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Chapter 90: You Want to Marry Gu Ang? No Way!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, wondering what’s taking them so long to get together


This was all coming around? Ye Fei was dumbfounded, “You’re so full of shit.”

Gu Ang wondered, “Isn’t it too late for fetal education?”

It had been more than three months, and they had been listening and learning almost everything they needed to, so he felt like he’d had enough.

“As long as they’re not born yet, it’s not too late.” Ye Fei answered him.

Come on, that’s how you can cover your ears as long as you don’t see the baby’s face. 

Gu Ang pinched a strawberry in his hand and waved it near his abdomen, “Baby, want some? If you can’t eat it, I’ll eat it for you.”

Gu Ang’s belly moved slightly, puffing out in a small arc, as if in response. It was like a tickle, it didn’t hurt. Gu Ang stifled a couple of laughs, and took another bite at the tip of the strawberry, “I’ll eat your share too.”

For the first time he found it so interesting to talk to the baby, though he didn’t get any useful response.

“Why are you so cute?” Ye Fei didn’t hold back, his hands were covered in strawberry juice and all he could do was rub his forehead against the top of his head.

Gu Ang chewed on a strawberry and looked at the person out of the corner of his eye, “It’s cuter than you, unlike some people who spend their days playing small, craving my body and buying messy stuff.”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, “I don’t really need to buy condoms since you’re pregnant, I’m not doing it for the sake of it. Getting it in would be uncomfortable…”

“Stop it, stop it, what’s with the perverted talk?” Gu Ang snapped back with the original words, “It’s not good for the baby to hear it and have a bad birth.”

Ye Fei choked, “I’m asking you not to swear.”

“Perverted things won’t do either, the baby is too young to be listening to this.”

Gu Ang glared at him, “You need to watch your mouth and behave like a father, please.”

Ye Fei let out a light laugh, “Yes, I was wrong, then I’ll whisper them to you later, so he can’t hear me.”

“What?” Gu Ang looked up blankly.

Ye Fei moved over to him and leaned in close to his ear, “When would the daily necessities come in handy?”

His voice was soft, squelched to the point where it almost sounded like a provocative whisper.

Gu Ang scolded him with red ears, “Fuck off.”

Ye Fei didn’t move against his ear, “Cursing again, and it’s so loud it will to scare him.”

Gu Ang lowered his voice, glanced carefully at his stomach again, and muttered, “Fuck off.”

As long as his voice was low, the baby couldn’t hear him.

Ye Fei was about to die from his cuteness, his cold heart burnt to a crisp. To say that Gu Ang used to be straightforwardly dashing, with frequent straight balls to get the heart pumping. Now then, it was just more of the softer parts of his character.

The voice that couldn’t help but lower, the tenderness that showed in his brow, and the growing maturity of pity, which made him feel like pulling him into his arms and rubbing them a few times. Like a cactus ball with its thorns pulled, even his tone of voice became rounded.

Gu Ang dodged the breath in his ear and stiffened his neck to look back at him, “Don’t look at me with that weird look.”

Ye Fei’s straightened gaze didn’t change, he just reminded softly, “Your communicator is vibrating.”

Gu Ang let out an “oh”, fished it out of his pocket and clicked on public play, and Bai SiNing’s voice came from over there, “Brother Ang, are you busy? Come out for shabu-shabu.”

“What’s all the fuss about today? What for?” Gu Ang asked lazily.

Bai SiNing: “XiuYong’s leg’s better and he wanted to eat something healing.”

Gu Ang joked with him, “So we’re on his good side?”

Bai SiNing smiled, “Not really, are you guys coming or not?”

“Go on, send us the address.” Ye Fei poked his head over and made the decision for Gu Ang.

Bai SiNing’s voice leapt up, “Okay, I’ll see you guys when you get here.”

Gu Ang hung up the phone and mused, “Are you trying to meet Lin XiuYong?”

Ye Fei complimented him, “Smart.”

“Want to pick a fight? Bai is still around.” Gu Ang was in deep worry. It was fine to talk about it alone, but if they brought Bai SiNing into it, he might say something amazing that he couldn’t handle.

Ye Fei squeezed his palm and activated the autopilot, “Let’s see how Lin XiuYong reacts first.”

Gu Ang looked out the window in silence. He had actually been curious about Lin XiuYong’s identity and what role he played behind this treacherous conspiracy. Will Lu ChangBai’s death have any effect on him?

One by one, the question marks in his mind floated out, leaving him no peace. Gu Ang spoke softly, “If there’s going to be a showdown, how far does it need to go?”

