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Chapter 18: Mark Me Completely

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

From morning to midnight, the smell of the two people mingled with the smell of body fluids was all over the room. The quilts on the big bed had been kicked to the ground a long time ago. The sheets were crumpled and covered with various liquids. Though Ed’s physical strength was superior, he even needed a rest, not to mention Augus who was so tired that he couldn’t help gasping for breath. Half of their lunch time was used up, and the dinner was skipped. In the long run, the two people didn’t even have the time to drink water.

“I’ll get some food and water.” Ed pushed back his sweaty hair, got up and went downstairs.

Augus had no objection to Ed’s special care at this time. He was really tired, and was too weak due to THE multiple orgasms. Making love was more tiring than fighting. It was true… Though he had thought about it clearly, Augus was still ashamed to think about how he just changed his old style.

They hadn’t even turned on the light in the room. Augus lay on the bed, staring at the corridor outside the door, which had a soft glow from the light downstairs and he didn’t know what Ed was doing in the kitchen. With the moonlight shining into the room, even though there was darkness around, Augus felt an inexplicable peace of mind.

It was a while before Ed came up with a plate of sandwiches and water.

“You made it?” Augus turned to see him put the plate on the nightstand.

“Otherwise?” Ed shoved the sandwich directly into Augus’s hand. “Get up and eat. Don’t look at me with that expression of surprise. It’s just a sandwich. Anyone can make it.”

“… I cannot.” Augus took two mouthfuls stiffly. “I’ve never even cooked in a kitchen.”

Ed was amused by his somewhat ashamed look, “I’ll just say that it’s normal for a man not to enter the kitchen. I can only make something simple, so I order takeouts almost every day.”

Augus gave a low hum.

“But that’s because it’s convenient. If you live with me, I can learn how to cook.” Ed turned on the bedside lamp, and the room was suddenly covered with warm orange light.

This close relationship with others was something that never appeared in Augus’s life. Ed’s words of love only made him ashamed and emotional when he had sex, but they made his heart beat quickly now.

“…I can learn, too.”

Ed finished his sandwich in three bites. Looking at Augus’s serious appearance, he couldn’t help kissing him. It was just a light kiss, like a dragonfly skimming the water, and he also licked off the crumbs at the corner of Augus’s mouth.

“You…” Augus was interrupted by Ed before he could speak.

“I’m very happy that you are willing to come back. I’m happy you want to be with me.” Ed kissed him again. This time, Augus didn’t say anything, but quietly accepted the kiss.

Ed saw that Augus’s face was still flushed, and his hair was limp because of the sweat on his forehead. “Hurry up, I don’t want to stick it in while you’re chewing.” He also rubbed Augus’s thigh with his hard penis.

Augus took a big bite.

Ed watched him finish drinking and eating, and as his lips pressed against the edge of the cup Augus had just drunk from, and his heart was soft. It suddenly occurred to him that he was leaning down close to Augus’s lower body.

“… Ugh! Cough, cough! Ed! You!” Augus almost choked, because Ed lowered his head to hold his soft member in his mouth, and flexibly made a circle with his tongue. The penis that was stimulated by the moist mouth soon become half stiff.

Augus was at a loss. He never thought Ed would do such a thing for him, “You don’t have to.”

“Don’t talk.” Ed said vaguely with Augus’s desire in his mouth, thinking that these kinds of pretentious words were the most frustrating thing to hear.

“Ah…” Augus shuddered as his tongue swept over the top of his mouth. Although he didn’t speak any more, and he still looked a little flustered, his front part was honest and hard. This was also Ed’s first time giving oral sex to others. Although he was always gentle in bed, he never wanted to perform oral sex to those gun friends of his who said goodbye the next day. But looking at Augus’s breathless and helpless expression, Ed felt that it was right to do it for him.

Although some areas had been bumped a few times, the sensitive constitution of an omega caused Augus’s brain to go blank. But the pleasure he received as an omega was mainly from his back acupoint, which was different from being attacked from the front end. Ed knew that too, so he took another suck and then pulled the penis out of his mouth.

As soon as Augus saw him get up, he grabbed Ed’s arm, “I can do you too…”

“Next time,” Ed laughed, “we’re not doing business. Don’t worry about paying me back.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Augus, who didn’t realize Ed was joking, quickly clarified.

