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Chapter 94: It Turns Out That Each Play Their Own Game

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, getting the popcorn ready


Ye Fei didn’t mention how he escaped from the locked dormitory. After twelve o’clock, the door had been unlocked, and he went around to the back wall of the first floor of the dormitory and, like a bad student skipping school, scaled the wall. He also didn’t say in the open streets, the car speed to the maximum, riding wild almost all the way.

The villa he bought wasn’t too far from the school, but the ten-minute drive made him feel like a day. He was filled with Gu Ang’s fluttering eyelids, and his thoughts were like growing branches that couldn’t wait to blossom. He had to see him, immediately, right away, the next second.

So, he appeared under the peach blossom tree. Sure enough, he saw the person standing on the second floor in silence. He was right, Gu Ang needed him. And it was the same at this time, the little lover was nestled in his arms, with the little one in his belly, sleeping soundly.

Ye Fei closed his eyes, relaxed, and fell into a beautiful dream together.

Gu Ang was refreshed by the time the morning dawned. He woke up at 7:00 a.m., mischievously reached out and pinched Ye Fei’s nose to wake him up.

Ye Fei frowned, not yet fully awake, “Stop it.”

“It’s seven o’clock, today’s midterm, do you remember?” Gu Ang smiled and went to pinch him again, happy to do so.

“Yeah, I’ll be right up.” Ye Fei rubbed his brow before slowly opening his eyes. He adjusted for a while and sat up to look at Gu Ang, “You go to school first, I’ll be there later.”

“Okay, did you drive here yesterday?” Gu Ang got up and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, with a mouth full of bubbles.

Ye Fei leaned against the bed to watch him find his way in and out, feeling his brain go haywire. It took him a few seconds to react before he said, “Mn, why don’t I drive you?”

“Forget it, I’ll call a car.” Gu Ang waved his hand and refused outright, “Be careful to avoid suspicion.”

Ye Fei felt funny, last night when he was hugging someone to sleep tight, he didn’t think about avoiding suspicion. He didn’t move, maintaining his position against the head of the bed, lying lazily. When he saw Gu Ang take off his pajamas and fasten the buttons of his school uniform one by one, he couldn’t help but say, “Don’t you think the clothes are a little tight?”

“It is a little bit, my stomach is strangled.” Gu Ang reached out and rubbed his belly, “I need to change to a bigger size.”

Ye Fei’s eyes fell down, the bump was more obvious than before. Luckily, there was a spring jacket outside to cover the slight bulge. He reminded Gu Ang, “I’ve talked to the teacher about the midterm, so don’t just rush into a fight again and always remember that you’re pregnant, okay?”

He didn’t want him to blame him for repeating it over and over again, but every time he saw Gu Ang fighting passionately, he had a big sweat on his hands.

“I know, I know, stop nagging.” Gu Ang fastened the last button, reached out and hooked his school bag on his shoulder, “I’ll go first then.”

Ye Fei nodded, “See you at school.”

When the two met at school, they really opened the break-up mode, standing in positions that were far apart. The two of them didn’t even touch each other, it really looked like a parting of the ways of determination. Like the warmth of last night never happened.

Bai SiNing was worriedly standing next to Gu Ang, wanting to say something but not yet. There were too many rumors recently, and he didn’t dare to ask.

Gu Ang felt the sight and looked at him sideways, “What is it?”

“You and God Ye,” Bai SiNing changed his name, “Ye Fei, did you, really?”

Gu Ang glanced at him, “Don’t you like to read gossip on the forum? You don’t know?”

“These days Luminous’s support group is about to disband, I can’t persuade them.” Bai SiNing sighed, his whole face crinkled into a ball, “But I don’t believe it, you guys obviously have such good feelings, how is it possible?”

Gu Ang didn’t say anything, there were a lot of people at this moment, he didn’t intend to tell Bai SiNing the truth now.

Bai SiNing asked again, “Have you been kidnapped? Or were you threatened? You have to break up with Ye Fei? Can you wink and hint at me?”

