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Chapter 96: Classmates, We’re Not Bullying you

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is satisfied with the faceslap


Reporter: “???”

Ye Fei turned his face sideways to look at Gu Ang, his expression was a bit stunned. He didn’t expect that his lover would be so brave as to admit the truth directly in front of the crowd.

“It’s okay.” Gu Ang comfortingly squeezed his palm with a relaxed expression. Just like the Gu Ang Ye Fei knew at the beginning, he was open, fearless, and daring. These two words were very effective.

The reporter thought for a while, her brain stuck. She lost his media skills and didn’t know which question to ask first, in order to find more excitement.

The number of people online in the live room is increasing, and the pop-ups on the screen were all: [????????]

Then, an overwhelming amount of chatter obscured Gu Ang’s enlarged face.

[Fuck, Gu Ang is an Omega, yet so cruel?]

[Who’s an Omega? Who’s pregnant????]

[Too many slots, can’t get down for a while so is Lu ChangJing being cheated?]

[Seriously? Before we were discussing his belly without abs, is he actually pregnant?]

[Is there a word of truth in Gu Ang’s mouth? Stay tuned.]

A fancy colored pop-up with an id exploded on the screen.

Lin Bai Bai: [Gu Ang is an Omega! He’s not lying! He’s really pregnant!]

Lin Bai Bai: [Luminous! CP!!! Chlorophyll and Fluorescent Green please disband right now!]

Gu Ang glanced at the ID’s familiar way of talking and really wanted to reach out and strangle Bai SiNing. Why did he not take his husband’s name before he started talking?

Soon, the colorful pop-ups were overwhelmed by other discussions: 

[Black fans, stop arguing, continue to watch the interview and you will know.]

[Miss reporter, interview Lu ChangJing!]

[Yes, didn’t you just say that both sides are being interviewed simultaneously?]

The reporter glanced at the screen, saw the keyword, and looked at the camera again, “Now we’ll go over to another reporter from Emperor Star Hot News, who is interviewing Lu ChangJing simultaneously.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, This bunch of reporters are just here to make trouble.

The simultaneous interview was to catch everyone off guard and prevent collusion. The screen switched and the male reporter received a question in his headset and changed his question to Lu ChangJing, “Mr. Lu ChangJing, interrupting for a moment, I would like to ask if your marriage contract with Gu Ang is true?”

Lu ChangJing, still unaware of what was happening, with a false smile, nodded slightly, “Of course, Gu Ang and I are very much in love.”

Gu Ang stood by the monitor next to the camera, watching the live broadcast and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He approached the microphone and coldly hit his face in sync, “No, I’ve only met him twice. I don’t even clearly remember what he looks like.”

Lu ChangJing continued to make up facts, “We both fell in love at first sight and will get married next month. When the time comes, we will give everyone wedding candy.”

“I’m getting married next month, but with Ye Fei, thanks.” Gu Ang was relentless and disliked every word.

The male reporter was so dumbfounded that he forgot his image for a while. He stammered, “Then… Ye Fei and Gu Ang?”

Lu ChangJing went on pretending to be elegant and looked at the male reporter. “They’ve been together before, and they’ve long since parted. Ye Fei is very petty, and sometimes he comes to pester me since they separated. Of course, Gu Ang loves me very much, so he doesn’t take him seriously.”

Ye Fei: “…” Fuck, the wind rating was harmed.

Gu Ang sneered, “I never broke up with Ye Fei, don’t listen to his nonsense, we two are quite good.”

He put the accent on the last three words and gritted his teeth. The live screen had now switched to a merged image on both sides for the convenience of the eating public.

Lu ChangJing said a sentence, Gu Ang replied a sentence across the air, making it particularly comical and amusing. The pop-up screen had gone crazy, not knowing who to believe for a while.

[Lu ChangJing looks like he’s been tricked? How silly!]

[I don’t think Gu Ang looks like he’s lying either, he’s getting married to Ye Fei?]

[I just realized, it’s not even a double A love, they have a child.]