On some level, he still wasn’t able to fully trust Lin XiuYong.

Ye Fei said, “My gut tells me that he has something to hide. It’s up to him to say if he’s willing to talk about it himself.”

The two had a chat and soon reached the address sent by Bai SiNing. This guy even booked a private room, this rebuilding meal was quite a grand affair. Gu Ang’s legs hurt, so he walked slowly, the fabric on his pant legs rubbing against his hurt thigh with each step. He sucked in a cool breath and moved towards the private room one step at a time.

It was as if it wasn’t Lin XiuYong who got his foot broken. It was hard to get to the door of the private room and half his life was gone. Gu Ang pushed open the door and limped inside, where the two men had already ordered a large table of food.

Bai SiNing saw him walking strangely and asked curiously, “Brother Ang, you twisted your foot too?”

Gu Ang blushed slightly, not quite able to tell them that it was too crazy to say it was because he was using his legs to give someone a physical fix. He stammered, “A little cramp in my leg.”

Ye Fei helped him out by asking Lin XiuYong, “Is your foot better?”

Lin XiuYong nodded slightly, “It’s able to go.”

Gu Ang stared at the two with a smirk and suddenly cracked a yellow voice, “I don’t see where it’s broken, it’s not like you and Bai SiNing broke your leg from staking, right?”

“Brother Ang, Brother Ang, what are you guys talking about? What staking… of…” Bai SiNing quizzically took up the conversation, suddenly comprehending. He was blushing and his words were getting smaller and smaller, like a small child caught in the act. Bai SiNing, an innocent young man, got his heart pounding from a flurry of yellow.

Ye Fei slapped the back of Gu Ang’s head and spat out the words in a low voice, “Fetal education.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, his eyes drifting, pretending not to say anything. He rubbed his stomach, as if covering the baby’s ears.

“Why are you blushing? It’s not like we’re doing anything.” Lin XiuYong calmly removed his glasses and turned to Bai SiNing next to him. He turned his words to Gu Ang and curled his mouth slightly, “You two, on the other hand, aren’t too unusual. My house was littered with those bottles and jars of inducer isolate, and my nose has been sharper than normal since I was a kid. I can smell it from both of you.”

Gu Ang: “…Are you a dog?”

“Why are you cursing?” Bai SiNing protected the shortcomings with passion.

Gu Ang waved his hand and said impatiently, “What’s wrong with us two being in love and smelling like each other?”

“Nothing.” Lin XiuYong shrugged and ended the conversation coldly. He wasn’t good at jokes, he was good at talking the day away.

Ye Fei dragged out a chair, gestured for Gu Ang to sit down, and found another cushion to cushion behind his waist, properly positioning it.

Bai SiNing looked at this one-stop caring service with an aunt’s smile on his face. As a certified CP fan, one had to be sweetened to ascension every day.

The four sat in pairs, talking about school stuff. The waiter on the side shanked the lamb into the pot and closed the door again, instantly filling the room with the fresh scent of lamb.

Lin XiuYong didn’t rush to eat, and suddenly spoke in a cloud and asked, “So, both of you know, right?”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other and nodded.

Gu Ang said, “You’re more forthcoming than we thought.”

“Brother Ang, what are you guys playing at? Start eating.” A bite of tender lamb entered his mouth, and Bai SiNing gorged himself on it, looking at the other three somewhat unaware.

The three sized each other up and no one moved their chopsticks. Like a test, and like waiting for the other side to show their cards.

Lin XiuYong had a cold and reserved face, but in the end, he was no match for the two men’s aggressive gaze and was the first to lose. He said softly, “I’ll start with my side of the story then, I did cross over just like you two.”

Keeping it simple and to the point.

“You crossed over, XiuYong? From where? Did you finally do too much experimenting and go crazy?” Wiping the sesame paste from the corner of his mouth, Bai SiNing looked at the person next to him with a wide-eyed expression of looking at an idiot.

“Bai don’t interrupt, let him continue.” Gu Ang put away his playful smile from before and his eyes became serious.

“It’s not just the three of us, there were others who have crossed over as well. But you guys have already met them during the competition.” Lin XiuYong said calmly while chucking the shabu-shabu lamb upper brain meat into Bai SiNing’s bowl.

Ye Fei rested his fingertips on the table, looking at the table full of fresh aromas, with no appetite, “We did come across. But I’m curious, why weren’t you with the participants? And, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

There was still some resentment in his tone.

Gu Ang added coldly, “What I mean is, if you had spoken up earlier, Ye Fei and I wouldn’t have had so many misunderstandings.”

