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Chapter 23: Transition Towards the End

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The monotonous journey lasted for a week, and the ABIS finally landed on the base of Lambeth. Lambeth, as a secondary planet, was not as prosperous as the capital of the Empire, but there was no shortage of resources. The local leader had already arranged the residence and the location of the warship. Ed declined the reception banquet. Instead of being on board, he started a meeting with the officers stationed in Lambeth as soon as he landed.

It was not complicated. It was just that the Dark Alliance had constantly been harassing some small stars nearby. Every time, it had almost no losses, but it couldn’t catch several Dark Alliance people. The other side was just like a fly, but it was not positive.

The result of the discussion was that they needed to clear up one by one and advance the front slowly at the same time, so as to completely isolate the members of the Alliance from the imperial sphere of influence. As for Ed’s failure to speculate, the Alliance had made up its mind to develop slowly and surely, and would not lose the main force here.

“But who knows what they’re thinking.”

Langer didn’t respond to Ed’s words and dutifully wrote the report. Ed was always too lazy to write.

Although the situation here was not serious, it was doomed to waste a lot of time on it. They wouldn’t be able to go back to the capital in a year and a half. Maybe someone else wouldn’t be upset, but Ed had to go back. If everything went well, it was possible that he would never go back. Ed just hoped that Dark Alliance wouldn’t run out of shape after two fights. He wanted to play for a while longer.

“Call Fluer here.”

Langer frowned, but he still did as he was told. General Ed summoned this ordinary soldier a little too often. The other side was a beta. As an alpha, Ed closed the door for several hours every time he met. Everyone would think about what was going on.

“General, I’m not talkative. If you really need to vent, you can go to a special place. Even go to the pubs of the common people and hide your identity. It’s against the rules and unwise to take action against your subordinates.”

Ed clicked his tongue. Even though Langer gave this reminder as he left, he still cared about violating military rules and so on. He had no spirit of gossip.

“Since we’re going to stay here for a long time, and we’ve known each other for a long time, I’ll let you know.” Ed stroked his forehead. “He is…well, call him first, and I’ll tell you in detail.”

Then Augus was called as he had been a few days before. As if he was upset because of the interruption of his training, he gave Ed a look.

Then Ed locked the door, confirmed it, and told Langer the details.

“…” The amount of information was too large for Langer.

In fact, many of the officers in the capital already knew that Augus and Ed had a relationship, and many people, with their own sources, had long known that they were married. Langer hadn’t been in the capital for a long time. He didn’t know anything about it. So he directly came to know that the soldier’s real identity was former Union Major General Augus, and he married general Ed six months ago, and they did close the door every day to do such things.

After choking for a long time, Lange calmed down. He pushed his glasses and said, “It’s better to pay attention to your behavior when you’re still in the army.”

Ed thought it didn’t matter, “You see, our garrison will last for a year and a half. I must act a little human.”

Langer was not rigid in this regard, “Don’t be found out, or the military will be shaken.”

He suddenly learned that his boss brought his wife to fight. He was still a former major general of the Union. It was estimated that only a few people would smoothly accept this fact.

“So didn’t I tell you? You should also take good care of the people outside and don’t let them come in rashly. Let me know if you have any news. “

So I’m the gatekeeper. Langer was clear, no wonder it was so refreshing.

“I’m sorry.” However, Augus sincerely apologized so that Langer could not complain. He did not believe Ed’s decision. There was no doubt that Augus was an admirable soldier, regardless of his origin.

Since then, Augus had not avoided removing the optical camouflage in front of Langer every time, and he appeared in a normal manner when there was no other person. The servants of the residence were all of their own, and there was no other taboo or cameras planted by others. It was true that life and work on the planet of Lambeth was much easier than before. Ed felt more and more that staying here would be a good choice.

Augus still appeared in the army every day as Fleur. In order to avoid trouble, he hardly communicated with others. People only thought that he was eccentric, but no one was rushing to approach him. Although Ed had no choice but to role-play seriously for Augus, every time he saw the tired but satisfied look on Augus’s face, he was more determined to find a way to make Augus appear on his own side and on the battlefield.

