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Chapter 100: Licensed for Life and Non-refundable

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, cherry coked up


Gu Ang often wondered what his life would be like without Ye Fei in it. He might be the same as before, cynical, muddling through college, then entering the system to work. Life wasn’t interesting, and there was nothing to pursue. Finding someone to marry that you liked, that was even harder. He had such a picky taste, and most likely would end up alone for the rest of his life.

But he met Ye Fei, and every trajectory of his life had become different. It was Ye Fei’s appearance that made his long, boring life interesting. It was also Ye Fei’s existence that made him a better person. Even though too many things happened in the middle, he finally returned to the way he wanted to be at first.

The meaning of this person to him was really too great.

Gu Ang drew an X on the calendar day after day, waiting for the wedding to come. The day before the wedding, the two took a leave of absence from school and went to the notary’s office to register their marriage. They wore the same white shirts and black ties, ironed and tailored, and they looked very good.

Gu Ang was pregnant, but except for a little more curvature of his stomach, he was still thin. When his shirt was tucked into the waist of the pants, the loose waistline concealed the appearance of his pregnancy, so he still looked like a 17 or 18 year-old teenager.

Ye Fei and his suits were custom-made, the same type, wide shoulders and narrow waist, looking imposing. The clothes were obviously the same, but they had a completely different aura.

The two stood in front of the camera, handsome and eye-catching.

“The two of you, married couple, come closer. The handsome big brother on the left, smile.” The photographer looked at Ye Fei’s indifferent face and couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Gu Ang looked up at Ye Fei, reached out and pinched his cheeks, following the advice of the other person, “Handsome big brother, smile.”

Ye Fei didn’t hold back, the corners of his mouth lifted to reveal a light smile.

Gu Ang was satisfied before he turned back straight ahead, his head slightly tilted towards Ye Fei’s side to close the distance. Their intimate look, like a pair of cross-necked lovebirds.

“Very good, look at the camera.” After two clicks, the photo came out.

Gu Ang took the photo and looked at it left and right, and couldn’t stop looking at it. The red background and white shirts, the two of them even had the same curve of the mouth, they looked very good together.

“Take the photo, go to the side and print the marriage certificate, and you’re done.” The photographer said with a smile, “Congratulations, good luck. I love taking pictures of good-looking people.”

“Thank you.” Ye Fei nodded slightly.

The two of them went out with one photo each, turned to the next card office, sat down with the rules and handed over all the certificates. The staff member looked up and froze a little when he saw the two too-young faces.

“Ye Fei, Gu Ang, right, are you both marrying voluntarily?”

“Yes, voluntarily.” The two teenagers stifled their laughter as they replied.

The staff member looked at the date of birth again and muttered in a low voice, “One is eighteen, the other nineteen, tying the knot so early?”

Ye Fei replied with a stoic expression, “If underage people could get married, we would have done so already.”

Gu Ang hit him with his arm, “What are you talking about?”

“Just think about it, after the certificate is a legal certification, not a child playing house.” The staff member said in a serious tone, “I have seen too many people who got married on the spur of the moment.”

People were also good-natured, so to say such obscure words on the wedding day was quite upsetting.

“You should hurry up and do it.” Gu Ang hurriedly interrupted, “We have very genuine feelings, you don’t have to worry.”

The staff member raised an eyebrow helplessly and entered the information. Soon, two red books were handed over, “It’s done.”

Gu Ang took them and opened them, his fingertips traced the words “Gu Ang” and “Ye Fei”, neatly and beautifully lined up side by side. His heartstrings moved slightly, pulling Ye Fei’s hand to reveal their rings, holding the marriage certificate as a background and taking a picture.

“Showing off?” Gu Ang raised an eyebrow.

Ye Fei hmmd, “Send me the photo.”

A few seconds later, the two’s mutual friends saw two similar statuses.

Ye Fei: Licensed.

Gu Ang: Non-returnable for life.

It was sweet and cloying to look at, causing a little toothache. The two male gods just got married, and countless people got heartbroken and had to say congratulations.The following quickly piled up replies, a large white head together with old, a reply particularly conspicuous.

