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Chapter 89: The Baby Is Listening, This Fetal Education Isn’t Appropriate

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, spacing out~


Ye Fei: “…”

Gu Ang: “…”

Pregnant? Cheating? Breakup? The two of them were speechless, the old man’s brain really broke through the sky, no one could beat it. With that one sentence, he’d already made up the entire dogma himself.

The room was silent, Ye HongFeng raised his voice, and scolded him earnestly, “Ye Fei, you’re a scumbag, so why did you bring Ah’Ang back? Who’s the one who cheated? Who’s the smelly Omega? Shame on me for raising such an unfaithful son, I’d like to beat you to death!”

Ye Fei rubbed his brow, feeling overwhelmed. What the hell did he do, everyone treated him like scum. They were clearly so affectionate, but he was always accused of giving a green hat. That was right, he was aggravated. Ye Fei sighed, “Dad, do I have such a bad image in your mind? Just hear me out.”

“Then tell me, I want to see what you’re up to.” Ye HongFeng spoke coldly, not looking kind, “You’ve ruined all of my dedicated genes.”

Ye Fei looked at his dad with a blank face, explaining, “Gu Ang’s an Omega, he’s the one who’s pregnant, the baby’s mine, is that clear?”

Gu Ang helped, “That’s right, Uncle, he didn’t cheat.”

Ye HongFeng was shocked to the core and his eyes rolled up, “What? Little Ang’s an Omega? Aren’t you guys some kind of double A absolute love?”

God damn double a desperate love, why did that sound so familiar? Ye Fei: “…Dad, you still visit the forum online?”

Gu Ang: “Uncle, you didn’t vote for us, did you?”

The titular marshal, sneaking around and posting votes, if they told people they wouldn’t believe it. When did you vote? He wasn’t one of those four dumbasses, was he?

“I’m not concerned about you guys, am I?” Ye HongFeng stroked his short hair and laughed awkwardly twice, perfunctorily, “So what’s going on?”

Gu Ang whispered, “It’s kind of embarrassing that I re-differentiated into an Omega and got pregnant by mistake.”

“Oh, secondary differentiation,” Ye HongFeng nodded, a stone falling to the ground. No cheating, then there was something to talk about in this. He digested it for a moment, his expression suddenly leaping up, “So, I have a grandchild?”

Ye Fei tugged at the corner of his mouth, “Don’t know if it’s a boy and girl yet.”

“All good all good, a girl would be cute.” Ye HongFeng let out a laugh, “Gee, good news, what were you two looking so serious for?”

Gu Ang looked up sharply, “You’re not angry?”

Ye HongFeng was puzzled, “Why should I be angry? I was thinking that it was quite a pity that you two don’t have children, now it’s just right to make up for it.”

Gu Ang’s voice dropped, “Because, well, we’re kinda young.”

It was pretty ridiculous to be pregnant at eighteen.

Ye HongFeng thought about it, his mind already planning back his future plans, “Wouldn’t it be nice to go to school and have the child and then go into the army later with no delay at all?”

Gu Ang froze, “You think I’ll be able to join the army later?”

“You’re so powerful in battle, why not?” Ye HongFeng understood his concern, “What’s wrong with being an Omega? Strength comes first, gender second on the battlefield, whoever wins is the boss.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, a little touched. He really liked Ye HongFeng before, and he still did. The awareness alone of being enlightened and unbiased had thrown a lot of people off by a wide margin. He sighed slightly and exclaimed, “Uncle, you’re very kind.”

After the truth was told, the wind was calm and peaceful. To his surprise, the most peaceful person to know the news was Ye HongFeng. Thuis hurdle was easy, but his mom’s… he didn’t know what to make of it.

“See, I told you my dad would never say anything.” Ye Fei squeezed his palm in relief and looked to his father, “We’re telling you because we want to ask you for a favor. Gu Ang’s mom might not be able to accept the truth when she finds out, and I might get beaten up violently.”

“You got someone’s kid pregnant and deserve it!” After scolding his son, Ye HongFeng was relieved and he spoke with pleasure, “So, what do you need from me?”

