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Chapter 18: Second World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Fu Shaohua pressed Bai Duan on the bed and ‘frolicked’ for a while, but in the end, he did not make the last step. After all, although young Master Bai liked sports, and his physical fitness was a little higher than that of ordinary people, he couldn’t bear doing ‘it’ again because he had only experienced it for the first time.

What’s more, last night, Fu Shaohua had gone too far. Fu Shaohua had been unavoidably ‘excited’ that he was taken care of for the first time, and his little gold owner was so beautiful that he could not hold back for a while.

Once again, after the Golden Lord became red all over, Fu Shaohua still braked in time, holding Bai Duan’s hand to help them solve the problem.

With a warm towel to dry the liquid on their bodies, Fu Shaohua casually picked up his nightgown and draped it on his body. He bent down and rubbed Bai Duan’s head. “How about that? Can you get out of bed?

“Certainly.” Bai Duan only felt pain in his lower body, but the Bai family had always been active, and his tutor did not allow him to show weakness— especially in front of his sweetheart. Giving much effort to support his body, Bai Duan tried to sit up as if nothing happened, but after half the action, he found it to be tough without Fu Shaohua’s timely support.

“Aren’t you…” Fu Shaohua swallowed the words on his lips. “Hard-headed?”

“I don’t have a hard head!” Bai Duan was embarrassed and angry.

“Good, you don’t.” Fu Shaohua grinned helplessly, but could not help whispering, “This one is a little cute.”

Bai Duan licked his lips and pretended that he hadn’t heard anything, but his ears were slowly turning red. With his stubborn insistence, Bai Duan got out of bed smoothly. And with the help of Fu Shaohua, he put on a valuable suit properly and tidied up his hair, thus restoring his elegant appearance.

Subsequently, he refused Fu Shaohua’s help and walked slowly but gracefully to the table, sitting upright, although Fu Shaohua suggested that they stay in bed and have a comfortable breakfast — or lunch (?).

However, the Bai family rules were strict, and Bai Duan was not used to eating in bed. Such a steady and exquisite gentleman was quite novel to Fu Shaohua.

The hotel’s service was very timely, and it was not long after that, a big meal was delivered. With the arrival of the dining car, there was also Zheng Mingze, the worried agent who tried to stabilize his mood.

Looking at Fu Shaohua, who opened the door for them, he found that the other side had the collar to his robe wide open and was showing his muscular chest full of kiss marks and scratches. Zheng Mingze was ‘clucking’ again in his heart, which seemed to be self-abandonment and self-willingness to fall?

However, while young master Bai did not look strong, he took off his clothes so expectantly that Zheng Mingze, who was also a man, raised a trace of jealousy in his heart.

Smelling the faint smell in the room, Zheng Mingze knew that they had just woken up and had another bout, but Fu Shaohua, with a straight figure, tried hard to hide the unusual appearance and did not seem to completely abandon his self-esteem. Was there any way to save it?

After calming down, Zheng Mingze glanced at the small master Bai who sat at the table and was obviously quite comfortable last night and this morning. He dared not say much. He could only comfort Fu Shaohua with his eyes and ask him how he was doing.

Fu Shaohua’s indifferent eyes involuntarily darkened, but soon restored their calm, as if all his feelings were frozen, but brought a casual, meaningless charm. He hooked his lips and said quietly, “I’m fine, Zheng Ge, you don’t have to worry, Boss Bai treats me well.”

Zheng Mingze felt worse when he heard Fu Shaohua’s unhappy words. Similarly, he couldn’t help changing his face when he kept watching Fu Shaohua’s Bai Duan. However, he did not have time to brew the feelings of shock and sadness. He was puzzled by Fu Shaohua’s teasing and soothing eyes, and his subconscious breath was relieved.

Zheng Mingze did not see Fu Shaohua looking at Bai Duan. He knew that it was not an opportunity to untie Fu Shaohua. Although he had already cooked a pot of soul chicken soup in his mind, he had to leave with the room service temporarily to avoid affecting their meals.

Sending Zheng Mingze away, Fu Shaohua walked back to the table, lifted up Bai Duan’s chin and kissed him, “What’s wrong? Isn’t your expression quite strange?”

“You… What you just said to your agent…” Bai Duan hesitated for a moment but finally asked the question— although last night he and Fu Shaohua had a perfect sexual relationship, his heart was unable to stabilize, and he felt that things had developed too fast, too abruptly. Although he accepted it well, he was still afraid that Fu Shaohua would not agree.

Even if it was the other party taking his virginity…

Bai Duan’s character was somewhat reserved, and he seldom confided in people, even his family members. But somehow, when he met Fu Shaohua for the first time, he wanted to be honest with the other, whether he was together in a relationship Fu Shaohua or not.

Bai Duan didn’t like to whitewash peace. He liked to cut everything out quickly and straighten it out, even if the result was not what he wanted.

