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Chapter 2: Cannot Use Inhibitors

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

For the next few days, Ed’s life was as usual, and Felix never looked for him again, so it seemed that the case of Augus was settled. But he was still very uneasy about the Third Prince’s behavior. Even if he said that the Emperor acquiesced in the experiment, who knew if the Emperor actually disagreed to the experiment, and Felix simply decided on it himself? So he applied to meet the Emperor the next day, to figure out the Emperor’s side, so as not to end up in the Third Prince’s pit.

The application was approved on the same day, thanks to the fact that Ed was a viscount in addition to his army title. The application immediately moved forward. In standard times, the title was ignored entirely by Ed, but it was advantageous at this time.

“Your Majesty.”

The Emperor seemed to be in a good mood and waved him forward. According to convention, he first talked about a lot of glorious deeds and about the memory of Ed’s parents’ sacrifice for the country, and then lamented that the child had grown up to this age alone. So such a set of procedures came down to the end of this meeting and greetings.

Ed could not get into the topic either. He first reported to the Emperor about the recent situation, then related to the prisoners, and implicitly implied the good deeds of the Third Prince. At last, he gave Felix a reputation for caring about the development of science and technology of the Empire.

Not only with the Emperor, but every time he talked to the aristocrats, Ed himself felt no sense of being a noble. Anyway, he held the title because of his parents.

This time, the Third Prince had not deceived people. The Emperor had agreed that he could do whatever he liked. If he could get some information, it would be better. But he didn’t want a rumor to spread about this inhuman experiment to the whole Empire. It was estimated that because the situation was no longer as tense as before, the Emperor did not seem to care about the captives and military situation of the Union.

At the end of the short inquiry, there were a lot of polite manners, and Ed just left.

A few days later, Ed received a call request from the head of the laboratory while he was in the army, asking him to send someone to pick up Augus. Because he couldn’t leave, for the time being, Ed could only arrange a few beta subordinates who were trusted to go there. These people were familiar with him, so he didn’t give much advice. However, in view of the peculiarity of this matter, he still concealed the truth, only saying that it was a high-risk experimental object. After thinking about it, he added, “I’ll need some alpha and omega inhibitors as well.”

The curiosity his subordinates were about to explode. Alpha inhibitors were normal. It was not the first time Ed had used them. But why did the general, who had only asked for betas and never even met an omega, want omega inhibitors for? For whom? What was he using it for? Why did he need it?

“Want to know why I want omega inhibitors?” Ed asked, smiling.

“This subordinate has no right to ask.” But their faces were all hung with the expression of ‘seeking gossip.’

“Un, there is still awareness.” Ed suddenly changed his face and put on a serious face, “But this is a secret of the Empire, and I will not comment.”

Ed shrugged his shoulders after successfully leaving his group of subordinates. What he said was true.


Augus woke up with a jolt.

It was hot.

These days, Augus spent life in a semi-coma state. He didn’t know what the crazy people in white coats had done to his body, but it wasn’t any ordinary operation because he felt something more inside. The pain from the inside to outside made him unable to lift his hands.

There was darkness around him, and Augus could hear his breathing very clearly. Trying to ignore the hot and dry feeling all over his body, he finally realized it focused on the place behind him.

This kind of phenomenon was a characteristic of an omega’s Heat. Augus had always been calm. Knowing that the Union did not respond to his capture, he never worried about the worst situation in the torture room, that is, death. Even if he was later thrown away and didn’t know what to do, he didn’t say a word when he was in a coma. But now he was completely flustered, and the fear that he couldn’t control rushed up.

It was impossible! An omega’s unique Heat symptoms wouldn’t appear in an alpha! What did the lab do to him!?

But soon, as his body grew hotter, he had no chance to think about what was going on.

When Ed got home in the evening, he saw a coffin-like box lying in his basement.

