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Chapter 69: Clothing Surprise Box 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


‘Clothing Surprise Box,’ 100 star coins each. You could randomly open different clothing and jewelry accessories.

This item was one Bai Li added to the shelves as a sudden inspiration. There were elements of laziness in it. All the clothing and accessories he could think of were stuffed into the box.

What was more, they should have been complete sets of clothes and jewelry, but Bai Li separated them all, making a set available only if players opened each one individually.

As the wailing player said, there was a cloud pattern belt inside, but in fact, in addition to the cloud pattern belt, there were also: cloud pattern socks, cloud pattern boots, cloud pattern embroidered shoes, cloud pattern hairpin, cloud pattern headdress, cloud pattern jade pendant, cloud pattern embroidered handkerchief, and a complete set of cloud pattern clothes, divided into male and female models.

What players could open from the surprise box all depended on luck.

Bai Li didn’t feel that having this item on the shelves was inappropriate. There were even new clothing items that he hadn’t yet added on the shelves, that players could obtain! The wailing in the residential area continued, and many players had joined the group chat, both male and female voices.

[Brother, look away, you have only opened five boxes. I have opened ten, and the only set opened was actually prison clothes. How can I wear these outside? They can only be worn as pajamas, right?]

[Gee, what are you complaining about? There are many people who have bought dozens and dozens of boxes and have not opened any sets. You actually have a whole set but only hide under the covers and laugh! I have opened five pairs of the same socks, what can I say?]

[Opened two pairs of phoenix embroidered shoes. If there are sisters who need it, let’s exchange, ah, as long as I do not have all…]

[Hahaha! I finally opened a whole set of clothes…Fuck! Why are they women’s clothing? How can I wear these? My mind is fried!!!]

These people cursed and cursed, but the body was honest and they spent another wave of kryptonite at the game store buying a few more surprise boxes. After a series of metaphysical means to religiously open the box, it was followed by a new round of angry curses. Of course, good luck happened to certain players, but this was only a minority. Most players were still in the dunes.

Bai Li even heard the greetings of individual players to him, and his family, which said that he, the game designer, was not a human being. He obviously used simple methods to make all players happy, but chose such a torturous way, it was too much!

Bai Li’s divine sense locked on this person, just in time to see the other party open a set of ‘strong hunter clothes’ from the surprise box. The corners of this mouth were raising in a grin. Clearly, getting a set made them a hundred times happier, ah!

Bai Li shook his head. These interstellar people were all so honest.

This was just one of the locations where players lived, and Bai Li was separated from them by a certain distance. They were near the water source and the number of players who chose to live on this side was actually not much. The discussion about the Clothing Surprise Box wasn’t the most enthusiastic.

As he walked past the waterfront, the mountain, he reached the area where most of the players lived in the middle of the village. There were always a large group of players gathered together to discuss the new items in the mall. If there were lucky players who were fortunate enough to open more than one set of clothes, they showed them off to others with a look, then changed their clothes with one click. In the blink of an eye, they were wearing a new set of clothes. People were dazzled. Subconsciously, they clicked to buy the surprise box.

Bai Li looked at it all the way and thought that those players were really free publicity ambassadors for goods. It was excellent.

When he walked to the last residential area, which was not far from the entrance of the village, the situation finally took a new turn. There were four players wearing uniform collection sets purchased from the village head’s store for 1,000 copper coins a piece, holding various delicacies opened from the Food Basket in their hands, and sitting on their respective little low stools, as they talked while eating their working box lunches.

The relaxing breeze brought a few vague words.

“forest”, “critter”, “rabbit”, and “can you catch.”

Yo ho, someone else finally remembered that the game not only updated the appearance of clothing, but also added more small animals to the forest? Curious about what these players were planning to do, Bai Li took a few steps forward and tried to join their discussion, only to be spotted first by the sharp-eyed players.

“Big Brother!” One of the players put down the food in his hand and waved enthusiastically at Bai Li, and urged him to hurry over. A few others also looked at Bai Li with eager faces, even a little excited. They hadn’t expected that Bai Li would actually come towards them on purpose.

Suddenly there was a sense of joy of success in chasing a star!

“Hello.” Bai Li quickly walked up to several players, greeted them with a smile and asked, “I just heard you guys chatting about some forest critters or something, so I was a little curious and wanted to come over and listen in. Did I disturb you guys?”

“No disturbance, it was just a casual conversation during our meal time. If you’re interested, you can chat with us for a while.” The player introduced himself, “By the way big brother, my name is ‘Bulging Belly.’ If you don’t mind, you can just call me Belly.”

Bai Li took a quick glance at the belly of the ‘Bulging Belly’ and complimented him slightly against his will, “Your game name is quite special, huh? You don’t have to keep calling me Big Brother, just call me Li Bai.”

He said, “Why? I picked this name because of Song’s Blunt Opinion! At that time, I happened to be browsing the forum before I got a spot in the game, and that guy had posted a bunch of food pictures in the forum, which are still being updated. I thought, if I succeeded in the game, I must eat all the food in the post. Even if my belly bulges I will eat, and then I chose this name in a brainstorm.”

