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Chapter 95: The Omega Who Did the Checkup Was Me

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey~


Gu Ang glanced at him, and suddenly had an epiphany. He ground his teeth and approached Ye Fei, hating to bite the man, “Did you keep me covered up on purpose?”

“What?” Ye Fei expressionlessly twisted his palm.

This small movement was caught by Gu Ang and taken into his eyes in full. Every time Ye Fei was lying, he would do this subconsciously.

Gu Ang was smart, especially in the matter of Ye Fei calculating him, and had developed an amazing acuity. He had a hint of intuition that the dog had given him a complete run for his money again. Gu Ang ground his teeth and showed a vicious expression like a small beast, “You prepared a set of things for me to change into, to cover me up. We’ve been on the cusp of a lot of things lately, and it’s easy to run into gossipy internet users.” He added his tone, concluding with certainty, “You did it on purpose, letting people see you with an Omega for a maternity checkup, trying to clear my name of being a cuckold.”

Ye Fei pressed the corner of his mouth, forcing a smile, “You found out, Light has become smart.”

“How can you dump the pot on your head for your own selfish desire?” Gu Ang was furious, reached out and twisted his arm. The muscle was a bit hard, but it didn’t squeeze.

Ye Fei frowned slightly, ignoring the slightest pain, “I’m letting people call me out for cheating, isn’t that good?”

Gu Ang was silent. It was a question of whether it was better to be cheated on and have people sympathize, or to be called out for being emotionally inattentive. Even if he picked one, both felt wrong. He choked for a few seconds, and then dropped his eyes to brush the forum, while spitting.

“Now it’s not a question of who is the cheater, we both have been harmed by the wind. You’re hurting the enemy a thousand, with a self-loss of eight hundred.” The situation now was: one had a fiancé, one had a child, two scum each playing their own games. It was clear that the dedicated deep love was all a lie. “Anyway, it will be clarified sooner or later, it doesn’t matter.” Ye Fei looked very calm, he looked down and continued to read the recipe, “I’m more concerned about what to cook for you at night.”

“You have a big heart.” Gu Ang leaned his head back and read lazily, “Your black powder fans are called Chlorophyll, my side is called Fluorescent Green, and the two sides are arguing on the forum. What is there to argue about? This year’s scum man?”

Ye Fei ignored him, fingertips sliding the screen, “How about stewing a chicken1?”

“Why do you say dirty words so vulgarly?” Gu Ang glanced at him.

Ye Fei: “…” He changed the end address, “I’ll go to the supermarket to buy food first, wait in the car.”

“Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten Chef Ye’s cooking, looking forward to it.”

“Yin and Yang.” Ye Fei didn’t resist pinching a handful of his face, his fingertips squeezing out a soft piece of flesh. “Little friend, you’ve been really bullying lately.”

“The doctor said to take care of the pregnant husband’s emotions.” Gu Ang held his head up, his chin tensed into a straight line. The expression was open and arrogant.

Ye Fei was helpless, what else could he do? He picked this person and he had to spoil him. The car stopped at the entrance of the supermarket, he rubbed Gu Ang’s head, and hurriedly got out. Gu Ang sat in the car, put back on the mask, back to the fully armed look, lying on the window to look at the back of people far away.

While watching the handsome man’s back of the head, Gu Ang thought to himself, From a distance, he looks quite arrogant and aloof. This man was so cool even when he was buying groceries, like he was carrying a gun to kill someone. He stared motionlessly in the direction of the supermarket entrance, feeling as if he had become smaller.

Like a child waiting at the school gate to be picked up by parents, but not the same as when he was a child. Qin LeHe sometimes arrived late and forgot, Ye Fei did not. After a while, Ye Fei walked back with two large bags of food, slightly bending down to look through the window. Gu Ang arched his eyes and smiled at him through his mouthpiece.

“Where are your parents, little friend?” Ye Fei teased him.

Gu Ang cupped his throat and pretended to be a little child, “I’m alone and lost.”

“Then go home with big brother, big brother will give you food.” Ye Fei pulled open the car door and sat in, “Later, you’ll be big brother’s child bride.”

