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Chapter 22: Censoring is Required While Moving

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Outside the window was the endless starry sky.

The Empire’s second-class warship, ABIS, had been leaving Lambeth’s vicinity for three days. Because the situation was not urgent and it was still under the control of the local army, Ed and his team were not in a hurry. After only one space jump, they moved slowly at normal speed.

It was not the first time Ed had been aboard the ABIS. Since he was promoted to general, he had cooperated with this warship more than once or twice. However, as a warship, the ABIS was not as good as Ed’s own small spacecraft, but at this time, it was far from the case since Ed himself was present.

Ed, with his General’s uniform on, strolled around the conference room with a large view window, idling for a while and then went to the bridge.

“General.” The soldier in the co-pilot’s seat greeted Ed as soon as he saw him coming in.

“Let me see.” Ed waved and stood behind the flight controller, looking at the route through the cab glass and the monitor.

Ed had been hanging around here since yesterday. For the first time, he was so nervous about two controllers who were not part of his team. The two controllers were afraid that this general would have instructions or come to check their work, so their backs were straight and they dared not leave. Ed also found that the two subordinates were too nervous because of his arrival. The questions were also answered by formula. They could only walk around in a circle.

In the past, there were quite a lot of tasks when he walked out. On the way, he had to agree on plans and observe the war situation. This was the first time that Ed faced such a relaxed situation. It felt like he had come to travel with public expenses. As a result, he didn’t know what he was doing on the way.

After taking the optical camouflage and the fake ID, Augus performed his duty. He really regarded himself as Ed’s most common soldier. He used the hormone camouflage of a beta, did training and ate with other soldiers every day. Except for the reports before going to the warship, he never met Ed.

On the first day, Ed specially ordered the guards to tell a soldier named Fleur to see him.

Fleur, the name of Augus’s fake identity, didn’t appear on Ed’s list at once. Ed knew in his heart that no matter what Augus did, as long as he was involved in the army and war, he would be serious. This was the third day. If he didn’t ask Augus to come to him, Augus would be able to act as a small soldier all the way to Lambeth.

“Let second regiment, ID 15497, Fleur, come to see me.” Ed finally couldn’t help but use his men.


Ed’s deputy for this mission, Langer, was a quiet man. Although he was a beta, he had always performed well on the battlefield. He had known Ed for many years. He didn’t show any doubt at all when he heard the order, even though Ed wanted to see an ordinary soldier he had never heard of.

Although Ed admired the other’s professionalism, he occasionally thought he was too boring. But for the serious work, maybe it will be very suitable for Augus?

Ed, who had no idea where he was, turned his pen behind his desk and soon heard the door open.

Dressed in an optical camouflage, Augus now had dark brown hair, younger facial features and sparse freckles, just like a young recruit. “General Ed.”

Langer, who opened the door, was still standing beside Augus. Augus could only make a proper imperial salute. Ed nodded in his seat and couldn’t help laughing.

Ed cleared his throat, “You can go first. There’s no emergency and you won’t be notified.” 

Langer’s intuition was that there was something wrong between the two men. He glanced at the teenager, who could not be more common, and then he retreated. After the door was closed again, Augus was still standing at the door, not knowing what Ed wanted him to do.

“Everyone’s gone, why are you still standing over there?” Ed stood up and walked to the door to pull Augus toward him. “Is it that addictive?”

“Sound insulation?” Augus glanced at the door.

“Nonsense, absolutely soundproof. This is the commander’s office.” Ed sat down on the sofa, watching Augus’s reaction to his words, and then sat down beside him.

“What can I do for you?”

Ed felt hurt, “Do I have to have something to find you? You are my wife.”

Augus’s serious expression suddenly broke and blushed, “This is the warship, can you be serious?”

“Don’t worry, there’s no one else here and there’s no monitoring.” Ed put his chin on Augus’s shoulder, fretting because his familiar pheromones were covered with camouflage. “How have you been these two days? Is the camouflage okay?”

“No problem.” Augus nodded. “I can keep down my pheromones when I’m training. No one can detect the abnormality.”

Ed actually understood that Augus had been holding on for a long time at home. Now that Augus had a chance, he cherished this feeling since he had been in the military camp before. But it didn’t stop Ed from complaining, “You’d rather be a rookie than come here to talk to me. We have something to talk about.” 

Augus didn’t hear Ed’s voice, but Ed soon showed him how he wanted to ‘talk.’

Having the hot breath being exhaled on his face, Augus was tempted by the familiar pheromone, but because of the beta camouflage agent, Ed’s pheromone was not as lethal as usual. He just slightly blushed and gasped. Ed leaned over onto the sofa with one hand, snuck into Augus’s clothes with the other hand, scratched his nipples back and forth, and soon felt that Augus’s chest was stiff.

“Turn off the optical camouflage first. It feels like I’m touching someone else. It’s weird.” Although Ed clearly felt that this body was Augus’s, his face was different from that of the normal one. Augus hesitated, turned off the optical camouflage, and in a flash he turned back to the black haired youth that Ed knew well.

Feeling that Ed’s lust had reached the root of his thigh, this time, Augus, who was not dazzled by the pheromones, gently pressed Ed’s hand, which was trying to penetrate his pants, “Don’t…not here…”

“You don’t want to?”

“It’s going to destroy the beta camouflage,” said Augus, who was already feeling it, but still managed to stay sane. “I don’t want to inject it again.”

Although the camouflage agent was no longer a rare thing, it had more disadvantages than advantages. Ed stopped as soon as he heard this, but his lower body was too hard and hot.

“Then we…”

“I’ll help you.” Augus said, grimacing. The red tip of his ears revealed his mood. 

