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Chapter 68: “Also a big heart.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Ah! This cucumber!”

“Is this really a cucumber? The taste is too refreshing, right?”


Bai Li had only said two words when he was interrupted by the excited Song family. When he looked at the group of  people whose expressions had become vivid all of a sudden, Bai Li felt that he shouldn’t bother for now. It was useless to ask. The people’s attention was probably on the cucumber, and they probably wouldn’t even remember that they had brought the big mound behind them.

As native Interstellar people, it was hard for them to imagine how it would feel to suddenly have more than nutrient solution in their mouths, but today they experienced it. The sensations of their taste buds exploded, their pores opened up, something swirled and jumped on their skin, and it all made their bodies shake with excitement. There was a kind of emotion called ‘moved’ and that occupied their spirit. When they came back to their senses, their eyes were stained with a little wetness.

“Sorry for making Mr. Bai laugh.” Father Song was the first to adjust his emotions. He blinked hard a few times to force the wetness back, and smiled shyly towards Bai Li.

“Brother…” the Song brothers and Song sisters, on the other hand, glanced at their little brother with complicated expressions. He looked a bit dejected, and they were almost able to read what he wanted to say from the expression on his face.

Damn, ah! Brother was away from home these days eating these super great things? Thanks to the fact that they had been still at home and worried about him not having enough to eat or to wear outside, every time their brother went live, they would always give him a big gift!

The chatting atmosphere opened up smoothly with the help of ten cucumbers.

After that, Bai Li also took a seat on a single sofa, and talked briefly with Song Xinran’s family about Song Xinran’s life during that time. After they learned that Song Xinran often dined at Bai Li’s house, those people cast a glance of implied envy at him.

Bai Li smiled. His body relaxed even more, and he led the conversation back to the pile of gifts sitting in the corner.

“Bai Li, you just accept it!” Father Song waved his hand, and wouldn’t give Bai Li a chance to refuse. “Xinran has given you a lot of trouble at this time. If you don’t accept it, we as parents will also feel sorry for you. These things are all food and useful items, they are used in life. It didn’t cost too much to buy them, so just take it.”

“Yes, Master, just take it!” Song Xinran said bashfully from the side.

The others also looked like ‘if you don’t take it, we’ll stay at your house.’

Bai Li was really afraid of this family of gift-givers, and said several words of thanks and let the gifts stay in the corner. He would slowly pack them up after the Song family left. Although he had an infinite storage space, he personally didn’t like to stuff non-essential things into it. What he mostly had in his space were the seeds of various plants, crops picked after maturity, meat and poultry eggs hand-raised in the Immortal World, and various cauldrons of vegetables that had come down the road from his side.

The thought of such a small rental house filled with the just recently received gifts that were about to occupy half of the room, Bai Li wanted to buy a house to fill it with nonsensical things. When he had a house, he must create a special storage room as a place to put those gifts that simply could not be used.

The Song family did not know what Bai Li had in mind, so when they saw him accept the gifts, they acted more affectionately. After that, they visited Bai Li’s balcony at Bai Li’s invitation and Song Xinran’s crazy promotion. They looked at the lush plants that were growing in the pots, and their mouths opened wide in surprise.

Oh my! There were actually people who grew plants on their balconies, and these plants were growing so well! Either the plants weren’t delicate, or it was because their owner had mastered the skills to be able to take good care of them.

When they looked at the biggest one, it should be cabbage, right? The jade-like cabbage looked juicy. The upper end was a bright yellow-green with undulating folds, like a young girl’s skirt was spread out in all directions at the top. The slightly thick leaves of the vegetable, like huge petals, were about to block the bottom of the flower pot completely. It seemed that it was almost ripe, and they didn’t even have to get close enough to smell it. It had a good smell wafting off of it.

The people from the Song family didn’t move forward, just stared blankly at the huge pot of cabbage as they grasped each other’s arms, afraid that they wouldn’t be able to resist going forward to give it a nibble.

They had heard Song Xinran mention before that he would go to Bai Li’s house to help take care of the vegetables together, but at that time they all thought that there would only be one or two pots of vegetables at most, or the kind grown for fun. They thought the vegetables would not grow very healthy, but now the facts told them that the master and disciple really intended to be self-sufficient, and the vegetables would be used to eat after planting.

At this point, Song Xinran slapped his head and remembered, “Ah, I forgot to show you the vegetables I planted.”

The Song family, This, this? So the child also planted something…So they would have a chance to taste these vegetables? When they thought of that possibility, the Song family looked eagerly at Song Xinran.

However, Song Xinran didn’t notice their emotions and shrugged easily as he threw a pot of cold water on the family. “But I just planted mine not long ago. Only a little sprout has grown. It will take a long time to grow as big as Master’s. It’s a pity, otherwise I would have been able to cook for mom, dad, brothers and sisters.”