Gu Ang couldn’t hold back, laughing and cursing, “Pervert, Ye Fei, you’re getting more and more perverted.”

“Things near ink turn black.” Ye Fei glanced at him.

After a few seconds, Gu Ang reacted to the meaning. This person was cursing in a roundabout way.

The car drove back to the villa and stopped at the lawn of the garden. Gu Ang sneakily rushed in, shaking off his shoes and stepping into his slippers, finally able to take off his mask and breathe heavily.

Ye Fei went straight into the kitchen with the ingredients, having bought some kitchen supplies that finally came in handy. He pulled up his sleeves to the level of his arms and started to handle today’s dinner.

Gu Ang went upstairs and changed into a piece of loungewear, his whole person fell soft, leaning on the open kitchen bar to watch him move around.

The young master, who was obviously a young man who didn’t touch the sun, was skilled in household chores. Clean, treat, cut into pieces, drain, and then stuff ingredients into the chicken belly. The shirt on his forearm was loosely buttoned and rolled down little by little.

Ye Fei didn’t turn around, lowering his head to seriously handle the plucked chicken, “Light, come over and help me with my clothes.”

“Mn, here I come.” Gu Ang slowly stepped over with his slippers and hugged the person from behind. He warmed up for a while before lazily helping him to roll up his sleeves and push them up to the crook of his arm.

The job was done, but the person didn’t leave. Gu Ang continued to hold his waist from behind, the tip of his nose rubbing against his shoulder. Ye Fei’s susceptible period seemed to have not yet passed, and a very faint brandy smell could be detected on his body.

“Why are you so sticky today?” Ye Fei side glanced at him and continued to work.

“I can’t let you go.” Gu Ang tightened his hands around his waist, “Are you going back to the dorm tonight?”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, “Should I?”

“Would people find out? We seem to be a bit high-profile lately.” Gu Ang spoke in a muffled voice.

Ye Fei put the chicken in the pot and washed his hands again before turning to look at the koala hanging on him, “Recently the Lu family is busy dealing with the Ye family’s crackdown. Where would they have time to keep an eye on us every day.”

Gu Ang showed a smile and leapt up, “Then stay here today.” After saying that, he wrinkled his nose again, “Tomorrow, I have to go to the Lu family’s drinking game again, let me be happy for a while today, so that I won’t be in the mood to face that bunch of annoying people.”

“Anyway, stay away from Lu ChangJing, I think he’s interested in you.” Ye Fei put him against the side of the cooking table and took a few moments to look at the fire on the stove next to him.

Gu Ang let out a snicker, “He’s only interested in power, but he’s just using me to climb up the ladder. Of course, with such a handsome fiancé, it’s still a long time for him to save face.”

Ye Fei was very unhappy with the word fiancé. Now the rumors were going around, Gu Ang didn’t admit it, nor did he refute it, and had an ambiguous attitude. The more the parties involved keep a low profile, the more diverse the rumors become. Some say that Gu Ang was trolling, others say that he was forced to do so, and others praise that green tea tactics were fancy.

Gu Ang knew very well in his heart, as long as he didn’t admit it, he couldn’t let people catch a handle on his face later. Seeing Ye Fei’s gloomy face, Gu Ang tilted his head and touched his lips to regulate the atmosphere,”Big brother, tell me, not that we are cuckolding each other, is it more like cheating?”

Ye Fei: “…” 

The more Gu Ang talked, the more he got excited, “I’m carrying my engaged fiancé, and you’re carrying your pregnant Omega, and you’re coming to this little villa for a rendezvous. Fuck, it’s so exciting.”

Ye Fei couldn’t stand it and rubbed his buttocks, “Do you know what cheating is going to do? Who’s cheating on you and bringing a chicken to your door to cook?”

Gu Ang was amused, “Then you are really the worst lover of the year.”

“Go rest on the sofa, I’ll call you when dinner is ready.” Ye Fei looked at the time and started to work on the stir-fry again.

