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Chapter 17: Show your heart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The furnishings at home were the same as before. After entering the door, Augus felt like he had just left that morning. He didn’t feel like he had been in prison for a while at all. Ed’s attitude was the same as that before. He went in, took off his coat, hung it up, and ordered dinner.

“What do you want to eat?” Ed stood in front of E and turned to look at Augus.


Ed saw that Augus was still standing at the door. After taking off his shoes, he looked like he didn’t know what to do, “Why are you standing at the door…”

“No, nothing.”

“Well, I’ll order two of package A’s as usual.” Ed said as he turned his head and fiddled with the light screen. Augus moved into the room and sat down on the sofa to avoid being unnatural. He used to be a ‘prisoner’ in the Empire, always deluding himself that he was forced to stay here with Ed, but now he came back here as an unknown person. Augus felt that he didn’t know where to go.

Ed had said to him, let’s go home.

Is that what he thought?

The nutritious meal ordered from the system was naturally very fast, and it arrived in a few minutes.

“Eat fast.” Ed looked at the man sitting opposite him, and he felt that Augus was thinner after his time in prison. “You didn’t eat well while you were there?”

“No, the food there was very good.” Augus knew that as an abandoned son, there was no reason to be treated as a major general of the Union. He thought of it soon after he was put in custody. “Is this what you asked for?”

“Un, it was taken care of by his Royal Highness, but it’s really what I asked for…” Ed was still full of apprehension. Augus had almost swallowed the poison in that moment, which made him upset. He wanted to reach across the table now and hold the other side tightly to confirm that he was really alive. “I’ll tell you more about it later.”

Augus nodded.

Ed talked with him about the situation with the Union and the result of the final negotiation while eating. He thought that Augus must be concerned about the news of the Union. Instead of making Augus check it for himself later, he might as well tell him as early as possible and comfort him.

“Your Union commander-in-chief is an idiot. Since you are now ‘protected’ by the Empire, you will give up decisively. He doesn’t know what an excellent subordinate he has lost.”

Augus was still digesting the information he had just heard. The Union had announced to give him up. The Empire had also given him freedom after transforming him into an omega. If he was still an alpha, it was not assured whether the Union would sacrifice him for a resource star. Even the Empire wouldn’t let him leave the prison easily.

Ed thought Augus was still angry with Kane when he didn’t respond to his words. He said, “Are you going to work for him? You would rather be stupid and loyal to that kind of asshole than…stay?”

“I didn’t mean that,” Augus explained, “I’m just thinking about the next thing.”

“Although you are free now, you still have to stay with me. I will give you your identity. The Empire will not allow the former major general of the Union to completely deviate from their vision. At least not for now.”

“I know.”

The calm look from Ed made Augus feel like he was being grabbed for questioning. What do you think? Are you being forced to stay with me? I really want to be with you.

Before Ed asked, he saw Augus put down his knife and fork, look at his eyes and said calmly, “I thought a lot while I was alone. About the Empire and the Union, about my position, about my future as an omega…about you. I was an orphan when I was young. I wandered around until I met my uncle, who was a soldier at that time. He discovered my talent, and then he took me to the reserve training base, where, for the first time, I felt like I had a family and a home. Later, as you know, I became a major general step by step from the bottom,” said Augus. “Afterwards, I tried to find the man who helped me, but found that he had already died in a certain battle.”

Ed didn’t make a sound, but gently stroked the back of Augus’s hand to comfort him. Augus kept silent for a while and then continued, “I always believed that the Union was my home. In order to protect that place, I was willing to sacrifice my life. But since Commander Kane took over the office, the situation within the Union has changed dramatically. Even so, I would’ve liked to do my best at the border. But now I’ve been given up,” said Augus, with a wry smile. “The Union doesn’t need me. It’s not my home anymore. I have no home again.”

Ed was so distressed to see Augus calmly expound these words. This was the first time Augus spoke so frankly about his past to him. It was the first time he was so vulnerable.

“I have no comment on what the Empire has done. And what that Felix bastard did to me, I’ll hate it for the rest of my life.”

Ed shuddered for fear that the next sentence would be something he didn’t want to hear.