“What a pain in the… ass.” Lin XiuYong rubbed his brow, feeling a bit of a headache, “So many questions in one breath, so I’ll explain them to you one by one.”

Gu Ang looked at him calmly, as if judging whether what he was about to say was true or not.

Lin XiuYong slowly and methodically rolled up his sleeves and spoke lightly, “Let’s start with the reason why I didn’t say it earlier, simply put, I didn’t dare.”

“Didn’t dare?” Gu Ang and Ye Fei asked in unison, looking a little surprised.

“That’s right.” Lin XiuYong nodded and continued to add. “I, or rather, the future me, provided the technical support for this crossing, the crossing technology was developed by me. But, this was also the first time this technology has been used in practice, so I dare not provide any information to you for fear of causing unwanted changes in the future.”

Ye Fei understood, nodding slightly, “You were afraid of the butterfly effect.”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.” Lin XiuYong responded.

Bai SiNing stared wide-eyed and muttered, “What the hell are you talking about?”

XiuYong was joking, but how come Brother Ang and God Ye also listened with a serious face? Was this some new game of PY? Why did he feel like a retarded outsider? A game for high end players, so why not take him on? Bai SiNing eased into self-imposed isolation.

Lin XiuYong chucked another large chopstick of meat into his bowl, “Don’t talk, listen to us.” He raised his eyes to those across the table, “Which kind of answers your second question, why I wasn’t on the field of your group of travelers gathered for the five-school joint exam. Because I’m a technician, not a combatant.”

Gu Ang asked impatiently, “I was just going to ask you, what were you doing back here with a technician marking along? Also, who the hell was leading this crossing?”

“I had to come to make sure the crossing was successful. I’m also in charge of secretly monitoring both of your reactions to make sure you two aren’t just in love and not motivated to get stronger. If you two just get back together, won’t it all be for nothing?” Lin XiuYong replied with a reasoned, saber-rattling response that left people speechless. There was a little bit of a grimace in his tone.

Gu Ang strained his neck, “You think too little of us.”

When he returned, he did focus on dwelling on his old relationship with Ye Fei. But, didn’t they not know it was a conspiracy back then? Apparently, he wasn’t to blame either.

Lin XiuYong continued, “As for who led this massive crossing plan, I’m sure you’ve already guessed it.”

Gu Ang spat out a few words, “Lord Qi Cang?”

Cough…” Before Lin XiuYong could reply, he saw Bai SiNing next to him coughing frantically, choking. He managed to get his breath down and screamed open-mouthed and chaotic, “You mean to tell me that you guys actually had contact with Lord Qi Cang before crossing over?! I knew Brother Ang and God Ye are the strongest! Qi Cang is my idol…”

Qi Cang was the idol of a generation of Imperial soldiers, and naturally Bai SiNing was no exception. He had a hard time sorting out a few people, and as soon as he heard Qi Cang’s name, he couldn’t hold back his excitement again.

“I’ll talk to you later, eat first.” Lin XiuYong used his chopsticks and casually fished another piece of radish from the pot and stuffed it into Bai SiNing’s mouth, gagging the person with food. He explained: “It’s him. Exactly why Qi Cang himself would be involved in this operation with such a high risk factor, to be honest, I don’t know. It’s because my memories of this part of the experiment were wiped clean before I crossed over.”

Ye Fei spoke, “The rest of us would have lost more memories than you. We presume, though, that there was a major peril that befell the future Empire, and that’s why we had to do this.”

He gave an overview of the conclusion of his previous discussion with Yin WenXuan, Shen Fei Zhou and the others in Xuan City.

Gu Ang picked up, “But what we can’t figure out was why that part of the memory was erased. By all rights, if we crossed with such crisis-ridden memories, shouldn’t it be easier to complete the mission?”

Lin XiuYong leaned back in his seat, picked a comfortable position, and dutifully laid out the entire plan in full. “There are two reasons I can tell you about this part. The first is that if everyone carries their memories back, there would be a risk of leaks. Because the Empire cannot confirm if there are spies among you. The second reason is the fear that everyone possessing this part of the memory may have an irresistible effect on the eventual course of the mission, causing the operation to still fail in the end. It’s also based on these two considerations that the above decided to erase all memories of the experiments from all of you.”

“I don’t get it, if you’re going to hide it, why did you decide to tell us now that you’re also a crossover?” Gu Ang asked again.