[Gu Ang should not joke about things like children, right?]

Lin Bai Bai: [Luminous is getting married! There’s a little baby! Really, really, really!]

[Who is this Luminous Baibai upstairs?]

[Lu ChangJing is making himself really pathetic, in the dark, still making up his own story.]

[So exciting, keep asking, don’t stop!]

The male reporter heard Gu Ang’s answer in his earpiece, and his expression twitched uncontrollably. He looked at Lu ChangJing with forced composure and spoke softly, “But Gu Ang said that you never had a marriage contract.”

“Impossible, when did he say that?” Lu ChangJing changed his face, stood up and almost grabbed the male reporter’s collar with one punch, “Where is he?”

The male reporter trembled and lowered his voice, “We are on air, you should pay attention to your behavior. Another reporter from our station is interviewing Gu Ang and Ye Fei simultaneously, and he just clarified that it is all fake news.”

The corners of Lu ChangJing’s mouth twitched, forcing down the expression that had changed shape, “Well, it’s true that we don’t have an engagement ceremony, but uncle has verbally said so, and he hasn’t denied it. All our plans are being made toward getting married next month.”

“He just said that he no longer has any relationship with his father.” The male reporter mercilessly dropped the last bombshell, directly crushing Lu ChangJing.

Gu Ang looked at that anxious little expression and almost couldn’t hold back his laughter. The effect of hitting his face in the air seems to be even better, although he wasn’t able to dislike him to his face. He looked at the reporter and asked patiently, “Is there anything else you want to ask? We’re still in a hurry to get back.”

The woman reporter then slowed down, hindsight asked, “Aren’t you attending Red Flame? How come you’re an Omega? And pregnant?”

“He re-differentiated. But is there any rule that says Omegas can’t be in Red Flame?” Ye Fei pulled Gu Ang behind him in a protective gesture. His voice was low, as if with a hint of warning, “You asked your questions, the rest is our private matter. Anyway, Gu Ang and I never broke up, and there is no third party, thanks.”

[Ye Fei so cool, love him, love him! Not bad for a man who is going to be a father.]

[I just reacted, my god is going to be a father???]

[So all those things that happened a while ago, they were all oops, they were in a good relationship?]

[Is it true that Red Flame allows a pregnant Omega to go to school? Will he not drop out of school?]

[This melon really has its ups and downs, I’m full!]

[I just went to see the maternity photos, the body shape is really like Gu Ang!]

[You guys, look at the online Chlorophyll and Fluorescent Green, pink heads that are crying to the sky! I’m laughing so hard!]

Gu Ang posted Ye Fei and lazily dropped the last sentence, “If people don’t believe me, I can provide the maternity report. Of course, I think this act is a bit redundant, that’s all.”

After the two dropped countless bombs, they disappeared swiftly. A large crowd of eaters was left, squatting in the live stream watching the backs of the dumbfounded. Gu Ang pulled Ye Fei walked a cut, only to find that the palms of his hands were sweaty. It was a lie to say that he wasn’t nervous, but it was more of a pleasure.

Ye Fei squeezed his palm, “Saying it so directly. Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?”

“We will soon get married, sooner or later it will be known by everyone, might as well be a little more dashing and self-destructive.” Gu Ang wiped the palm of his hand, “Not to mention, I was panicking a little bit.”

“You really…” Ye Fei couldn’t find any adjectives for a while. He finally rubbed Gu Ang’s head, “I’m cheap.”

After Gu Ang sent this one missile out, Chlorophyll and Fluorescent Green could collectively dissolve. The kid was arrogant enough and bold enough, what Ye Fei liked most about him, was also this.

Gu Ang was full of excitement, “The Lu family has to blow up now, right?”

The words just fell, the communicator showed Gu Shen was calling. Gu Ang swept it a glance, then directly hung up and blocked him.

Any more remaining kinship was gone with this. After this time, they wouldn’t see each other again.

“Sad?” Ye Fei knew that Gu Ang had a hard mouth and a soft heart, but in the end he still couldn’t let go of Gu Shen.

