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Chapter 63: The Power of Strawberry Jam

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTaimat


A must-have, springtime treat. As soon as it appeared, the red, spring-tinged Strawberry Jam caught the attention of most of the anglers.

Or rather, they discovered the jam’s existence from a squeal of excitement.

The young boy who was sitting next to Wen XingYao and had been talking to him felt that the big man was looking at him strangely after he subconsciously let out that sentence, and hastened to shrink his neck. However, he also didn’t forget to take the bowl handed to him by the big man and whispered, “thank you, big brother.”

Wen XingYao didn’t naturally associate with children, so he didn’t understand how a “fierce man” was associated with food? This was the first time this child had ever seen a man like him eat this kind of food.

But the strawberry jam, in his opinion, was the exclusive food for fishing.

Wen XingYao’s surface was calm, but the internal trolling has spread throughout his brain like pop-ups. I don’t know what the young people of today were thinking about! He picked up his spoon and gently scooped a spoonful of strawberry pulp into his mouth. The sweet and sour taste was very appetizing, and with one bite, his mouth was full of taste. The unique buff status that belonged to this “strawberry jam” was also displayed instantly.

[Increase the chance of hooking koi by 50% within 60 minutes, and a very small chance of rare koi species appearing.]

“Ah!!! What kind of divine buff is this?! The effect is too good to be true! It’s practically tailored for this mission!!!” Someone next to him already let out a scream instead of him.

This sound echoed and the nearby people “swish, swish, swish,” turned their heads in unison, followed by the rest of the crowd.

“What the hell? What a buff! Xing He be specific!” 

“Hmm? The big man, Demon Xing, is here too? Is it the big man who you got good things from?”

“Is it something to eat? Is it someone selling it in the stall in front of me? Are they still there? I also want to buy it!”

Seeing that people were moving their arms and legs to rush to the stalls, Xing He quickly looked at Wen XingYao, who was silent. With a red face, he hurriedly explained, “No, no! No, I didn’t buy it over there. It’s…It’s Big Brother Demon Xing who gave me something to eat. He called it strawberry jam, its buff is really unbelievable!” After saying that, he held up the bowl of strawberry jam that he had just taken a bite of to the crowd gathered around him.

He didn’t say what the specific content of the buff was, as he thought that this was probably also considered a kind of trade secret. The strawberry pulp inside still had its full shape and was very attractive in the red colored sugar water.

The players looked him straight in the eyes. Not to mention that this bowl of strawberry jam possessed a superb gain effect, the materials alone needed to make it were also beyond the reach of those of them who were currently at the right level to grow strawberries.

It was true that the big man was a bully. He reached level 15 so quickly, not to mention he could also make such food with strawberries!

The players looked at the small bowl of jam and finally someone couldn’t help but ask, “That… Demon Xing, are you selling this strawberry jam? I’m willing to pay 500 coins for a bowl if you are.” Woowoo! It’s said to be an immortal buff. It’s really greedy. Once you miss it, you’ll regret it all your life!

When Xing He heard that someone actually wanted to buy it, his heart was anxious and he hurriedly ate up the strawberry jam in his bowl. He was just kidding. If big brother Demon Xing didn’t agree, those people would definitely focus on the bowl in his hands, and rather than try to decide who to sell to, it was better for him to eat it all! The jam tasted really great. After he finished fishing today, he would go home and try to plant a field to get to level 15 to grow strawberries sooner.

After the first player who said he wanted to buy it came forward, others were also vying to be the first to voice their desire to buy it. At first, Wen XingYao didn’t think of selling the stuff. At most, he would just share it with the people around him to taste it.

This strawberry jam was the result of his free creation at home. The raw materials used were just strawberries and sugar, which he then made into a pot of jam and then filled the transparent glass jars, a total of three full. One of them he intended to send to Bai Li later, but he forgot about it when he was at Bai Li’s house. Of the other two, there was one with an open lid. Now that he thought about it, he could really sell some.

Wen XingYao did not hesitate much and nodded in agreement. With his approval, those players who were interested and had money to buy strawberry jam lined up spontaneously. Some of the eager ones already had their money out and clutched in their hands.

500 copper coins equaled 5 gold coins. He could hear the sounds of the coins in their hands.

Wen XingYao estimated the amount of strawberry jam left in the jar, raised his voice and said to the people behind him, “Only 10 can be sold at most, so don’t wait if you are behind, it’s a waste of time. By the way, the effect of strawberry jam is to increase the chance of hooking koi by 50% within 60 minutes, with a very small chance of rare koi species appearing. If this buff state is not what you expect and not what you want, you can also stop queuing.”

As the words fell, the crowd erupted in a huge gasp. Players with quick hands and feet thankfully patted their chests, as they giggled and laughed maniacally. The effect of the buff was even more powerful than they had expected. It was truly divine! The players who were not among those first ten were in a daze. They regretted pounding their chests, and hated themselves for not seizing the opportunity. The kind of high moment where they could catch koi like crazy was no longer available to them.