“Hahahahaha!” The crowd laughed, and did not expect a game name to actually have such a story.

“So are you eating all over now?” Bai Li asked.

“No, no. How can I eat it all? After so many days into the game, even if I open the Food Basket, I never get a repeat. I have only eaten 40 different dishes. It’s not enough.” He touched his belly and patted his stomach. “I don’t think I can eat all the delicious food in the game even if I eat it for a whole year.”

Bai Li quietly gave this statement a nod of approval in his heart, for it was indeed true.

Bai Li added friends with each of them. The first two were female players and the latter was a male player. All four of them had learned the gathering skill and had previously teamed up to do quests together.

According to Bulging Belly, when the four of them entered the forest in the morning, they were bent on gathering a few more flower seeds, and they had no idea about the content of the update released on the official website, except for the new character appearances since the clothing was more striking.

Until they walked into the forest ten minutes later, and there was a snow-white rabbit hopping around that bumped into Skilled Target’s leg, seemed to be frightened, then jumped into the bushes and disappeared. As a girl, from growing up in the Interstellar era, Skilled Target’s personality was infinitely closer to that of a male, but deep down, she liked fluffy, and not so aggressive critters.

Skilled Target’s current situation was such that the not-so-gentle collision was like Cupid’s arrow had shot straight at her heart. She was now full of that long eared, big-eyed, cute rabbit, so that she did not care to collect, just wanted to squat in the old seat.

However, the morning passed and not to mention the rabbit, she did not even see a rabbit hair., It wasn’t without other small animals passing during that period: colorful pheasants, fat with big tails groundhogs, wings fluttering sparrows, and things that flashed between the grass and trees. However, they didn’t even get a look from Skilled Target.

On the contrary, Skilled Target’s companion, Bulging Belly, had an interest in these small animals so went along. As they waited for the agreed lunch and rest time, they squatted at the entrance of the village to discuss whether to try to catch those small animals in the afternoon.

“Those little animals, they will just show us and enrich the species in the forest and actually can’t be caught, right?” Skilled Target was actually very heartened, but also a little worried in her heart. If things really developed as she thought, after they had gone to all the trouble and had easily caught the little rabbits, only to be reminded by the system that this was the private property of the forest and they weren’t allowed to be captured, the feeling of loss would definitely be even greater than it is now.

“Well, why not? Didn’t the announcement say that the specific gameplay is recommended for players to explore on their own? If the critters can only be seen but not caught, then what’s the point of that statement?” March optimistically patted her sister’s shoulder, and comforted, “In my opinion, these small animals can not only be caught by the player, but also can be taken home to raise. The game has opened farming play, but we aren’t yet to level 5, but soon, if you really catch a rabbit, you’ll need to work a great deal to plant a few more waves of land, increase your level and then learn from Big Brother Li Bai’s chicken coop building tutorial, so you can build a rabbit villa for the bunny, hehehe!” After that, she threw a wink at Bai Li, “Li Bai, do you think I’m right?”

Bai Li pretended not to see the wink, and nodded in a serious way, “March is right. How can you decide to give up without giving it a try? It’s not a waste of time to try it out. It’s just a game, so of course you should try it out.”

“Nnnn, that’s right!” Shaded Nettle was a stout man of 195cm, who spoke in a somewhat dull voice as he seriously shared his views, “Also, Carefree Farmstead opened the cooking game, and while vegetables can be obtained by planting, there is no official way to obtain meat. Farmed chicks may be able to be used when they grow up. Chicken and eggs, ducklings and goslings are also the same. Not only them, but also some small animals in the forest can be caught to be eaten, right?”

Bai Li, excited, almost jumped up and said ‘brother, you really guessed it!’ 

Shaded Nettle hesitantly glanced at Skilled Target, and carefully discussed it with his companions, “If we catch more than two rabbits, can I take one? I want to try cooking with rabbit meat.”

Still immersed in the bunny’s cute appearance, Skilled Target suddenly widened her eyes and looked incredulously at Shaded Nettle, and complained loudly, “Rabbits are so cute, how can you eat rabbits!”

She never thought that her partner actually had such a terrible idea!

Shaded Nettle lowered his head in shame. A 195 big tall man, who was taller than his companion by more than ten centimeters, but he still looked like a small quail. However, he still had something to say, “But…I remember that the food you opened in the Food Basket yesterday included charcoal-grilled rabbit legs and cold rabbit meat, and that’s not what you said at the time.”

Awwwwwwww, she had eaten harder than anyone else, and said that the spicy taste wasn’t strong enough!

Skilled Target still wanted to say some words but they were stuck hard in her throat, while her expression was vaguely chapped. There, there, how could she not remember?

…Well, there was indeed something like that. If she didn’t want to eat rabbits, she had no face to say it again. 

They decided by the time they were ready to make an effort, that they would catch five of them, one for each, so they wouldn’t have to argue about how to distribute them.

Bai Li quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Shaded Nettle managed to talk to Skilled Target, and didn’t let the forest critters only be used for a single function.

Several people finished eating their respective food, then went to the village chief to replenish some equipment and tools, and set off in the direction of the forest.


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