Gu Ang licked the corners of his mouth, his expression as calm as possible, “Pretending to be dashing and saying that it is not sad is a lie. After all, he hasn’t been my father for more than twenty years. But everything is his own doing, the blame is on him.”

“Don’t think about these unhappy things, let’s go back to the dormitory to help me move.” Ye Fei rubbed his head. And added, “Don’t be too upset, you still have me.”

The two of them went back to the dormitory and Ye Fei started sorting clothes into the suitcase.

Gu Ang leaned on the side of the bed and asked him, “Did you return to the dormitory directly?”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes, “Mn, it’s been announced anyway, so we’ll both live there together.”

“Good, it’s not very convenient here.” Gu Ang’s mind was thinking about Ye Fei’s birthday plans and was a little agitated. He pretended not to notice and asked, “Not many more days until your birthday, right?”

“Mn, but,” Ye Fei raised his eyes to look at him, “just come with me to see Mom.”

Gu Ang knew that Ye Fei never celebrated his birthday. His birthday was the anniversary of his mother’s death, and that wasn’t very pleasant for anyone. His annual birthday was just a constant reminder that he was the cause of his mother’s death. Gu Ang was a little heartbroken, Ye Fei grew up bitter, so later experiences became light. He nodded slightly, “Okay, I will accompany you.”

Ye Fei said, “This time is different from before, for her, you’re still a new person. I have to take you to reacquaint you with her.”

“Right, I forgot about the crossing.” Gu Ang pursed his lips and tried to sound relaxed, “Then you have to prepare my introduction properly this time.”

He remembered the first time he went with Ye Fei to visit the tomb, the man was silent from beginning to end. Just sitting by the tombstone, sweeping the dust next to it over and over again. Compared to himself, Ye Fei has never even experienced motherly love, which was why he had grown up to be precocious and understanding. All of the early maturity was traceable, but it was just that life had given the pattern of hell early on.

Gu Ang slightly bent down and reached out to hug Ye Fei, “Although you don’t have a birthday, I will prepare a surprise for you.”

“Okay, I’m looking forward to it.” Ye Fei smiled at him and got up again to collect things in the closet.

Gu Ang leaned against the side of the bed, bored with waiting, and clicked on the dialog box to send a message to Bai SiNing: [What’s up with that ID of yours? What’s with the name Lin BaiBai?]

Little White BaiBai: [Lin BaiBai is a puppy that brother Lin picked up earlier, now it’s at his house. Next time I’ll bring it to you to play.]

Little White BaiBai: [You saw the live broadcast, how do you know that was me?!]

Gu Ang: [I’m not a fool… it was the way you spoke.]

Gu Ang: [Bai SiNing, are you really not interested in Lin XiuYong?]

Little White BaiBai: [What nonsense! We’re only good friends.]

Gu Ang rolled his eyes and spat with Ye Fei, “I think Lin XiuYong is really miserable.”

Ye Fei: “Why?”

“Anyone with eyes can see that he likes Little Bai, Bai SiNing actually said they are just good friends, how long is this reflex arc?” Gu Ang added, “They also picked up a dog named Lin Bai Bai.”

Ye Fei hooked the corner of his mouth, “It’s funny when smart people plant themselves on confused eggs.”

Gu Ang kicked Ye Fei in displeasure, “They have already thought of the dog’s name, but you still haven’t decided on the name of our child?”

Ye Fei: “…” What was with this weird comparison mentality? 

Soon, the news of Gu Ang’s live face-punching spread rapidly, and other students in Class S who didn’t often go online also learned of the cause and effect. No one knew who started it, but the class screwed up and stirred up a storm. About the storm of make-up exams.

“Teacher, we request that the examiner for the make-up exam be Gu Ang.”

“Even Old Ye can be the examiner, we strongly request Gu Ang, who got first place, to examine us.”

