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Chapter 74: “He’s fine, he can eat and sleep.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When he finally saw the end, Bai Li exited from the live stream as he finished eating the bowl of strawberry jam that he had forgotten to put away. Wen XingYao was sitting next to Bai Li. Previously the two shared a virtual screen, so when Bai Li saw the picture, Wen XingYao naturally also saw it.

Having not expected that the rumored mine guard was actually just a small mine fairy that eventually became a player’s pet, a large group of players blasted the situation but they became the accompaniment. Wen XingYao hadn’t expected that development. His heart vaguely regretted his decision. If he had known, he would have gone along with the lively people. Even if he didn’t get the approval of the mine fairy, it would still have been good to witness it.

Although they watched the whole thing through Mo Song’s live stream, there were still some differences between the two. If Wen XingYao’s side was just disappointed, the players who followed along to the mine, but ran out of patience in the middle, were really regretful.

How did things turn out this way?! Now they couldn’t regret it. They then turned back hoping that there was still a chance to touch that cute and lovable fairy, right?

No one knew the answer.

Bai Li just happened to catch a grass carp, and inclined his head to see Wen XingYao’s expression seemed a little subtle, smiled and asked, “Demon Xing, are you thinking about that pet thing?”

“Hmm.” Wen XingYao didn’t deny it, and directly asked his question, “That pet…Is it some specific creature in the game? If it’s an ordinary animal, can it become a player’s pet?”

This was really a good question. Bai Li could not help but sigh in his heart about his quick-minded friend. He didn’t hide, but also didn’t rush to explain. “Your guess isn’t wrong. As long as it is a living creature, in a way it can become a player’s pet. But there are restrictions. In simple terms…You can also think of them as being spiritually intelligent, or much smarter than their counterparts in order to be captured as pets by players.”

“Captured?” Wen XingYao had been listening carefully, so now he had a new question, “But the world notice just now, it said ‘got the approval of ore fairy’, what’s the difference between the two?”

Bai Li didn’t immediately throw the bait into the water, and continued to explain, “Of course there is a difference. Ordinary animals exist in reality, while ‘ore fairies’ are my fictional, non-existent creatures. You can consider the latter to be much more advanced than the former, so the latter is still very picky about finding a master, full of uncertainty. If you walk down the road, there won’t be fairies jumping out to say they want to recognize you as their master.”

Oh, that’s really quite uncertain.

Wen XingYao nodded his head, indicating that he understood. He quietly digested what he heard for a while and asked a third question, “So how many pets can a player have at most?”

“Well…” Bai Li thought about it and held out three fingers. “At most, you can only have three at the moment.”

After saying this, he quietly reminded himself to make a patch for the pets. He had forgotten to limit the number a player could have. If there was no limit to the number, some players who had  big brains would get an army of pets, and then there would be a lot of fun.

Seeing Wen XingYao was still in a state of contemplation, Bai Li simply took the initiative to add this limit quickly.

Each pet had one to three pet skills. Generally speaking, the higher the talent, the more powerful the skills. However, these skills weren’t related to combat, but were mainly used to give the player a set of gain status, so that the player could farm more efficiently, as well as increase other life skills.

Pets could eat the crops grown by players, and could also eat the pet feed sold in the game store. It took the right time, the right place, and the right people to gain a pet and this condition could only be understood but not spoken.

In short, to get a pet to their liking, luck and strength were indispensable.

Bai Li did not make this limit too difficult. As long as the player had the intention, ifs they spent two or three days coaxing the pet, they could get a pet to like them. For Bai Li, having a pet in the game was an optional thing. He had Supreme anyway, so he had no worries about not having a critter to pet.

As for Wen XingYao, for this new way of playing, he was also curious if he could have a pet, or if it depended on fate. The game shop actually had no ready-made pets for sale. If there were, he would have bought a ready-made one.

As for what he was thinking, Bai Li wasn’t aware of it.

After chatting about pets, the effect of strawberry jam was still going to last for ten more minutes so the two continued fishing. Due to the previous small talk, it was more or less floating in Wen XingYao’s mind. He could not help but think of Bai Li’s identity as his juvenile body’s temporary owner. After he thought again, he asked softly, “Li Bai, you said you had a cat at home. How is he doing now?”

Bai Li did not know how complicated the psychological negotiation had been for the other party to ask such a question, only thought that the other party was too bored and quiet to find a topic, so he answered casually without any burden, “You mean Supreme? He’s fine, he can eat and sleep, and he’s gained a lot of weight recently!”

Wen XingYao, “…” He regrets asking this question!

As an adult, or an adult with a high status in the empire, Wen XingYao only felt that every word in this answer didn’t match his image. What did it mean to be able to eat and sleep? What do you mean by gaining a lot of weight? It was also the name. Well, Supreme, sounds quite odd!