Gu Ang lazily moved out of the kitchen, threw himself on the couch, and casually brushed up on the news. The rumors about himself and Ye Fei were everywhere, and it was disturbing to watch. He rubbed his sore eyelids and exited the interface, only to see that Bai SiNing had sent him a message.

Little White BaiBai: [Brother Ang, the person in the photo is you, right? I can recognize you even if you turn into dust!]

Gu Ang: [What are you talking about?]

Little White BaiBai: [No, I just look at the group of Fluorescent Green jumping up and down on the Internet, I am anxious.]

Gu Ang: [You shouldn’t care about it, in a few days I will clarify it myself.]

Little White BaiBai: [Humble, sitting and waiting for the truth, I’m suffocating to death.]

Gu Ang just saw that the Luminous backing group had gone sparse, falling back from four-digit fans to the initial double-digit number. Only Bai SiNing was trying hard to liven up the atmosphere, but the group was already a pool of stagnant water.

Gu Ang spat softly, this fool. He was a foolish, unpredictable person who wouldn’t let go.

Gu Ang replied: [In a few days, when I get together with Lin XiuYong for dinner, I’ll tell the truth.]

Little White BaiBai: [Okay!]

After sending the message, Gu Ang felt a little sleepy. He leaned on the sofa and drifted off to sleep, a bit confused about the day and night.The kitchen gradually drifted out a burst of aroma, when half asleep, half awake, he felt someone pinching his nose. Gu Ang opened his eyes again and saw Ye Fei sitting next to him. He opened his mouth to speak and found his voice a bit muffled, “Is the meal ready? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Mn, I saw you sleeping soundly, so I didn’t bother you.” Ye Fei reached out and pulled him over, “Come, ancestor, let’s serve you dinner.”

This phrase “ancestor” made Gu Ang’s heart flutter with joy. There were three dishes and one soup on the table, which looked very good. Ye Fei’s cooking skill was very good, although not often, the taste accurately caught Gu Ang’s stomach.

In the past, when at the military camp, it wasn’t good to eat alone, followed by everyone to the mess hall from the pot meal. Gu Ang was sitting, leaned back in the chair, blowing the soup into and drinking it, “I really miss the taste, I am more and more looking forward to getting married.”

The days seemed to go on so smoothly that they would soon get back on track with their lives. The latter period of time, Gu Ang began to move around with the Lu family frequently. He didn’t fail to live up to the conditions that the Ye family father and son and Qin LeHe had created for them, providing quite a lot of seemingly hidden inside information in accordance with the previously discussed plan, guiding the Lu family to constantly destroy the various forces of the Ye family.

Each time the battle was fought, the Lu family won big. With each attack, Gu Ang’s trust soared internally and began to gradually follow to attend important occasions. He thought to himself that with a little more effort, he was getting closer to touching the core. He just needed to find the evidence of collusion with the Federation, then he could return in one piece.

Of course, Ye HongFeng, as the helmsman of a top family, naturally prepared with both hands. Arranged everything early, well planned and didn’t succeed in all the retreat. He took this opportunity to properly purge the Ye family up and down properly. Those who seemed to go deep behind the enemy’s secret base, in fact, only reached out to take the money themselves but never showed up. Those who used the name of the Ye family in the army to fox the tiger, through the corpse of the people. Those who secretly used the weapons in the secret armory of the Ye family to make the difference between the good and the bad. The vast majority all fell in Lu’s attack.

All the flotsam was burned cleanly together by this fire.

From the surface, the Lu family’s crazy nibble suppressing the Ye family’s power made a huge splash. But in reality, Ye HongFeng was constantly disposing of those parasites that were dragging the family down, cleaning up the behemoth that was the Ye family. And what remained were the elites who were truly loyal to the main family of the Ye family.

Not only was it more like an arm, there was even a taste of mourning in it. The Ye family’s internal personnel streamlined a lot, their core combat power had risen two steps. Finally, after once again eliminating a secret Ye family base hidden on the Lu family’s home planet, Lu Yan and Gu Shen called Gu Ang into the study alone.

The trio’s hidden conversation made Gu Ang’s heart happy and had a strong sense of foreboding. What he wanted, he would get it right away.