Old Shen: Ye Fei smiled like a fool.

Gu Ang exhaled, answering without anger: You’re a fool, you’re jealous.

Little White BaiBai: Lieutenant General Shen calm down, you have a better picture.

Little Lin Lin Lin: Tsk, jealous.

King Kong Little Barbie: Lapdog Shen ate lemons? Do you want me to bring you a box tomorrow?

Old Shen: Are you guys annoyed? I’m just telling the truth.

King Kong Little Barbie: Ye Fei is the most handsome, I don’t accept any rebuttal.

Old Shen: Handsome again? You can’t chase him!!!

King Kong Little Barbie: Lapdog Shen, I came to your training room downstairs, let’s fight!

Gu Ang held his forehead, crying and laughing at once. He slid the reply below and spat, “Is this group of people really admirals? Why are they so childish?”

Ye Fei put away the marriage certificate and put it in his suit pocket, “Maybe they crossed back and became younger, and became sick in the middle.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his nose, “I don’t know if calling them all over for the wedding will cause any trouble.”

Ye Fei said, “At least this group of people are aware of our past, so just reluctantly invite them.”

“Mn, reluctantly.” Gu Ang agreed.

Ye Fei led the man out of the notary’s office, and the sun was shining brightly on the ground outside. He squinted his eyes, “Finally, it’s legal again. Can I tear up the marriage certificate?”

Gu Ang paused in his steps, “Tear it up for what?”

“So you can’t get a divorce.” Ye Fei still felt palpitations when he thought of his last life.

Gu Ang fell into contemplation and simply said, “Okay, tear it up.”

Ye Fei hmmd and took out the two certificates from his pocket, one for each of them, “Come.”

The two stood at the door of the notary’s office with their heads down, furtively committing crimes. Fingertips hooked the edge of the document, carefully removed the photo, and then along the middle of that slit, torn in half.

The staff member who just ran the permit just came out of the air from inside and crashed right into it. She looked at the strange movements of the two with a horrified face and couldn’t help but speak out, “You’ve just finished your license and you’re fighting? I told you to think it over before—”

“We’re in a good mood, so we’re tearing the certificate to celebrate.” Gu Ang smiled at her, followed by Ye Fei bent over the car.

The staff’s face was full of black lines, as if they were looking at two idiots.

She just gave them the booklet and in the second, they were tearing it up completely. She shook her head, really, life was a big forest where there were all kinds of birds.

Ye Fei was fixed at the Ye Family head’s position, drooping his eyes and said, “Dad said to come home for dinner tonight, your mother will also come over.”

“Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them both.” Gu Ang was still immersed in the joy of receiving the license, and couldn’t help but giggle. He looked at the marriage certificate broken into pieces in his hand, then whispered, “Tomorrow’s the wedding, I’m still a little nervous.”

“Nervous about what?” Ye Fei squeezed his hand and put it in his palm to play with it.

Gu Ang shook his head, “I don’t know, I’ve never been to a wedding before, it’s my first time, I have no experience.”

Ye Fei laughed, “If you say so, I’m also inexperienced.”

In the last life, the wedding was rushed, lasting only ten days. Too many things happened. It was too late to make it known, and then it ended without a hitch. After the divorce, Gu Ang felt regretful and thankful at the same time. If he couldn’t get to the end with Ye Fei, it was good that they didn’t have a wedding. Otherwise, that person and himself would have been bound together forever, affecting his later life.

It was just that there were many late nights when he felt regretful. In a sense, Gu Ang was very ceremony-oriented. It was romantic for two people to read a declaration of love opposite each other and then vow together to grow old together. His palms sweated unconsciously as he imagined the scene the next day.

A relationship with the blessing of the people should probably last longer. The car pulled up in front of the Ye Family house, and the two of them chatted as they entered the door.

Ye HongFeng and Qin LeHe were already sitting at the dining table, sitting opposite each other drinking tea and chatting. Hearing the door rattling, Ye HongFeng raised his voice, “Our groomsmen are back.”