This question had seemed roundabout to him, and until now, he hadn’t been able to figure out Lin XiuYong’s position. A speech that sounded rather like their teammate. But before that, it seemed to be in a state of if-not-quite-neutral.

Lin XiuYong rubbed his fingertips, “This was also what Qi Cang meant. He has done many tests, and finally after this Xuancheng incident, he found that the travelers have informed each other of the information and it wouldn’t have an effect on the future. That’s why I dare to sit down with you guys and spread these words out.”

Gu Ang ohed, “We’re all pawns and feel so counted out.”

Ye Fei spat, “Not pawns, mice.”

“So, from now on, I’ll be spying on you guys openly as well, so I’ll have to ask you two for more guidance.” Lin XiuYong snickered, “Spying on you guys by hacking into the school’s monitors is still a big difference compared to face-to-face direct contact.”

Gu Ang didn’t have the good temper to not grumble back, “This time there would be such a fierce five-school league, and it’s because you passed the news to Qi Cang, right? I told you that the upper echelons of the Empire were crazy. Dare to play like this.”

“Mn, since several of you were also between the same strength back then, it’s based on your strength reports that Qi Cang judged everyone to be strong enough to undergo this test.”

“Speaking of the competition…” Ye Fei had a heavy heart and picked up the conversation directly, “I want to ask you, what was your relationship with Lu ChangBai?”

Since they were talking about it openly, they stopped concealing it.

Lin XiuYong wasn’t going to hide it, “I had contact with Lu ChangBai privately, quite a few lab bases were sponsored by his friendship. He has money, quite a lot.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, You’re so blunt.

“He’s a crossover too?”

“He’s not.”

Gu Ang was stunned, “He’s not? Then you’re still so close to him. Did he not betray the Empire in the future?”

“He betrayed the Empire in the future as well.”

“So you’re still…” Gu Ang was all business and couldn’t believe the logic of this.

“Calm down and listen to me.” Lin XiuYong paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. “He stayed hidden in his last life until he suddenly betrayed the Empire a few years later. What I didn’t expect was that in this life, for some reason, he suddenly came from behind the curtain to the front so early. That’s why this message was told to Qi Cang…”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other, both reading the look of conviction in the other’s eyes. According to the timeline, everything lined up. The point in time when Lu ChangBai began to collude with the Zerg was the moment when his brother Lu ChangQing died. In the previous life Ye Fei killed him after graduation, plus Lu ChangBai was more reclusive, which was why he started the rebellion in the time after the two’s memories were gone. And in this life, because of Ye Fei’s misguided move, it caused Lu ChangQing to die too early.

In addition, Lu ChangBai was still young and had a lot of strategy but not enough patience, resulting in the conspiracy of this life being exposed very early.

“So all of this was the intention of Qi Cang?”

Gu Ang, combined with Lu ChangBai’s words before he died, instantly understood that the so-called “mastermind” that Lu ChangBai was talking about should be Qi Cang.

“Qi Cang went along with it and allowed me to approach Lu ChangBai and provide him with some help and ideas as appropriate to facilitate his layout as soon as possible and become a tool person to test you.”

Gu Ang got it and tsked twice, “So, you’re still a double agent who’s good at pulling the plug.”

Ye Fei spat, “Last time I went to Sento Labs, you were the one who blew me up, right?”

“That time was a misunderstanding, I was in class and saw the surveillance and thought someone was intruding.” Lin XiuYong pulled out a smile, “Sorry about that.”

Ye Fei was speechless and remembered the burning pain in his back. That sudden blast almost made him fall from the 30th or so floor.

“Think back, although I have helped Lu ChangBai a few times, which time was it a real life threatening situation for you guys?” Lin XiuYong rubbed his nose, adding it a little under his breath, “Is it all so that you guys can develop and progress quickly while not delaying your relationship.”

Gu Ang lifted his eyes and sent him a blank stare.

Bai SiNing, who was on the side, suddenly seemed to have realized something and looked up at the few people present, and then he laughed, “Eh, in that case, I’m the only one among the few of us who didn’t cross over.”

Lin XiuYong smiled dotingly, “You finally figured it out.”

Bai SiNing swallowed a pile of mutton, “Then according to those individuals, a bunch of you strong people transmigrated and helped me a lot, am I the main character in the group pet, the legendary group pet?”

“Where do you find so many brain-dead things to watch?” Gu Ang cursed with laughter. There really isn’t a time when this fool’s brain circuitry was normal.

“Actually…In a way, you do count as a group favorite.” Lin XiuYong rubbed his wrist and continued to speak to Gu Ang and Ye Fei, “I’m giving you two a showdown about these things, and I’m also bringing a personal agenda. There are still a few things that I need your help with regarding this little group pet.”