He had already known that the container could block the divergence of pheromones in a short time, and carefully gave himself a shot of inhibitor before opening it. Without knowing what was going on inside, he had to worry that as soon as he opened the container, the omega pheromone would burst out, leading him to directly give the other a comprehensive set of marks as a hungry alpha.

As expected, after opening the box, the omega’s pheromones suddenly spread.

From an objective point of view, Ed really thought that the Third Prince was immoral. Augus was a major general of the Union, and even if he killed himself, it could be in the name of sacrificing himself for his country. Because of the evil deed from Felix’s sudden imagination, the alpha, once admired in the battlefield, had been transformed into an omega, who was now put in a box and sent to an alpha’s home in a state of Heat.

Ed, who used the inhibitor, was still very rational. He was going to talk about other things first when Augus returned to normal. So he picked up the omega inhibitor that he had already prepared and injected it directly into Augus. Although omegas already in Heat wouldn’t return to normal by inhibitors, it could be delayed for a while.

Being used to the dark space, Augus couldn’t open his eyes because of the light. He felt that he had been fished up by others. Although there was only a little reason left to tell him to resist, his body was shaken by the touch because of its sensitivity, and he leaned weakly against the arm of the other party, and the blush on his face spread from his face to his chest.

Ed’s palm was on Augus’s body, and he felt that it was so hot now.

“You injected me…what…”

“Don’t worry, it’s an inhibitor.”

Augus barely adapted to the light and dimly saw the face of the person in front of him.


The two of them met several times at the negotiation table, or on the screen of the warships in confrontation, Augus stared at the familiar face for a long time before remembering who it belonged to.

Ed really wanted to look at Augus like an enemy to make it clear that it was none of his business. But he didn’t think Augus could listen now. He could only hum, “Until you get better.”


One minute.

Two minutes.

Five minutes passed.

There was no doubt that Augus’s Heat had not slowed down. Ed determined that the inhibitor had indeed been injected, and concluded that there was only one possibility, the inhibitor itself was problematic.

That is, omega inhibitors had no effect on Augus.

It may be that an omega transformed from an alpha couldn’t use omega inhibitors, or it might have been a mistake in the experiment. In short, no matter what the cause was, the result was that Augus’s pheromones were getting stronger and stronger. In a while, someone nearby may find that there was an omega in the general’s house, emitting ‘come to me’ pheromones all-round.

It was true that Augus’s state was approaching its limit, and his omega’s instinct was clamoring for the alpha in front of him to go into his back hole and mark him. But the last bit of self-esteem left him unable to ask his enemy to fuck him.

Ed didn’t hesitate to mark Augus temporarily since it would only be worse if he dragged on. He sat on the ground and picked up Augus, holding his back in his arms, one hand holding his head, the other hand moving the fine black hair on his neck, revealing the back of his neck.

No more than the natural omega, Augus’s complexion was not white, but it was a deadly attraction that got hot at the moment. The glands gave off a distinctive smell through the skin. Ed drew close and sniffed before sticking out his tongue and licking it back and forth twice. When Augus shuddered because of his sensitivity, he did not hesitate to open his mouth and break the gland, decisively marking the other temporarily.

As soon as the mark was established, the pheromones from both sides became very different. After Ed finished marking, his hands continued to swim on Augus uncontrollably. He felt that the other side was shaking faintly because of excitement, and smelled that the other side’s body was completely covered by his own pheromone. His alpha’s natural possessive desire was immediately greatly satisfied. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, he used to only look for betas, even if it was a contract. Although occasionally, he would temporarily mark them by accident and find himself feeling very comfortable at that time, it was totally incomparable with this current feeling.

Being temporarily marked by an alpha significantly alleviated Augus’s Heat. Although his body was still sensitive to being touched by Ed and he was ‘excited,’ he couldn’t help but want to be penetrated. After returning to his mind, Augus’s reason gradually returned. He realized that he was not only in the mood just now, but had also been temporarily marked by Ed like an omega. The most reluctant guess was confirmed, and his heart was in despair.


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