“Dad, you’re back so early?” Ye Fei greeted, and nodded at Qin LeHe, “Hello, auntie.”

Qin LeHe smiled and snickered, “Time to change it to mom.”

“Mom.” Ye Fei shamelessly followed suit.

This time Gu Ang back stiffened, he looked at Ye HongFeng for a long time before squeezing out the word, “Dad.”

“Eh, the registration is finished, right? Take out the marriage certificates for us to see.” Ye HongFeng smiled and reached out.

Ye Fei hesitated for a few seconds and handed over the torn certificate from his pocket, “It’s already like this.”

“What’s wrong with you guys? Just after receiving the certificate and then it’s gone?” Ye HongFeng almost lost his breath.

Qin LeHe was also anxious, “Oh, this is a bad omen.”

“What omen? We just don’t want to get a divorce, so we tore up the certificate.” Gu Ang shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Qin LeHe gave him a blank look, “I’m convinced by you guys. The marriage certificate can be replaced, you have no common sense.”

Gu Ang opened his mouth, “Can I also be replaced?”

“Forget about the in-laws, tear it all up.” Ye HongFeng acted as a peacemaker, “You guys hurry up and sit down to eat.”

Qin LeHe didn’t stop even at the dinner table, repeatedly nagging them about it. She also nagged to remind Gu Ang, “You’re going to be a father, from now on do things in your head.”

Gu Ang responded vaguely, going in his left ear and out his right.

Qin LeHe self-indulgently nagged them, before turning the topic to the wedding, “You two will sleep separately tonight, and see each other at the wedding tomorrow.”

“We’ve got a license, why do we have to separate?” Gu Ang was dissatisfied.

Qin LeHe said, “This is the custom, you don’t understand, so listen to me.”

Gu Ang retorted with a strained neck, “Bullshit custom, we have a child.”

After those aggrieved words, his mother had nothing to say.

“We don’t care about this red tape, just be happy.” Ye HongFeng waved his hand and said with a big grin, “After dinner, you guys go back early to rest, you still have to work all day tomorrow.”

Qin LeHe felt she was being targeted, and replied in a bad mood, “You three men are bullying me, I won’t say anything.”

Gu Ang stifled a laugh, “Then you’re more temperamental, don’t mind us.”

What he wanted was very simple: be together, then not separate even for a moment. They had already missed too many days, and every second of the present was worth cherishing. The wedding was held at an old Ye Family fortress, with all kinds of mecha parked on the lawn in front of the entrance, and most people came from far and wide to attend.

It was a rare beautiful day, between spring and summer, and the sun shone brightly. Ye Fei had indeed picked a good day for the wedding.

The whole scene was filled with deep blue flowers, like the starry sky and the deep sea. People were walking through the flowers, coming for the feast of the day.

Gu Ang sat in the dressing room buttoning the last button and bending down for Ye Fei to help him tie his tie. The man’s fingers were deft and he quickly tied a beautiful Windsor knot. They skipped the wedding reception and went straight into the auditorium to walk the ceremony later.

Gu Ang thought it was simple. He was living together, so what was the point of all this nonsense? He couldn’t wait to exchange vows with Ye Fei and become the envy of everyone.

Bai SiNing, who was rarely formally dressed, was dressed like a golden prince. But he sat on the sofa, sadly propping up his head and sighing, “Brother Ang, you made me miss the chance to get rich.”

“What?” Gu Ang twisted his head hard to look at him, his neck a little tightened by his tie. He raised his hand and pulled at the tie, feeling a little breathless with tension.

“Don’t you know you have to give red envelopes to receive the bride? God Ye had to bribe us to see you.” Bai SiNing spat bitterly, “What a blunder to have such an opportunity to extort once in a lifetime.”

Ye Fei raised his eyes slightly and picked a heavy red envelope from the pocket prepared next to him and threw it over, smashing it squarely into Bai SiNing’s arms. His voice was laced with laughter, “Is that enough?”

Bai SiNing weighed the money, there must be 10,000 in there. IT was a great method to hit people with money.

