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Chapter 105: Just Try a Taste

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is playing Chthulhu Pet 2


Gu Ang’s ears twitched, his palms sweating. He whined, “Why is my mom here?”

“I informed them that you had just entered the delivery room.” Ye Fei rubbed his brow and got a slight headache. He could hear how irritable Qin Lehe was just from the tone of her voice. Just the abduction of Gu Ang to another planet was enough to talk about for a year. Not to mention, the two were also involved in a battle that seemed thrilling to outsiders. It was just one sentence that called him by his full name.

Ye Fei thought, It’s over, it’s going to be another beating.

Gu Ang lost face, whispered, “Once my mother comes, we will be scolded.”

Qin LeHe had previously told him to be safe and not to fool around. Now it was a good thing that he went to another planet to give birth to the child.

Ye Fei frowned for a moment and thought of a lame excuse, “If you ask, just say we came to Bai SiNing’s house to play.”

The fight was a secret operation for the two of them, and as long as they didn’t say anything, no one would know. They might not be able to fool Ye HongFeng, but he could fool his mother-in-law, who was furious.

Gu Ang hmpfed, “So be it, now get out.”

That tight expression, like death.

Ye Fei took a deep breath and assisted Gu Ang out of the toilet slowly. When he opened the door, he met the eyes of Qin LeHe standing in front of the cradle, next to Ye HongFeng, who had no energy.

There were five people in the room, with different expressions. The family status was obvious, and it was clear who was at the bottom.

Ye Fei put on a nice expression as best as he could, “Dad and Mom, you guys came quite quickly.”

“The in-law kept pushing, I speeded the whole time, and finally arrived a day early.” Ye HongFeng wiped the sweat from his head, and secretly furrowed his eyebrows at Ye Fei, “Hurry up and help Little Ang to bed first, it’s not good to be standing all the time.”

“Yes.” Ye Fei faced Qin LeHe’s direct gaze and carefully tucked Gu Ang back under the covers. He moved slowly, tucking in the covers and patting the pillow to stall for time.

Qin LeHe placed a hand over her chest, trying to keep her socialite demeanor intact, “Who’s going to explain to me why I’m here?”

She was wearing a messy housecoat and her makeup was all messed up, she did look like she went out in a hurry. When a mother heard something like that, she was indeed in a state of disarray.

Ye Fei leaned over the bed and began today’s self-examination. His voice was low and he seemed sincere, “I’m to blame this time, I didn’t expect the baby to be born early. I wanted to take Gu Ang out for a break, so I happened to follow my classmate Bai SiNing over.”

Qin LeHe couldn’t suppress her anger, as she subconsciously reached out to cover HuangHuang’s ears, covering her tirade. After doing these series of actions, only then did she begin to raise her voice, “Didn’t the doctor tell you before? You knew he’d be born early! Why are you still running around? And you also missed class! And took leave!”

Gu Ang’s feet shook from the roar, and the end of the bed clanged with a crunch. He pursed his lips and accepted the anger in silence.

“It’s my fault.” Ye Fei dropped his eyes and stood upright.

Ye HongFeng helped, “That’s right, little Ang was about to give birth, and he was still carrying him around, he deserves to be scolded.” He quickly walked over and slapped Ye Fei on the back, “In-law, I’ll help you educate him.”

The hit carried the force of years of training and fell with a slap.

“Ouch.” Ye Fei looked at Ye HongFeng, feeling the heat on his back. This really was his real father, his hand was too fierce.

“Serves you right.” Ye HongFeng spat. 

Ye HongFeng’s five fingerprints slapped on his shirt were still there, and Gu Ang felt pained. He explained, “Mom, you shouldn’t make any noise, the baby’s still sleeping. I’m fine, okay? Besides, I’m the one who brought up the idea of coming out to play.”

“Oh, you think I won’t dare to scold you? Why don’t you behave like a father? I’m really convinced.” Qin LeHe paused for a moment, her brain came alive, “By the way, what’s the name of that classmate of yours? Call him now.”

No one responded and the room fell into awkwardness. Gu Ang and Ye Fei quickly glanced at each other and read despair in each other’s eyes. He never thought that his mother was smart enough to know about confrontation. They were in such a hurry that they forgot to explain it to him.

Gu Ang thought hard, Bai SiNing, that fool, will absolutely spill everything. With that call, the sky would collapse. He dawdled, “Why call him? He’s at home with his parents.”

