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Chapter 73: Ore Fairy

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Broken Cocoon walked in the forefront to show the players the way.

“How’s it going, Broken Cocoon, have you reached the place yet? I’m already thirsty for my big treasure sword!” The first player to talk to Cocoon was still the same, as he wielded a wooden sword in his hand, his body full of burning battle intent. Although his weapon was only a wooden sword, since this was a virtual game, players kept their real life attack power. When he swung the sword it could cause the sound of breaking wind. This was a sword that cost him hundreds of coins, which was a huge expense.

Broken Cocoon said, “Almost there, almost there. I heard the movement in front of that bend, the monster should be in the second bend. I just don’t know if it will be there after so long.”

The players who came along heard and chatted, “It should still be there. The game hasn’t refreshed, so a BOSS should stay in place waiting for players to fight it, right?”

Broken Cocoon, however, felt that things wouldn’t be as simple as they thought. Was there any less surprise this game has given them? Sure enough, when they walked past the two corners, not to mention the monster, they didn’t even see a monster’s shadow.

The crowd behind them booed. Broken Cocoon shrugged and asked Mo Song, “Brother Opinion, what should we do? Should we keep going or…” Go back home?

If they went forward, it would only lead to the deeper part of the mine, which was darker and darker. Even the mine lights, at the moment there was only one at a distance. However, if they went back home now, would it mean that their actions tonight were a complete failure, and the copper coins they had spent were a direct loss?

Mo Song frowned and first asked the players who had come together what they intended to do, and found that the majority of people wanted to continue to go in. He indicated to the live viewers that they would walk a little further up the road to see if anything new would happen. However, while the vast majority wanted to continue in, there were a small number of people who intended to give up.

After these people said they were not going to follow the group, they broke away from the group and started walking out. As they walked, they also whispered and laughed at the group of dumb people. The situation now was that there were clearly no more monsters, so why go inside? They should use this time to go back to farming and fishing, right?

Mo Song and his entourage naturally did not know that the few who left thought they were idiots. They walked in the dark for a while and Broken Cocoon stopped to tell everyone that there was a resting place in front. There were a lot of mine lights installed and there was a special open space for people to rest.

Broken Cocoon turned around to face the crowd, but found that everyone’s eyes as they looked at him suddenly became a little strange. The heavily glazed eyes and protruding eyeballs that were clearly not looking at his face. Broken Cocoon’s heart felt a vague sense of foreboding. He stiffened, shoulders tensed into a hard line. He stood up straight, but with a slight tremor in his voice as he asked in a whisper, “What…what’s wrong? What happened? Don’t look at me like that! I’m a little scared.”

Did the monster appear? Was it right behind him? It couldn’t be…a legendary…ghost, right? Oh my God, it’s so exciting!

The nearest player slowly came back to his senses and also answered his question in a small voice, “You…you do not have to be too excited. The monster seems to have appeared, but it is just a shadow. The entity is somewhere behind you. Don’t turn back, slowly walk towards us… Hey, hey! How did the shadow start to get smaller…Holy shit, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming ah, ah!”

The player’s originally quite calm voice became sharp as he began to freak out. Others who were listening to him felt the hairs begin to stand up on their bodies. 

Broken Cocoon, who usually remembered to calmly respond to everything, immediately screamed. He jumped up on the spot, and pulled at the nearest person to him.

Unfortunately, the closest person to him was Mo Song.

Mo Song felt that he was really unlucky. Obviously, he didn’t do anything, but someone beside him grabbed onto him like a koala. What’s worse, his viewers not only didn’t sympathize with him, but also showed their respect by sending [Hahahahahaha] all over the pop-ups.

Damn, this group of black fans!

At this time, Broken Cocoon was scared by his own imagination and closed his eyes. Only his scream echoed in the mines and the scene quickly fell into an eerie silence. He was shivering, but his back was slapped a few times. And then, he also felt an extra weight on his left shoulder, which seemed to be a round ball of wool, and a small flapping sound entered his ears.

“Broken Cocoon, Broken Cocoon! It’s okay, you can open your eyes now.” Mo Song said helplessly. “The ‘monster’ has appeared of its own accord, and if you don’t open your eyes, you may not have the chance to see it.”

Not only Mo Song, but the discussion among the players also opened up at once. The voices were so chaotic that one couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying for a while. But Broken Cocoon could clearly feel that these people did not seem to have any fear at all, but rather were more curious and excited.

He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, but why did Cocoon also feel like Mo Song was trying to hold back his laughter when he was talking to him?

What exactly happened? What exactly did the monster look like?

With this strong curiosity, Broken Cocoon carefully opened his left eye first. The corner of the eye quickly swept his shoulder where a small dark figure was trying to come to his face. Curious, Broken Cocoon opened his other eye as well, and then inclined his head to look over.