“Enough.” He nodded doggedly, and glanced at Lin XiuYong, who was sitting lazily next to him, and added shamelessly, “There’s also brother Lin’s share.”

Ye Fei didn’t bother to pay attention to him, he reached out and threw a large bag directly over, “Help us distribute it to everyone later.”

“What a great guy.” Bai SiNing gave a thumbs up and said with a smile on his face, “I like to be friends with rich people.”

Lin XiuYong glanced at him, “You’re not poor, why do you love money so much?”

“Does anyone have too much money? How strange.” Bai SiNing glared at him inexplicably.

The two of them were bantering with each other when the door was pushed open vigorously. A group of people crowded in, making the large dressing room a bit crowded.

Gu Ang took a look at all the familiar faces.

Jiang HeYi nudged Shen Fei Zhou, “Get away from me, you’re crowding me.”

Shen Fei Zhou gave her a blank look, touched the meticulously combed hair and walked forward, “Congratulations on your wedding, this is a wedding gift for you.”

Jiang HeYi made a face, “Ooh, Lapdog Shen is enlightened?”

Shen Fei Zhou coolly responded, “That is also better than you, this uncomprehending little fat girl.”

The two people were like elementary school children quarreling.

Jiang HeYi pooh-poohed, “You’re the one who doesn’t understand, I’ve also prepared gifts and gratuities.” She took a delicate small bag and handed it over, with an infinite regretful tone up and down the Ye Fei sized up. “The male god is married, I will not chase you afterwards. It’s immoral to chase a married man.”

“Okay, thanks.” Ye Fei was inexplicably relieved.

This girl used to chase him for years, it was simply a psychological shadow.

Yin WenXuan looked at the pair of newcomers, concluding with an old-fashioned opening, “Gu Ang is pregnant, from now on they are a family of three, so you have to love each other. I have watched you all the way from before the crossing to now, you didn’t have it easy.”

“Mn, you’re right.” Gu Ang nodded his head.

“Sorry for interrupting, but you all crossed over?” Bai SiNing weakly raised his hand and issued a question.

The Qi brothers tacitly looked back at the man on the couch and nodded again with the same frequency, “Yeah, how did you know?”

“Last time brother Ang and the others told me about it.” Bai SiNing scratched his head in embarrassment and wailed with a bit of regret, “So, of the nine people in this room, I’m the only one who’s not a returnee? I’m too miserable, right?”

“Can’t help it, after all, you died early.” Jiang HeYi walked over and patted Bai SiNing on the shoulder with a big grin, “It’s good to see you again.”

Bai SiNing gave her a friendly smile and said curiously, “It seems we knew each other before?”

“Not only do we know each other, we know each other quite well, you’re Gu Ang’s adjutant.” Jiang HeYi looked at the teenager wearing gold-rimmed glasses and asked, “Who is this handsome big brother next to you?”

“Lin XiuYong, don’t you know him?” Bai SiNing was in shock, “No, isn’t he the one who got you guys back? He… he made that crossover invention, it’s awesome.”

“We don’t remember the day we came back, so it was thanks to him.” Jiang HeYi shrugged his shoulders and hesitantly said, “Wait, Bai SiNing, why are you talking so much all of a sudden?”

From memory, the kid never said more than four words in a sentence.

“You’re not the first to say that about me, the me you guys know is how silent I really am.” Bai SiNing pursed his lips, still couldn’t resist spitting out, “Brother Lin is also too miserable. He did such a big thing, yet no one remembers.”

Lin XiuYong lightly raised his eyebrows, “I’m relieved to see that everyone is alive and well.”

Gu Ang looked around at the crowd and sighed, “It’s a good thing that there are still people who remember what Ye Fei and I did before, otherwise it would be too stifling. You guys are quick to praise our beautiful love, how hard it is to be together for six years before and after, divorced and married again.”

He couldn’t wait to have bragging rights on such a day when he was the main character. The people outside didn’t know, but the people in this room were ones who had been there from beginning to end. Those things have long been scattered into the universe, turning into stardust. It needed to be brought up often to remember the bitterness.

