on the couch, Gu Ang all tense and nervous.

Ye Fei was next to his leg, his expression quite relaxed. He shifted into a comfortable position, folded his legs, and opened the door, “We did come over today for something very important.”

Ye HongFeng took a sip of tea and looked faint, “Hurry up and say something, I have to go out later.”

Ye Fei nodded and decided to get straight to the point, “I’m having a baby, it’s only been three months, so…”

“What? There’s a baby? Three months?” Ye HongFeng almost lost his breath, feeling his heartbeat about to jump to one hundred and eight.

Ye Fei was about to open his mouth to explain when he was interrupted by Ye HongFeng in a stern voice.

“So, you cheated and you’re breaking up with Gu Ang?”


Author’s Note: 

One man’s brain finished a big show, awesome.

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Sue R
May 31, 2023 1:06 pm

😂😂😂😂 even someone as smart as Ye HF couldn’t twist his brain to think the pregnant person is GA at the first place.
He is the best farther after all.

May 31, 2023 5:05 pm

I feel sorry for Ye Fei, even his father thinks he is scum lol . Thanks for the chapter!!!

June 1, 2023 1:28 am

Even his own Father jumps to the wrong conclusions. Though I suppose GA redifferentiating is the last thing most would consider, seeing as he’s even stronger, so there aren’t really any alternative assumptions.
I feel like this part of the novel is getting quite drawn out… let’s move along please ☺️
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 3, 2023 4:46 am

Ha ha ha Bai SiNing and Daddy Ye, seems have the same brain waves sometimes 😅

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