The voice called him lazily, the little groupie. Bai SiNing’s heartstrings trembled slightly as he listened. Seeing Lin XiuYong’s expression gradually become serious, Gu Ang and Ye Fei seemed to realize something at the same time, and their bodies both inadvertently sat much more upright.

“Are you sure you want to talk to him now?” Gu Ang looked serious.

Bai SiNing died for him, and he felt guilty. When you get a do-over, of course you want to protect it.

Lin XiuYong’s expression also got serious, “One has to learn to grow up, not to mention that this tragic life hasn’t happened yet.”

Gu Ang gritted his teeth and his brow solidified as if he was making a big decision.

Bai SiNing put away his joking expression, “Brother Ang, just let Lin speak straight. Actually, I guessed it all, did I die early in my last life? Otherwise, with my strength as the number one Beta in the universe, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t have come back with you guys.”

Bai SiNing might be foolish, but he wasn’t stupid. Seeing a few people stammering a bit, he immediately guessed a few things.

“You’re open-minded.” Gu Ang looked at Bai SiNing across the table, and gave him a smirk.

Bai SiNing suddenly got excited and asked, “How did I die?”

Gu Ang, “…Died to save me.”

“Wow, I’m so cool.” Bai SiNing blinked, “My post was?”

“My adjutant.” Gu Ang picked up, adding, “I was an Admiral.”

Bai SiNing was even more excited, “Holy shit, am I this awesome in a few years?”

“Bai, don’t get happy just yet, let Lin XiuYong finish his sentence.” Gu Ang held down the agitated man. Why had he become a silent Bai SiNing, he wondered.

Lin XiuYong paused slightly before speaking with difficulty, “Xiao Bai’s entire family, in the next few years, will be assassinated and die. I would like to ask you all to join me and change the ending with me.”

“When will it happen?” Gu Ang didn’t even ask anything about the matter, because it didn’t even matter who the opponent was.

“June 18, 3392. August 12, 3392. December 23, 3393.” Lin XiuYong quoted three dates in one breath.

“My parents died three times?” Hearing a string of times, Bai SiNing was a bit confused.

Lin XiuYong shook his head, “Your father was just a captain, but then again there were as many Imperial captains as there were stars, so the time when your entire family was destroyed in the last life can’t be traced at all. I can only surmise this by looking up the records of the planet your father was on and finding that the planet had suffered three strikes with numerous deaths and injuries.”

Gu Ang gave Lin XiuYong a deep look. Purposely looking up these old stories and beating around the bush so much to reveal so much information. 

If you want to say you’re not interested in Bai SiNing, I’ll rip my head off and kick it like a ball.

Bai SiNing thought seriously, “No, the last date, December 23, 3393, is over a year away, but the full military transfer arrangement the Empire had been implementing to prevent generals from keeping their own troops, my father would have been transferred to a rotation of defense near the Imperial Star at that time. That said, that date, it’s unlikely.”

“Good, you eliminated an option for us.” Lin XiuYong stroked Bai SiNing’s head and complimented him.

Gu Ang nodded, “Then there are only two dates left. As long as we help Xiao Bai’s parents get through on those two occasions, it means his parents will survive.”

That way, Bai SiNing would probably be a happy Bai SiNing.

Lin XiuYong cleared his throat and drew up his stance, ”This was actually Lord Qi Cang’s intention as well. It’s a bit of a fake public service, but it’s also a test… A test to see if we, the group of people who have crossed over, can truly… Change the future.”

He wanted to save the Bai SiNing family more than anyone, but a few of them Admirals alone weren’t enough. He would need to seek additional military support to ensure that nothing could go wrong. Gu Ang nodded in agreement, “Yes, we’ll do our best.”

Bai SiNing whispered, “Brother Ang don’t join us, you’re still…”

He kept the pregnancy in mind and didn’t dare to say anything about it, so he had to say half and leave half.

Ye Fei looked over at him, “It’s okay, I have a handle on it.”

“Thank you all for the future me.” Bai SiNing was somewhat moved, stirred into thought by the sudden evening. He didn’t know exactly what had happened, but the fact that a bunch of people had come back through and were willing to help him change his ending was a righteous thing to do in itself.

Gu Ang shook his head and sighed shallowly, “I owe you my life and I should pay you back.”