“Gu Ang, don’t play those specious tricks with me. I’m your mother, you can’t hide it from me.” Qin LeHe pointed to the bedside communicator and spoke in a stern tone, “Call him.”

Gu Ang covered his face in despair and the atmosphere froze.

Qin LeHe stopped talking and just stared at him, raising her chin at the communicator. The meaning was obvious, he had to make that call.

Gu Ang had no choice but to reluctantly flip out Bai SiNing’s call and press it. He chanted in his heart, Don’t answer, don’t answer.

After only a second, Bai SiNing’s voice came through, “Brother Ang, what’s up? Do you want something from me?”

Gu Ang pursed his mouth and muttered, “Why did you answer so quickly?”

Bai SiNing enthusiastically replied, “I was afraid you’d be looking for me, so I slept with my communicator on.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet. What’s up, did you guys have fun as planned?” Gu Ang wanted to hint a little more when the communicator was snatched away by Qin LeHe. She softened her voice and smiled, “Little Bai, I’m Gu Ang’s mother, auntie has something to ask you.”

This tone Gu Ang was all too familiar with, the gentler it was, the more sheepish it was. All the calm was the illusion of calm before the storm.

Bai SiNing exclaimed, “Auntie, I can answer. Please ask me if you have anything.”

Qin LeHe glared at Gu Ang and continued to ask gently, “This time out, whose plan was it?”

Bai SiNing took the pot on himself, “They all came to help me. If it weren’t for God Ye and brother Ang, my family would have been attacked by the enemy. They’re both good people, don’t blame them! I’m sorry, Auntie, I didn’t expect brother Ang to give birth at this moment, it’s all my fault.” He rounded up with a harrumph, “Luckily everything went well and the baby is healthy.”

Gu Ang closed his eyes, wanting to send a wreath to himself and order a spiritual song. This child was too sincere and couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Qin LeHe pondered for a while, distilling valid information from the jumble of words, “What enemy?”

Bai SiNing was about to make a sound, but it turned into a loud whimper, as if someone had covered his mouth. Another cold voice came from there, “No, he made it up. We just came here to play in the mountains.”

Gu Ang thought, at the key moment, of course Lin XiuYong, the big brother, was more reliable.

But the woman’s natural sixth sense worked, as Qin LeHe half-heartedly asked, “No, you came here in a spaceship. Tell me, was Gu Ang on the battlefield fighting again?”

“No.” Bai SiNing replied with no confidence. He weakly argued, “Auntie, we came here to play.”

Qin LeHe nodded, “Okay, I understand. That’s it for now, bye.” She put down his communicator and gave Ye Fei a warning look, “You, come out.”

“Mom, what’s the point of calling him out? What is there to say that I can’t hear?” Gu Ang voiced out.

“I’m afraid I’ll blow up the ward.” Qin LeHe reached out and tugged at Ye Fei’s sleeve, her voice cold, “Come out and talk.”

Gu Ang was anxious, his voice broken, “I had to come along, my friend’s family was in trouble, how could we not help? Besides, the opposite side was full of minions, so I was forbidden to fight.”

Qin LeHe looked at him coldly, her eyes containing anger.

Gu Ang added, “We solved it in less than an hour, no delay at all.”

“Oh, finally telling the truth, right?” Qin LeHe sneered, “Have you ever thought, in case of danger, since you were pregnant, what did you plan to do? What if you were about to give birth in the middle of the fight? You were just lucky now! I’m telling you Gu Ang, you can’t get this kind of good luck every time.”

Gu Ang couldn’t argue with that. He clasped the thin calluses on his fingertips, “Mom, I was wrong.”

Ye Fei also nodded hastily, his tone humble, “Yes, I will pay more attention in the future.”

Qin LeHe had no place to send her anger, so she turned around the room with a cold face. She was still rambling, “I haven’t closed my eyes for a moment in the past two days when I heard the news. I beg you, let me live in peace for two days.”

“Mom, if you’re still angry, just let it out at me.” Ye Fei twisted her fingertips, “I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Qin LeHe opened her mouth, ready to continue to scold.

Two cries of a baby came from the bassinet, attracting everyone’s attention.

Ye HongFeng, who was almost standing like a statue, finally found a gap. He quickly went over, reached out and patted the baby’s back, changing the subject, “The little baby is awake, come, grandpa will take a look.”

The little one grunted twice more. Wah-wah. Ye HongFeng bent down and carefully picked HuangHuang up and brought him to Qin LeHe, “Look at this, in-law, how cute he looks.”