“Yes, yes, yes, your sweet love-mouth is the best and most moving.” Shen Fei Zhou perfunctorily patted his shoulder. In his tone, the sour taste was like kimchi that was pickled for three years.

Ye Fei tsked and held his words back.

Bai SiNing was dizzy, “What? You were divorced? I missed a hundred episodes!”

Jiang HeYi spread her arms with a helpless face, “My friend, you need to make up for too many lessons.”

After ten minutes of science, Bai SiNing realized how much had happened in the next six years. When he looked at the couple again, both eyes were filled with tears.

Lin XiuYong helplessly took a tissue to wipe his tears, “Why are you crying?”

“It’s too touching!” Bai SiNing huffed and puffed, bean-sized teardrops fell down, “The Luminous! I’m high on it being really true!”

Jiang HeYi rubbed her temples, “Oh my God, Bai SiNing has become like this! I’m so uncomfortable!”

Lin XiuYong gave her a warning look and rubbed Bai SiNing’s head again, “That’s fine, why are you talking so little?”

Jiang HeYi immediately closed her eyes and looked out the window. The other people had people to spoil them, but she was a loner.

The staff outside knocked on the door, “The two newcomers are ready to go on stage, our ceremony will start in three minutes.”

“Okay, we’ll be right there.” Ye Fei returned in a deep voice, and glanced at the crowd, “You guys go out and sit down first, Little Bai remember to help us scatter the red envelopes to everyone.”

Bai SiNing went out with a large pile of red packets and patted his chest, “I’ll take care of it.”

The room became empty as the crowd dispersed. Gu Ang leaned against the window and felt a lot of emotions. The best thing was to be so lively, with friends laughing and your lover by your side. He always thought that he had lost everything when he came back, but now it seemed that he had got it all back. Gu Ang blinked, having a rare heart-to-heart, “Big brother, I feel so happy now.”

He thought crossing back was a painful thing, but he never thought he would gain more. He could feel that, one by one, things were moving towards the best possible outcome.

“We will be happier later.” Ye Fei lowered his head and touched the corner of his lips, his voice gentle, “Are you ready to be my bride?”

Gu Ang blushed, and couldn’t pull his face. He pooh-poohed him sideways, “Who is your bride?”

“Then the groom, I don’t even mind.” Ye Fei said indifferently, “The important thing is that we get married.”

Gu Ang nodded heavily, and a thousand emotions surged. He kept telling himself that he had to hold back his tears, otherwise he would be too humiliated. However, the moment the two walked down the aisle, his emotions were still a bit out of control. The two wore the same custom-made suit and intertwined their fingers in harmony.

Gu Ang held Ye Fei’s hand, and his every step was solemn. It was like walking through a heartfelt time, walking through a broken love. He saw countless smiling faces skimming past in front of him, Qin LeHe and Ye HongFeng sitting in the first row watching them with a light smile and blessing.

Their relationship has finally made itself known to the world. It also did, everyone held the joy and blessing. The two walked to the middle, and the sky was filled with blue flower petals flying and falling everywhere.

Gu Ang’s eyes turned red as he pinched the palm of his hand, only to be sure that this wasn’t a dream.

The witness was the principal Zhong Zhan, who dutifully controlled the process, “Two new couples, do you want to become your other half with the man opposite you and enter into a marriage contract with him? From now on, whether poor or rich, in sickness or in health, you will never leave him and will never give him up?”

“I do.” The two voices overlapped in perfect harmony. They hadn’t rehearsed, but they said it hundreds of times in their hearts. 

Gu Ang’s vision became blurred, everything he dreamed of finally came true today.

“Good, now you can exchange vows.” Zhong Zhan made a gesture of invitation.

Gu Ang took the microphone and raised his eyes to look at Ye Fei. The man he had loved for many years, more handsome than ever, stood across from him with deep eyebrows. Many images flashed through his mind, from the first time he met, to now. Spanning several years, it seemed that the longer they had been together, the deeper that love became and the more he couldn’t hide it.