He would often still dream of Bai SiNing before he died, covered in blood and young and fearless, in sadness. The conversation got a little gloomy. The four men finished their lamb soup in silence and no one spoke. After settling the bill and exiting the restaurant, the group parted ways at the door. Pair by pair, the crossing was like a thin thread that tied each of them back together again. This meal today was a real shocker.

The two men got into the car in silence, each digesting what they had heard. The car drove smoothly all the way back to Red Flame and had to park in the parking lot, with no way to get into the school. Gu Ang grimaced as he got out of the car and walked back to his dormitory.

Ye Fei saw him walk stiffly and bent straight down to pick the man up, getting a gasp in return. He whispered, “You’re walking too slow to move to a dorm where the lights are out.”

“Put me down.” Gu Ang was held across the room and forced to hook his arms around the person’s neck. The words combined with the gesture were a bit of a rejection.

“Won’t release you, it’s dark and no one’s around.” Ye Fei wrapped his arms around him easily, “There’s more than enough to hold two of you.”

Gu Ang reacted for a moment before realizing who he meant by “you two”. The silhouette of a family of three, stretched long and long by the light of the street lamp and broken by the dark shadows of the outstretched branches.

Some emotions welled up inside Gu Ang. Maybe it was talking to Lin XiuYong about the past today, or maybe it was remembering Bai SiNing from his last life. He murmured, “We can really change the ending, this time, right?”

“Hmm? You mean Bai?” Ye Fei hugged the man steadily, “Definitely. Besides, Lin XiuYong wouldn’t let a situation like that happen again, isn’t that what he came back for?”

Gu Ang looked down and buried his head into the nook of Ye Fei’s neck, “I’m really quite thankful to Lin XiuYong for bringing us both back. Otherwise, I can’t even imagine what kind of relationship we would have.”

The two divorced people were bound to meet again on various occasions. Maybe keep the superficial polite nod and smile, or maybe never see each other again in old age. Whichever way it went, Gu Ang felt a solid pain in his heart. There was so much tragedy in that life, so much that everyone’s heart was broken before they regrouped here.

He and Ye Fei, Lin XiuYong and Bai SiNing, two relationships that didn’t end. A life away, a death away, not much difference. It was just a good thing that everyone was now at peace with each other. It was such a wonderful thing that everything could have a do-over.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Ye Fei sensed Gu Ang’s low mood and weighed it in his hand, holding the man tighter.

Gu Ang spoke softly, “I feel like it’s all a dream, too good to just wake up from it.”

“What a silly thing to say.” Ye Fei reassured him, “God has treated us well, it will get better.”

Gu Ang hmmed, “Big brother, ask Uncle to join us earlier and have a showdown with my mom.”

He couldn’t wait to grab the happiness in his hands and didn’t want to let go of it again. If it was all an illusion, let him have this happiness for a little longer, and a little longer. Lin XiuYong had said that this was an experiment, and no one knew where the experiment would end. He was all ready for the possibility of going back to the future, or just living in this world forever. So, he didn’t want to wait any longer.

Ye Fei wrapped his arms around his waist and rubbed his palms together, “Okay, I’ll have my dad back as soon as possible.”

Ye HongFeng didn’t expect the two to be in such a hurry, and after explaining everything to his subordinates, he rushed back to the capital on the third day. He thought it was strange, obviously the last time Gu Ang looked still hesitant and reluctant.

But Ye Fei sounded anxious on the phone, “Gu Ang’s in a hurry and was urging me to hurry up.”

In a suit, Ye HongFeng looked heroic and spirited. He picked the two up from school in his car and looked Ye Fei up and down, his face full of wonder. Ye Fei wore a formal suit today, cut with a double button, a tie that tied the collar convincingly around Adam’s apple, and hair that was groomed and brushed back slightly to reveal a handsome brow bone.

His entire atmosphere was colder and more powerful. Father and son were quite in tune with each other, changing into the same suit.

Ye HongFeng half leaned into the car seat and asked snidely, “Are you sure it’s Gu Ang who’s in more of a hurry? You’re dressed like you’re going to get married soon.”

“He’s in more of a hurry, and I’m also in a hurry.” Ye Fei said frankly as he straightened his cufflinks.

Gu Ang muttered in a low voice, “Who said I was in a hurry?”

Ye Fei poked him mercilessly, “Who was the one who urged me to hurry up and ask my dad to meet your mother last night?”

“Save some face for me.” Gu Ang turned his face away, full of perniciousness.

Ye HongFeng yelled at him, “Save face for Little Ang!”

Ye Fei held his hands up spread-eagled, “I lost, and it’s all my fault.”

It was already obvious that he was the lowest in the family anyway.