“So one day when you’re free, come visit with me and mention marriage.” Ye Fei said the plan in one breath, before his dad started making up his mind again.

Ye HongFeng rubbed his chin, “Yes, when I’m done with the next two days.”

Gu Ang was shocked, “Meaning, we’re getting married soon?”

“Hmm? I thought you two had already discussed it.” Ye HongFeng stood up rather imposingly, “Let me know when the time’s set, I have to go.”

He was afraid that Gu Ang would backtrack and hurriedly withdraw. He quite liked this little friend, and now that he was with a child, of course he had to help Ye Fei catch him.

Ye Fei gave a perfunctory wave, “Okay, bye.”

Ye HongFeng wound up hooking his jacket and heading out the door, leaving the two sitting in the living room in silence.

Gu Ang was still in a brain fog and felt a little stuck thinking about things with his recent pregnancy.

When he thought about it, there was no reason why he couldn’t get married, but just felt like he was in a bit of a hurry. After all, for his mom, getting married for the first time was another blow to the gut. He mumbled, “When you two come to the door, father and son, please be prepared to get a scolding from my mother.”

“Mn, I’ve prepared myself for it for a long time.” Ye Fei let out a long sigh, “What’s meant to be is meant to be, how am I so ill-fated?”

Gu Ang looked at him, “Feeling aggravated?”

“Kind of, what did I do wrong?”

Gu Ang lowered his eyes, and yes, he had done nothing wrong and was misunderstood every day. He coaxed him with a child’s tone, “Poor big brother, don’t cry, give me a kiss.”

He leaned over and prepared to kiss Ye Fei, his pant leg tensing and scraping the wound at the base of his leg that had been rubbed so violently that it hurt. Gu Ang hissed and shrank back into place, “Don’t ever use my leg again.”

“Not next time.” Ye Fei smiled sarcastically, knowing that he was in the wrong, “I’ll buy you something good to eat, okay?”

Gu Ang gave him a lazy look, “It’s the same set every time, what are you going to buy?”

“Come on, back to school. There’s a shipment of fresh strawberries from the supermarket out front, they should be nice and sweet.” Ye Fei pulled the man up from the couch and slowly led him out the door and tucked him into the car.

Gu Ang just got that grind, but it felt like his skin was breaking again, so he walked with a limp, and was annoyed as hell. He cursed expletives in his mind, and had nothing good to say the entire way.

Ye Fei was perceptive to the extreme and very perceptive in not opening his mouth to mess with him. The car pulled up in front of the supermarket and Ye Fei stroked his head, “Wait, I’ll be right back.”

“Hmm.” Gu Ang propped his elbows on the car window and rolled it down, watching the pedestrians on the road with boredom.

Suddenly, a familiar figure passed across the street, and the man happened to look up and meet his gaze. This was the first time he had seen Gu Shen since his parents’ divorce. He looked quite a bit more vicissitudes, with some graying at the temples. All that crap was cascading, so he guessed he wasn’t without worry.

Gu Ang grimaced and avoided the view, flicking the switch to roll up the window. There was still a little gap left, and Gu Shen had stepped forward and reached his hands into the gap between the window and the glass.

“Ah, little Ang, it’s crushing my hand.” Gu Shen stood outside the car window and howled, “Let go, let go.”

Gu Ang didn’t look good, but with a little bit of kinship left in his heart, he didn’t hit hard after all. He let the window down a crack, “What are you doing here?”

Gu Shen rubbed the back of his hand, which was a little red from the pressure, with a flattering smile, “I came all the way over to look for you. I didn’t expect to bump into you, it seems that we are quite fated to be father and son.”

“Who the fuck is related to you?” Gu Ang said back without a smile.

Gu Shen put on a smile and said in a pleasing voice, “Can I get in the car and talk to you? There’s really something important.”

Gu Ang raised his eyes to him, and a hint of excitement flashed across his face, which had just looked tired. The display of emotion was so bizarre. He thought that the current asset freeze of Qin LeHe coupled with the high-profile divorce, this set of combinations punched down, but didn’t completely block his future political career, or at least it couldn’t be seen from the smile on his face.