Seeing Bai Duan’s calm appearance of fear, Fu Shaohua felt some heartache and some self-blame. He knew that he was too anxious to hold his lover in his arms, ignoring that they were still strangers.

Should he use a step-by-step approach for his lover in the next life? Everyone in the first generation was still young. A simple step-by-step was the last resort. But in the following many worlds, he did not want to spend precious time on the green and astringent love that would cause him to miss holding that small hand for even half a day.

In this regard, Fu Shaohua was quite upset.

Lifting the chair, putting it beside Bai Duan and sitting down side by side with him, Fu Shaohua’s proximity to Bai Duan made Bai Duan very happy, but he was not used to it. He had never been so close to someone when eating together.

The nutritional porridge on the table was specially arranged for Fu Shaohua by Zheng Mingze, but now it entered Bai Duan’s belly. Bai Duan frowned slightly and opened his mouth uncomfortably. He accepted Fu Shaohua’s feeding and then stretched out his hand to take away the porridge bowl. “I can eat by myself.”

Although I am weak, I always have the strength to eat. It seemed a bit humiliating to be fed.

Fu Shaohua looked helplessly at his lover who suddenly became a lot more independent and no longer acted like he needed to be spoiled by him. He missed his little brother who had begged him to feed him because he wanted to sleep in late. It was so sweet and lovely. Sure enough, he did not grow up with him, so he did not kiss him anymore either.

By the way, Zheng Mingze once called him ‘Little Master of the Bai family.’ That is to say, there was a ‘Big Master’ in the Bai family? Fu Shaohua felt that his mood was not very good when he thought that Bai Duan would be called another man’s ‘brother.’

Looking at Bai Duan shove mouthful after mouthful of the meal into his mouth, Fu Shaohua held his cheek in one hand and pulled the hair around his ear with the other hand. His tone was vague, “What did I say to my agent? I did have a good night last night, and you did treat me well enough to feed me.”

Hearing that Fu Shaohua had no serious words, Bai Duan froze as his ears reddened, his expression was somber. He stared at him, “Tell me the truth!”

Such a serious lover made Fu Shaohua want to tease more and more, but looking at the other side who wanted to explode, he sat up straight, “Okay, don’t worry, I am deceiving him.”

“… Deceiving him?” The Bai family paid attention to eating and sleeping. Bai Duan rarely broke this rule of not talking while eating, but he was eager to know the answer to the question, “Why do you cheat him?”

“I can’t explain this very well.” Fu Shaohua shrugged his shoulders. “You should also find that I am totally different from the Fu Shaohua you once knew?”

Bai Duan nodded.

“What do you think is the reason?” Fu Shaohua frowned.

“… Dual personality?” Bai Duan hesitated to answer— because the Bai family had been worried about his psychological problems, Bai Duan himself also read a lot of psychological books in private… Although he hadn’t gained much knowledge.

“You can say that.” Fu Shaohua nodded. “Fu Shaohua, when he committed suicide by cutting his wrist, erased himself, and I was born from that moment. But in order not to arouse suspicion, I had to imitate his personality in front of outsiders to avoid getting into trouble.”

Bai Duan was a little happy by the phrase ‘outsiders,’ but tried to resist showing it, “So, you are only real in front of me?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Fu Shaohua smiled, and his eyes filled with affection. “Only in front of you can I be my most authentic self. As for the others, I let them see what I want them to see.”

Bai Duan could no longer restrain himself, showing a faint smile, but muttered a sentence from his mouth, “That may be true or false. It is clear that we have only known each other for less than a day.”

“No way, who let you be my Golden Lord?” Fu Shaohua liked Bai Duan’s smile very much. After all, it was the first smile that Bai Duan showed after they met.

However, Bai Duan did not like the playful nickname Fu Shaohua gave him.

He frowned slightly and rejected the term ‘Golden Lord’ rather than emphasizing it earnestly, he said, “It’s not Golden Lord, I don’t want to support you, but really want to be with you.”

Fu Shaohua was stunned. For a while, he didn’t realize that Bai Duan was very real. However, he was brutally hit by the other side’s serious refutation.

“Well, yes, I really want to be with you too.” He softened his voice, pressed his forehead against Bai Duan’s, and looked deeply into the other side’s clear and unreserved eyes, until he saw relief and stability. Only then did he add a joke, “But I like to call you Golden Lord. This is the first time that I get to hold a golden thigh, and I feel that this title is especially meaningful and memorable!”

Bai Duan drew his mouth into a frown, and resolutely turned his head away to continue eating porridge.

His lover was serious for less than three seconds. He will probably be drained in the future.

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August 20, 2020 2:38 pm

Damn Fu Shalhua
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Sue R
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,😆😆😆 I was right that’s a reborn, let’s see how this goes. Thank you.

October 4, 2021 1:36 pm

So the actor died when he cut his wrists and Bai Xu took over after?

Their interactions are cute. The somehow reversal of roles is also cute lol. It’s even more so seeing how BX insists that BD is his golden lord.

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