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Chapter 104: Ye Fei, Come Out!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey~ singing while editing~


Ye Fei’s generosity made Gu Ang feel touched, and for no reason, his heart swelled up with endless sweetness. His equality and respect made him live in this love like a fish in water, “Then it’s a deal.”

Gu Ang decided on the name of the little one as soon as he tapped his head. He reassured himself that, putting aside all the nonsense and bad taste, the meaning was actually quite good and could be explained later.

Ye Min, filled with freedom and hope. 

Gu Ang glanced sideways at the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle, his little mouth moving, his face looking round and puffy. He stared for a moment, feeling his chest swell. Just before he came out of the delivery room, the doctor told him that since he was a little different from the normal differentiated Omegas, there was no way to breastfeed him.

The doctor’s advice was formula feeding. Gu Ang glanced at Ye Fei and asked, somewhat embarrassed, “What if the baby’s hungry? Can you go buy some formula?”

“You don’t feed him yourself?” Ye Fei’s eyes moved down a few inches towards his collarbone and landed on a slight bulge. The summer hospital gown was thin and a shallow bulge could be seen. His eyesight burned a little.

Gu Ang hurriedly reached out to block his gaze, blinked, and stammered, “I don’t have milk.”

The moment he said this, he felt strange, but he couldn’t take it back. It was the truth, but somehow, it came out a little weak.

“Is that so? Then I’ll check.” Ye Fei reached out to untie his clothes, but was sliced away with a claw.

Gu Ang argued furiously, “No, it’s not fine!” He smacked Ye Fei’s messy hand away and muttered, “I just had a baby, you need to control yourself.”

Ye Fei sat back and took out his communicator to send a message to Bai SiNing, “I’m not going to tease you, I’ll ask them to bring some.”

“Mn, that’s more like it.” Gu Ang licked his lips and was about to change his position on the bed when he suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air. The anesthesia was starting to wear off, and he felt some pain spreading out from the small of his back. He frowned and lifted the hem of his hospital gown. There was a small cut on the top of his pants, left from the recent C-section.

Ye Fei noticed it too and asked distressed, “Is it starting to hurt?”

“A little bit, I guess it will take a while.” Gu Ang raised his fingertips to the wound, “This scar may not go away.”

“It’s handsome for men to have scars.” Ye Fei reassured him, “When you go back, with your eight pack abs, plus the scar, how cool will you look?”

Gu Ang nodded, “Yes, when I get out of the hospital, I want to train my abs. One child is enough, no more.”

“No more, I can’t let you suffer any more.” Ye Fei agreed. He thought that later he had to find a doctor to ask. There was no one time without using contraceptive methods.

There was a knock at the door, and after a few seconds, Bai SiNing came back after Lin XiuYong, who was carrying a large bag. Bai SiNing looked at the cradle and lowered his voice, “HuangHuang is asleep?”

Ye Fei said, “It took a while for us to get him to stop crying.” The thought of crying made his brain hurt.

“Then let’s hurry up and eat our meal.” Bai SiNing pulled over the small square table next to him and set the packed dishes on the table. He took out a separate portion of light, nourishing porridge, “This one is for brother Ang.”

Gu Ang glanced at the sumptuous meal on the table, his voice muffled, “Are you here to see me, or to toss me around while I can only watch but not eat?”

Bai SiNing laughed, “Hold on, you can eat in a couple of days. You need to recuperate now.”

Ye Fei glanced at Bai SiNing and whispered, “You guys eat first, I’ll feed him.”

“No, you have to drink the porridge with me.” Gu Ang gritted his teeth, “When we got married, we promised to share the pain and suffering.”

Ye Fei laughed helplessly, “Okay, I’ll feed you first.”

He used a spoon to scoop up a small spoonful, gently blowing to cool it, and then brought it to Gu Ang’s mouth. One bite at a time, feeding him carefully.

Bai SiNing and Lin XiuYong sat opposite each other and ate a mountain of seafood, but felt that the food was tasteless.

After ten minutes of patience, Bai SiNing finally murmured, “God Ye, if you don’t need us both, we’ll withdraw first. I can see the two of you are in love with each other and my brain hurts.”