His eyes saw a pair of large, round, black and white eyes.

This pair of eyes on the pure black ‘wool ball,’ was nothing but fluff except for the eyes, while the wool ball body was constantly emitting a ‘chi, chi’ sound. When it noticed Broken Cocoon was looking over, the woolen ball’s calling not only became heavier, but it also bounced a few times on his shoulder. The touch was soft.

What was this thing?!

Broken Cocoon’s head was full of big question marks. When he closed his eyes, such a thing appeared on his shoulder?

After he broke free from Broken Cocoon, Mo Song confirmed that the woolen blob had no intention of leaving for the time being, and seemed unafraid of people, so he simply showed the camera the woolen blob, and allowed the live viewers to have a good look at this legendary ‘mine guard.’

[Hahahaha! Don’t say it, I don’t know about the word ‘guard’, but such a small one makes Little Brother Broken Cocoon look huge!]

[Why is it so cute? No one has a problem if I start calling it the mine mascot, right?]

[I’m about to laugh! Hundreds of people put up such a grand battle, and, at last, the ‘monster’’ is actually such a small thing. It’s also too funny! Now I am convinced that in this game, there will be no monsters at all!]

Not only the audience in the live room, even the players who came over to try to fight the monster also changed their thinking in a very short period of time. They felt that they had come in vain, they were scared the entire time and found it a little hard to accept.

Even that little monster had such a cute appearance.

“What is this thing? It’s such a cute little black one! I thought it was a briquette turned into a spirit!”

“That’s right. It’s obviously only so big, and Broken Cocoon looks huge! It’s an incomparable appearance!”

“It’s not because of the nearby mine lamp, right? This little briquette standing in front of the mine lamp, the projected shadow is not bigger, if that’s the case, Broken Cocoon, go back and look into its eyes…”

As the center of the people’s voices, Broken Cocoon did not have time to care about the attitude of these people. At this time, a virtual dialog box appeared in front of him that only he could see, telling him that the [Ore Fairy] in the mine wanted to recognize him as master, and was asking whether to agree.

The meaning of acknowledging the master…This was not actually a monster, but a pet?

Broken Cocoon quickly glanced at the small black ball bouncing on his shoulder, and decisively chose to agree. In all kidding, when had there ever been a creature in Carefree Farmstead that wanted to claim its owner? He was the only one among the players it chose. It’s strange so of course he wouldn’t refuse!

The next second, the world announcement also sounded.

[Congratulations to player ‘Broken Cocoon’, who was recognized by ‘Ore Fairy’ and received the pet ‘Ore Fairy’ and the title ‘Family’s Little Cutie!’]

The little black ball on his shoulder also emitted a faint light, after the light disappeared. Broken Cocoon felt a faint connection with this little black ball.

Broken Cocoon, “!!!”

Players who saw the world announcement, “???!!!”

No! They were such a large group of people, how come that small black ball only recognized Broken Cocoon? What were they? Witnesses?

At this moment, everyone except Broken Cocoon was jealous. Everyone was looking at Broken Cocoon and the Ore Fairy on his shoulder with a face of indignation, wanting to snatch the latter in their own arms. Who would have thought that such an insignificant little dot, it could actually become a pet?!

A farming game could actually have pets?

Broken Cocoon only felt his brain was dizzy, a sense of drifting, confirmed again and again. He knew that he was not dreaming, before exhaling a breath of foul air, and sitting his buttocks on the ground. Damn, he was now happy and his legs had gone soft! Fortunately, his fears were rewarded, and he actually somehow got the first pet in the game.

After the players were jealous and angry, they quickly returned to normal and came around to ‘care’ about Broken Cocoon, and asked him about the pet and the title he got.

The pet Ore Fairy could increase the owner’s mining success rate by 10%.

The name ‘Family’s Little Cutie’ could be obtained by any player who owned a pet, which increased the character’s affinity by 10% while wearing it.

Mo Song listened sourly and asked a question in time, “I can understand the mining success rate, but what is ‘affinity’? Does it do anything?”

Broken Cocoon shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know either. The gap between him and the others was just one more pet away. To ask him for more details…how could he possibly know? As he was thinking like that, he smoothly put on his newly gained title.

With that, the players noticed that Ore Fairy, who was staying on Broken Cocoon’s shoulder, seemed to be acting more enthusiastically towards its master.

Oh, they understood, so affinity was this kind of affinity!


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June 12, 2023 7:53 pm

Man, I thought they were talking about was a bat 😭 I guess an ‘ore fairy’ is cuter though!

July 3, 2023 6:02 am

It flapped, so Ore Fairy could be based on a bat ☺️ Love ’em.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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