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Chapter 79: “After the disaster”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


This was a day that all the players of Carefree Farmstead needed to remember.

That morning, player Gray Scales brought a wild boar into the village, but accidentally let it go. The boar rampaged through the village, its mountainous body like a bulldozer, collapsing not only Gray Scales’ hut, but also the houses of other players around it. According to unreliable estimates, at least ten families were affected, and their huts also immediately collapsed upon collision.

At that time, one player was sleeping in his house, and the wild boar passed before he woke up from his dream. From the ruins a confused face asked the others, “What was that thing that went past, ah? Was it a wild boar?”

Someone gave a definite answer, “It was a wild boar. A big wild boar. Are you okay, brother? Can you still get up?”

“I can get up.” After all, there was no character death in the farming game. However his little heart was still thumping scared, as he sniffed the exhaust left by the boar, and for once had some doubts about life.

Their village, how did the wild boar enter it…?

Still in the courtyard, Gray Scales heard the very familiar sounds of three collapses in a row. As if he were awakening from a dream, he hurriedly chased in the direction the boar ran.

While he ran frantically, he also greeted his friends around him. “Come and help me catch the boar! It’s gone! The thing can actually also collapse a house! Anyone who is really strong, come out and help me! Ah!”

Luckily, the people in their area were all military, and had highly honed fighting skills. Those who witnessed their houses being collapsed by the boar were the first to respond. They didn’t even need Gray Scales to remind them to angrily chase after it. The people whose houses hadn’t yet been affected also heard the commotion and ran out. When they understood the general situation, they followed the team to catch the boar and followed after them with their weapons.

A group of people used farm tools and weapons to block the boar’s limbs, while some people took out twine they got from somewhere, and tied the boar up with the help of others.

By the time Gray Scales came up huffing and puffing, the hill-like boar was once again incapacitated. When he thought about the huts that had collapsed, Gray Scales was so angry that he hammered the boar’s head, and beat it to the point of screaming, screaming to the sky, which attracted people from far away.

“Okay. Okay. Gray Scales. Don’t do it. First, put the boar away, and then go back to see what happened to each family.” Little Butterfly stood aside and advised. She was lucky. Although she lived next door to Gray Scales, the boar escaped in the opposite direction from her place, so her house didn’t suffer. At first she’d been a little envious that Gray Scales actually caught such a big guy, but now was glad she didn’t get involved. 

Too bad!

Gray Scales and Little Butterfly glanced at each other. As they looked into each other’s eyes it took a minute for him to understand what she was thinking. The angry frozen expression on her face. He almost cried out. It was really too difficult. Who would have thought that the pig pen actually couldn’t lock up the boar?

The last bit of juice from the paralyzing grass was taken out of the backpack, the boar’s mouth was forced open and was poured in directly. This was a super concentrated essence, so it would cause the boar to be numb until 23:00 or 24:00 at night!

When the boar stopped struggling, Gray Scales hurriedly put that troublemaker away.

Once the boar was gone, the people who helped to catch the boar and the people who came around to watch the fun, turned directly to Gray Scales.

“What’s going on? Little brother, where did you catch that crazy wild boar? It can really run!”

“Ah, ah, ah! My house, ah! I just upgraded the small hut early this morning, but it actually collapsed like this! Gray Scales!”

“…Not to mention the house, my ground was trampled! Where are the strawberry seedlings that I just planted?! Luckily I don’t have a lot of stuff in my house, and I haven’t had time to renovate it properly…”

“Wow! Wild boar! A live wild boar! Little brother, where did you catch this wild boar? Do you still have one? I want to catch one too!”

“Don’t catch another one! Our village must not collapse again! This village was built by our players with great difficulty. Be kind, and leave the village alone!”

“If this is what happened, the boar shouldn’t be able to stay! Gray Scales, what do you plan to do with this boar? Eat it?”

This question successfully made Gray Scales, who had been busy in his head calculating how much money he should pay out, suddenly heard the question about the arrangements for the boar, blinked in confusion, and almost didn’t respond.

“Ah? That wild boar ah…I will not release it first? You guys asked about its meat? No, no, no. I’m not going to eat it. I’ll think of another way. Think of another way…”

Everyone was really angry but couldn’t do anything about it. They worked hard to catch it, and the game was unique. Even if it collapsed several people’s houses, and destroyed several people’s land, then they would certainly be compensated. When he thought about it, Gray Scales couldn’t help but be a little glad that there were separate houses for sale in the game, and the prices weren’t expensive. The most expensive tile house was only 25 star coins, but the furniture, if all was bought new, would cost a lot of money.

From the house to the furniture, Gray Scales suddenly thought of something and froze. He forgot the most important point. The game upgraded the house function. Players could spend coins to upgrade their house, but with the number of rooms, the number of coins needed to upgrade each level was multiplied.

He looked up at the comrades he knew whose houses had collapsed, and they all had upgraded. One of them, at the very least, had given the house a two-story upgrade!

Wuuu! It turned out that compensation for bronze coins was the big one! When he looked at the less than 50 gold coins in his backpack, Gray Scales couldn’t help but shed poor forced tears. He had already foreseen his life in the game for a long time afterwards; either earning copper coins or on the way to earning them.

Most of the people were still excitedly discussing the huge boar, and hadn’t noticed the look on Gray Scales’ face as if he had lost his mother, when suddenly someone shouted, “The village chief is here!”

The village chief, the kind and amiable old man who always stood at the entrance of the village, actually finally moved his position because of the boar’s entry into the village. The players all had a strong feeling that the village chief must have something important to announce, so they took the initiative to move out of the way and let the village chief walk in.

“Village Chief, what do you want?” Gray Scales quickly wiped his face and looked at the village chief with a little worry. He was a little afraid that the NPC would try to get him to hand over the boar that had destroyed the peace of the village.

He couldn’t give it up!

The village chief looked at Gray Scales, glanced towards the nearest disaster site, and smilingly explained his purpose, “I heard that our village had a boar get loose, and that many players’ houses had been damaged, so I discussed with my lady and brought some condolences to these players.”

After that, he took out what he called ‘condolences’ from his sleeve…


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June 18, 2023 12:07 pm

I just know that the other villagers who’s houses weren’t trampled on will wish it was because of these ‘condolences.’ 🤣

Sigh, I wish we had more of Bai Li. 😔

July 6, 2023 9:09 pm

They don’t deserve condolences. Grey Scales deserves beating (like he did the boar) for bringing it in the first place.
Disliking this.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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