Clearly, he had underestimated him. Gu Ang looked away from the man and said coldly, “We have nothing to talk about, and Ye Fei will be back soon.”

“Just ten minutes, okay?” Gu Shen begged.

Despite the hatred, his heart was still soft in the end. Gu Ang unlocked the door and replied faintly, “Get in, only ten minutes.”

Gu Shen was full of excitement as he squeezed into the back seat and rolled the windows up to make sure the sound insulation was good. He lowered his voice but couldn’t hide his excitement as he grabbed Gu Ang’s shoulder, “Ah’Ang, I have great news to tell you!”

Gu Ang lowered his eyes, his eyes fell on the hands on his shoulders, and his tone was even colder, “Ah’Ang? You’ve never called me that since I was born, it’s the name my mother gave me, don’t insult the name. Say it, what exactly is the purpose of this visit?”

He intended to be businesslike and end their conversation quickly.

Gu Shen choked on the indifference and smiled sarcastically, “The matter between me and your mother is complicated to talk about, you’re still young and wouldn’t understand.” His expression changed and his eyes were covered with the familiar ambition of Gu Ang, “What I’m about to tell you is the important thing, the dream I’ve spent most of my life chasing is about to come true!”

“Chancellor of the Empire? You’re too early for that position, I’m afraid.” Gu Ang’s expression was unmoving, but his heart was in shock. He was fully aware that the end of Gu Shen’s political path was the Chancellor. But how could that be?

Without the Qin family’s financial support, there was no way to support the expenses he needed politically with the Gu family’s 80 cents on the dollar. Not to mention, divorcing the original spouse and having so many small actions revealed was definitely a big blow in terms of reputation. Now, he was actually saying that it was going to happen soon?

Although the previously discussed revenge plan hadn’t been unleashed in full, this ability to turn the tide against the wind and break the tail was a bit impressive. Gu Ang looked at him quietly, waiting for the rest.

Gu Shen showed a meaningful expression, heartfelt and hypocritical. He spoke quietly, “Who told you that the Imperial Chancellor is the pinnacle of power?”

Gu Ang froze, the Imperial Chancellor, wasn’t he still considered the first person in Imperial political rights outside of His Majesty the Emperor? Looking at Gu Shen, who looked a bit into madness, he was banging the drums in his heart and panicking a bit. His dad, he didn’t think he was going to outsource the Federation to rebel against the Empire? This was a serious matter, and when pursued, they would all be implicated collectively.

Gu Ang opened his mouth, “What do you want?”

Seeing the indifferent Gu Ang finally look somewhat changed, Gu Shen only finally nodded in satisfaction, “Did you think that I’d be satisfied with climbing up the Lu family ladder? That it would stop there? Then you really underestimate me.” Seeing that Gu Ang was still in a dumbfounded state, Gu Shen suddenly stopped the conversation and winked ambiguously at Gu Ang, “Speaking of which, us father and son were kind of coincidental. It’s just that you’re looking for the Ye family, while I’m a bit luckier than you, and the Lu family’s situation is more suitable for me.”

Hearing this, Gu Ang just reacted. Where did Gu Shen have the guts to rebel, but he just found a better target mark as a parasite? Gu Ang leaned his back against the seat and snickered, “Don’t pull us together, Ye Fei and I are genuinely in love.”

“Yes, yes, who isn’t genuinely in love? That’s what I came here to talk to you about, and look where I’ve gotten when you interrupted.” Gu Shen waved his hand without any shame, with a sympathetic expression, which was sickening to look at.

Gu Ang squeezed his palms and mentally counted down to five more minutes for the scumbag. After five minutes had passed he would gather his conscience and kick him out of the car.

Gu Shen ignored his hostility and said to him, “You should know that Uncle Lu’s family had two children, Lu ChangQing and Lu ChangBai. ChangBai, you also met them last time we had dinner.”

Gu Ang hmmed, not going to say a word more.

“Lu ChangQing died when he was doing his mission before, I thought that the succession would now fall on the younger son’s head, but now, that Lu ChangBai is also dead!!!” Gu Shen’s expression was even more excited, with an old and calculating face.

