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Chapter 78: It collapsed. 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The magical spring water mixed with the petal juice on the paralyzing grass poured down on the boar’s head. The cold liquid made the boar, which was a little slow to react, get a brief moment of clarity, howling to use the accumulated strength to leave the trap, but it was to no avail. Finally the huge body, which was only half up, fell down once again.

The trap pinned the boar as it let out a precarious moan, but it was the end of their duties.

“Sleep ~ sleep ~ cute little piggy, when you wake up again, you’ll be my little baby ~” With no one else around, Gray Scales, a 25-year-old adult, uttered an extremely childish statement.

The degree of sliminess, probably the boar listening to it, also wanted to hit him.

Gray Scales put the empty bottle of magical spring water back into his backpack. Impatiently rubbing his hands, he still waited until the paralyzing grass completely played a role. The boar’s drooping eyelids could no longer stay open. Gray Scales jumped into the trap, jumped on the back of the boar, and with a happy face, stroked its body’s coarse, hard fur with a smile on his face.

Gray Scales simply wanted to spin, jump and dance on the boar’s hill to express his excitement. He really came to the right place in the forest today, really caught the boar after a kind of “finally wait for you, fortunately I did not give up” self-touching feeling.

Gray Scales waited but did not hear the system tell him to take the boar as a pet, “No way” three big words instantly occupied his brain screen.

The boar, which he had traveled so far and spent so much effort to conquer, could not be accepted as a pet?

Impossible! He absolutely did not believe it! There must be a way out of this, he couldn’t give up so easily!

Gray Scales stood still and breathed in, breathed out, breathed in, breathed out and made an important decision – he was going to take the boar home!

There should only be one big boar in the game and giving it up was impossible. He had to think again to see if he could use the policy of being gentle and actively make it want to recognize him as its master.

Right! That’s it! Wasn’t the Ore Fairy in the mine the one that actively claimed its master?

Gray Scales clenched his fist in earnest encouragement, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that his decision was the right one. That rabbit and that fawn, weren’t they also taken back after a long time, and suddenly they could be taken as pets?

His big wild boar can definitely do the same!

Maybe the boar will be attracted to him for the sake of food.

Gray Scales expressionlessly put the huge boar into his backpack. Looking at the huge mountain of meat disappearing from in front of his eyes, Gray Scales pulled the corners of his mouth, not knowing how to describe his feelings.

… Although he knew it was in a game, a tiny backpack that could hold such a large object and still only take up one compartment was much more impressive than a real life space button!

‘Carefree Farmstead’, the eternal God!

With his heart filled with a wave of nonsense, Gray Scales strolled around a circle, secretly noting the location of this place. He intended to tell his buddies and report the coordinates to them. Although it was said that after the animals were captured or killed, the system automatically refreshed, even their residence will also change, but everything had a chance. Such a large cave should be used twice!

What Gray Scales didn’t know was that he had overlooked a very important place when he explored his surroundings. If he had gone around to the back of the cave, he would have found several sizes of footprints in one of the grasses. If one of them represented the wild boar, who did the rest of them represent?

However, he didn’t know anything about that, and made his way back to the village unhindered.

On his way back, he noticed that the number of players hunting in the forest had decreased significantly, and speculated in his mind whether everyone had caught a pet to their liking, or had simply given up because the conditions were too difficult to meet.

When he entered the neighborhood where he lived, he learned that some players had accidentally obtained pet chicks from their own chicken coops, and the news that ‘chicks purchased from the village chief also have a chance to become pets’ spread, so many players who were trying to catch pets in the forest heard about it, and naturally chose to turn their heads and go home.

In their view, to have a domestic chick become their pet was obviously better than going into the forest to catch animals and then ‘domesticate’ them.

Gray Scales’ living area had a neat and tidy look, with houses in front and behind. When Gray Scales finally came back, his buddies were all curious when they saw that his body and face had obvious signs of struggle.