The word of the tiger and the wolf, it was simply the word of the tiger and the wolf! He was screaming for himself in his heart, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face, afraid that his expression would give away his secret and let Bai Li find out. As he choked on a mouthful of blood, he had to praise against his will, “Fat is good, fat is healthy, and his name ‘Supreme’…it’s a nice name.”

“Haha, isn’t it? I had great expectations when I gave him that name!” Bai Li was happy to have someone praise his naming ability.

Although he had a vague feeling in his heart, Wen XingYao asked with a smile on his lips, “What are the great expectations?”

This was not really easy to explain. Bai Li paused before he replied, “I hope he can grow up to help me plant the land together, to become the most powerful kitty planter?” Supreme among cats. Well, that’s what it meant.

Wen XingYao, “…” The number of times he was speechless today was going over the limit.

He really didn’t expect that his juvenile life wasn’t as he thought. He could easily stay at Bai Li’s side to enjoy the blessings, but he actually had to help Bai Li work with his ‘delicate’ body? Was he really such a miserable cat? No, he was really led astray by Bai Li. His original identity was obviously the Silver Flamed Gold-Winged Lion, so how did he become a soft and non-aggressive kitty?

Unfortunately, it was no use thinking about it now. He didn’t even know when he’d recover. When he thought about this, Wen XingYao’s mood was inevitably depressed, and he sent a message to his adjutant, Tang Ying, and asked him to come to his house in half an hour.

Wen XingYao really didn’t know how to reply to what Bai Li said. Luckily, just at that moment the bonus belonging to the Strawberry Jam ended, the two naturally ended the conversation and stopped fishing.

In an hour of fishing time, Wen XingYao caught a total of seven koi, Bai Li used a combination of ordinary fishing rod and advanced bait, and only caught four koi, the rest were ordinary fish. The two of them went over to the village head and handed in their quests together, and received a contribution point for their work, so they went back to their respective homes and went to work on their yards.

Tang Ying received the message from Wen XingYao and quickly rushed over. As soon as he entered Wen XingYao’s courtyard, he was dragged into the house by him. When he saw this situation, Tang Ying knew that the other party probably had something important to discuss with him.

“Admiral, do you have something to order?” Since Wen XingYao disappeared and showed up again, Tang Ying could be said to have been relaxed for quite some time. Today, seeing that Wen XingYao had called him over so formally, he was inevitably a bit nervous.

Wen XingYao was silent for a few seconds and opened the door to the subject, “I am now in my infancy.”

Hearing Wen XingYao’s words, Tang Ying did not react at first and said in a very relaxed tone, “Ah? Your infancy…That’s not something to…It’s not that important…” After finishing the last word, his eyes were already wide open with disbelief and he stammered, “In, infa, infancy? Admiral, where are you now? I have to get to you as soon as possible!”

Looking at his subordinate who was in a hurry, Wen XingYao sighed lightly. He knew this would be his reaction, and hurriedly asked him to stop first. “Take it easy. I’m fine now, so calm down. I have something to ask you.”

“Calm down? How can I be calm? You’ve gone back to infancy!” Tang Ying’s expression looked like he was about to cry. “Who in the entire empire doesn’t know what it means for a normal Therian to regress to early childhood? It’s late Genetic Collapse Disorder! There is no saving you! The only place you can go is ‘Hope Star’, but if you go there, you’re just waiting to die. How can I explain to General Wen and the others when you’re like this…And the Starnet users who have been waiting for you to appear! If they know about this, I’m afraid the whole empire will be shaken…”

The Wen family and the Tang family were family friends, and Tang Ying was one year older than Wen XingYao, so they grew up together. A few years ago, Tang Ying became Wen XingYao’s adjutant, and the connection between the two became even closer, so it was not too much to say that they were family. If the news of Wen XingYao’s retreat to his infancy was known to his family, how would they react? Tang Ying dared not even think about it.

“Then let me ask you, what are the symptoms of regression to juvenile age?” Wen XingYao said.

This kind of knowledge Tang Ying could recite with his eyes closed. He opened his mouth and answered, “First, the juvenile will lose all aggression, and look like a real cub. Secondly, after returning to infancy, the consciousness belonging to the human self will gradually fall asleep, there is intelligence regression, and they no longer have a human mind. Finally, once the Therian go back to their juvenile state, there is no possibility of recovery…”

Wen XingYao pinched his temples and asked, “Since human consciousness in infancy falls asleep, you can’t run to Starnet and play games.”

Tang Ying, “…”

Tang Ying, “!!!”

His desperate eyes suddenly brightened up and regained life.


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