Of course Gu Ang knew Lu ChangBai was dead, he watched the man being put in the box forever. But the truth of that affair was confidential, and he didn’t know how it was known by the public.

Gu Ang didn’t say anything, wanting to hear Gu Shen’s attitude and judge whether he was involved in this matter of Lu ChangBai betraying the human race. But, his dad didn’t even bother to mention the cause of death, he just skipped it.

Gu Ang was a bit speechless.

Seeing that Gu Ang didn’t say anything, Gu Shen thought he didn’t understand what kind of message his words actually contained, and sighed with hatred, “How could I have a son like you who’s insensitive to opportunities?”

Gu Ang, “?” Sorry, uninterested.

“Your Uncle Lu and I have discussed it. As soon as your brother Lu ChangBai’s mourning period is over, we will pass the Lu family on to you. The future helmsman of the next generation of the Lu family will be you!” Gu Shen stroked his chin and sighed, “However, you have to marry an Omega from the first line of the Lu family, and as long as your future eldest son’s surname is Lu, the future family fortune of the Lu family will be in his hands. To be honest, I’ve wished you would be smarter and not act like a reckless man who just knows how to fight every day. But it’s kind of like you’re stupid, Lu Yan’s sister only has a daughter who’s seen you fight online and was a fan of yours. If you ask her in person, it’ll be easy as pie, and you’ll have someone who loves you when you get married and won’t make your life uncomfortable.”

Gu Shen was still rambling on, and Gu Ang rolled his eyes a million times in his mind. This old man would have one tactic, to get to the top by association. But seeing as he didn’t have much of a reaction to Lu ChangBai’s death, and was happy that the two children were gone, or at least shouldn’t have been involved in the treasonous action, his heart was relieved. But, he also felt physically sick.

On the one hand, he had been meeting with Lu Yan for a long time, and there was no half-truth, only endless calculations. On the other hand, the same set of tactics used against Qin LeHe to move up the ladder by association was presumed to be used on himself as well.

Gu Ang mocked grimly, “Helping me crack the arithmetic and using it as a graft for someone else. That’s not the kind of thing you do, is it?”

“Of course not.” Gu Shen continued in a matter-of-fact tone, “When your children grow up, they will hand over the control of the Lu family. But, you could totally have another baby later, and then wait for the child to grow up and become an adult. There’s no problem at all in dragging it out for a decade or two.”

Gu Ang oh’ed, “Being a parasite, like you’re up to the tactics.”

Gu Shen thought that he had said that he had moved the person, and reached out to try to grab Gu Ang and get close, and was dodged. He complained, “Although you haven’t had much political acumen since you were a child, it’s a good thing you have me as a good father. As long as you obediently listen to me, our two father and son, one bright and one dark. I’m afraid it’s up to them to decide whether this Lu family still believes in Lu or not!”

Gu Ang frowned in disgust, “You acting like this, does Lu Yan know?”

Gu Shen had no guilt in his eyes, “No manners, you should at least call him Uncle Lu, remember to sweeten your mouth when you enter the Lu family in the future. I don’t care how you treat me, but you have to coax Uncle Lu well for now. This is all for the real rise of our Gu family, do you understand?”

Hearing this, the only faint feelings left in Gu Ang’s heart finally went out. Gu Shen had gone around calculating and had even counted on his own head, and even though he had severed his relationship with the Qin family, he still thought of squeezing every drop of value out of him. Now to ask Gu Ang to marry someone he didn’t even know for him, for the sake of the “dream” he was working for, was ridiculous. Gu Ang was, in Gu Shen’s eyes, like everyone else, a ladder to move up, a pawn available in his hand.

Kinship, blood, conscience, it was all bullshit.

Gu Ang didn’t bother to pretend with him anymore and said coldly, “Unfortunately, your calculations fell flat, I’m an Omega.”

The atmosphere was stagnant with only the sound of each other’s breathing. Gu Ang was in a great mood, the old thing’s calculations had fallen through and he was probably in an exploding state of mind. A strong smell of pheromone suddenly steamed up from the car and pressed straight towards Gu Ang.

Gu Shen thought simply, detect if he was really Omega by using Alpha pheromones to target him.