“Little Ang, this time I called you here because there is something I want to hear your opinion on.” Lu Yan’s face was very kind, and with his status, he could be said to be quite affable.

Gu Ang held back his excitement, and sat down at the side, “Uncle Lu, please tell me.”

Looking at the spirited teenager in front of him, Lu Yan sighed deeply, “Alas, every time I see you, it’s like seeing ChangQing and ChangBai.”

Gu Ang suppressed his nausea and returned with a smile on his face, “In the future, I will also honor you like I honor my father.”

After saying that, he intentionally glanced at Gu Shen. Gu Shen pressed to give him a thumbs up, and touched Lu Yan’s hand, “Yes, old Lu, with our relationship, it’s only right for little Ang to call you dad.”

“Good, good!” Lu Yan nodded his head repeatedly, looking at the teenager with a pleased face. “Recently you have made a great effort, I believe that you sincerely want to enter our Lu family. In the future I will treat you as my own son.”

He kept a high level of vigilance at first, after all, Gu Ang and Ye Fei used to have a special relationship. However, recently, the hidden information provided by Gu Ang led the Lu family to win, which made him slowly develop a sense of trust. He thought Gu Ang was Gu Shen’s son, like father, like son.

The desire for money and power was probably passed down from one lineage to the next. Lu Yan finally relaxed his guard and placed Gu Ang as his trustee.

Gu Shen’s expression slightly moved, seeing Lu Yan loose mouth, he struck while the iron was hot, “Look, the children will soon be married, we will find the time in the future, but we first have to go through the formalities.”

Lu Yan felt a little emotional. He grabbed his hand and rubbed it twice. “Well, then we’re really a family.”

A family? You’re not worthy. Gu Ang looked at the two intertwined hands, he was so disgusted he almost threw up.He faked an expression of relief, but his heart was struck with a hammer. He had to speed up to solve this matter, and could no longer delay. Otherwise, the Lu family’s treason would be established, and not only the Lu family, even the whole Gu family would be buried with them. When the time cocame- mes, if they wanted to get back in one piece, it wasn’t so simple.

Gu Ang was alert, his heart line pulled to the extreme, calculating how to open his mouth.

He saw Lu Yan put a communication instrument on the countertop, “This communication instrument is a backdoor left for the family when ChangBai was still alive.”

“What is it? What does this have to do with ChangBai?” Gu Ang asked, playing dumb. He looked at the communication device and instantly knew in his heart. This was, in all probability, the tool used to communicate with the Federation.

Lu Yan touched the handset of the communication instrument and spoke slowly, “You still don’t know, after the death of ChangBai, ChangBai began to intervene in the family’s small and large issues. At first, I actually held the attitude of training him to assist him, wanting to see how far he could grow. But what I didn’t expect was that ChangBai was actually more level-headed than his elder brother, or even than me. Not only did he put the family’s original things in order, he even found another path for the family. This communication instrument is the one he left for the family, the most critical hand.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, eyes staring deadly at that small instrument. His eyes almost burned a hole in the device. On the other side of the communicator, who was the contact person?

Lu Yan didn’t notice his expression, lowered his head to open the communication device, a projection displayed on the empty wall of the study. A figure appeared in the middle of the screen, a tall and powerful body full of majesty, gnarled muscles full of explosive power. The man’s voice was deep, “If you have something, hurry up and say it. I still have important business to deal with.”

Lu Yan hurriedly got up and introduced, “Lord Li, this is Gu Ang, the child of Gu and me. From now on, he will be in charge of liaison, and this time he’s here to let you get acquainted with him.”

“Hm?” The other party raised his eyes, and only then did he notice Gu Ang in the corner.

Gu Ang’s heart was excited, but the surface was calm. He nodded slightly and responded politely, “Good day, Your Excellency.”

“Okay, I understand. From now on, this kid will be in charge of the transaction, right?”

“That’s right.” Lu Yan nodded his head.

Gu Ang raised his eyebrows, hearing the keyword of the transaction. Old thing, finally the old man caught a break.