Gu Ang opened his mouth and found that his voice was trembling. It was hard not to be nervous at such a time when he called himself a starfighter, “I’m glad I met such a person in my life, so that I can defiantly go into a grand love affair. I have a lot of bad habits, I’m not good-tempered enough, and I’m not attentive enough. But I can promise that I will always love you with a burning heart. Big brother, this time, I will never let go of your hand.” He reached out and hooked Ye Fei’s knuckles, “When you hold me, it’s for life.”

Gu Ang felt his words were cheesy, but he also meant them. He said it euphemistically, but there were nuances in it that he believed Ye Fei could understand. Last time, he was forced to let go of his hand. This time, it won’t end without a fight.

Ye Fei pursed his lips and grabbed his hand with the opposite hand, suppressing his surging emotions. Because Gu Ang called him “big brother”, he had to behave more steadily. He took the microphone, his voice hoarse with restraint, “I’m not good either, too arrogant and aloof, and sometimes I don’t know how to express my emotions. But please believe that I’m changing little by little for you. I hope that until the moment of birth, old age and death, you can be the ever arrogant and fearless Gu Ang. No need to doubt, to let you have love is the meaning of my existence.”

After saying these words, Ye Fei felt a raging and sour feeling inside. He almost lost Gu Ang, but the lost object found itself. He couldn’t wait for the witness to say that the couple could exchange rings and kissed him, so Gu Ang couldn’t help but lean up and kiss Ye Fei.

Just like the moment he pressed into Ye Fei at the graduation ceremony, he expressed his deep love in a hot and active way. Ye Fei wrapped his arms around him, thinking, Such a good half finally became a part of my life.

All the guests started to applaud, the applause was long and lasting, with heartfelt blessings. No one knew how they used to love each other, but they could see the light in their eyes when they looked at each other. The past was no longer important, they had their whole future.

The lively party that followed, the upbeat music, and the toast after toast, but Gu Ang could no longer remember. The details were no longer important, he only needed to remember the happy atmosphere.

Gu Ang felt like he was overwhelmed with joy, mechanically saying thank you to the people who came to congratulate him over and over again. It was late into the night when the fun died down. The two of them stood at the entrance of the castle, dizzy, watching the last guests leave.

Bai SiNing, with a red face, leaned against Lin XiuYong and slurred, “Brother Ang, we’re going to make a scene! Bridal! Chamber!”

“Don’t disturb the young couple, go home.” Lin XiuYong covered his mouth and nodded politely, “You two enjoy the night.”

Before the words left his mouth, the last of the gang rolled out of the doorway in a huddle.

Jiang HeYi was spitting alcoholic fumes, and Shen Fei Zhou stumbled left and right, “Tonight I’ll let you guys off, another day… another day you must be filled to death.”

Two people who were broken-hearted by their favorite people, and were taking advantage of the alcohol to kill their sorrow.

“All right, all right, you guys have spoken. Please go, please go.” Gu Ang couldn’t resist the urge to get rid of them.

Ye Fei said, “Be careful on the way.”

Yin WenXuan grabbed one in his left hand and held one in his right, like a worried old father, “All right, let’s go back.”

Gu Ang couldn’t hold back his laughter and watched them get on the mecha before withdrawing his eyes and looking at Ye Fei. Under the starry sky, he looked into that person’s pupils and his heart strings moved slightly. He and Ye Fei broke the mirror and reunited, once again obtaining a license. The mere thought of it could make him happy for the rest of his life.

“What? What are you looking at me for?” Ye Fei asked him.

Gu Ang licked his lower lip and braced himself against the darkness, “Honey, are we going back to the bridal chamber?”

The atmosphere was stagnant, as if the cicadas from early summer could be heard. Ye Fei froze, suppressing his restlessness, his voice hoarse from too much drinks, “What did you call me?”

Gu Ang didn’t say anything and turned toward the room upstairs of the castle. It was only after a long time that his voice came out from inside in a leisurely manner, “Honey, come here.”


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