For some time afterwards, the imperial garrison was dealing with the harassment of the Dark Alliance intermittently. Ed noticed that the Dark Alliance had gradually retreated, the attack frequency was getting lower and lower, and the military heart was also a little scattered, if the Dark Alliance had a military heart in the first place.

He didn’t know why the Dark Alliance chose the Empire’s border to harass them, but they seemed to be regretting it now.

Compared with theImperial Army with tight defense and weapon ships, the Dark Alliance was composed of mercenaries, freemen and pirates, indeed like a group of scattered sands, but! Who would have thought that the famous general Ed would not want to take part in the seizing of the Empire or defend the Union at this time, so he made up his mind to stay in this dilapidated frontier? And it seemed that this would be his posture for a long time.

In fact, the Dark Alliance had changed its blood for a long time. Its name was still Dark Alliance but the original people remaining were just a few.

The Dark Alliance retreated and failed, raising the idea of turning to the Union.

Ed was actually waiting for this. He had done a lot of research and preparation before he came, but when he finally arrived here, he found that the situation was simpler than he believed. Although the Alliance was more cohesive than before, it was still unable to have a head-on conflict with the Imperial Army. Occasionally, it would encounter several opponents with equal standards. The rest of the time was playing cat and mouse games.

If he had guessed correctly, there would have been infighting in the Alliance. There was disagreement over whether to continue attacking the Empire’s borders or to move to the Union.

Maybe when they attacked the mine in the first place, their appearance now broke the other party’s plan.

“After all, most of the people of the Dark Alliance fight for profit. After months of defeats, their losses are all personal,” Ed turned his pen dully. “Look, those star thieves have not been recorded for months. Now if you want to run, you need to find other targets.”

“The Union?”

“Maybe. They don’t have any good fruit here anyway.” Ed laughed confidently, but Augus’s eyes were lit up. This man was not serious in daily life, but when he went into the battlefield, he was worthy of his military awards and fame. The whole person was full of momentum and personal charm, which made people unable to move their eyes.

Sitting in the driver’s cab with weapons in hand, Augus was more eye-catching than ever.

Ed’s guess was right.

Less than a month later, Ed captured a converted private warship. The pilot ejected himself at the last moment by the life-saving pod, but a young maintenance man on board wasn’t able to run away. He was knocked unconscious by Ed’s soldiers and dragged back to Lambeth with his ship.

This maintenance personnel seemed to be very young, with disorderly hair. He never stopped swearing when he woke up. Without torture, he exposed his identity as a star thief.

At first, Ed was expecting to follow the lead, but within a day, there was news that he wanted to talk to the Empire. But he was very vigilant to ask for a meeting on another planet. He was obviously afraid that one of the star thieves would be killed in the Empire’s territory.

Ed didn’t have any idea about this. He wasn’t prepared to kill these Dark Alliance people in one stroke. To be honest, he wanted to persuade them all to harass the Union. He had better annoy Kane to death and kill him directly.

Augus didn’t ask to go together. He believed that Ed wouldn’t make any mistakes in a group of star thieves. It was in Ed’s absence that he should stay in Lambeth. Although the following people didn’t know that there was such a person on Lambeth, and Augus didn’t have the special permission left by Ed, it was still necessary to always have a higher authority than that of Langer.

There was no doubt that Langer was very impressed by Augus’s ability. In terms of work style, Augus was even more rigorous and serious than Ed.

So Ed took the warship and the little boy all the way to the designated place.

Augus had not been in the barracks as Fluer for several days, and he was now in Ed’s office working on reports and other documents. He used to wonder how Ed handled his official business so quickly and found out that all paperwork was put to Langer. Unable to see the past, Augus took the initiative to help share half of the work. From the bottom of his heart, he felt that Ed should feel sorry for this diligent subordinate.

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