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Chapter 61: Crazy to copy notes

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li at first did not know what was happening, only to see that Xiong Pili who was next to the live stream watching the pop-ups suddenly burst into laughter. He even directly covered his stomach and squatted.

Even Wen XingYao, who also looked like he couldn’t help himself, tried hard to hold back his laughter. He learned from Bai Li so he could also be considered to have learned this before anyone, so it made him happy.

Song Xinran, who was a master at control, was the first to notice Bai Li’s gaze. He wiped the physical tears from the corners of his eyes as he got up and said, “Master…Li Bai, the audience said that your house is the ‘Interstellar Agricultural Demonstration Unit.’ Hahaha! This name is too funny, right?”

Although it was quite bald, the more people pondered it, the more they felt that it seemed to have no problem at all. There was no place in the whole game that was more tidy, more reasonable and more exciting than Bai Li’s courtyard. Especially the exquisitely shaped chicken cottage. Many people had the urge to secretly move it home.

After listening to Song Xinran’s words, Bai Li also laughed, but shook his head after laughing, and said to the camera, “I can’t do this for my yard alone. It’s not difficult to arrange these things. As long as you want to, you can do as much as you want.”

His tone was unhurried, and his soft voice carried a faint tenderness and a compelling meaning with it. That moment in the live room, whether it hadn’t yet affected the group of cloud players, or grabbed the game of the official players, they all felt themselves inspired. They felt their hearts were longing and called out “I also want to try,” and before they were aware of it, two hands clenched into a fist, and hammered this longing into their hearts.

Look at the new pop-ups full of [I can! I can do it!], [I can do it! I’m going to try!], and [I’m going to try!] Mo Song was dumbfounded. He thought, Is this the hidden power of the game designer? In just a few words, which sounded like a simple statement, how did the picture in the live room suddenly turn into a marketing site?

If Bai Li knew what he was thinking at this moment, he would probably tell him, ‘Don’t be nervous, it’s just that everyone’s soul for farming and infrastructure has been accidentally ignited.’

Under the strong request and temptation of the audience, Mo Song showed them the front and back of the chicken coop, left and right, before pulling out his own tools and clumsily making it according to the steps Bai Li explained.

Because each player could only get one set of chicken coop materials, Bai Li and Wen XingYao had already used theirs. Xiong Pili and Tang Ying had either chosen straw or bricks, and Mo Song was the only one present who used wooden boards.

After his initial clumsiness, Mo Song’s hand movements gradually became flexible enough to cut the board into the desired shapes according to Bai Li’s instructions.

However the process wasn’t always smooth.

“Ah! Hiss…! Is there something wrong with this nail? No, is my hand a fake hand?” Mo Song cried out as he smashed the heel of the small hammer on his finger for the fifth time, and broke down. How could he have expected that he would be overwhelmed by a few tiny nails when it was had looked so smooth ahead?

However, none of the viewers sympathized with him, and the pop-up screen was full of delightful jeers. [Hahahahaha! You deserve it, who let you always stimulate us with game quotas, you got your comeuppance! Little hammer, be good and obedient. Smash two more times!]

[Hee hee hee! The anchor is a stupid stone hammer, he can’t do such a simple little thing, hee hee! Look at your nails! Not just crooked, but so ugly, oh!]

[The anchor continues. Ah, the finger swollen. Big deal to change a hand again! You promised us that you would make the chicken villa today!]

[Anchor you hurry up, ah. I bought the materials in reality to follow along to do. This step I have done, nailed neatly very solid. How are you still here, ah?]

[Crap the front is a ruthless person. You have learned this already? No wonder you grabbed the game quota!]

[Hey, hey, hey! This is practice in advance, and when I enter the game, I can guarantee to make the most beautiful chick villa too on the first try (I hope the game designers see this one).]

Mo Song wanted to cry. I want to hand out hammers and nails, let those who were laughing the most to try to see if it was really as easy as they say!

It was obviously a huge challenge!

Although depressed, the work must continue to be done. After the pain in his fingers subsided, Mo Song continued to knock. This time he became more cautious. Each time he compared and re-compared, before accurately smashing down, not to mention that, although this slowed him down a lot, his fingers were never smashed again.

Mo Song had found the joy of nailing.

While waiting for Mo Song to complete this step, Bai Li decided he had nothing better to do than to gather the others and explain to them how to build straw and brick chicken coops.

The gamers who were watching the live broadcast started to copy notes like crazy, and while doing so, they praised Li Bai for being such a nice guy! And it was really great, he had not even personally practiced them but could explain a one, two, three, four, or five as well.

The uninformed were immersed in the joy of gaining new knowledge, and did not find the Chinese point of view. If it was an ordinary player, how could anyone other than the game designer be so omniscient, right?

For those cloud players who could only watch but not play, at this time they were also quietly listening, or occasionally casting in a live gift, and were telling Mo Song to share earnings with big brother Li Bai a little. Big brother worked hard to teach a class of stupid students, very hard!

Stupid students, “????”

They just want to learn! Where was the stupidity? Who provoked who!

[I know, I know. I’ve agreed with Li Bai. we’ll share half of the proceeds of today’s broadcast!] Mo Song took time out of his “busy” schedule to reply, and told everyone that he had already made that decision.