“I don’t have any problem, just tell this kid not to delay my goods.” The strong man who was called “Lord Li” sounded a bit dissatisfied. “I thought you two old men had finally figured it out and were ready to fully join the Federation, but I didn’t expect it to be such a trivial matter.”

Lu Yan put down his stance and hurriedly smiled, “Your Excellency, don’t worry, this communication line has been kept absolutely secret. Even if we’re caught, we can’t be traced here. When the time comes, just change the communication system again.”

“It’s never fully safe. The next time I contact you, I would like to be heard directly from the Federation. Don’t call me every day to waste my time.”

Lu Yan laughed bitterly for a moment and didn’t respond to the other party’s words. Trading was one thing, surrendering was another, he wasn’t so courageous to give up the current high position directly.

The strong man snorted in disgust, “No gumption, it’s interesting to talk to that perverted kid. By the way, how come he didn’t come this time?”

Lu Yan stammered, “ChangBai… ChangBai, he…”

The strong man instantly comprehended and didn’t pursue the question. He sighed deeply after a long time, “Alas, that boy helped me a lot. He played a big role in the fact that your Lu family and our Federation can get together.”

Lu Yan smiled awkwardly, “Yes, yes, yes, I hope to continue to contact you in the future.”

The strong man didn’t say anything more and hung up the communication device decisively. The screen flashed for a moment and turned into a dark background.

Inside the study, the three looked at each other, a little confused—

The Federation, the Northwest Military Region base camp inside. The burly man who just ended the communication called for the adjutant, “The cooperation with the Imperial Lu family is fully terminated, withdraw all our people one after another.”

“M-my lord? Why suddenly make such a decision?” The adjutant seems to be a bit confused.

The strong man coldly snorted, his expression was somewhat regretful, “That perverted child who could help us resist Ling JunHan died, the Lu family no longer has the value of continued cooperation.”

The adjutant’s voice trembled, “But the Lu family is at least the top family in the Empire, if we can successfully instigate them to defect, the general can definitely take great credit.”

“What do you know? Without Lu ChangBai, even if the current Lu family at the helm really wanted to mutiny, they would have been snuffed out directly in the cradle. Take our feathers back, the current Lu family is no longer worth the sacrifice.” The strong man regained his indifference and gave the order decisively.

“As instructed, Lord Marshal.” The adjutant bowed slightly and headed out.

“If you were born in the Federation, how good would it be?” The strong man sat in the military tent and let out another long sigh. He looked into the distance, his brow full of frustration—

After Gu Ang said goodbye to the two old things, he didn’t leave immediately. When the lights in the study went out, he went in through the window again sharply and felt his way to Lu Yan’s safe. He took the universal magnetic lock of the XuanBird and opened the box easily. The information was varied and contained a number of trading channel documents.

Gu Ang rolled up the information and hid it in his clothes. Carefully again, he put the safe back to its original place. If it was just documents, Lu Yan could say it was slanderous forgery. But the private contact with the Federal top brass just now, mentioning the deal, was enough to hammer all chances of life for the Lu family.

Gu Ang withdrew from the study and squeezed the device in his hand. It was the XuanBird’s special invisible retention device, which had recorded the contact image just now as it was. It was late at night, but Gu Ang was too excited to hold back.

After laying a line for almost a month, he finally caught the big fish of the Lu family. He called Ye Fei and asked Bai SiNing to meet Lin XiuYong, and the four of them met at Bai SiNing’s house. Bai SiNing was arguing that he was hungry and took all the ingredients out of the house and casually prepared a small hot pot.

Ye Fei whispered and asked him, “Done?”

Gu Ang nodded, “Yeah.”

“What are you two working on? Is it important to call us out so late?” Bai SiNing threw the shrimp slider into the pot and looked at the two of them with a bewildered expression.

Gu Ang stared at the mandarin duck pot, “Why is there clear soup?”

“What’s wrong with you two? How come you said you broke up?” Lin XiuYong opened his mouth at the same time.

The three of them weren’t on the same channel, each saying their own thing.

Gu Ang looked helpless, looked at Lin XiuYong, “You’re not our CP fan, so why are you so concerned about our love life?”