Gu Ang plucked him out, his expression tinged with deep concern, “You better think about how you’re going to talk in a minute.”

The last time he patted himself on the back, the two of them hadn’t done it, and in the blink of an eye, they had a baby, and his mother had to be pissed off.

Qin LeHe, who was gentle and anxious, probably couldn’t even hear the explanation, and Ye Fei’s leg would end up broken.

Ye HongFeng threw a bag over and smashed it on Ye Fei, “Seeing your mother-in-law and not even buying a gift? Luckily old me is sweet.”

“How do you know I didn’t buy it?” Ye Fei pulled a small gift box out of his suit pocket, “Top of the line emerald necklace pendant, is this enough?”

Ye HongFeng hummed and laughed, “Brat, still talking about manners. It’s just as well that I bought the bracelet, so it’ll be a set with that one of yours.”

Gu Ang opened his mouth and splashed a pot of cold water on both father and son, “I think, it’s more important to let my mom put out the fire first. If she gets angry, with her temper, no matter a bracelet or pendant, it will all be smashed.”

“My In-law… is so hot-tempered?” Ye HongFeng suddenly tensed up when he heard this, “Didn’t I hear that she’s a very gentle woman?”

He suddenly regretted a little that the first time they met, he was following Ye Fei to admit his mistake.

Gu Ang choked and stammered placatingly, “Also, it’s not as exaggerated as I said, at most it’s just hitting Ye Fei twice, she won’t take it out on you.”

Ye HongFeng loosened his back and spoke indifferently, “Oh, go ahead and fight then, feel free to do so, I won’t stop you.”

Ye Fei choked and glanced at his old man, “Dad, I called you here to avoid me getting beaten up. Not for you to watch the show and laugh.”

He knew that the old man couldn’t be relied upon at all. Even regretted a little if he shouldn’t have come along on this trip.

“I know, for a while you all keep quiet and watch me play.” Ye HongFeng rubbed his wrist with a confident look on his face, “After living for so many years, I can still handle this kind of scene.”

Gu Ang sunk his eyes to the window and silently ordered a cool song for Ye HongFeng in his heart. He thought to himself that if Qin LeHe hit Ye Fei, he would go up and stop it. A real mother couldn’t hit hard enough to drop the stick on him and the baby. The fear was that Qin LeHe wouldn’t say a word and just ignore them and go away.

He had lost his father, his own mother had come back from the dead so easily, and he couldn’t afford to make too much of a mess of the relationship over it. Along the way, Gu Ang played a dozen belly-flops to deal with the unknown. Seeing that he was almost at his doorstep, Gu Ang dialed Qin LeHe’s phone first to spy on the situation.

The other side picked up, her tone gentle, “Ah’Ang, are you home yet?”

“Be right there, Ye Fei’s coming with me today, along with Uncle Ye.” Gu Ang had only said he was going home before, and hadn’t mentioned anything else.

Qin LeHe was slightly surprised, “They’re all coming over, why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’ll ask Auntie to make some more food.”

“Okay, we’ll be there in ten minutes.” Gu Ang said and hung up the phone.

Ye HongFeng heard the two conversing, “Your mother sounds very gentle, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

He instantly got a hold of himself, and since he was knowledgeable and understanding, this would be a good thing to do.

Gu Ang thought to himself, You have never seen a mad Qin LeHe, a shear that pokes anyone she sees. He’d get home later and have to hide the awesome murder weapon first.

Ten minutes later, the car pulled up in front of Gu Ang’s house. Ye Fei fastened the loose buttons of his suit and got out of the car first before reaching out to take Gu Ang next. He saw Qin LeHe and hurried up to hand over the gift, his tone polite, “Auntie, I’m bringing my dad on an official visit today, with a little gift.”

“So polite, Ye Fei’s dressed handsomely today.” Qin LeHe took the gift and hung it on her wrist, leaning against the door with a smile, “Little Ang is also really smooth. He didn’t say anything in advance that Marshal Ye was coming over.”

Gu Ang scratched the back of his neck, “Impromptu decision, let’s talk inside.”

Qin LeHe, dressed in a long dress, sashayed through the foyer and sat down on the sofa. She intoned upwards, looking in a good mood, “The meal will have to wait a little while, so you guys sit down first.” 

Ye Fei looked up and down, wearing a shirt that shouldn’t be too handsome. The hope of surviving was raised one more point.

“Is Ah’Ang still throwing up these days?”

Gu Ang shook his head, “Not vomiting anymore.”