Gu Ang rubbed his wrist, this crap segment of pheromone wasn’t even worthy of scratching.

Seeing Gu Ang’s face unchanged, Gu Shen laughed, “Scared the hell out of me, Gu Ang, were you having fun making jokes like this with me?”

The next moment, Gu Ang unleashed his pheromone directly, deliberately releasing the hormones of a pure Omega. The powerful white peach oolong accompanied by spiritual power was like a sweeping hurricane that completely crushed Gu Shen’s rekindled hope.

Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth and mocked, “Believe it now?”

“You, you really differentiated into an Omega? Then you can’t still… be in the game.” Gu Shen asked incredulously.

Gu Ang looked at Gu Shen, who was being pressed by his pheromone, and his face was stony as he gasped with a large mouth covering his heart, his heart steaming with pleasure. He shrugged his shoulders, “I’m awesome, and as you can see, I don’t suffer from Alpha pheromone interference. So, linking up with an Omega or whatever, won’t work.”

Gu Shen’s complexion changed and warped. It shifted back and forth between struggle and madness. He hesitated for a long time, as if he had made up his mind, before speaking slowly, “It’s okay… I still have… a second set of options.”

Gu Ang rolled his eyes, “Second set???? Can you put your mind on the right path?”

“That’s right, marry into the Lu family! As soon as you go, tell them your identity as an Omega. Because Omegas are too easy to be targeted, according to the Lu family’s tradition you can’t inherit all of the Lu family, in this way, those Lu family’s patriarchs would be a lot less defensive of you.”

Gu Shen clapped his palms together, getting more and more excited as he spoke, “But your combat power wasn’t affected in any way, and combined with my wisdom, this could be done.”

Gu Ang mocked, “And what’s the point? Omegas don’t get to wield power in the Lu family.”

Not to mention the Lu family, there was no way a third class family would let an Omega take the reins of power. This slap on Gu Shen’s face felt good to him.

Gu Shen jerked his head up, his eyes bloodshot, just staring at Gu Ang with a deadly stare, “It’s true that you don’t stand much of a chance in the Empire, but what if it was in the Federation?”

Gu Ang: !!! 

He himself had just been relieved to confirm that Gu Shen had indeed not betrayed the human race, and now he was actually planning to betray the Empire?

Seeing the expression on Gu Ang’s face, Gu Shen slowed down and continued, “I know this information is too much for you, and I hadn’t planned to tell you right now. But now because you have differentiated into an Omega, there’s no way for us to annex the Lu family peacefully, so we can only take a risk.”

“So the Lu family has been in collusion with the Federation for a long time?” Gu Ang asked as he calmed his inner turmoil and spoke with suppressed emotion.

“Not really, all this arrangement was Lu ChangBai’s handiwork, saying that it was to leave a back way for the family. In case the Lu family loses in the family struggle, at least there’s a way back.” Gu Shen smiled faintly, “But he didn’t think that now, it was actually cheaper for us, father and son.”

Gu Shen’s smug words fell, but they caused Gu Ang’s entire body to fall into the abyss. Lu ChangBai, the name was like a magic spell. Even though he was dead, Gu Ang still felt now that the sick monster was still trying to find ways to ruin everything. The man knew his life was in jeopardy and had long ago laid out a back road to revenge.

Gu Ang mentally ran through his thoughts and probably understood Lu ChangBai’s layout. He was drawing on Gu Shen’s relationship with Lu Yan, his own father-son relationship with Gu Shen, and his impending marriage to Ye Fei to tie everyone together in a thread.

Lu ChangBai calculated that Gu Shen wouldn’t let go of the opportunity of the double death of the Lu brothers and wanted to fight for the family fortune of the Lu family. He also believed that he and Ye Fei would definitely get married and have a strong relationship. Down this way, the layers of relationships would bind everyone firmly together. Borrowing the charge of betraying the Empire, through the execution of the nine clans, with the entire life of the Lu family, through Gu Ang father and son, ultimately destroying Ye Fei. Therefore, as long as Gu Shen moved to mutiny, Gu Ang dared to guarantee with his head that the first person to receive the news would not be the Federation, but someone from the Empire.