“… But putting that all this aside, you are a good partner from a personal point of view. ” At last, there was a trace of emotion in Augus’s calm voice. It seemed that he was ashamed to say it, “Although it started out very bad… But I think it’s still very….I’m not being forced to stay with you.”

“Augus…” Ed was confused by the words. Was this a disguised confession?

“I’ll try to adapt to being an omega, but I can’t be a real omega, and I don’t want to be treated like that, you know?” Augus’s eyes, which had been drifting, suddenly looked at Ed.

Ed ignored Augus’s awkwardness and replied directly, “You are the best! If you had been like those delicate omegas in the beginning, I would not have ever fallen in love with you.”

Although both of them knew what the previous words meant just now, this kind of blatant display of love from Ed was too much for Augus to bear, and his face burned unnaturally.

“If we can get along as before, I don’t mind being your family in the future.” Augus’s ears were red, and he was struggling to come to a conclusion that he had thought about on the road.

Ed stood up. Seeing that Ed didn’t say yes, Augus was still flustered. And then the next second, he could only let out an, “Mn…!”

Ed couldn’t help saying those words long before Augus. Now he finally put them into action and directly hugged Augus and kissed him.

Pheromones erupted rapidly in their breathing space, and their breathes were intertwined with the restrained pheromones. For a moment, Augus hesitated and took the initiative to put his hand behind Ed. Encouraged by the move, Ed’s response was more intense than any verbal interaction.

The kiss didn’t stop until Augus couldn’t breathe. Even with Ed’s good constitution, it made him gasp heavily.

“We can get along better than before…” Ed directly pulled Augus up and moved to the sofa next to him. He moved and kissed him off and on, as if to make up for all the days they hadn’t kissed. Augus, who wanted to understand his own ideas, accepted them all, and even responded actively.

When they moved to the front of the sofa, they were already halfway undressed. Neither of them cared about the dinner. Just a few kisses already made Augus fully aroused. But the act of exchanging saliva could surrounded with pheromones, and he couldn’t catch the taste of Ed. Augus moved his body, seeming a little impatient, and Ed’s eyes were red. He put Augus on the sofa and before he could insert it, he bit the back of Augus’s neck directly from behind, and his pheromone immediately caused them to fit together more closely.

Several days of accumulated lust instantly broke out, and both of them could not hold it in. Ed opened the buckle of Augus’s pants while still biting the back of Augus’s neck, and then slipped his pants down together with his underwear, and inserted his bulging penis along the seam of Augus’s entrance. Although he didn’t do it for many days, his omega’s body had adjusted automatically in the moment of Heat to adapt to the state of being dry. Even though his back hole had not been touched, it was wet and easily accommodated Ed.

On the sofa, which was not wide, the two people did it fiercely. It seemed that Augus was stimulated by the state of “attack” on the back of his neck and his back hole at the same time. In addition, he came twice before Ed finished doing him the first time. After coming, his body became softer, and unconsciously moved backwards when Ed slapped forward.

Ed was so excited by the gesture that Augus couldn’t help shouting at him to slow down. Ed, who was close to the edge of ejaculation, almost came just from Augus’s unique voice. After two minutes of breathing together, their desire rose again.

“Back… Upstairs. ” Augus’s chest was covered in sweat slowly dripping down.

“E, clean up the table.” As he spoke, Ed went upstairs with Augus in his arms.

What was for dinner? Let’s wait until they had enough.

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January 9, 2020 5:40 pm

Whew! Did that heat up quick😅👌🏻👌🏻

January 10, 2020 1:00 am

Poor Angus. It’s a good thing Ed is taking advantage of the situation. I mean helping him out. 😁😅

January 10, 2020 4:10 am

I’m so glad they are back together but I pray it wouldn’t be short-lived.

March 29, 2020 8:18 pm

Awww without words just Finally!!!
When August said: “I don’t mind being your family in the future.” 💙

November 17, 2021 12:47 am

Augus asked Ed not to treat him like other omegas, which was what I always thought was Ed’s best quality, that he didn’t try to make Augus over into a ‘real’ omega and even enjoys the ways he is different.

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