The little one was soft and fell to the east. Qin LeHe softened her tone, “What’s the baby’s name?”

Gu Ang replied, “Formal name, Ye Min, pet name, HuangHuang.”

“HuangHuang is good.” Qin LeHe hooked her fingers and touched his face, getting a big smile in return. Her expression softened a bit and she beamed to tease the child.

Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief and thanked his son for saving his life. He stared at HuangHuang’s short little legs, “Mom, HuangHuang is hungry, feed him some milk powder. The ratio of water to powder is written on the instructions.”

Qin LeHe returned with a sigh of relief, “You want to teach me?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re the best.” Gu Ang had no choice but to make a gesture of invitation. The little one, who had slept most of the day, was in particularly good spirits, wandering around, laughing and cooing at times, which distracted Qin LeHe a lot. She was busy running around, and after feeding him, she took a new piece of clothing for him to change into, hugging and not letting go. His phone was left on the side.

Gu Ang picked it up and saw Ye Fei standing by the bed, sending him a message.

Ye Fei: [Is it solved?]

Gu Ang: [Almost. Let HuangHuang soften her for a little while more. I guess her anger will be gone soon.]

Gu Ang: [You’re such a wimp? Sending messages in front of her?]

Ye Fei: [I’m really scared, my back is sweating.]

Gu Ang: [I’ll send them away later.]

The two of them exchanged glances across the bed and exhaled in silence.

It was just that he didn’t expect Qin LeHe to be particularly patient, teasing the child way into the night.

Gu Ang leaned on the head of the bed, unable to hold his sleepiness, and lazily spoke, “Mom, you stayed all day, I’m fine, you go back to the hotel and sleep.”

“What? You want to kick me out? I still have to develop a relationship with HuangHuang.” Qin LeHe held the baby with both hands and kissed the little one, “Can’t I?”

Gu Ang rubbed his brow, feeling exhausted, “You can come back tomorrow, I’m really tired.”

Qin LeHe reluctantly put the baby back into the cradle, “Then I’ll come tomorrow morning at seven o’clock.”

“Can you be less healthy?” Gu Ang spat, “Seven o’clock, why don’t you just stand guard at the door?”

Ye HongFeng, who was driving mecha, hadn’t closed his eyes for almost two days, and was dozing against the door. This time hearing the key words, he snapped back to attention, and sluggishly spoke, “Then we will go back to the hotel first.”

“Sorry, in-law, blame me for playing with the child. I was too absorbed, delaying your rest.” Qin LeHe saw his strong look and smiled awkwardly, “Let’s go now, immediately.”

Ye Fei stood up, “I’ll walk you downstairs.”

He followed the two downstairs and watched the two gods leave.

Qin LeHe remembered after the fact what happened before, all walked a cut, and fell back to add a sentence, “Ye Fei, next time something like this happens, I will really beat you.” She imitated waving a stick, “That cue at my house, do you remember?”

Ye Fei’s knees tightened and he felt a club knocked out of the air. He bowed his head slightly and hurriedly agreed, “Yes, I’ll remember.”

Qin LeHe nagged, “How old are you? Still so unreliable.”

“Okay, mom, I will improve.” He sort of used all his humble expressions today, making him physically and mentally exhausted.

“Go back, little Ang is up there by himself.” Qin LeHe finally released the man.

Ye Fei stood in front of the hospital for a while, calming down those tedious moods, before slowly going upstairs. He pushed open the door of the hospital room and saw Gu Ang staring at the door, not blinking. His hair was rubbing around on the bed, and a few of them were floating up, looking cute and shaggy.

Ye Fei didn’t turn on the lights and walked over by the light of the street lamp outside, dropping his eyes to look at the blown out hairs, “What’s wrong? What are you staring at?”

“I was waiting for you. Why did you take so long?”

Ye Fei sat on the edge of his bed, took a pillow, and tucked it behind his back before replying, “I talked to your mom for a few minutes, nothing more.”

“Did you get scolded again? Did you get aggravated?” Gu Ang cocked his head to look at him.

“I’ll take the blame anyway, I can’t avoid being scolded.” Ye Fei reflected on himself, “I did do something wrong this time.”

“It’s my fault, I insisted on going, my mother finally passed this hurdle.” Gu Ang squeezed his palm and sighed quietly, “Big brother is really unlucky always taking my scolding.”