LIttle Butterfly wore a long snowy green dress and when she walked the skirt floated. Together with a fairy air, and her nails dyed rose, with the background of the green grass and trees it looked particularly good. It was a pity that when her mouth was wide open it spoiled the atmosphere.

“Little Scales, what are you doing? You were so late coming back! Quickly come over and talk to Sister…” Little Butterfly deliberately pinched her voice, as she spoke in the direction of Gray Scales.

Gray Scales took a big step back. “Sister! Can you stop talking like that, Sis? My goose bumps are scared out by you!”

LIttle Butterfly immediately stopped, and crossed her arms over her waist nonchalantly under Gray Scales’ glance. “Hmph. Don’t speak. Don’t speak. Then if others want to hear it, they can’t hear it!”

Maybe she thought that her sleeves slipping around was inconvenient, because Little Butterfly changed into chivalrous clothes, stretched her arms and legs, and shouted, “This is comfortable.”

Gray Scales looked jealous. “Sister! Sister Little Butterfly, how do you have so many sets of clothes, ah? Did you open hundreds of surprise boxes? It’s too rich, ba!”

As far as he knew, the clothes Little Butterfly was wearing were two separate sets that couldn’t be bought directly with money, and required a player to open the surprise box to test their luck!

Little Butterfly proudly pushed out her chest. “Haha! I did open a few! About twenty. My luck isn’t bad. I got a total of five sets of women’s clothing, two sets of men’s clothing, as well as other accessories and so on.”

After he listened to Little Butterfly’s statistics, Gray Scales’ eyes widened immediately. He didn’t expect that the emperor of wealth was actually beside him!

He didn’t care about the idea of staying away from people. He shyly went up and expressed his desire to shake hands with her, so as to rub her luck onto him. Little Butterfly was also generous and simply extended her hand to satisfy Gray Scales’ wish.

After that, he once again brought up the question that hadn’t been answered before. When he thought about the big stuff in his backpack, Gray Scales checked and found that the boar hadn’t woken up, so he let Little Butterfly walk to the side first and put it on the ground.

When she looked at him pretending to be a ghost, Little Butterfly’s curiosity was really hooked that time. Just then she saw someone else open their door and come out. The person immediately and enthusiastically greeted them and they all came together to watch.

They originally came from the same place, and in reality they were also living close together, so there weren’t many secrets between each other, so they thought this novelty was hilarious to see, and quickly greeted the others gathered around. Within two minutes, a large circle of people had gathered outside Gray Scales’ yard. When he saw this, Gray Scales was more confident that even if the boar woke up during its release, it wouldn’t be able to escape the pursuit of so many of them.

“Hurry up, hurry up! What goodies do you have? Hurry up and show your brothers, ah!”

“Yes, yes! We’re all waiting impatiently, hurry up!”

Little Butterfly and her sisters stood together and whistled with interest.

Gray Scales enjoyed the wonderful taste of being watched by so many people, but was too embarrassed to keep dillydallying, so after he asked everyone to move back a little further, he simply took the boar out of his backpack.

The huge mountain of flesh was exposed to everyone’s eyes, and was taken out about 5 cm from the ground, so it raised a thick dust when it landed. A huge unconscious boar blocked Gray Scales from the others’ view. They erupted in awe which came through unimpeded.

“Yo ho! That’s a big guy! It’s a wild boar, right?”

“Holy crap! Where the hell did Gray Scales find this thing? It’s so imposing! If it were me, I could eat this for a whole year!”

“There are actually wild boars in this game? I thought there were only those rabbits and pheasants in the forest, but now it seems that my imagination was too small…”

“That’s right! I wasn’t interested in pets or anything like them, but now that I see this boar, I’m tickled to death.”

“Gray Scales, where did you catch this boar? Are there more there?”

“That said…Was I the only one who thought this boar was caught by Gray Scales to eat? It’s so big, it’s enough for all of us to eat three meals a day, right?”

Originally, Gray Scales was proud to listen to everyone’s praise of the boar, but he did not expect to actually faintly hear the sound of saliva sucking. He stared at the crowd and found that this was not just one person, but at least five people. They were salivating as they gazed on, their eyes green, and hungry like wolves.