“Aren’t you a fan of our CP? You’re still not happy about the sugar?” Gu Ang squeezed him.

Bai SiNing swallowed the last bite of rice, uncharacteristically not showing excitement, “I was choked by the dog food.”

Gu Ang reached out and shook his hand, “Okay, okay, you can go.”

Bai SiNing stood up and explained, “Since the crisis is solved, I’ll go home to see my parents. Brother Lin, come with me, don’t stand here as a light bulb.”

Lin XiuYong raised his eyebrows. How come this kid had become understanding after fighting a battle? He raised his eyes to look at Bai SiNing, “I’m going home with you? How will you introduce me?”

“As a good friend.” Bai SiNing replied as a matter of fact.

Lin XiuYong choked violently and almost lost his breath.

Bai SiNing reached out to pull him, “Come on, don’t disturb the young couple.”

“Yeah.” Lin XiuYong answered, said bye to Ye Fei, and was half pulled, half tugged out of the ward.

Gu Ang shook his head, “When I see the two of them, I also have brain pain.”

“Looks like your wound is better, seeing as you can still joke around.” Ye Fei wiped his mouth with a tissue and asked softly, “Are you full?”

Gu Ang vaguely swept the remnants on the table, “Almost, my mouth has no taste.”

“Get over it.” Ye Fei bent down and touched his lips soothingly, and with the remaining half bowl of porridge, casually padded his stomach. Just as the bowl was put down, the little baby began to howl.

He was probably hungry, the sound was penetrating and loud, tearing the heart. Ye Fei had a headache, the big one and the little one really didn’t stop at all.

He boiled a pot of hot water, and, according to the instructions on the package Bai SiNing brought, he mixed half a bottle of the milk powder.

“If I feed him, will he eat?” Ye Fei’s eyebrows knit together, holding the bottle of milk in deep thought.

Gu Ang spread his hands, throwing the pot back perfectly, “I can’t move, you have to try. Cultivate a relationship with him.”

Ye Fei shook the bottle in his hand, his face was full of resistance. He glanced sideways at the big baby, and the big one stared into his dark eyes, pouting at him. Both pursed their lips, replica of their looks, swords drawn.

Ye Fei was defeated and quickly walked over to pick up the baby’s back, half threatening, half begging, “I can only feed you, there’s no choice. Just drink some, so you don’t die of hunger.”

His voice was cold and unemotional.

“Watch your tone of voice.” Gu Ang was displeased.

Ye Fei softened his voice and handed over the bottle, “HuangHuang, good boy, drink your milk.”

The little one stared at his legs, reluctantly took it and took a few sips.

“Drink some more, or you’ll be hungry at night.” Ye Fei hung his head and arched his back, using all his patience. He couldn’t find it too annoying with Gu Ang watching, so he had to be gentle. A small and a large one looked like they were forcibly tied together, squirming.

Gu Ang watched the interaction between the two with a sideways glance and found the scene somewhat amusing. A cool campus god, reduced to being bullied by a small child, but also couldn’t fight back. When had he ever been so stifled?

Gu Ang stroked his chin, thinking carefully. It seemed that Ye Fei was in his own place, also with such a low brow attitude. He was unlucky and had to admit it.

Ye Fei patted HuangHuang’s back, “Drink up and go to sleep, don’t disturb your little father.”

Hiccup~~~” HuangHuang responded and lazily fell back to the bed.

Ye Fei straightened up and sighed, “This one was probably sent to torment me.”

“When you have a love child, you have to pay the price.” Gu Ang concluded.

Ye Fei looked around the ward, and there was a small bunk next to the companion bed. He sat himself up, “I’ll sleep here at night, call me if you need anything.”

Gu Ang teased him, pretending to have a sultry tone, “After giving birth, you don’t even share my bed anymore?”

Ye Fei spoke with resentment, “I would like to, but I’m afraid to touch your wounds and hurt you.”

“I’m just kidding, you have no sense of humor.” Gu Ang yawned lazily, “I’m sleepy.”

“Sleep if you’re sleepy.” Ye Fei took off his shoes and simply lay down on the bed next to him and turned off the light. The room fell into silence, not long after, the sound of Gu Ang and the baby breathing peacefully came from next door with the evening breeze, they were very harmonious.

