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Chapter 3: Sit down and have a good talk?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

In the air, there was still the smell of pheromones from both sides, which were vaguely intertwined. Ed picked up the man who was still powerless in his arms.

“Let me down, I can go myself.”

Ed looked at Augus, who was still panting but couldn’t control his face. With a face that said he didn’t want to talk, he decisively ignored the other party’s bravado. Being sorry that the other party was struggling was not the same for him now. He directly took the other man upstairs. Passing by the living room, he told the housekeeper household robot suspended in the air to contact the laboratory tomorrow to send the container back.

After bringing the other man into his room, Ed also removed the shackles that had been holding Augus’s hands. It was not that he was reassured, it was that Augus was in such a weak state that he was not threatening at all. There were two red prints on Augus’s wrists that stood out.

“Where is this?” Augus was in a state of high tension, looking around, watching Ed with his guard raised.

“My home.” Ed then found that Augus was sitting on the sofa naked and pulled a shirt out of the closet and threw it. “Don’t look for a way out. There are two escape routes, and both are being monitored. You can’t escape out to the yard even if you use a door or a window.”

Augus didn’t expect his thoughts to be seen through in a second, even when he thought it was hidden very well. He knew it was impossible to escape. He could only pick up the shirt with stiff hands. His movements were so slow because his hands had not been free ever since he had been captured, and he felt like a disabled person. In the interrogation room, held in handcuffs, in the laboratory, and handcuffed in the operating table, he had not been free for a while. 

“Underwear is at the bottom of the cupboard on your right. Take them.” Ed watched Augus put on his clothes with a bit of embarrassment, and dismissed the idea of helping him because the other side could not seem more embarrassed.

Compared with wearing other people’s underwear, it was obviously more shameful to be naked. Augus couldn’t think of that any longer and put them on.

“Why would I…” Augus originally wanted to say that he was angry, but when these words came to his mouth, he couldn’t say them.

“Don’t you know?”


“You were temporarily marked by me.” Ed didn’t mind reminding Augus of the obvious, “You’re an Omega now, physically. Although it’s not certain, according to the lab, if you will be able to conceive… “

Augus clenched his fist squeezed his fingers into his palm, and his voice broke out angrily, “It’s against the law to remodel the human body!”

“It’s a coincidence that I think so as well,” Ed said, “but unfortunately, in the Empire, royalty is the law.”

This was a big truth. Under the absolute rule of the royal family, what the Emperor acquiesced to was the right thing. Law? It was not made by the nobles.

“I’ve said that I don’t know any federal confidential information.” What’s more, Augus didn’t believe that the Empire would pay for the intelligence that he didn’t say, “What do you want to do?”

“First of all, this is the personal interest of his Highness, the Third Prince. It has nothing to do with me.” Ed picked himself out very quickly.

“Nothing to do with you?”


Yes, but look at the current situation. Augus was in his own home, wearing his own shirt and underpants, and still had his teeth marks on his neck. It had too much to do with him.

“I’m helping you.” Ed smiled helplessly. If he was really ‘with the Third Prince,’ he would have sent out alpha pheromones just now to ask all the information Augus knew.

“Thank you so much, though I can’t see why you helped me.” Augus smiled sarcastically, but his eyes were fixed on Ed, who was sitting on the bed and began to take off his clothes.

“Don’t be nervous. I have nothing to do with you, at least not for now. Thank the tube of inhibitor I took in advance.” Ed looked at his face like an enemy and began to flirt, “If it wasn’t for its credit… It’s estimated that by now, you’d be on the basement floor moaning. “

Augus’s face was white and red with anger. He thought of his appearance just now, but he didn’t come up with half a word to refute it.

Ed was sure that if it wasn’t for Augus’s self-knowledge, he would definitely have come up and beat him.

“If you’ve learned the common sense of physiology, you should know that biting through glands alone can’t help one endure Heat, right?” Ed still felt the Augus’s sweet pheromone was inviting, but it was not as strong now, and it had shrunk from an undifferentiated spread within hundreds of meters to just the alpha that had temporarily marked him.

Of course, Augus knew this. Even if he didn’t learn physiological knowledge entirely, he could feel that the hot and dry feeling in his body was still in the range of endurance.

But maybe only for a few days.

“You can choose others, too. I’m sure there are many people who are willing to help you with the task of going through your heat. But believe me, you will never want to choose them. Although I don’t know what kind of tricks they will play, at least if you choose others, you will never sit on the sofa and talk to them.”

“… Are you threatening me?” Augus looked up at Ed in his underwear.

“I’m just stating the truth,” Ed said, looking at Augus with a sincere look. “Well, it’s not like we’ve not done it several times before, haven’t we? To be honest, as a soldier, you are an enemy worthy of admiration.” Ed saw that Augus’s tense body relaxed a little, and said, “I admit, I’m taking advantage of you, but at least I didn’t come to humiliate you.” Then he added, “Besides…you don’t have another option, do you?”