Lin XiuYong rubbed his brow, sitting with a dark face, and flung out reasons one by one, “First, I am a member of your Luminous CP fan group, who are you to say I’m not your fan? Second, if you two break up in private, even if it’s true, now make a fuss, do you know that our Empire is about to face a major crisis in the future? Finally, once you guys broke up, my job became twice as difficult, it’s too hard to monitor you guys. Lord Qi Cang won’t send me double the funds.”

It was reasonable and irrefutable. Gu Ang opened his mouth and chose to eat with his head down.

Bai SiNing stuffed a pill into his mouth and spoke vaguely, “Ye, brother Ang, you two have just made up. So many misunderstandings have been cleared up, so why the break up?”

Gu Ang glanced at Ye Fei, wondering where to start. As he was lost in thought, he was kissed by Ye Fei at the corner of his mouth. It was just a second, like being pecked by a bird’s beak.

The man wiped the corner of his mouth and spoke lightly, “Any more questions?”

“Fuck, you made up?” Bai SiNing was even more excited than the person in question, dancing and howling, “So what’s the hidden agenda?”

That day Gu Ang made a hint to him and nothing more, he couldn’t guess the truth and almost lost sleep at night.

Gu Ang asked again in a low voice, “Is it okay to talk now?”

“I’ve got everything, so I can tell you.” Ye Fei gave him a definite answer.

“All this is a play that we both put on jointly with the Ye and Qin families.” Gu Ang briefly explained the whole plan to the two after a little thought. The plan was so complicated that it took ten minutes of talking back and forth before it could be finished. His mouth was dry and he poured a large mouthful of water into his mouth before concluding, “So Lu ChangJing’s marriage contract is a fake, Ye Fei and I, we were never separated, it was all an act.”

Lin XiuYong applauded slowly and grimly, “Bullish.”

Bai SiNing froze for a long time, finally sorting out the twists and turns in between, excited with hindsight, “Awesome, brother Ang!!! This way, not only did you remove a cancer for the Empire, but you also created a perfect opportunity to avenge your mother.”

Lin XiuYong was speechless, “So you two made a big fuss for half a day just to collect information about the Lu family’s treason?”

Gu Ang suddenly reacted and his expression froze, “You don’t mean to say—”

“I’m trying to say that Lu ChangBai hitched a ride with Zerg before, and I provided a lot of help in it. I have a whole set of information about their Lu family’s betrayal of the human race here. It’s convenient for Lord Qi Cang to find an opportunity to pull out this poisonous tumor in advance in the future.”

Lin XiuYong rubbed his fingertips, “Of course, you have the video information, so you can hammer them to death.”

Gu Ang: “Why did you not say that earlier?”

Lin XiuYong didn’t have the good grace to spit, “You didn’t ask, ah, I also talked to you two openly and honestly once before in vain. You guys are good, you just ignored me.”

The tone was resentful, his expression was helpless. The deep grievance in his heart was visible.

Gu Ang held forehead, tentatively asking, “You mean to say that Lord Qi Cang actually already knows?”

“Do I still need to tell you? The future Lu family betrayed the human race, do you think Lord Qi Cang will let them go?” Lin XiuYong was completely speechless.

Gu Ang caught the keyword, Qi Cang knew about the future.

That he obviously, also traveled back.

Lin XiuYong was still rambling with complaints, “Can you two focus on becoming stronger and not engage in those things? It’s easier to tell me about this stuff. Two admirals, count me as begging you, you’re now shouldering the future hopes of the Empire, don’t waste your energy on such places.”

He was so angry that he felt the confession bureau had eaten for nothing. After talking for half a day, the two still didn’t fully trust him. They didn’t include him in their plans earlier, even with the two families tossing for so long. Now they were prancing out of the enemy camp, only to show off.

Lin XiuYong said again, “I’m a spy, not a bad guy, you guys should wake up.”

Gu Ang felt the sultry gaze and his expression was a little uncomfortable. He pulled Ye Fei’s wrist and thought about how to find a remedy. Indeed when making the plan before, he completely forgot about this person Lin XiuYong. In the end, the thinking hasn’t been fully transformed, subconsciously still had a wariness of him.