Once those words came out, the number of viewers sending gifts increased.

When Bai Li heard Mo Song’s words, he lifted his head and didn’t say anything. The two of them did agree before they started the broadcast, and originally Bai Li thought that a 30/70 split would be about right, plus he would get 5% of Mo Song’s live earnings, but this time Mo Song was very determined to split the remaining earnings with Bai Li. He said that if it wasn’t for Bai Li, many of them would be stuck in the chicken coop level, and his enthusiastic guidance saved not one person, but all the players in the game!

So Bai Li agreed and became more serious and careful in teaching Mo Song.

By the time the chicken house belonging to Mo Song was officially completed, almost an hour had passed. The former 1 had already woven the straw into a sturdy bowl and lined it with the rest of the straw to accommodate about three chicks. This was not bad, but when compared with the chicken cottage, it was the difference between a mansion and a small ramshackle house; completely incomparable.

The others, because bricks need to be used in a fixed location, could only keep the process of building in mind, and repeatedly practice on the sand by the river to strengthen the memory of the final form of the chicken coop, and then to wait for the end here to hurry home to make the chicken coop.

At this time these two were very glad that they did not just pick up the materials and make them haphazardly. This way, they got the guidance of a famous teacher. Haha, beauty!

“Hahahahahaha! I never thought I, Song’s Blunt Opinion, would have such a day to make such an exquisite contraption! Everyone see, this villa? I, with my own hands, made it! Hurry up and put ‘awesome’ on the public screen!” Mo Song crossed his arms and laughed maniacally, with the freshly made chicken villa at his feet, his whole body was in ecstasy.

The compliments on the pop-up screen were sparse, and some people bleeped that it was clearly a buyer’s show and a seller’s show. How did Blunt Opinion have the face to say the word “exquisite”?

Mo Song’s mood was not affected at all, and he happily thanked Bai Li and the live viewers, saying that the morning’s live broadcast was almost over now, and that he would continue in the afternoon after taking a break. Before going off air, he gave Song Xinran a shout-out as usual.

Song Xinran was suddenly cued with a jolt, remembered that his live broadcast time was coming up, and hurriedly said goodbye to the others and rushed back to prepare.

Bai Li saw Jiang Huaibi, who was still standing on the sidelines, and asked, “Heart’s Jade, don’t you have to get busy?” He was actually referring to the live broadcast as well.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Huaibi blinked, and said, “I’m not in a hurry. I can start again in the afternoon. Big brother, let me ask. Oh, like straw, bricks, boards and those materials, other than the things from the village chief, are there other ways to get them?”

If there was a way, she also wanted to go collect a wave. After…Hey, maybe it could be sold to those players who need chicken coop materials? Even if they didn’t want it, she could keep it for herself. Maybe she could use it again sometime. Anyway, she now has a whole 1,000 storage spaces, so there was plenty of room for it!

The materials could indeed be collected by the players themselves, but in addition to straw, the other two steps were more tedious and required several life skills. Making bricks also required building a kiln, which wasn’t available in the current version. Therefore, Bai Li only gave a general suggestion that she could go into the forest and look for them.

Anyway, the large forest at the entrance of the village was a treasure trove for players to get resources.

“Oh…” Jiang Huaibi nodded and decided to head towards the forest later. Even if she couldn’t find what she wanted, she could also try and gather some rare collectables. “Thank you big brother. Then will I also go first, oh do not bother you guys.”

After she said goodbye to the person, the little girl jumped up and left.

Bai Li did not stop her, just muttered the sentence, “I said there was no need to call me ‘big brother’.” It was embarrassing.

Although it was true that hearing it, more often than not, made him float a bit.

“Haha! Mr. Bai, don’t be modest. You are a deserving big brother!” Xiong Pili was always Bai Li’s cheerleader. “Especially after today’s live broadcast. I predict that not only our game players, but those netizens who mentioned you will probably also shout ‘big brother’.”

“Yes, yes.” Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi also nodded, and looked at Bai Li with eyes full of admiration.

The two of them had just discussed that when their characters were level 5 and they could open the farming game, they would challenge the wood materials and make chicken villas as well. To have that kind of delicate little house in their yard, undoubtedly added a great value to the bare yard, ah!

Wen XingYao turned his head, smiled and said to Bai Li, “This is the recognition of your strength, right, Li Bai?”

Bai Li hurried and surrendered, “Okay, okay. you guys can call it if you want this time, but don’t always call it. It’s too much.”

For example, just now, when Demon Xing called him big brother, he felt goose bumps on his body. In front of the Kryptonian big brother, he was just a technical big brother, but what was that?

Wen XingYao was baffled by Bai Li’s look.


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Translator Notes:

  1. I believe here the author is referring to the other characters who chose straw or brick chicken houses that Li Bai is also instructing


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Thanks for the chapter! The gentrification of chickens is happening! It is too late to stop the movement!


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Hammering nails is no laughing matter! Laugh all you want, let’s see how you feel when you nail your thumb! 😤

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This novel helps modern folks get back to basics.

Of how things were made from raw materials.

Brings back my childhood memories of raising chooks. most fun was watching the chicks hatch 🐣

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Pleasure can be found in so many things; many have just forgotten to look.
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