Wang Chuang who received the news also felt a headache. This year’s Class S students only knew to cause him trouble all day long. Of course he knew the information on the internet and heard about the Omega that the strongest student in the class had differentiated into and was pregnant? Did this also mean that there was no way for Gu Ang to be a good fighter? But Wang Chuang thought for a moment that this could also be a set-up conspired by Gu Ang and Ye Fei.

In fact, Gu Ang was still an Alpha, because there was no way to give birth to the next generation. He was afraid that the Ye Family didn’t agree to double Alpha love. So they deliberately came up with a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

When he thought of this, Wang Chuang sent a message to Gu Ang and asked him to come to the office.

Ye Fei was still in the process of packing up his things, so Gu Ang picked up the phone, “Teacher Wang is looking for me, I’ll be back after the trip.”

“Most likely he’s looking for you to talk about the live broadcast today.” Ye Fei gave him a look, “Go ahead and come back early.”

Gu Ang went out of the dormitory and went straight to Wang Chuang’s office. He entered the door with a big grin and sat down on the sofa, just like a grandfather, “Teacher Wang, you’re looking for me?”

“Is it true about the interview just now? Are you really an Omega?”

Gu Ang nodded his head, “Yes.”

He silently added in his heart, The baby is also about to be born. Looking at Wang Chuang’s face, which was full of uncomfortable words, he held back from saying the whole thing.

Wang Chuang frowned, he didn;t expect that he really became an Omega, he was slightly regretful. Gu Ang was a good seedling, it was really a pity. He thought about it and said comfortingly, “Mn, I get it. Some things are predestined at birth, you shouldn’t be too overly upset by these things.”

Gu Ang glanced at him, suddenly so gentle and still a little uncomfortable. He asked uncomfortably, “You’re not planning to expel me, are you? I’ve become an Omega, but my combat power hasn’t diminished.”

Wang Chuang said seriously, “I can’t say anything about your combat power, but an Omega in the battlefield will be surrounded by Alpha pheromones. You shouldn’t make too many overly dangerous moves just because you became an Omega.” He thought Gu Ang was high-minded and arrogant and couldn’t help but put down some heavy words. Although he knew it was a big blow to the young student, Gu Ang wasn’t an ordinary student in his mind either. He chattered and advised, “There are many other specialties at Red Flame, like Dean Jiang Ruiyuan, who has now also found a field that suits her.”

“Then will you try using your pheromone?” Gu Ang had no choice but to move to the easiest and most convenient way to prove himself. It would be a joke if he really quit Class S because he became an Omega.

“Gu Ang, ah, let me tell you… what???” Wang Chuang, who was still ready to continue to persuade Gu Ang with bitter words, but was instantly suppressed by Gu Ang’s pheromone. With a light fragrance, but raging and swift, even his limbs couldn’t move.

Wang Chuang was forced to try to use pheromone to press back. He felt a bit ashamed. A teacher using pheromone to bully students. However, the white peach oolong pheromone wrapped in spiritual power grew stronger and stronger, and didn’t melt like snow. On the contrary, it continued to suppress Wang Chuang.

Wang Chuang panicked, increasing the pressure.

Gu Ang’s expression was very relaxed, and even distracted himself with a sip of water.

What fucking level of monster is this? In the middle of the pheromone encounter, the Alpha’s aura was almost completely extinguished. Wang Chuang, who was about to be pressed and rubbed by his student with the pheromone, immediately spoke up and called out to cancel the confrontation, “OK, OK, OK, that’s about enough. Student Gu Ang, I know now. You will absolutely have no problem.”

“How about it teacher, my pheromone fighting still has some of your true heritage, right?” Gu Ang looked at Wang Chuang with a smile, without mercy.

“No, in general it’s rather rough, there’s still room for improvement.” Wang Chuang reached out and took out a piece of liver medicine, stuffed it into his mouth, and began to perform with his eyes wide open.

Gu Ang smiled faintly and didn’t retort. Let’s leave him some face, so we can meet later.