Ed wanted to end the friction with each other, but he didn’t expect Augus to offer to help him. Naturally, he was not very happy. What surprised him was that the ‘help’ mentioned by Augus was not with his hands, but with his mouth.

Augus always said that he would do it. He was determined to use his mouth, although he was ashamed, but he held on to his face. He got off the sofa without dragging it out. He knelt between Ed’s legs to undo his belt and zipper.

Ed, needless to say, seeing Augus kneeling between his legs made him so hard, he was about to explode. Ignoring the pheromones, he was as swollen as when he was in Heat.

“Don’t move…” Augus said. This was the first time he would be having oral sex with Ed. He had spoken about it several times before, and gradually felt that oral sex was the same thing. Ed never felt that this kind of behavior was dirty or undignified. Naturally, Augus also felt that there was nothing to give Ed. It was just that, at this moment, as expected, he was not as cheeky as Ed. 

Or it was a shame at the moment.

No more than usual at home, the two people were dressed in neat military uniforms, sitting on the office sofa, outside the room, no one could hear what was going on, and although it was a closed place, Augus still felt like it was a public place.

Ed was asked not to move, so he did not move. He stared at Augus, who was leaning down, and saw him take out his penis in a hurry. It was very in line with his style. He even omitted the temptation and tried to put the whole tip into his mouth directly.


It was an uncontrollable swallowing sound. Augus barely fit two=thirds of it into his mouth since it was not more changeable than his back end. Only when it was in the mouth could Augus really feel the size of the thing that was inserted into his back acupoint

Ed took a breath. His warm mouth was full of Ed. Augus licked up and down the length twice, which made him want to breathe out. That kind of clumsy but decisive action, coupled with Augus’s hair hanging in front of his eyes at the moment, and the way he lowered his head and buried it between his legs, stimulated Ed deeply.

Imitating Ed’s previous actions, Augus tried to wrap his lips around his teeth, slowly moving his mouth up and down, and then followed with his tongue as soon as he could. Although it was a little dry at the beginning, the moist mouth and saliva trailing behind immediately made Ed’s meat stick wet. Augus couldn’t control his mouth because the action made a pornographic sound, like the sound of a child sucking a lollipop.

“Very comfortable.” Ed honestly told Augus how he felt, and his deep voice made Augus blush.

“Can it be a little deeper…”

Augus continued to swallow as he listened, but he couldn’t put it deep in his throat, so he could only swallow. He didn’t make much progress. Even so, Augus, who had never had oral sex before, still choked. Physiological tears could not help flowing out of his eyes. Augus’s hands tightly grasped Ed’s thigh and wrinkled his trousers.

At this time, the scene was extremely pornographic. Ed called out Augus’s name. The latter subconsciously looked up at Ed, with the penis in his mouth. The corner of his eyes were red, and stimulated Ed to have no patience for Augus to go slowly.

“Mmmn. Hmm. Ng…”

Ed moved anyway.

He stretched out his hand with the white gloves that had not been removed, held the back of Augus’s head and fixed the position before his lower body began to thrust into Augus’s mouth. Although he had rationally controlled the force to avoid each thrust into Augus’s throat, the speed of acceleration soon made Augus unable to get used to it. Unable to keep up with the speed, he uttered a few vague syllables. He could only open his mouth and be filled with Ed’s thick member. After a short time, his jaw hurt and his saliva overflowed, making the corners of his mouth moist.

Although he couldn’t bear it, Augus himself had proposed that he would help Ed come. Even if he wanted to speak out, he couldn’t. Ed never loved Augus’s serious character more. Especially watching Augus kneeling in front of him, tears coming out of his eyes as he held his mouth open persistently. Ed’s action became more intense. He moved down like a pile, hoping to insert his whole member into his mate.

Augus, who was watched by Ed from top to bottom, found that he was also moved. Ed’s possessive eyes were so strong that he could not help sucking him in. At the same time, he also felt a strong lust, which made Augus move his eyes away, embarrassed. He was a bit of a flustered, wondering how he had become hard just by giving Ed oral sex. 

Ed caught a glimpse of the obvious protrusion of Augus’s crotch, which made him feel more satisfied. He started to make the final sprint and clasped Augus’s head with his hands. Though Augus felt it was hard to bear, he was suffering when he knew Ed was going to come.

“I’m going to come.” Ed reminded Augus. Although it was only one second, it was enough time for Augus to let go of his penis.

But Augus didn’t. To Ed’s surprise, Augus held his member in his hand and swallowed all the ejaculated semen.

“Did you swallow…?” Ed didn’t expect Augus to do that.

“Cough…” After swallowing, his throat felt uncomfortable. Augus cleared his throat and said, “Why? You don’t want me to?”

“It’s fine. I thought you didn’t like it.” Ed added, “I don’t want you to do what you don’t like.”

“It’s a little strange, but you did it for me before.” Augus wiped the liquid on the corner of his mouth and completely swallowed Ed’s semen, which was not only strange, but also a little weird and psychologically odd. 

Ed froze and laughed. Because Ed did it, Augus felt that he should do it too. This kind of simple and rigid principle, how could it not be a little cute when Augus said it.

“Now let me help you…” Ed pulled Augus up since he had knelt for a long time. His legs were a bit numb. He couldn’t walk and could only throw himself on Ed.

“Don’t go in.” Augus leaned over Ed, sounding tough.

“Yes.” Ed agreed with a smile.

There were many ways to solve desire without insertion.

As a result, Augus was pressed on the sofa and inserted into the climax twice by Ed’s fingers. Later, he was held and was taken care of once. Finally, he forgot that he was still in the office and could not help moaning. If it wasn’t for the sound insulation, the people in the corridor would have heard clearly.

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