Ye Fei squeezed his palm and spoke blandly, “It’s not for nothing, with this time, the Ye family cleared a lot of internal moths and purged the top and bottom. This matter is a double whammy.”

Lin XiuYong nodded and applauded again, “Okay, you have a point, I can’t tell you off.”

Gu Ang propped up his chin, “Yes, how can it be considered a waste of time? Besides, I have to get the evidence of my father’s involvement in it. And, my dad is getting married to Lu Yan soon, and Ye Fei and I are getting married next month, so if we’re a little slow, not only the Gu family, but also the Ye family will be involved.” He urged, “So, no more delay, the verdict has to be given in these two days.”

“Yes, yes, you all have reasons, I’m convinced.” Lin XiuYong raised his hands in surrender, “Give me the stuff, I’ll give it to Lord Qi Cang tonight, so that this can be wrapped up sooner.”

Gu Ang handed over the video recorder and the information, “It really must be done as soon as possible, it can’t be delayed.”

“Got it, nagging.” Lin XiuYong put his things away and leisurely sipped his soup.

Bai SiNing’s ears perked up like antennae, catching a bunch of key words in the conspiracy, “Wait, you’re getting married next month?”

“Yes, get your wedding money ready, thanks.” Gu Ang didn’t even raise his eyes, stuffing his mouth with beef. It was a relief to have this mess finally resolved.

“Then we must prepare a big gift.” Bai SiNing stomped his feet in excitement, “Are you getting married before the baby is born?”

Lin XiuYong held his soup bowl and looked at the several people in confusion, “What baby?”

“Ah, let it slip.” Bai SiNing slapped himself and carefully glanced at Gu Ang. He hung his head and begged pitifully, “Brother Ang, I was wrong. I’ve been holding it in for many days and tried my best.”

Gu Ang’s face didn’t change, “It’s okay, Lin XiuYong is not an outsider either.”

Lin XiuYong snorted coldly, “You know now that I’m not an outsider? So whose baby is it?”

Gu Ang rubbed his stomach and spoke in a cloudy voice, “I’m pregnant, so we’ll do the wedding before the baby is born.”

Lin XiuYong: “…” He froze for a few seconds before he suppressed his surprise and opened his mouth, “I saw you looking up the information on white peach oolong in the library before, but I didn’t think you weren’t an Alpha. How the fuck did you cross back as an Omega?”

This thing was too shocking, so he let out a rare curse, and almost broke his voice.

Bai SiNing spit out his tongue, “I also think it’s amazing that brother Ang is so powerful and he’s an Omega.”

Lin XiuYong shook his head, “I have to go back and check the experimental data. Where exactly did it go wrong?”

Gu Ang cocked his head to look at him, “I want to know too, let me know after checking.”

“So, since the information is done, when do you two plan to tell everyone?” Bai SiNing, as a CP fan, was anxious to heck.

Gu Ang smiled faintly and looked down to squeeze his fingers into Ye Fei’s palm, intertwining their ten fingers. He whispered, “Soon.” 

Bai SiNing wasn’t the only one who was anxious, Gu Ang himself was also anxious to clean his name. For most of the month, he and Ye Fei had been suffocating.

The next morning, Gu Ang and Ye Fei appeared at the entrance of the school, hand in hand. The two of them were walking hand in hand on the boulevard, just like the time they publicly announced their relationship, generously and flashily. Gu Ang exhaled slightly, feeling that even the air became sweet. It was a great feeling to be able to appear in front of everyone in a big way.

He certainly knew the effect of this action. Rumors went through a thousand mouths, he didn’t even need to open his mouth, gossip immediately spread. As soon as the two showed up, the gossip board of the forum blew up directly and completely, just like a missile blast.

The photos of the two holding hands were secretly taken and uploaded, and everyone’s jaws dropped.

[Fuck, can they make up if they’re both wearing green hats? What’s your experience?]

[I can’t understand this story, but the colorful flags are flying outside, and the red flags at home will not fall down?]

[But Ye Fei has made another pregnant, can Gu Ang accept him having children?]

