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Chapter 20: Second World (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Fu Shaohua’s announcement about switching to the new company went very smoothly, and even Zheng Mingze was caught by surprise as if he had won a big prize.

As early as after studying Fu Shaohua’s materials, he was aware that this artist was not good at communication and did not know how to deal with the media. So Zheng Mingze used his contacts and chose a journalist who had a good relationship with himself. He was already prepared to intervene immediately if something went wrong, but he did not think that Fu Shaohua would give him a big surprise instead.

Faced with media interviews, Fu Shaohua did not show a victim’s self-pity, anger, and sadness— after all, this behavior could further win sympathy, and once the transition was completed, it would be easy to cause adverse effects.

However, contrary to Zheng Mingze’s worries, Fu Shaohua did not complain, and his attitude was not only positive and upward, but he also had a thorough understanding and was calm after a thousand sailings, like a rebirth from within the fire.

Zheng Mingze watched him from the stage, and even he had to admit that Fu Shaohua, who stood in the magnesia lamp talking and laughing at the moment, had extraordinary charm. If he had played his appeal earlier, he would probably not have been tepid and suffered so much hardship and embarrassment.

However, perhaps it was precisely because of this wind and rain, that Fu Shaohua had the new look of today, right?

After successfully completing the announcement, Zheng Mingze settled Fu Shaohua down and personally sent away the journalists he knew well.

Obviously, the reporter he had a good relationship with was also very satisfied with his harvest today, even laughing at Zheng Mingze, saying that he had to pick up this hot potato only because of human feelings, but did not expect to reap significant benefits. Fu Shaohua’s enthusiasm had not yet subsided as this exclusive report was a pleasant bonus for him.

“Although I have never contacted Fu Shaohua before, I always believed that artists who can be blackened to that level by the company’s people will always have some shortcomings, at least in terms of interpersonal communication. Many will not make any waves. I heard that you wanted to take over him, and I felt regret for you.” The reporter shook his head and sighed, “But today, my opinion about him has changed. If he can continue to change, in my eyes, his next achievements will not be bad. Congratulations in advance on the addition of a money-spinner under your hands!” 

“You say this as if I were a vampire crushing an artist!” Zheng Mingze laughed and scolded, but his heart was particularly sad— if Fu Shaohua did not stand behind that golden Buddha, he would surely be happy that he had a money-spinning tree, but now…this was a living ancestor!

However, in any case, Fu Shaohua’s self-promotion still made Zheng Mingze very happy. At least, it meant that his work was much less stressful.

After sending the reporter back, Fu Shaohua had taken off his makeup and tidied up his belongings. Zheng Mingze patted him on the shoulder. He did not hesitate to praise him and encourage him to continue his efforts. He took him to the car and asked him where he was going next.

Fu Shaohua was silent for a moment, “Let’s go back to the apartment where I live now. I’ll pack up my things, and then I’ll bother Zheng Ge to send me to Young Master Bai’s villa.”

Zheng Mingze drove the car and said, “Are you really ready to go?”

“Un.” Fu Shaohua responded softly, with a little self-mockery, “Do you think I have the right to refuse?”

Zheng Mingze was speechless. After a while, he gave some comfort, “In fact, this kind of thing is not uncommon in the entertainment circle. You don’t need to have too much psychological burden. Young Master Bai…is also very serious and he’s not playing around. The Bai family also keeps a tacit attitude towards him, and he won’t hurt you.”

“Un, I know.” Fu Shaohua gave a light laugh. “He’s good to me.”

The car was quiet for a moment, filled with some embarrassment, Zheng Mingze coughed and asked tentatively, “…You two…last night…”

Fu Shaohua drooped his eyelids and answered simply, “I volunteered.”

Knowing this was Fu Shaohua’s attitude of refusing to talk deeply, Zheng Mingze had to shut up and talk about other interesting topics, but he kept playing drums in his heart, wondering what attitude Fu Shaohua had.

