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Chapter 16: Let’s go home

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Later, Ed learned that the Empire and the Union retreated one step each. Augus was left with the Empire, Cass was returned to the Union, but at the same time, the Union was forced to retreat from the border between the two countries. Although that distance didn’t hurt them at all, it also made commander-in-chief Kane angry for a long time. Even though the Empire had suffered from the enemy, the Union’s situation was even worse. This time, they came to take advantage of the fire and rob it but in the end, couldn’t make a strong demand.

Kane was puzzled by the sudden initiative of the Empire to protect Augus. According to the style of the Empire, he should be able to take Cass away, forcefully plug Augus into the Union, and leave no time for the Empire to move. Maybe he would be sent directly to the Union leader in case of an accident.

Kane could only think that General Ed, who broke into the room yesterday, was addicted to Augus’s body. A contemptuous smile. Spermatozoa brain, or maybe it was because alpha Augus tasted better than a real omega?

Kane’s subordinates whispered that it was time to start.

After a week’s stay in the Empire, the Union commander-in-chief left in a big way. This should be the only interaction between the Union and the Empire in the near future, and in the next few years. Presumably, Kane would go back and rectify the situation within the Union. He probably had no time to deal with the enmity within the Empire.

Ed was looking forward to his early departure, thinking that if he could meet Kane on the battlefield one day, he would kill him, claiming it to be revenge. But, on second thought, the Union commander-in-chief would not go to war easily. He could only urge him on in his heart.

Although the process was tortuous, Ed was ecstatic as a whole. After all, he thought that Augus would have to leave this time, but the Union pushed Augus away. If he stayed here this time, he didn’t think there would be any changes in the future? If he wanted to set Augus up with an Empire’s identity, the most convenient way would be to register for marriage.

But it depended on what Augus wanted.

Ed spent a few days at home with Augus. The monitoring equipment of that necklace had been removed by the prison. Of course, imperial prisons would not allow the monitor to be brought into the cell, even if it belonged to its own people. Although Ed believed that since the Eldest Prince ensured Augus would stay safely in prison until Kane left, the eating and the environment would not be harsh on him, but he was very worried about Augus’s mental state.

After all, a few days ago, Augus seemed a little vulnerable. When he was taken away, he was silent. He lowered his head and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. Ed didn’t know what he was thinking.

But Ed saw weakness and confusion in Augus’s eyes.

One of the reasons for his restlessness these days was the image of Augus’s heart being as dead as ashes, which was not the same as the original image of resistance, and even his look was gloomy. Ed was so afraid that he couldn’t think about it. Whoever was in that situation might ultimately collapse.

I wish I could hold him.

Ed heard a summary from the military department after the Union left, and then the marshal reported the important matters to the Emperor. Only after he got all the information that there was nothing wrong with his decision could Ed take Augus away. But this news was no longer a secret, because Augus would have to stay in the territory of the Empire in the future. Sooner or later, it would be known by others. Now they were all aware that the Union did not take Augus. Naturally, they would also care about his arrangements in the future.

And the news that Augus had become an omega had been spread. After all, Ed had no reason to bring an alpha home and get married all of a sudden, right?

Most people didn’t know that Augus lived with Ed before the Union’s visit. They had already done what they had to do. They also sympathized with Ed, who was ordered to clean up the mess. Forced to transform into an omega, a former enemy, they estimated that the sex would be fierce.

Ed didn’t know about all these discussions, and even if he did, he did not take them to heart.

He walked through the corridor of the imperial prison, and his footsteps echoed as he did.

The top level of imperial prison required major generals or nobles to come in. In general, prisoners with status were the only prisoners. Unlike the chaos below, the upper prison was a single room where one would get three meals a day. The Eldest Prince had indeed kept his promise. 

Ed, who had already checked his identity when he entered the door, had to verify it again. Iris detection, optical camouflage detection, and all kinds of documents came, and then he signed the document before he was allowed to take Augus away. Who didn’t know Ed? But due to the rules, he still had to come. When Ed went to the room where Augus was being held, the soldier whispered, “Who would have thought that Augus had been changed to omega…”

“I’ve been informed that general Ed is coming to take Augus. But I didn’t expect it to be true. Is he really going to take over the big trouble?”

“Be quiet! If Ed hears that we are talking, we wouldn’t be able to keep our jobs… “

The last time Augus was locked up was before the transformation, he was taken to the interrogation room before a while. The prison guards here only knew that Augus was interrogated. Who knew that when he came back after a round, the gender on the file changed!

Standing in front of the room, across a solid iron door, Ed suddenly hesitated. He clearly wanted to see Augus, but he was very worried at the last step. What if Augus didn’t want to see him? Even if he was abandoned by the Union, what would he do if he wanted to go back to the Union?

Ed verified his identity with an uneasy mood, which opened the protective measures of the prison lock with a fingerprint and password. In addition to the lock, there was a second line of defense. Identity verification and the access of non-system entry designated personnel would be immediately locked and arrested, greatly reducing the possibility of accidental escape of prisoners or someone mixing in to break into the prison.

Pushing the door open, he saw that Augus was sitting by the bed.

It had only been a few days, but Ed felt that it had been a long time.

Augus’s feet were handcuffed with a long light lock that did not restrict his movement but prevented him from reaching the door. In the past, the C.O. put food in through the small window on the door. This was the first time that the door had been opened. Augus was stunned and raised his head slowly. Was he an imperial man? Or from the Union? Or was he there to inform him of his death?

Ed stood at the door, a little confused. The eyes of the two people met.

Augus somehow had a stone in his heart.

He thought a lot in the days when he was locked here, and his inner disappointment and long-term loyalty combined to make him miserable. The place where he was loyal had changed. Moreover, the Union wanted him to kill himself.

He had no parents and no home since he was young. Until he became loyal to the Union, he seemed to have been unable to find the meaning of belonging and life, and that was his home. Now, the Union didn’t want him. He thought his previous escape and patience was ridiculous.

Ed was very glad to see that Augus’s eyes were as calm as a pool of water. He didn’t show a disappointed expression because the person who came here was him.

Ed walked forward and helped Augus open the padlock and Ed held his tongue and he thought, Why am I always helping Augus unlock shackles?

Augus looked down at Ed, who was kneeling in front of him and unfettered, and heard him say plainly, “Let’s go home.”

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January 8, 2020 1:09 pm

Awwww. Do take him away, Ed. Kane seems to be the worst of the bunch. Leave Angus alone, please.

January 8, 2020 4:34 pm

“Let’s go home.” 😍😍😍
My heart melted.

August 9, 2020 9:17 pm

😢😢😢I’m happy and sad at the same time

September 15, 2020 5:58 am

Angus deserves a home, Ed. 🙏💜🥰

November 17, 2021 12:40 am

Yes Ed, take Augus home, and help him have a real home.

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