[Gu Ang is engaged to someone, yet nobody talks about him.]

[Chlorophyll and Fluorescent Green can wash and sleep, and people don’t care whether they are cuckolds or not.]

[This is really a melon seed eating show this year, and I have already supported it!]

[Maybe because this is a rich family, it’s actually a fancy game!]

[I just want to say, doesn’t Lu ChangJing feel cuckolded?]

The online chat was happy, in person, everyone was still restrained. Seeing two people enter the classroom, the atmosphere was quiet for a second, so silent that it was eerie. A breeze swept by and Gu Ang actually smiled at them. Everyone was silent, afraid of being beaten.

Gu Ang entered the classroom under the gaze of a crowd of eyes, and again through the shocked expressions of everyone, sat down in his seat and blandly attended the class.

Sitting back at the same table with Ye Fei again, they had all kinds of intimacy without avoiding suspicion. Even if the gossip was even more, Gu Ang didn’t care. His mood today was good, not having to hear those vicious little mouths. Even in between classes, he had a whim, and kissed Ye Fei’s face.

In short, with how high-profile he was, his mood was clearly very good! 

Bai SiNing witnessed everything and gave a thumbs up towards them, “It’s worthy of being my pink CP, it’s awesome.”

Gu Ang shrugged his shoulders, “Be yourself, fearless.”

He received a message from Lin XiuYong in the morning that the evidence had been handed over and everything was a foregone conclusion. So they didn’t need to play the bloody drama of breaking up. Of course, all the love of the show should be made up. Ye Fei looked at his impetuous little actions and felt funny, as if he had realized another side of Gu Ang. He was happy and went along with his actions.

After a day of classes, Gu Ang was ready to go back to the dormitory with Ye Fei. Before he reached the entrance of the school building, he was stopped by a woman with a microphone and a camera behind her. Gu Ang looked at the logo on the microphone and raised his eyebrows gently. He smiled faintly at the gasping woman and pulled Ye Fei’s hand tighter, “Don’t rush, take it easy first.”

The woman finished panting by pressing her chest and straightened her messy hair again, signaling for the camera to turn on next to her, “Hello, Ye Fei, Gu Ang, I’m a reporter from Emperor Star Hot News, I’m live now and have some interview questions for you.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, They’re doing a live broadcast to capture his annoyed look, right? I’m tired of seeing these routines. He raised the corner of his mouth in a gangly manner, “Ask.”

“Before, various news articles mentioned that your father announced that you and Lu ChangJing have been engaged, so now that you and Ye Fei are holding hands, is there a suspicion of cheating?” The woman asked sharply, almost leaving no room for error.

Gu Ang tilted his head and asked naively, “Live is it?”

The woman choked for a moment, “Yes, the network is broadcasting at the same time, and there are already a lot of people online now.”

She took a half step back and looked at the two tall teenagers in front of her, afraid that the other side would start a fire. The reporter’s expression became complicated, showing apprehension and anticipation. If they really caught Gu Ang beating someone up, the number of broadcasts would definitely soar.

Gu Ang smiled and took Ye Fei two steps toward the camera, letting his face fill the entire live screen. He cleared his throat, and the words he was about to say had been rehearsed in his mind countless times. It was the result of many nights of careful consideration and fearlessness of the storm that followed, “The news is false, I have nothing to do with Gu Shen, and I have never been engaged to Lu ChangJing. Also, the Omega that went with Ye Fei for a maternity checkup was me.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 鸡 – chicken, can also mean male prostitute


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June 8, 2023 5:06 am

He he Lin Xiuyong is a spy but late about the news that Gu Ang is an Omega and also pregnant 😁..

June 27, 2023 4:53 am

Double whammy indeed. Who’d want to be in a big, powerful family like these…. nope, not me!
So it’s more or less over then? The Federation had no intention of sticking with the Lu family… was that known by all interested parties too?
Thanks for translating, the T/N and editing.

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Lmao I understand mc in that excitement on weaving drama 😂 like damn,, so spicy like a live AU lololol. You and hubby and then each of you have your own drama and green hat and then having a secret rendezvous.

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