Gu Ang let out a long sigh, Lu ChangBai really hated Ye Fei to the bone.

He didn’t expect himself to die and still carried out his philosophy of never sparing anyone who caused his brother’s death. It was a good thing that Gu Shen was arrogant and thought he could get past convincing him and expose the chess game early.

Gu Ang feigned compromise and analyzed along with his meaning, “I see what you mean, you want to use the power of the Lu family to invoke the Federation to destroy the Empire and use it to ascend to a high position, right?”

“That’s right. The Empire that’s colonized by the Federation’s destruction would see a reshuffle at the top of power. When that time comes, our Gu family would naturally be able to get a big piece of the cake in it.” Gu Shen was pleased with his son’s enlightenment.

Gu Ang nodded in agreement, “Understood, this is something I’m somewhat interested in. If there’s anything you need from me, just call me directly.”

He had to get himself followed into the game before he could get a head start.

“Okay, then we’ll contact by comms then, I’ll let you know when I find a suitable target.” Gu Shen watched Ye Fei come out of the supermarket entrance and hurriedly ended the conversation, “I’m leaving first, don’t tell Ye Fei.”

Gu Ang hmmed, “Okay.”

Gu Shen got out of the car and briefly exchanged a glance with Ye Fei before leaving in a hurry.

Ye Fei sat back in the back seat with the bags, “What was your dad doing here?”

Gu Ang sat lazily, shifted into a comfortable position, and recapped the conversation he had just had. At the end, concluded, “We were ready to get him killed, and he stuck his head in first himself.”

Ye Fei was smart enough to sort out the bends in between in an instant. He pondered for a few seconds, “Then we’ll hold our ground for now, and as soon as he shows an opening, we’ll counterattack.”

Gu Ang hooked the corners of his mouth, “Today wasn’t a wasted day, and I’m especially excited at the thought of getting the old thing and that Lu killed.”

Ye Fei looked at him, “Of course the day wasn’t in vain, did you forget the conversation with my dad?”

Gu Ang ohd, before remembering the marriage thing. He squeezed Ye Fei’s palm in a rare moment of meekness, “I’m all yours.”

“Mn, have a strawberry, I washed it and it’s sweet.” Ye Fei opened the little bag inside his shopping bag, picked out the prettiest one and stuffed it into Gu Ang’s mouth.

Gu Ang chewed slowly while asking vaguely, “What took you so long to buy strawberries?”

Ye Fei continued to feed into his mouth, pet cat-like. He brushed it off, “I picked up a few daily necessities as well, which wasted some time.”

Gu Ang had a bite of strawberry and his heart was content. The sweet juice was all over his tongue and he licked his lower lip, taking the strawberries sideways as he quickly reached over and dragged them through the shopping bag.

The movement was a bit violent, and the bag was ripped and the contents scattered one by one.

Fancy sleeves of condoms, spiral bumps, high arousal, slim skin, and a big bottle of peach flavored lubrication.

“So after spending all that time, that’s what you picked out?” Gu Ang glared at him.

Ye Fei looked down, putting the things back into his pocket one by one, “Never bought one before, asked one by one for features.”

Gu Ang felt bashful when he imagined the scene. He asked in a low voice, “Was the store clerk a male or female? Asking them one by one, you’re really good at that.”

Ye Fei continued to stuff strawberries into his mouth, casually replying, “It was a fifty-something year old man who was quite the professional.”

Gu Ang choked and spat out the word in a hushed voice, “Fuck.”

Ye Fei reached up and tapped his mouth, twirling the spilled strawberry juice around his lips with his fingertips again, “You need to get out of the habit of swearing, it’s not good for the baby to hear it, not good for fetal education.”

What the hell was fetal education? Gu Ang was confused. After thinking about it, he decided to set an example and not leave a bad impression. Future conversations with Ye Fei, abstaining from anything perverted, bent on being a good marker. The fierce interstellar Alpha’s face showed a rare tenderness. He dropped his hand and rubbed the small of his back, looking for a complement, “Baby, I meant to say that the grass… The berries were so sweet.”


Author’s Note: 

Baby: Last night, I already heard too many things I shouldn’t have… 


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