He was just joking, but Gu Ang suddenly fixed his expression and stared at him firmly. Gu Ang didn’t have any expression on his face, but just blinked slowly. This childish act was done, let’s see if this little fool would have an epiphany.

Bai SiNing stared at his slightly curled eyelashes and exclaimed, “Fuck, I was right. I knew there was a hidden agenda!”

“Quiet.” Gu Ang lowered his voice, “I can’t say exactly what the reason is, and you can’t say anything.”

Bai SiNing hurriedly nodded, “I understand, I understand. These days, what Chlorophyll online rumors around, I fight with them every day to dislike each other. I knew that the CP I stand for would never be broken.”

Gu Ang moved his lips, “I have read all, quite hard to hear.”

“Yes, all laughing at God Ye wearing a green hat, quite miserable.” Bai SiNing scratched his head, “Although I don’t know what the reason is, it’s not easy for him to be willing to put up with humiliation like that.”

Gu Ang gave a hmmm, thinking to himself that Ye Fei must have seen it too. The keyboard warriors hiding behind the Internet were still just text attacks, and some bold do-gooders were even provocative to their faces. It was Ye Fei who had the composure, if it was him, he would have fought with someone by now.

“Everyone come and gather.” Wang Chuang called out loudly from the training ground.

Gu Ang came back to his senses and stood with everyone to the ring side of the training ground.

After waiting for the crowd to stand, Wang Chuang started to speak, “Let’s be direct this time for the midterm exam. The last five-school tournament, our class had two very powerful players, Gu Ang and Ye Fei. For this test, we decided to let Ye Fei guard the ring, so you guys come up to fight one by one.”

As soon as the words fell, there was an uproar in the audience.

“Teacher, what have we done to you lately?”

“If you want us to die, just say it, I don’t want to live either…”

“Everyone has just recently finished badmouthing Ye Fei, and you let us go up to take the heat off him? Is he actually your son?”

“Crap, I think I said yesterday in front of Ye Fei that he was a cuckold, will I die a horrible death?”

“I think I’m going to have to repeat the grade, the midterm is thirty percent of the total grade.”

Each of the students had a hard look on their faces and refused to move forward. Besides Gu Ang, a freshman pervert, who else could beat Ye Fei? No, probably even Gu Ang wouldn’t be able to win in the hands of Ye Fei who was in a state of rage.

After all, Gu Ang had turned Ye Fei green, and it was all over the news, he would strike without mercy. New hatred, old hatred, certainly hard. Of course, they only dared to spit these words in a whisper, no one dared to loudly say it. If Ye Fei heard it and acted with a grudge, some might die in the ring today.

“What are you yelling at? It’s not like you guys are allowed to beat Ye Fei,” Wang Chuang’s voice suddenly rose, silencing all the objections. “Against Ye Fei, holding on for ten seconds counts as a pass. Hold on for twenty seconds, seventy points, and so on!”

After this one, everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief that there was still residual humanity.

Some people muttered, “This is quite reasonable, don’t fight all the time running or desperate defense, as long as you stick to fifty seconds, you can get a full score.”

Wang YeZhu’s eyes lit up, “Eh, you have a good idea. When I took the entrance exam before, I was able to get a 50/50 split with Ye Fei. This time just hold on for 50 seconds, it’s not too easy.”

“Bah, just you and God Ye still 50-50. I watched the video replay and someone seemed to be crying with anger.” Bai SiNing spat, expressing his disdain. After he finished in disgust, he glanced at Gu Ang again and immediately raised his hand to ask a question, “Teacher Wang, brother Ang won against Ye Fei last time, does he still need a test?”

Teacher Wang broke into a glance at the expressionless Gu Ang, there were suddenly many images flashing in his mind, each one of them had a price flashing mercilessly on it. The power tester that was struck through; the mecha that was dismantled with bare hands; as well as his empty wallet.

Teacher Wang smiled awkwardly and gave himself a compliment, “Student Gu Ang has defeated Student Ye Fei in the joint examination, so in this test he is exempted from the examination and directly scores full marks.”