The room was quiet for a few seconds.

“Can you kill me?” Augus asked in a hoarse voice

“… No.” Ed was stunned for a moment, and put himself in a position where normal people might try to die, at least with dignity, “and I don’t have that right.” Ed thought, even if I had the right, I would not kill you.

He admitted that Augus, at the moment, was more attractive to him. He couldn’t bear to see Augus die.

Probably because of the temporary marking, Ed told himself.

It was no surprise that Augus got this result. He gave a low hum, “I see.”

What would they do now?

Ed looked at the other suspiciously. Augus had come to terms faster than he thought.

“What do I need to do?” Augus regained his cool expression.

“Um… Come here and take off your clothes and dance for me?” Ed obviously saw the calm expression of Augus beginning to collapse. “I’m kidding. Go take a bath first. Use my toiletries and bath towels first. I’ll order a new set later.”

Augus seemed to hate Ed’s bad jokes and went straight into the bathroom. The speed of his bath was very military style, and he was quick in battle. Soon he came out with his hair wet, his shirt was put on neatly, and his lower body was covered with a bath towel.

Ed tsked and went into the bathroom.

After washing, he went to the living room, ordered a set of toiletries, and then thought about it, limiting Augus’s access to his own room. The current situation was not enough for him to give Augus too much freedom. After all, Augus was not really a soft and weak omega, but a trained soldier. Even if he was in such a mess now, Ed had no doubt that if he had a chance, the other party would try to run away, or even make his own decision.

When he got everything done, he went back to the room and found that Augus was still sitting beside the bed in the same position. After hearing his footsteps, Augus turned his head nervously to stare at Ed.

“Are you going to sleep in your shirt?” Ed generously untied the towel around his waist and went to bed naked.

“I can sleep on the sofa.”

Wrong answer.

Ed turned off the light, and there was only the faint light of the moon through the window.

Augus’s body suddenly tensed up and subconsciously made a defensive gesture.

“I’ll take it off for you.”

After that, Ed encircled Augus from the back and unbuttoned his shirt with flexible hands.

“Stop!” Augus reached out to stop him, but he was dragged onto the bed, and Ed rolled over and pressed him under him, “Wait, wait! I can take it off myself…”

“Too late, I’m done.” Then Ed threw his shirt on the ground, held Augus’s face in one hand, kissed him on the neck, stretched out the other hand, pulled off the towel, and stroked his penis.

Augus’s reason made him want to slap Ed, but the alpha pheromone sent out by Ed made him only touch the other’s hands. Ed was stared at by the angry eyes of the other party but only felt that he was a little hard again. He rubbed against Augus through his underwear.

“Don’t move,” said Ed, surrounded by his ‘own’ omega’s pheromone. He just felt that he couldn’t be happier. He smiled at Augus and said, “I just want to rub. If you struggle, I’ll go in.”

The threat was still very effective, and sure enough, Augus was frozen.

“You’re hard, too.”

The body, which was still in Heat, was extra sensitive. After being rubbed a few times, the underwear was soaked by the pre-cum dripping from Augus. When Ed found out, he rubbed the area with his index finger. Augus tried to prevent Ed’s hand from moving. He covered his mouth immediately, but let out a few gasps.

Too bad. He thought that the sound was really attractive.

Ed never thought that one day he would find the former Union major general Augus attractive.

“Comfortable?” Ed asked, sticking to Augus’s ear.

“Shut… your…mouth… “

Ed obediently ‘shut up,’ his hand moved faster, and Augus’s body was tense, and his toes were curled up. Ed took off his underwear when he saw it, and let the two men’s penis stick together tightly as he grasped the other in his hands. Augus was directly shocked and shivered. After being rubbed a few times by Ed, he shot out and sank into the soft bed. Even in a few seconds of trance, Augus only groaned at the moment when he reached the summit. Ed estimated that he put all the remaining reasons to control himself not to shout out.

Ed reached for Augus’s hand and continued to help him up and down before he could get back to his senses. Finally, he looked at the other but didn’t like the situation. 

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I want ed to put it in #supergreedy

December 26, 2019 8:24 pm

The circumstances at how this story began was off-putting (experimenting on human prisoners) but I am almost amazed, delighted even, at how much respect and dignity Ed had shown Angus, as enemies who fought each other equally. I was holding my breath, wondering if there’s the usual ‘abuse the horny omega’ degrading scenario, but there was none at all. Rather, there was communication, respect and awareness of overall situation and how to make it better – I hope this continues.

December 28, 2019 3:11 am

Honestly, i like the theme of this story😎

July 13, 2020 3:13 am

Too sad and humiliated what they did to August, but I hook up so far with the historie. Thank you for the translations

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Loving this novel. Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work 🥰💝💜🌻🙏

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