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Chapter 20: Marriage Registration

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The next day, the two of them slept into the afternoon without any incident. As soon as Ed opened his eyes, he found that it was three o’clock in the afternoon.

“Did I wake you up?”

Ed estimated that Augus was too tired to wake up. He went to the wardrobe to rummage for clothes. Before he put it on, he saw Augus open his eyes.

Augus opened his eyes to see Ed’s naked body. It took his brain a second to slowly remember yesterday, no, what happened in the early morning.

“No.” It was a habit formed in the army and if there was movement nearby, even if he was tired, he couldn’t sleep any longer.

Ed also remembered that as a former soldier, Augus’s basic quality of vigilance must still exist.

“We’ll come back and go to bed early tonight. Now let’s go out. You’re not feeling sick…?”

Augus lifted the quilt and stood up. Two obvious handprints on his waist made Ed unable to move his eyes, “Do you still feel a little heavy?”

“This little trace is fine.” After glancing at Ed, Augus ignored him and tacitly caught Ed’s clothes and put them on, he said, “What are we going to do?”

Ed suddenly laughed when Augus mentioned it. He went over quickly to sit by the bed and took advantage of Augus’s puzzled expression. He didn’t hesitate to give him an eager good morning kiss.

Augus was stunned by the sudden kiss, and quickly turned his head, “I haven’t brushed my teeth…” Before he finished, Ed, who Augus didn’t know what he was excited about, pulled his face back and kissed him enough.

“What did you do in the morning?” Asked Augus with a frown.

Ed solemnly told him, “It’s not early. It’s passed three in the afternoon. If we don’t go out, they will close the application.”

“…” Augus’s expression was obviously dead for a moment.

“Knot… Marriage?”

“Ah, what else? You have to get on with your identity. Marriage registration is the fastest. Do you want to get on with another identity?” Ed approached Augus’s stunned face. “We just finished, my semen is still in your body. You don’t want to get out of bed and ignore people, do you?”

“Don’t mention your…semen!” Augus said it with a dark face. Although he did absorb some after sleeping, it was still heavy and uncomfortable. “It just feels a little sudden.”

Ed agreed with this, but it was also a superior order. Otherwise, he wouldn’t rush to register. At least he had to prepare a diamond ring, flowers, etc. No, let’s forget the flowers.

“I think so too, but it’s also part of the instructions. Your identity needs to be settled as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you after and get the ring and wedding, and the honeymoon won’t be less.”

“Those things don’t matter, I don’t mean that.” Augus was not comfortable with Ed’s sincere eyes. He looked away sheepishly. He was really scared by the speed. He didn’t think Ed could use it to talk with others.

“I have something to say, okay?”

Augus looked at Ed’s face and lost his temper. He sighed and thought that he was really defeated by this man. He could not beat him, and could not say anything. He could only dress and follow him out.

Walking in the lobby of the registration office, Ed couldn’t help but ask Augus if he was okay. Was there any discomfort? He got glared at. If one said that Augus’s physical strength was good, it was now better since an omega could automatically recover from fatigue after making love.

“Is it Lord Ed? This way, please.” After the front desk reported their names, they were immediately respectfully invited into the VIP room, and soon a special guide came to take them to the noble counter inside.

“Aristocratic style…” Augus complained in a low voice with great dissatisfaction that although the Union also had various rights and undercurrents, it was clearly different from the Empire of autocratic monarchy, which was one of the reasons for the opposition between the two countries.

Although Ed didn’t realize his aristocracy style, and he was amused to see Augus’s. He came close to his ear and whispered, “Don’t abandon aristocracy. At least we don’t have to go through troublesome procedures or wait, do we? Are you, my family, my husband, or my lover?”

Once again, he was biting his teeth at Ed’s teasing retort. He just shut up and didn’t try to talk to him.