Gu Ang’s strength was obvious to all, direct full score, no one objected. He shrugged his shoulders and was happy to relax without having to fight Ye Fei.

Some people with small mouths whispered and spat, “Still want to see the couple fighting in La Explosion, but unfortunately…”

Teacher Wang sighed with relief and clapped his hands together, “Okay, since everyone has no comments, now the exam begins.”

Ye Fei jumped into the ring and looked down on the people under the stage with a bland expression and ruthless eyes. He had a detailed list in his mind of those who had said he was green and remembered it clearly. Later on against the battle, he would not show mercy. Recently, public opinion was in full swing, he wasn’t in a good mood, so he found the teacher to discuss this assessment method. On the other hand, it was also to avoid Gu Ang taking the exam again and having an accident.

This saved Teacher Wang the headache of making the midterm examination, so the two people immediately hit it off. One saves trouble, one out of anger, simply perfect.

“First one, Ai Deng.” Teacher Wang began to call the roll by the initials of the students’ names.

Ai Deng drooped his limbs and his expression looked like he was in mourning. His strength was originally in the middle and lower part of the class, so naturally he wasn’t Ye Fei’s opponent. The most critical thing was that he claimed to be a Chlorophyll powder head every day in the classroom, jumping up and down.

The news of Ye Fei being green was spread everywhere, and when he caught wind of it, the drama was spread around. Now, the downfall could be imagined. Other students became the crowd of melon eaters, densely surrounded by a circle.

They purely wanted to watch, Ye Fei would look at Classmate Ai Deng and let him go, or because of personal grudges, be ruthlessly deadly. Their brainstorms created a wonderful drama.

“Examination, begin.” As soon as Teacher Wang broke the order, Ai Deng immediately began to flee.

He started to dart around in an “s” shaped route with irregular movement and no strategy. Ye Fei was standing in the center, not moving. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds Until 6 seconds passed, Ye Fei still had his hands in his pockets and didn’t move half a step.

“Ye Fei has really let go. There is still a sense of fellowship.”

“A punk, he was pointed at his nose and ridiculed for being green, but is still indifferent.”

“That’s right, if he had given his all, I might have been able to give him a higher look, just this?”

The crowd thought Ye Fei was ready to let off steam in order to stabilize his atmospheric image, and even Ai Deng was lucky, guessing that he would be able to land firmly on the passing line. The time came to the 9th second. Almost everyone didn’t react to the moment when Ye Fei suddenly disappeared, a transient general. Like a ghostly shadow, looming close to Ai Deng.

“Wait.” The first word stuck in the throat, the harsh shout, abruptly stopped. Too late to finish, Ai Deng’s entire body was uncontrollably twisted into a ball, thrown into the air, and then spun and flew higher.

No one could see how it was done, only to see him twisted into a twist, wretched, unable to fight back. Half a second later, landed square on his face. With a huge thud, Ai Deng felt himself smashed out of a large crater against his face.

“Ai Deng, hold time, 9.9 seconds, fail.”

“Next, Bai SiNing.” Wang Chuang’s face was expressionless as he calmly wrote down the results. This result was as expected.

Ye Fei glanced at Ai Deng, who was still kneeling on the ground, and spoke indifferently, “I let you go for 9 seconds, this is no way to pass, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Kill the chicken to make an example of the monkey. The people who were talking about people behind their backs were very conscious of this word floating through their minds and chills rising from their backs. At this moment, they just recalled who the object of mockery really was. A man of clay still had three parts of fire, let alone a leopard like Ye Fei.

These days they were the ones who were too proud of themselves, taking advantage of the news to step on anyone who wanted to show their presence. And now, Ye Fei seemed to be liquidating.

Bai SiNing looked at Ai Deng, who had fallen and grimaced, and his legs trembled. He was Gu Ang’s friend and didn’t dare to talk to Ye Fei these days for fear of being relocated. Just after the appraisal started, he used the tactic of holding his head and squatting in defense, and became a small quail. 