Apparently, he accepted the status quo of being taken care of, even in bed. His calm response made Zheng Mingze unable to respond, even if he wanted to persuade him and find a suitable entry point. Although everything looked all right, Zheng Mingze worried that this was only the calm before the storm.

Sometimes, proper emotional venting was more conducive to mental health. The more suppressed Fu Shaohua was, the more destructive the damage would be if it breaks out. He and Fu Shaohua were grasshoppers on a rope and would inevitably be implicated with it. 

With a deep sigh in his heart, Zheng Mingze had to be energetic and ready to fight with Fu Shaohua for a long time. He was the firefighter between him and Young Master Bai anytime and anywhere.

After sending Fu Shaohua back to his temporary apartment, Zheng Mingze began to help him pack up. Fu Shaohua’s actions were swift, and he packed his luggage without any delay. It was quite simple, just a few clothes, several documents and so on. More time was spent cleaning up the traces left by his ex-girlfriend.

Fu Shaohua was indeed an infatuated lover. Even if he was hurt so much by his ex-girlfriend, he still kept his partner’s things properly. He did not cohabit with his ex-girlfriend, and the actress Molly knew quite well about ‘self-protection’ and how valuable chastity was to a woman. Instead of giving it to her boyfriend who she had been dating for years, she waited for a price. She climbed up the leg of the son of the former vice-president of the company. Poor Fu Shaohua, who credulously believed her words, he had also looked forward to blending their names on their wedding night.

Although it sounded a little foolish, he had been far too innocent with his beloved girlfriend. Fu Shaohua indeed had the self-control of a gentleman, but unfortunately, he did not meet the right person.

… And then, even now, probably not.

Zheng Mingze watched Fu Shaohua brutally cram his ex-girlfriend’s stuff into a cardboard box, feeling sincere regret in his heart.

After sorting everything out, Fu Shaohua seemed to relax, and his expression calmed down slightly. “Zheng Ge, these things, please handle them, throw them away. Give me a refund for this apartment, too.”

“Yes, no problem!” Zheng Mingze readily accepted the promise and was deeply gratified for it.

Fu Shaohua was determined to get out of the shadow left by his ex-girlfriend. It was a good thing for him and for the young master of the Bai family.

After solving the ‘historical legacy problem,’ Fu Shaohua pulled his suitcase, got in the car again, and was driven to the villa where Young Master Bai lived.

Bai Duan did not like strangers in his home, so only the hourly workers regularly helped him clean up the house and buy some fresh ingredients. Of course, the young master of the Bai family did not touch the sun and spring water and did not cook at all. Most of the time, he just relied on takeout to solve the problem.

When Fu Shaohua and Zheng Mingze rang the doorbell, it was Bai Duan that opened the door in person, which made Zheng Mingze very flattered. He smiled and wanted to have a relationship with Young Master Bai, but was swept by with a cold eye, “Now that you’ve brought him here, you can go.”

Zheng Mingze choked a little, and then nodded, “Okay, then I’ll go first. Shaohua has never lived with anyone. If there’s anything wrong, please forgive Shaohua more.”

“Of course.” Bai Duan frowned, apparently feeling that what Zheng Mingze said was nonsense. This was his lover, how can he not forgive him? He was not satisfied with Zheng Mingze’s tone of entreaty, as if he were closer to Fu Shaohua.

Bai Duan’s expression had always been relatively small in the face of outsiders, coupled with his identity, so Zheng Mingze did not dare to observe his face carefully. After hearing Bai Duan’s tone, Zheng Mingze was even more worried that Fu Shaohua would not get along with the young man because of his temper.

But he couldn’t manage that much. Zheng Mingze pressed down his worries, said goodbye, and left, but when he walked to the door, he was suddenly stopped by Bai Duan.

Looking at Zheng Mingze, who turned around doubtfully, Bai Duan licked his lips and held them for a moment before he uttered a desperate sentence, “You will have to take more care of things in Shaohua’s work in the future.”