Wang Chuang nodded and sheepishly handed over the application for the make-up exam, “In that case, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

The next day in class, Wang Chuang brought the crowd who needed to make up the test to the ring, “In view of your desire to improve, the school has decided to give you a make-up exam. This time, the content of the make-up exam is similar to the last one, but the person responsible for testing you is Gu Ang instead.”

Wang Chuang explained the rules with a happy expression while secretly feeling in his trouser pocket for the exemption letter he had asked the principal for. With this thing, student Gu Ang, please give them a free smash! A cheer erupted from the floor, like a New Year’s Eve.

“Great! Teacher Wang is awesome!!!”

“Hahaha, those students who just passed the exam and couldn’t make up for it are afraid their intestines are going to regret it, they didn’t catch Omega Gu Ang.”

“Gu Ang, don’t worry, we’re all classmates, we will not bully you too much.”

The news that Gu Ang was an Omega was clear in everyone’s mind. The reason for the joint request for a make-up exam was also out of this consideration.

They thought that last time Gu Ang took first place, it must be Ye Fei’s heartache for his wife that he let him win. After all, how strong can a re-divided Omega be in battle? Although, this thing looks a bit bullying on the surface.

A group of Alphas were taking the make-up exams, the application examiner was a pregnant Omega, they felt ashamed. But for the sake of the final grade to be vetter, everyone also brazenly played hard. Compared to the gloom before the last challenge against Ye Fei, this time everyone generally felt unusually relaxed. Everyone had smiles on their faces and even joked with each other.

Certain people were cheap-mouthed and sold goodies after getting a bargain, howling around bitchily, “This time the difficulty factor of the exam is pulled full, after all, the opponent is the strongest of the five schools’ joint exam, but I’m still quite confident that I’ll get a full score from him.”

And Wang YeZhu, who barely passed before and lost the make-up exam, thought, Regretful. Very regretful. I missed the chance to fight the strongest man of this generation and then get a full score. Then I missed a chance to beat Gu Ang and then indirectly beat Ye Fei.

Wang YeZhu’s face was like dead ashes as he was leaning on the railing next to them, like it had nothing to do with him.

Looking at the crowd that was riled, Ye Fei’s expression was light and carefully admonished, “I’m serious, don’t be too crazy, be careful of the baby.”

Letting Gu Ang face this group of peers, he didn’t have the slightest worry. He was afraid Gu Ang would be like he was last time, and he couldn’t hold his anger and vengeance, his action would be too fierce and might scare the baby.

“I know.” Gu Ang easily jumped into the ring and stood in the middle.

Wang Chuang slowly called the names, “The first make-up exam, Ai Deng.”

Ai Deng, who had been humiliated by Ye Fei, was now bursting with confidence. He tilted his head and joked with the person next to him, “Doesn’t this omega look quite imposing?”

“It’s all pretend, right? You’re lucky to be the first to get him down and get rid of the reputation of being a rookie.” The next person joined in.

Ai Deng shouted towards Gu Ang, “If you beg for mercy now, I’ll give you face. I heard you’re pregnant, it’s not good to hurt the baby.”

“Cut the crap and come up.” Gu Ang frowned and said impatiently.

Ai Deng smiled and told everyone, “Brother And is still quite grumpy.”

He thought to himself, If I were to fight against an Omega, I would get a perfect score.

Seeing the Alpha coming up, Gu Ang took a step forward with a thud. With the right foot as the center, the surface of the bout table within a radius of thirty centimeters, he directly produced a circle of cracks like a spider web. The stage was suddenly quiet, and a strange atmosphere spread.

Ai Deng scratched his head with an awkward smile, “Quite a battle.”

He was imagining too many fancy things in his head. The words just fell, when Gu Ang sent out a kick flying. After a loud sound, Ai Deng fell down on the stage. Unlike Ye Fei’s watering down, Gu Ang’s rhythm was fast and accurate. A cloud of dust rose from the stage, along with Ai Deng’s belated muffled grunt.

Wang Chuang pressed his stopwatch next to him and slowly and expressionlessly reported, “0.5s.”

Gu Ang tapped his toe on the ground, “Who else wants to do the make-up exam?”


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