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Chapter 62: So lonely a man

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Wen XingYao went fishing again with his golden fishing rod on his back.

In the past two days, he was particularly interested in fishing and wanted to rush to the river every time he finished picking the ripe crops in the field. In just two days, he spent more time at the river than in the last month combined. By relying on the gold fishing rod and advanced bait, his fishing efficiency far exceeded that of all the nearby fishing players. If Bai Li had updated the icon collection system in the game, this area of water would have been a full collection for Wen XingYao.

The unsold fish he’d caught filled up the entire backpack, however, only 17 koi were caught. Although a koi provided a lot of contribution points, when Wen XingYao went to see the contribution point ranking, with his current contribution point number, he actually wasn’t even ranked in the top 50.

In particular, the player in first place, called ‘What are you doing with your liver’, had nearly 200 more contribution points than the second place, and he was several blocks behind his contribution points.

These people! Wen XingYao gritted his teeth and hated them. Did the person spend the whole day in the game, or did he have an extra liver than others. Otherwise how could he have so many contribution points?

It was a pity that he couldn’t control the game time freely, otherwise he might be able to make an effort to fight for it. Wen XingYao sighed lightly, it was thanks to him that even the name of the village was thought of in advance, both the names ‘Carefree Village’ or ‘Peachy Village’ were quite good, and it was said that the frequency of those two words in the ancient books was high.

However, although he now had no chance of the village title, this was still a rare large-scale task, plus his enthusiasm for fishing and for participating was still very high. Before he came out, Wen XingYao deliberately asked Bai Li what he intended to do that day, and was told that if there was nothing unexpected he was going to stay in the game to play, unless it was go offline to eat, so he decided to seize the moment to catch a few koi again.

Wen XingYao has already mapped out the fishing spots around the village, what places were easy to catch big fish, what places were frequented by rare fish, and what places could be called “koi nests.” He knew them all. The place with the most koi was the place where he first went fishing.

Before he got very close, he saw a bustling scene not far away. Tables of all shapes and sizes were lined up and covered with flowery tablecloths by their respective owners. On top of the tablecloths, there were various kinds of food, and looking at their simple and plain appearance, it was clear that they wouldn’t have ever come from the Food Basket Item.

Then there was only one possibility.

These were all food items made by players through recipes or were their own creations.

In addition to fishing, Wen XingYao had learned another life skill, cooking. Naturally he knew that only players with cooking skills could make food that would have attribute bonuses, and if eaten it would gain the player status. That kind of bonus status wasn’t available for food opened from the Food Basket.

For example, when he learned the recipe for corn cake from the village chief, it could allow the character to have double harvest experience for a period of 10 minutes.

Then there were others, such as: increasing the character’s satiety; reducing the reduction of stamina value; speeding up the character’s movement to become a man/woman of the wind; and also increasing the success rate of the character’s life skills to reduce misses in the process of gathering, digging, and fishing. Those weren’t even the most precious gains. It was rumored that some players made food that could directly increase the character’s luck value.

Although it could only last for a few minutes, the value of increased luck was not to be exaggerated, but if a kryptonite player bought all of it, it was absolute blood money!

Not to mention that luck was something that was beneficial no matter where it was used. However, it was only eleven o’clock in the morning, so there were still several hours before night, so why were players opening up the ‘evening market?’

He needed a quiet environment near the fishing spot.

Wen XingYao felt his interest in fishing had been ruined for a while, but he was also curious about what new ways these people had come up with to play. So he turned his foot to the side and headed for the stalls.

In the game, Wen XingYao was definitely a big celebrity. Everywhere he went, there were people who knew him.

As expected, a player who was hawking and selling soon saw Wen XingYao and enthusiastically waved at him, “Demon Xing! New fried cabbage. It can increase the success rate of fishing for 20 minutes, only 50 copper coins a bowl, want one?”

“The new fried cabbage would increase your fishing success rate for 20 minutes for only 50 coins a bowl. But if the koi would not come? Baked potatoes were a great item too.”

After they said that, the first seller and the next seller stared at each other, and between the line of sight was thunder and lightning.

The first seller, “Hey! Don’t you know first come is first served? Have you got the spirit of the stall?”

The second seller, “Customers have the right to choose, of course, whoever has the best stuff! I just recommend what I think is more suitable to the big guy.”

The first seller, “Yuck! You white lotus green tea!”

The second seller, “Humph! You black-hearted devil!”

The two wanted to argue some more, but the brief brawl drew the attention of more competitors, who, like vampires smelling blood, were fast approaching with their own star products, and  were vowing to squeeze the last coin out of the big moneymaker’s wallet.

Thus, Wen XingYao saw the rich creativity of the players for ingredients, frying, stir-frying, steaming, deep-frying, baking…It was only that they couldn’t think, not that they couldn’t do. The combination of methods and ingredients resulted in a rich variety of finished products.

The effect of food made by players in the game wasn’t fixed, but randomly generated, which led to Wen XingYao standing in front of food of all kinds, and straight to the dazzling.