The poor buyers who missed the opportunity did not come forward to pester the others and obediently left the line, but they didn’t depart completely and continued to watch.

Hmph. They would like to see which ten lucky guys bought the strawberry jam, write their game names into their list of remembered enemies, and when they ran into this situation again in the future, they must run faster than them and catch up with them to buy the good stuff!

The transactions went smoothly, and in a short while, Wen XingYao sold ten servings of strawberry jam. During that time the bowls in his backpack weren’t sufficient, so the players spontaneously took out their dinner sets and received five spoons of strawberry jam in their respective bowls.

A handful of money, a handful of delivery, and for just a few minutes of work, Wen XingYao’s hands had an extra 50 gold coins, or 5,000 copper coins. He habitually recorded the scene and planned to update it on his Starblog when he finished fishing later. Incidentally, he would also be able to write another farming testimonial, and express in words the experience he had worked out earlier when farming. Even if no one read it, it was good to leave a memory for himself.

The ten players who had no trouble buying strawberry jam didn’t even think to save it for later, just took a spoon and ate it on the spot.

Except for one or two players who were lucky enough to have eaten strawberry food through the Food Baskets, others were having their first moment of eating strawberries in the game, and like Wen XingYao had been, they were immediately amazed by the heavenly berries and couldn’t swallow what was in their mouths.

It was hard to taste with their eyes closed. Some players had tears in their eyes, and murmured “this life is worth it”, then scooped up another spoonful and ate it up.

Ten more players gained the same buff status.

Time was ticking away, and although the buyers still wanted to talk to someone about the deliciousness of the strawberry jam, time was running out, so they had to go back to fishing first.

“Thank you Demon Xing, we’ll go first!”

“Big brother, in the future if also make good things, you must remember us brothers, ah!”

“May every fish caught by Big Brother be a koi!”

While the players were saying this, Wen XingYao had already put away the glass jar with only an empty bottom left, pulled out his golden fishing rod and advanced bait, and concentrated on fishing.

This state was really very useful. Almost every one or two fish, he managed to catch a koi. In less than an hour’s time, he actually caught five koi. If this were in the past, it would have been worth a whole day’s harvest for him.

Wen XingYao secretly sighed. Unfortunately, the game food buff statuses were all random. He had no idea when he could make food with this buff again. Fortunately, he saved a jar for himself, which could be used a dozen times. It would barely be enough for the contest period. He took a look at the remaining time of his status and found that he was down to the last five minutes, so he immediately stopped thinking nonsense and prepared to seize the last chance to catch another koi.

At this time, he felt the line being pulled downward, and based on the strength of the pull, there was a good chance that it was a big guy in the water. He immediately got into the spirit, gripped the rod tightly and played the big guy with the hand he had developed over the past few days. As time passed slowly, he could clearly feel the fish in the water was gradually losing strength. Soon, the fish in the water gave up the struggle, Wen XingYao seized this opportunity, and his hands pulled and dragged it out of the water.

The golden light illuminated this small piece of water. The sunlight reflected off of golden fish scales, blinding. There was not just one color of fish scale, among the high purity gold, there was also a light golden red color that spread throughout the entire fish body, and formed a strange pattern.

The players around him couldn’t care less about putting away their fishing rods. Even those with fish that were about to be hooked didn’t have time to care. They threw down their rods and ran over to watch the action, as they stared at the golden koi that had been put into a separate bucket by Wen XingYao, with their mouths wide open. They were unable to speak for half a day, and their eyes all filled with awe.

It was only after a long time that someone rubbed his eyes hard and broke the silence around.

“This is koi? A golden one? Or is it a new species of fish?”

“… It’s koi, right? It still looks the same except the color isn’t red and white. Hm, there are actually golden koi in the game? So unexpected!”

“Ah! I remember. Didn’t it say in that Strawberry Jam’s gain status that there would be a very small probability of a rare koi species appearing? That should be the one that it was talking about, right? Golden! At first glance, it is very expensive!”

“Well… Speaking of expensive, have you noticed that this koi seems to have words on its back? Let’s take a look together, is this the word “Fu” for ‘rich’?”

When these words came out, not only the players, but also the owner of the golden koi, Wen XingYao, who was almost pushed out of the circle, looked over and stared closely at the back of the koi.

The golden koi seemed to feel there were too many eyes glued to its back, as it swayed its body impatiently. Originally it was floating diagonally, but at this time it righted itself so its whole back was exposed, and the golden-red color floated like a stream of light on its body, which indeed formed a pattern similar to words.

The crowd took a closer look and compared it strictly with the word they knew, and hey, it was really the word ‘rich!’

Rare koi…Indeed the name was rare too!


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