“I know…And you haven’t come yet, which means my service is not up to standard.”


Ed put his finger into the hole that had become soft because of the situation, and the cave meat which was a little discontented tightly wrapped around his finger.

“Let me continue to serve you…” Ed decisively pulled out his finger, which was all wet, and then took his gun to battle.

Augus who had been easily penetrated hummed. When he was licked in front, the back acupoint had overflowed with his sexual fluid. He clamored for Ed to enter, just like before today but he still couldn’t bring himself to say it. He could only wait until Ed took the initiative to touch his back hole.

His legs were separated, and Augus who was pushed down on the bed, was rocked to and fro with each of Ed’s thrust, Ed was in a lustful state. He had been fucked many times already, and the semen which Ed had shot in before came out of his back end, mixed with his transparent intestinal fluid, and then popped out with a pulling action.

Ed inserted the head of his penis and tightly circled Augus in his arms. He kissed him off and on, which made the corners of their mouths wet and a string of saliva connecting them. Today, Ed especially liked this imprisoned posture, which was not very comfortable or convenient, but gave him great psychological satisfaction.

Augus squinted at Ed’s face and made a decision in his heart.


Ed felt Augus reach out to push him away and stood up puzzled. Although it was not possible for an omega who had been in Heat, he asked, “Did I hurt you?”

Augus shook his head. Although he had made a decision, he was still unable to speak. After a long time of entanglement, he said in a low voice, “Change your posture and let me be on top.”

It took Ed a second to realize what was happening with this development but when he realized what Augus asked of him, he was happy to lie down. Augus’s ears were red, and he sat up. He held Ed’s member in his hand and positioned the tip at his back hole. He sat down slowly.

This was the first time using this posture, and it was requested by Augus. Ed was so excited that his penis was hard again. In particular, seeing Augus’s shameful but forced posture of sitting down on his own initiative made Ed want to hold Augus’s waist and push it up hard.

But Ed didn’t move. He wanted to see Augus take the initiative for the first time. He wanted to see how he moved his powerful waist and swallow his own desire with his back hole.

Augus sat down in one breath and the back hole, which had been fully opened, easily held Ed. It was just because of the posture that it went into a deep place. It seemed that he had reached the deepest place of his intestine, but Augus knew that it was not the deepest place. He looked down and saw that Ed, who was lying on his back, was holding back his desire and did not move. Then Ed looked at him, his eyes were hot, as if he was going to burn him.

“Ed……” It seemed that this attitude of looking down gave Augus a little confidence. He called Ed’s name, and all kinds of emotions came up.

Ed also felt very strange. Augus took the initiative not to talk about it, and hesitated not to tell him what was the matter. What was so hard to say in the current state?

He looked at Augus in disbelief, only to hear the latter speak slowly but firmly, “Ed. Mark me completely.”

Ed immediately felt his brain freeze.

Augus’s expression was very serious, and he was not joking at all.

Augus looking down on him was firmly engraved in Ed’s mind, and he promised to remember it all his life. No alpha could withstand such a temptation. Ed had only one idea left in his mind; to thrust in and form a knot inside so that the person above him would always belong to him.

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January 10, 2020 2:27 pm

OH MY GAWD waiting for the next chapter is gonna be (wait for it) the *HARDEST* (Thank you for the translations!)

January 11, 2020 5:01 am

Thank you for this interesting story. I am still trying to process this alpha, beta, and omega concepts in my logical brain. By the way, what does ABO means? Is this not the end yet, right?

March 25, 2020 2:20 am

😭😭thess are tears of happiness!! Keep going, im backing up my babies and rooting for their happiness!!💜💜💜

December 21, 2020 8:42 pm

“cave meat” absolutely killed me!

Thank you for the translation!

November 17, 2021 12:53 am

Yay! Augus took the initiative! Now they will be completely together. Also more spicy stuff coming. Hehe!

January 6, 2022 4:29 am

Whilst there’s lots of sex, it comes with a decent story.
My second time reading about this unique and well matched couple, who were the result of a heinous act. Love it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 11, 2022 9:55 am

Augus taking iniative was so hot!!

“Mark me completely” TvT

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