Zheng Mingze was somewhat shocked when he heard this sentence. At once, he felt that although the young master of the Bai family seemed to have a cold personality, he also had a mild side, which could not help but relax his mind a little. Zheng Mingze, with a happy face, was quite satisfied with Bai Duan. Bai Duan thought that he had successfully declared his sovereignty and flattered his lover’s agent. It was great!

With the joy of success, Bai Duan walked briskly back to the living room but did not see Fu Shaohua’s shadow on the first floor, even the luggage was nowhere to be seen.

He frowned slightly and went up to the second floor. Soon he found that the door of his bedroom was open and he could not help walking over quickly and accurately catching his lover.

Compared with other rooms, Bai Duan’s bedroom was obviously much more chaotic, after all, this was his private area, hourly workers were never allowed to enter and were naturally unable to maintain a regular appearance.

Fu Shaohua seemed to be in the middle of packing his clothes into wardrobes and drawers, making the whole room a little messier, but Bai Duan was not at all unhappy about the invasion of his private territory. His attention was attracted by the folders in Fu Shaohua’s hands.

Hearing the footsteps, Fu Shaohua turned his head to Bai Duan and raised the folder in his hand, “These endorsements and roles are all for me?”

Bai Duan’s ears quietly turned red; initially he wanted to say’ yes,’ but he who was held in obedience from an early age, had been occupying the initiative, and was very dissatisfied with how he was always being led by the nose after meeting Fu Shaohua.

Looking coldly at Fu Shaohua’s smug appearance, Bai Duan did not intend to let him continue to be complacent. He gave a gentle hum and folded his hands over his chest, “Are they yours? That’s not necessarily true.”

“What did you say?” Fu Shaohua raised his eyebrows.

“It depends on your performance.” Bai Duan raised his chin. “If you do well and make me happy, you will be rewarded.”

Looking at his Little Golden Lord’s gesture, Fu Shaohua could not help but feel a little stupid. He licked his slightly dry lips, and his voice was somewhat mute, “Then, how should I behave to make the Golden Lord happy?”

Fu Shaohua thought he was obvious enough, but it was only obvious that Bai Duan, still a novice in love, did not get the ‘hint’ from him. Instead, Bai Duan turned his back and thought it over carefully. He simply put forward one condition, “I am hungry, but I don’t want to eat takeout. You go and cook dinner for me!”

Unfortunately, the incompatibility of Bai Duan did not hinder Fu Shaohua’s self-development. He put down the folder and approached Bai Duan with a sincere smile, “Are you hungry? It’s really a big deal, I’ll make sure to feed you.”

At this moment, Bai Duan realized that the situation was not right, but he had no time to respond before he was embraced by Fu Shaohua and pressed down on the bed.

“I’m really hungry but not that kind of hungry!” Bai Duan resisted Fu Shaohua and wanted to reject the advance, but was also reluctant to really exert himself. Instead, it was more like an invitation instead of a refusal, “I wanted you to cook dinner for me!”

“Rest assured, I’ll cook you dinner.” Fu Shaohua pressed his body against the bed. He held Bai Duan by his neck and sucked a bright red kiss mark unto his delicate skin while in a conspicuous position. “Whether it’s above or below, I’ll feed you fully— that’s my responsibility as a caretaker.”

Bai Duan, “…”

My lover is so perverted! There must be something wrong! I think I am the world’s most unparalleled Golden Lord!

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January 9, 2020 11:58 am

I like how everyone thinks that Fu is the uke when his really the seme

January 29, 2020 12:21 am

The comedy is great. I do pity Little Young Master Bai, though, being forced to carry the pot of forceful young master when he’s just a pure white rabbit being caught in the wolf’s mouth. This precious cabbage’s been stolen and eaten clean by a perverted pig, ah! XD

August 15, 2020 8:33 am

World’s Most Unparalleled Golden Lord: So angry!

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Hahaha Duan wants to lead but woth Fu Shaohua around, what can he do 😂

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Bai Duan needs to realise that he’s the wife here not the husband…. Fu Shaohua has the control 😅😂
Thank you translator and editor 💝

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Bai duan so cute. i really like the change in this arc. Try ‘harder’ next time Bai duan~

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