The aroma of so many foods blended together to form another strange smell that was complex and complicated. Wen XingYao, who was surrounded by the crowd, stuck in the middle, felt his sense of smell was unprecedentedly sensitive. All those smells seemed to have their own ideas to his nose, and the next moment, in front of everyone, he quickly and gently, dry heaved.

All of a sudden, the field of noise turned to complete quiet, all the movements to a brief pause, as people who held plates or large bowls in their hands awkwardly stopped in mid-air, and excited rosy faces turned blue and white. The expressions of the players who came to sell their goods were unbelievable. The goods they were so proud of were actually disliked by the big man?

In fact, not to mention them, Wen XingYao himself was so embarrassed that he wanted to help the village chief pick his residence out on the spot with his toes. He hadn’t expected that his own self-control, which he had always been proud of, had actually broken down. Or was it that he had been letting himself go too much these days?

There was no reaction from either side for a while.

Finally it was Wen XingYao who moved first, he coughed lightly and explained in embarrassment, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that your goods were bad, it’s just that the smell just now…” It was just a little too strong.

The words weren’t finished, but everyone understood.

Generally speaking, after the shock or anger, everyone would take a deep breath to keep calm. If Wen XingYao was the first victim of this strange smell, then the other players who surrounded him were the second wave of victims. Because they had experienced it themselves, they could better appreciate Wen XingYao’s pain at that time. Everyone flew to replace their respective items back in their backpacks, retreated in opposite directions with distorted expressions, and also waved their hands quickly to show that they didn’t mind, really didn’t mind at all!

Ooooooooo! They all left after making their money bags dry heave! Would this leave a bad impression on their big brother? Would he never patronize their stalls again, ah…

However, the big man’s strength was also really good. He actually just dry heaved a little, they could still feel their stomachs regurgitating! It was strange. Obviously the individual smells were okay, but once everything was mixed together, why was there such a smell?

So with that thought, the sellers fled even faster, and in just a few seconds, they were back at their respective stalls, trying to pretend that nothing happened.

This reaction speed was so fast that Wen XingYao was too late to stop them, and had no chance to put forward the idea of buying all their goods. Then he was standing alone at the entrance of the small market, as if it was a minute before the previous scene, as if they’d experienced in a dream, but now he was just a lone male.

The two sides looked away from each other across an invisible line. The sellers didn’t have the courage to continue to greet the big boss, and Wen XingYao also did not have the interest to go in and take a look. He turned around and walked towards the fishing spot.

He didn’t know if it was his imagination, but he seemed to hear several sighs of relief behind him.

The fishing spot was still overcrowded.. There was a player with a fishing rod sitting there every meter, and as far as the eye could see they were concentrating on fishing. Occasionally, someone managed to catch a fish, which only got a glance of interest from one or two people around them.

Wen XingYao walked towards his usual seat. He wasn’t sure if the other players arranged it, but  even if more people came, this position was always vacant for him. The players to his left and right often changed, but it was possible that they occupied those spots to keep his spot clear of other players. Wen XingYao knew how to return the favor, and would always share some high grade bait with the players next to him as thanks.

“Big brother, you’re a little late today!” The one sitting next to Wen XingYao today was a small chatterbox. Not long after Wen XingYao sat down, he squinted in a certain direction and asked in a whisper, “Big Brother, when you came over you saw the nearby stalls. There is quite a full range of things, all useful for fishing dishes. I also found two that have the effect of increasing the chance of hooking a large fish by 20%, and increase the character’s strength by 50%, super powerful. They cost me 300 coins. How about it, big brother, do you want to try one?”

“Saw it, but didn’t go in to try it.” Wen XingYao did not intend to share the disgraceful deed just now, so he just slowly shook his head. He looked down at the player who had taken out the few green dried leaves, and refused, “I can’t use these things. You keep it for yourself.”

“Ohhhh, that’s right, big brother you use all the high grade goods. There’s no need for you to eat, you’re more efficient than us!” The player quickly put back the dried spinach, as he thought that the big brother was really worthy of being a big brother. In the face of such a good gain item he wasn’t to be moved. He had really high determination, and should be confident that with his hands on the gold fishing rod, his advanced bait, that his harvest was better than others, right?

However, Wen XingYao, didn’t wait for the player to cast a look of admiration at him. The player watched as a certain confident person pulled out an object from his backpack. It was a red color packed in a transparent glass jar. It was the pulp of strawberries cut into small pieces that was floating in jam. The jar was quickly opened and the fragrant strawberry aroma spilled out, and made people addicted to it.

After he placed the jar between them, Wen XingYao took out two sets of spoons and bowls and scooped five spoons of strawberry jam into each bowl, then handed one of them to his next-door neighbor.

“I brought something too. I made it myself. Want to try it?”

The flat tone, the simple twelve words, split the player who spoke before. He looked up at Wen XingYao’s mature and stable face, and then looked down at the red and fragrant strawberry jam with a strong sweet and sour taste, and subconsciously murmured, “This…is this the kind of food that fierce men should eat?”


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