Gray Scales was instantly startled, and hurriedly took the boar back before everyone could react.

Previously, because of the presence of the boar, it had been crowded. Everyone’s amazement continued and their reaction time was slow. They froze a few seconds before they realized that the big boar was put back, so they hurried to Gray Scales, and silently urged him to take the boar out again for them to drool over.

“Don’t come! No more looking! You have seen enough. The boar is about to wake up, and I have to arrange its nest first, so it has a place to live.” Gray Scales waved his hand and refused.

“Live? Can’t it live in the pet space, or did you not take it as a pet?” Little Butterfly caught the point at once.

The smugness and happiness on Gray Scales’ face disappeared and was replaced by bitterness. “I can’t take it in…After I caught it, the system didn’t even bring up the pet prompt. So I thought I’d bring it back and raise it properly. Then, maybe after a while, it’ll be mine as a pet…”

It wasn’t a bad idea.

Little Butterfly nodded understandingly. Since she had no relevant experience, she could only comfort him and encourage him with a few words. She left with her sisters, and as she was leaving, she also drove away those who were reluctant to leave as they wanted to look at the wild boar again.

“Let’s go. Let’s wait for Gray Scales to settle the boar then come back to watch!”

In a short time, Gray Scales was the only one left at the house. He made a tour of the yard and picked out the vacant spot on the right hand side of the house, a place where he had been going to build a shed like in Big Brother Li Bai’s yard, but now he had to make room for the boar.

Gray Scales prided himself on being an experienced person. He had successfully built a brick chicken coop, so now it was a very easy task to make a pig pen. He even happened to have a pile of square stones in his backpack that he bought from the female player, Heart’s Jade, and now he was just in time to use them.

After about an hour, he managed to build a curved wall that was connected to the side of the fence and also the hut. Although the space seemed a bit small for the boar, Gray Scales only had so many materials at hand, and could only build something that size. He put the boar inside. He thought that if he put the chicks in the finished nest, they would not run away. Now put the wild boar into the finished pig pen, and they should be able to control each other’s movements.

It just so happened that the boar woke up at that time. It may have been that its anesthetized state had slowed it down, but the whole pig looked confused, and gave Gray Scales the illusion that it was now very well behaved.

At least it was a future pet. Gray Scales looked at it with compassion, then also took out a few ripe potatoes from his backpack, fed them into its mouth, and the boar ate them obediently. With this scene, Gray Scales was more reassured, and felt that after it had the peace of mind to adjust, he could teach it.

He was so happy that he put a lot of potatoes on the floor of the pig pen, and then he had the courage to pet the animal’s head and had a conversation with the boar, “Rest well here. Eat these potatoes when you are hungry. I will go and collect the ripe crop, and then I will give you the freshly picked corn later!”

The boar grunted twice and turned its head away from him.

After that, it was a short but cozy good time for Gray Scales, as he harvested the crop in the field and waited for the boar to recover in the pig pen.

Every time he broke a few pieces of corn, he looked back at the big boar in the pen. Gray Scales was already filled with confidence that he would one day be able to win the boar’s favor.

How kind he was to it! it should be touched!

However, at that moment, he heard a “click” come from the direction of the pigpen, and a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart. He looked up to see the boar, which had recovered its spirit, arching its head against his hut one by one, as it had done at the entrance of the cave when he first saw it.

Immediately Gray Scales rushed over to stop it. He saw his small hut overwhelmed, as it slowly, slowly tilted over to the left, and “boom!” His small hut collapsed.

It collapsed.

With the collapse of the small hut, things were scattered all over the straw. There was exposed furniture, the panicked twittering of the chickens, and everything mixed together to make the whole yard a mess.

When he realized that his hut had actually been collapsed by the wild boar, Gray Scales was stunned. He froze in place, and didn’t notice that the boar, which was full of evil, had run away from the damaged fence to find its next target.


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