“Mn, then you can comfort me.” Ye Fei squeezed on the edge of his bed, sitting diagonally, half of his body pressing against Gu Ang.

Gu Ang was made to breathe a little and struggled sluggishly, “It hurts.”

“I didn’t even touch you much, I’m hanging in the air.” Ye Fei looked down at the distance between them with an innocent expression. He was afraid of touching Gu Ang’s wound and braced himself, not daring to move lightly.

Gu Ang tsked and squeezed his voice out of his teeth, speaking succinctly, “Breasts.”

It didn’t have much milk, but it was swollen. Gu Ang then thought about when he could be discharged from the hospital and he could continue to go back to being an intergalactic fierce Alpha. The postpartum sequelae came out in the past two days, and each one of them made him feel irritable.

Ye Fei looked down and rolled his throat, “Your clothes are wet.”

“Huh?” Gu Ang looked down blankly, where his chest was, the hospital gown was moistened a little bit, making two wet spots. On a blue and white striped fabric, it looked strangely erotic. He muttered, “Didn’t they say it had no milk?”

Ye Fei reached out and touched it, saying implicitly, “After all, you’re an Omega that just had a baby.”

“It’s itchy, don’t touch it.” Gu Ang cowered and ducked to the side.

“Do you want to change your clothes? It’s all wet.” Ye Fei pressed his ear, like a question, but also like a statement, “I’ll help you change.”

Gu Ang’s ears were tingling and his face was completely red. It was clear that they had seen each other so many times, but they still felt a little awkward. However, it wasn’t convenient for him to move now. His clothes were wet, which wasn’t very pleasant. Gu Ang opened his mouth, “Then you should quickly change, get rid of that messy look.”

Ye Fei gave a dumbfounded laugh, “Okay, you’re still shy.” He took a new hospital gown from the bench next to him and spread it flat, “Will you take it off, or should I help you?”

“I’ll do it myself.” Gu Ang dropped his eyes and unbuttoned one by one. When he got to the third one, he felt a little embarrassed. His chest was flat, but on the tip, there was a milky white water droplet. He didn’t have to think about it, he knew what it was. He quickly wiped a handful with the fabric to soak away the water stain, “Quickly change.”

Ye Fei ripped open his sleeves to help him dress, his eyes fell on Gu Ang, and he couldn’t move away. The skin under the moonlight was like slippery milk, especially when it was really fresh in front of you. He cleared his throat, speaking with serious flirtation, “How can I let HuangHuang taste it first?”

He was genuinely curious as to what it tasted like.

“Fuck, are you serious?” Gu Ang blushed until he exploded, “Hurry up and button up the clothes for Laozi.”

Ye Fei clasped his wrist and pressed him carefully, “Just trying a taste.”

He lowered his eyelashes, the expression of serious exploration.

Gu Ang moved his lips, didn’t speak again, and didn’t resist. Ye Fei understood and took it as a tacit acknowledgement. He lowered his head and ran his tongue over the tip in a quick, very light, milky lick. The milk taste rolled into his throat and slowly slid down, making ]his body feel like it had been lit on fire.

Ye Fei’s thoughts were dirty, instantly thinking of something else. When Gu Ang was out of the hospital, maybe…

“It’s okay.” Gu Ang’s hands and feet were tingling, reaching out to push on his shoulders, feeling half of his body going limp.

“There’s still another side.” Ye Fei shamelessly, taking shamelessness to the extreme. His lips just touched it, and before his lips opened, the door of the ward was opened.

Ye Fei looked up and saw the nurse standing in the doorway clutching the check-in sign in disbelief. 

“Hold on.” Ye Fei was quick on his feet and quickly got up to button up the remaining buttons of his hospital gown, not revealing a bit of scenery. Only after dealing with the mess did he ask, “Why are you still coming in the middle of the night?”

The nurse, a young girl, took a long time to get over the shock, “You rang the bedbell.”

Gu Ang looked down and realized that when the two of them were fighting just now, they seemed to have accidentally pressed the bell. He pretended to be calm, “I’m fine, I accidentally touched it.”

“Did I just… did I disturb you guys?” The nurse used the board to block half of her blushing face before continuing, “But… just after giving birth, it’s not advisable to have sex.”

Gu Ang tugged at the button on his collar, the tightly sewn collar strangled his chest a bit. He cleared his throat, “No, you misunderstood.”

Nurse: “?”

All undressed and licked there, the next step was… 

Gu Ang stammered in defense, “He was just helping the baby try out the milk, can you believe it?”


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