Bai SiNing squatted on the ground, holding his head with both hands, and chanting incessantly. “God Ye I know you are angry, if you have any anger you can come at me!. But I’ll always be a fan of Luminous CP!!! I’m at odds with Chlorophyll, duel to the end!”

The crowd on stage: … 

Wang Chaung: … 

Ye Fei was also completely speechless. His intention was to go easy on him and send Bai SiNing a full score. But this person, who couldn’t mention which pot, was no help. Just after the 10-second pass line, Ye Fei slightly raised his foot and kicked him out of the ring. Of course, it was a little friendly, not too hard.

When Bai SiNing flew out of the ring, everyone panicked. Bai SiNing begged for mercy, but still ended up being crushed. The other Alphas couldn’t pull their faces away, and Ye Fei didn’t necessarily appreciate it either. One by one, the students went up and one by one, they were sadly removed from the stage.

The examination continued, with dismal results.

With Wang Chaung reading out the names one by one, those who had broken mouths were given a good beating by Ye Fei. It was a great relief. Ye Fei was dark, with a bland expression, not showing any emotions.

Gu Ang watched the battle from the side and almost burst out laughing. This person pretended to be light-hearted on the surface, but behind the scenes, he took full note of the people who said bad things, there was not a single misstep. As expected at the beginning, Gu Ang scored full marks, Bai SiNing, Wang Ye Zhu and other ten people passed.

The rest of the people, all failed. The whole class cried out, failing the midterm, a huge step away from failing the course.

“The students who failed will take a make-up exam in two days. The content of the make-up exam is uncertain, so be prepared.” Wang Chuang didn’t bother to pay attention to those complaints, “Class dismissed.”

Bai SiNing then moved his small steps to the side of Gu Ang, “God Ye is not in a good mood today?”

“Nonsense, telling you were green, could you be in a good mood?” Gu Ang glanced at him, “What you just said was a poke in the heart.”

Bai SiNing slapped himself in the face, reflecting after the fact, “I just don’t think about what I said. I say, why did he kick me so much?”

“Okay, enough about that, I have to go to the hospital again.”

Gu Ang frowned with a nervous expression, “Maybe the test was too exciting, the baby kept kicking me, it was a little hard.”

Bai SiNing stared at his stomach in shock and said slowly, “You and God Ye’s baby, how lively it is. When the little baby comes out, it feels like a mixed bag too.”

He had just been kicked by a certain Father Ye and his butt still hurt.

Gu Ang gave a hmmm, “That’s a given.”

“Do you need me to accompany you?” Bai SiNing looked at Ye Fei, who was standing not far away looking this way, and shrank his neck again, avoiding the line of sight.

“No, I’ll go with Ye Fei later.” Gu Ang took out his communicator and sent a message to Ye Fei: [I have stomach discomfort, I’m going to the private hospital where the last maternity checkup took place.]

Ye Fei stood outside the crowd, idly sticking his hands in his pocket, and typed back with one hand: [Okay, wait in the garage.]

Gu Ang sneaked out through the side door when the crowd wasn’t looking, and walked quickly to the garage. He found Ye Fei’s car and sat on it from the back seat, as if he was having an affair. The car door opened and closed, and Gu Ang sat with his legs open, feeling his heart beating fast. His belly kept moving, and the baby was dancing around like it was on acid.

Gu Ang covered his belly and leaned to the side, feeling even his nerves throbbing with pain. He changed positions left and right, and talked for a while, rubbing his stomach comfortingly, but it didn’t stop.

Shortly after, Ye Fei followed him and got in from the other side. He saw Gu Ang’s message and his heart clutched at it. He sidled up and nervously rubbed Gu Ang’s stomach, “What’s wrong? Are you having a hard time?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong today. It keeps moving around.” Gu Ang held back his nausea, his face not looking too good, “Go to the hospital.”

Ye Fei started the car and then grabbed a loose shirt and hat from the bag on the ground, along with a new mask, “I’m afraid you’ll run into someone from the Lu family, you’d better change.”

“You’re pretty well equipped.” Gu Ang glanced at him and quickly untied his school uniform, put the loose bodysuit over his head and buttoned up his hat.