“That’s good, it’s been three or four months, it should be more stable.” Qin LeHe breathed a sigh of relief, “Marshal Ye came over today, is there something you want to see me about?”

Ye HongFeng had just listened carefully to the conversation between the two and was ready to get straight to the point, “Mn, you do know Gu Ang’s pregnant, don’t you?”

Qin LeHe nodded, her expression a little stiff, “I’ve only known about it for a short while, and I was quite shocked.”

She didn’t point it out, thinking that Ye Fei should have told Ye HongFeng the inside story as well, so she didn’t rehash it, and everyone was embarrassed.

Ye HongFeng rubbed his palms together and spoke with deliberation, “Since Little Ang has been pregnant for so long, for the sake of his reputation, I think the marriage between the two of them can be put on the agenda.”

“So soon, but has the report come out yet?” Qin LeHe blushed, “Wouldn’t that be too aggravating for Ye Fei?”

She then favored her own son, but was also embarrassed to pull a random person over as an ingrate. Wouldn’t it be a mess to get married without knowing who the father of the child is?

Ye HongFeng waved his hand and said with a big grin, “No aggravation, the child’s his, what’s there to be aggravated about?”

Ye Fei’s pupils twitched slightly and he hurriedly reached out to pull him, “Dad, you’re also too…” Direct.

He raised his eyes to observe Qin LeHe’s face, and sure enough the smile disappeared and her eyes turned cold. Qin LeHe asked in a cold voice, “The child is Ye Fei’s? Are you sure?”

The sound was loud, like a blazing sword that stabbed through the air.

“Of course, there might have been a bit of a misunderstanding before, but now that it’s checked out, there’s absolutely no mistake.” Ye HongFeng didn’t feel the murderous aura and swore with conviction. Seeing that Qin LeHe was still calm, he took advantage of the heat to circle back to the topic, “So, the two kids are also in a good relationship, and I think we can prepare for marriage.”

Qin LeHe smiled and slowly stood up, pacing over to Ye Fei. She bent down and asked softly, “What did you tell me last time? Not fully marked? Not knowing how he got pregnant?”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes, not daring to look at her, “Last time it’s us who didn’t get it right. There was a hidden agenda in this matter, listen to my explanation…”

“So that’s it, you were lying to me, huh?” Qin LeHe put away the forced smile, “Do you remember what I said about consequences?”

“Mom, hear the explanation first.” Gu Ang interrupted anxiously. It’s over, it’s over, the scene’s about to become uncontrollable.

Qin LeHe reached out and pulled Ye Fei up from the couch, and pulled Ye HongFeng sideways, pushing the two together towards the door. Both men were too much of a gentleman to make a move with the woman and were forced to move forward.

Gu Ang raised his voice, “Mom, what are you doing?!”

Qin LeHe pushed one with one hand, cleanly pushing the father and son out the door, “Scumbag, and the scumbag’s father, get out of here! Want to marry Gu Ang? No way!”


Author’s Note: 

Oh, what a miserable father and son, dressed so decently, only to be…


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Sue R
Sue R
June 2, 2023 1:45 pm

Ha ha😆😆 I feel sorry for the father.

June 2, 2023 5:03 pm

How can a little Lady be sooo strong as to push 2 strong men out the door!! They must be flabbergasted 😲


June 2, 2023 11:10 pm

She’s like an avalanche, rolling over them regardless. Looks soft, but kills you.

I think that’s where Gu Ang gets his stubborn violent streak from.

June 3, 2023 10:24 am

Feel Sorry to Father and Son😅..
I think Gu Ang’s genes is more from his Mother,, so Fierce..

June 25, 2023 6:02 am

They should’ve led with what happened on the mission. QLH can’t be blamed for being pissed.
I am so glad the friends are working together now & 🤞🤞 for BSN & his family.
I find time travel too problematic a subject for stories (written or dramas), because of too many pitfalls.
Every single interaction & change to original conversations & events, however tiny, will have an effect on the future. It rarely ends without questions.
Thanks for translating & editing.

July 10, 2023 9:45 am

Like mother, like son. Both quick to anger.

July 17, 2023 7:57 pm

Lol Bai getting stuffed with food and then the Yes getting shoved out the door. Fun chapter!

August 7, 2023 12:05 pm

More truths~~ Xiao Lin finally spoke up~ Xiao Bai finally knows~ Xiao Bai’s reactions and personality will always be why he’s my favorite character 😭😂 💞

Arghh such a mess 😅 poor ml who’s always at the bottom of the food chain 😅
welp, we know now where mc got his character from.

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