In the past two days, he had learned several food recipes through his own thinking and simple recipes obtained in the game, and was officially at his most inflated confidence. Unfortunately, there was nothing for him to play with.

When he spoke those words, the Song family’s expressions clearly collapsed a few points.

When they spoke of cooking, Bai Li noticed the time and found it was almost 10:30, so he reminded his young apprentice not to forget his start time, or whether he had taken time off with the live audience.

Song Xinran’s career was doing well lately, so when he heard the words ‘live audience’, he immediately jumped up, said he would go back to start the broadcast and dragged his family members away.

Bai Li closed the door, and spent a whole half hour packing up the gifts brought by the Song family. Then he held Supreme and lay down in the gaming pod without panic, and got on the game.

Located two doors away was Song Xinran’s house. Song Xinran lay in his gaming pod as he busily prepared for his live stream. The Song family opened their trumpets to hang around in Song Xinran’s live room, and waited for it to start while they chatted about other things.

“The child’s little master, that Mr. Bai, seems to be quite nice.” Mother Song was arguably the first person in the whole family to drop her defenses against Bai Li.

“Hmm.” Father Song nodded his head to affirm his wife’s statement, but he still had something to say, “But like the child, he also has a big heart. There were so many of us together at his house, but he let us in directly without mentioning it, and also took out a cucumber with a completely different taste from the market cucumber. He didn’t know if we were bad people but even if we had evil intentions, he gave us the cucumbers. He doesn’t seem to have much force, and that could be dangerous for him.”

“Dad’s right.” The eldest Song son was a jumpy character, and he had something to say, “Seriously, at the moment I saw that big cabbage, I really wanted to get up and nibble on it. It looked very appetizing…the taste should also be very attractive.”

If it weren’t for the fact that he was a guest and had only met Bai Li for the first time, he would have wanted to reveal his true nature. The others felt the same way when he said this.

So the conversation shifted from the living room to the balcony, where they saw the vegetables that Song Xinran said he had grown alone. They couldn’t be called vegetables yet. At best they were just small seedlings that had grown a green surface layer in the upper layer of dark brown soil, and they looked a bit cute.

Ai. The Song family sighed together, they still preferred the little seedlings to grow.

After they chatted about that topic, they talked about the residence again.

Mother Song was sorry for her youngest son, and felt that this rental house was really cramped, it was such a small place. More people wouldn’t be able to squeeze in. If possible, she still hoped Song Xinran would agree to go back with them.

“I think this is a little difficult.” Fourth Sister Song pointedly looked in the direction of Bai Li’s house. “Brother obviously gets along well with Bai Li and is very dependent on him. If we propose the idea of having him go home, he definitely won’t agree.”

“So we might as well do this.” Third Sister Song San naturally took over her sister’s words, “First, buy a bigger house for brother on the Sugar and Vinegar Ribs star, then let him invite Bai Li to move there together, so that at least his quality of life will be much better. It will also be convenient for us to come and see brother from time to time, and Bai Li will become more familiar with us. Then, with time, we may also be able to persuade Bai Li to go to Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. Even if he does not want to, a larger house to live in won’t be a problem!”

Hearing the idea of Third Sister Song, the others could not help but be moved, seriously thinking about the feasibility of this method.

Bai Li, who was already in the game, did not know that the Song family had the same idea of buying a house as he did, except that he wanted to use his own money to buy a house, while the other party wanted to pack him away with them. After he finished the work in the yard, he thought he would go for a stroll around the village to see how it was planned today, but just as he reached a residential area, he heard a wail coming from inside.

“Ahhhhhhh! Missed again! This time it’s the ‘cloud pattern belt.’ What the hell do I have to do to open the whole set of clothes. ah! What a surprise box! All I get is a shock!”

Bai Li raised his eyebrows and saw that the other item he had put into the game store ‘Clothing Surprise Box’ was starting to work, right?


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June 7, 2023 1:45 pm

I’ve never seen cabbage described this way..

June 7, 2023 6:44 pm

I remember this documentary where they gave an underpaid chocolate harvester a fancy chocolate bar. He’d been harvesting beans all his life but never actually had chocolate candy. He didn’t like it. Said it felt greasy and too sweet. Gave the rest of the bar back.
I can’t help but think that if generations had been eating nothing but bland food, intense flavors might actually put some off. Like giving someone who’s eaten bread all their life spicy curry. One of this genre’s many flaws.

June 15, 2023 3:40 am

It makes me think of the first time tasting food or dishes I never had before; such an assault on the senses… not just taste.
It’s nice the Songs want to care for their son through BL, but it’s also rather presumptious! Wonder what his reaction will be.
We didn’t find out what the gifts were 😕
Thanks for translating and editing.

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