In order to block the tight, in addition to the sweatshirt hat added a layer of baseball cap. The full set of armor was added to the mask, leaving only a pair of slightly provocative eyes. Ye Fei helped him adjust the hat, “So even your mother probably couldn’t recognize you.”

“Well, I’ll lie down for a while. Wake me when we get there.” Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth, feeling little strength, tilted his head and leaned on Ye Fei’s shoulder.

The private hospital was quite far away, about half an hour’s drive from Red Flame. By the time he arrived, Gu Ang had already taken a nap, and his head was drowsy. Ye Fei took him by the wrist and went straight upstairs to the fertility department and registered for a specialist consultation.

After the ultrasound, Gu Ang was very apprehensive, “Doctor, is there anything wrong?”

“Except for the fetus growing too fast, everything else is normal.” The doctor’s statement was the same as last time, “You should be careful, the birth may be early, so you have to be prepared and contact a good delivery hospital.”

Gu Ang nodded, relieved, his palms covered in thin sweat. He asked again, “But he keeps moving around, making me nauseous and uncomfortable too.”

“Every baby has a different personality, this one in your family may be more active by nature. Another possibility is that your mood swings are more intense and affect him.” The doctor glanced at Ye Fei again and his tone suddenly became serious, “You’re the father, right?”

Ye Fei nodded, “Yes, I am.”

The doctor rambled, “You have to take care of the reaction of the pregnant Omega, emotions are also important. Don’t make the pregnant husband angry, too much psychological fluctuation is not good. Try to keep him happy, after all, the emotions of adults and children are sensitive.”

Ye Fei frowned, always feeling that this was insinuating that he wasn’t considerate enough. He couldn’t refute it, so he just answered with sunken eyes, “I know.”

“Good, that’s it, give way to more people and keep it pleasant.” The doctor knocked on the table, “Next.”

Gu Ang sat drowsily for twenty minutes before the pregnancy test was over.

Ye Fei nursed his waist towards the door while complaining in a low voice, “Why do I feel that I’m always being wronged lately?”

“Poor thing, that’s probably your life.” Gu Ang was wearing a mask and his speech was slurred, but he could hear a slight uptick in his tone. The tone of watching a good show, gloating.

Ye Fei glanced at him, “It’s okay, it’s just a trip for your peace of mind.”

“Well, it took me by surprise, also I am inexperienced, fussed.”

Gu Ang said, “Then take me back, and you go back to the dorm.”

The two of them went back to the car, and Ye Fei was clicking on the menu to see what kind of soup to make tonight. Gu Ang leaned against him, lazily scrolling through the forum. A red post at the top caught his eye, and he sat up straight.

Fingertip sliding, post clicked open.

A picture popped up, the hallway of a private hospital’s fertility department, framing the back of him and Ye Fei.

Ye Fei’s hand was wrapped around his waist in an intimate gesture.

The text on the homepage was creepy: “A friend met Ye Fei in the fertility department! The cover was too tight, so I didn’t see who it was. But it’s 100% sure they are an Omega.]

The reply was quick and the post became a high building.

1L: Oh my God, so the double A love really didn’t work out? After all, they can’t have any children… 

2L: Ye Fei finally found an Omega?

3L: Wait, how many months pregnant? Ye Fei got cuckolded by Gu Ang in the first place, right?

4L: I was sad that Ye Fei was cheated, but now it seems that Gu Ang is the poorer one.

5L: I feel sorry for Gu Ang, before the outbreak of the marriage he was still being scolded, now it seems that he probably already knew Ye Fei was cheating and went to find his next family.

283L: Some time ago they were so high-profile, it turns out they were each playing their own game.

Gu Ang pulled off his mask and wiped his face.

“The netizens making everything about cheating all day long. Either you cheated on me, or I cheated on you.”

Ye Fei frowned: “What kind of tongue twister are you talking about?”


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Great that YF could vent some anger in the ring, but I doubt those who jealously love it when the successful and popular fail and fall, will mend their way of thinking.
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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