After a long day of work, he finally had a chance to catch his breath. Ye Fei was physically and mentally exhausted, but didn’t dare to sleep. If Gu Ang had any reaction in the middle of the night, he had to stay wide awake. He leaned on the head of the bed and ran through the current situation, a little bored, and then got up and carefully paced to the cradle.

As if telepathic, the baby struggled twice and slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Ye Fei, he reflexively opened his mouth and prepared to make a sound.

“Shh.” Ye Fei reached out and patted, his voice soft, “Don’t disturb little daddy’s sleep.”

The baby stared for a moment, as if he understood, and closed his open mouth back again.

Ye Fei praised in a low voice, “Good job.” His fingertips touched the tender skin and eyebrows similar to Gu Ang’s, “Little daddy had a hard time giving birth to you, so don’t disturb him. Be a good boy.”

It was silly to reason with a baby, but Ye Fei felt that he could understand. So he continued, “We have to learn to get along, okay?”

The baby blinked and gave him his first smile since birth. The tail-end upward eyes became curved, as beautiful as the moon outside. Ye Fei’s hard heart was hit with softness all of a sudden, emotions tumbling. His fingers hooked the fleshy little hand and derived a belated fatherly love.

That night, Ye Fei sat next to the cradle, gently rocking the baby. The baby was a light sleeper, waking up from time to time, but not as hostile as in the beginning. Ye Fei thought that it seemed to be easier than he thought to develop a relationship.

Gu Ang slept until the next afternoon when he woke up slowly. During that time, the doctor came once for a routine checkup, everything was normal, and he could be discharged after a few more days of rest.

“I need to pee.” As soon as Gu Ang opened his eyes, he got up to go to the bathroom in a panic. Standing on the floor, he took a breath of cold air. The wound hadn’t healed yet, and it was quite painful.

Ye Fei went over and reached out to hold him steady, “Walk slowly.”

The two of them twisted and turned into the toilet, Gu Ang reached out to pull his pants, “I’ll pee, you should go out.”

“Are you still shy?” Ye Fei leaned against the door to look at him, and carefully checked to make sure there was no water on the tiles before continuing, “I’m afraid you’ll fall down.”

“Don’t you fucking look at me!” Gu Ang was wearing a big red face and his scalp was tingling.

Ye Fei turned his back, “Okay, I’m not looking at you.”

Gu Ang stood by the toilet, his face turning from red to white with a burst of embarrassment. When did he ever get into this kind of embarrassment? It was all because he had become an Omega.

Ye Fei stood for a while, turned his head and asked him, “Are you done?”

“I can’t pee.” Gu Ang’s body had a thin layer of sweat, half-embarrassed, hald-panicked.

Ye Fei was bewildered, and it was the first time he encountered this kind of problem. He said hesitantly, “Is it the after-effects of childbirth?”

“I don’t know.” Gu Ang was on the verge of tears.

Ye Fei turned around, reached back to avoid the wound and rubbed his belly, talking softly, “Don’t rush, take your time.”

Gu Ang’s back was against Ye Fei, his feet were trembling, and he wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide in. He thought the birth of a child was too simple, thinking that once the child was born, everything would be fine. But now, it collapsed to the point of wanting to jump off a building. In front of Ye Fei, he really lost all face.

Fortunately, the relief of the technique was effective, and for a while, Gu Ang finally resolved his problem as he relaxed. He stammered and threatened, “Don’t tell anyone.”

Ye Fei smiled, “I won’t tell.”

“Mn, tell anyone and I’ll rip your head off.” Gu Ang resumed his fierce expression. He pretended that nothing was wrong and turned around hard with his pants up.

The two were about to head out of the toilet when, through a door, they heard a familiar voice from outside. It was Qin LeHe who couldbn’t suppress her anger, “Where is he? Ye Fei, come out!”


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Ye Fei is always being scolded, poor thing! Thanks for the chapter!

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Thank goodness YF’s attitude to their baby is softening. He’s certainly being pulled left & right 😏
Oh-oh, has QLH found out about their mission and GA going along…
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Ye Fei is always in trouble.

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