The woman leading the way did not look back or incline her head. She was leading the way dutifully, but she was curious. General Ed was a famous alpha, a noble and a military officer. If it wasn’t for the noble title being a little empty, and there was no family power behind it, there would have been a bunch of omegas rushing to get married to him. Now he came to marry quietly! The point was that the other person was definitely not a noble with any name, but also had an alpha appearance.

“Here you are, please come in.” The woman who led the way looked back and said respectfully. She only heard Ed’s “’thank you’ as a response. After that, she looked at the mysterious “’marriage partner’” who had no expression.

Although it was a little pitiful, inexplicably, there was not only a good alpha here, but thinking about how good people couldn’t catch his eyes, the woman leading the way shook her head and went back.

The next thing happened very quickly. The two who registered had already been informed to prepare for the formalities, because they had obtained the direct permission of the Eldest Prince. At this time, Augus, who no longer had a Union identity, passed the examination easily as a ‘wanderer’. Only after confirming that there was no other person’s mark on the two people, they gave an Imperial identity to Augus on the spot, as well as the marriage certificate.

Although this era had been informationized for a long time, most people were willing to take this certificate, even if it was a memorial.

Augus took his ‘imperial identity’ and a striking marriage certificate, and Ed walked out of the registry.

“… It’s too fast.” Augus was stunned at the marriage certificate, and how everything happened so fast. The day before yesterday, he was still in prison, and his future, his life and death were unknown. Yesterday, he was taken home by Ed, and somehow and strangely exchanged thoughts. Then he made love until he was completely marked. Today, he even got married. Wasn’t this the rhythm of having a baby tomorrow?

Ed thought he was talking about the speed of processing applications, “It’s really an aristocratic privilege. If you’re a civilian, you’ll have to board for a week.”

It was only then that Augus remembered that he had been inexplicably named a Viscount. From major general of the Union to Viscount of the Empire

It was such a big identity change that Augus couldn’t help but click his tongue and get confused. Would he really stay at home like an ordinary omega and wait for Ed to come home every day?

Although he liked Ed and was willing to build a life-long relationship with him, his future life still confused him.

Ed looked at Augus in a trance, and the other side’s confused mood was not missed. Ed smiled helplessly, for now it really had to go on like this…but in the future, there should be a chance

“Augus, I love you more than I thought.” 

“What…” Augus almost choked on his own saliva, “We’re outside now. Can we talk about that at home?”

“Well, I’ll say it again when I get home,” Ed said, knowing that Augus didn’t like to be cuddled and just put his hand on the other’s shoulders. “I know it’s happening so fast, you must be at a loss. But I’m not going to let you be a canary for the rest of your life. Don’t worry. It’s just not the time. The Empire is too complicated. Even I feel tied up here.”

Augus didn’t expect Ed to clearly see his emotions and was shocked by Ed’s words. He said he would not let himself be a canary all his life. What did that mean? Was that what he thought? Augus, who thought he wouldn’t have another life here, suddenly got excited.

“It’s very complicated. We can sit down and talk slowly when we go back.”

Augus didn’t know what Ed was planning, but somehow he felt reassured. Although this feeling was very dangerous, Augus couldn’t deny that he now believed in all the decisions Ed made without any objection.

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January 12, 2020 12:49 pm

This is a beautiful chapter. Somehow, I am a bit worried that everything is going smoothly. It seems like the calm before the storm, but I believe they will have a happy ending.

Thank you for this chapter, dear translators.

January 12, 2020 7:15 pm

Thanks for this amazing chapter. It was really cute~

January 13, 2020 12:31 pm

This is going way too smoothly! I hope nothing too bad will happen to the both of them!!

January 14, 2020 3:38 am

Fofo. Eu estou com medo do que vem por aí.

May 28, 2020 4:44 pm

o gosh how many times did they do it it was rilly cute ty for da chapter <3

September 16, 2020 2:14 pm

Awww sooo saawweett

November 17, 2021 1:11 am

Of course Ed isn’t going to force Augus to sit at home like a little wife. He gets him. He’ll have something interesting planned. Hope it goes well.

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