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Chapter 148: Hidden Dangers

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Lately President Bai Fuchi felt that people’s lives were hopeless. 

Even when he was plagued by all kinds of things caused by the uprising and from orders from above, as well as threats from the ignorant and arrogant big shots, he still presented himself as mentally unstable.

If he could use his own intelligence or some other method to deal with the three men from before, then that would be okay. However because of the beast, Bai Fuchi was forced to face a certain evil boss who was now the ultimate evil boss. He didn’t want to deal with it!

It wasn’t something people could love! He was innocent! He was pitiful! Fucking three years before you were ignored and bullied and then you had difficulty escaping the circumstances of your birth. But in the end, you still fell into the trap?! He’s not fucking trembling, okay……

However apart from these harmful words on the note thrown by the beasts, the most obvious thing on this paper was that it asked JinYu to be a negotiator. What the fuck? You mean to say that the guy talking about the beasts’ thirty-six plan was completely unknown? Urgh, bullshit! The thirty-six plan had a human behind it, even more, Xiao Bai had called him.

So, if you think it’s so straightforward, do you need to find someone else to replace him so the beasts can dissolve into disorder and then harm humans again?! You must be a traitor sent by the beasts themselves!

So at the end, Bai Fuchi saw the front door of the newly renovated Beast Store 138. He sighed deeply before he got to the door he heard several voices.

“Well, what about our Xiao Hei? Mr. Jin, are you sure that living in that place didn’t harm the beasts?” Jin Qian pushed his glasses, his face dark. He knew that his own Lost Butterfly beast so he was very suspicious that it was beaten by that god awful Xiao Bao.

“Oh no, it’s really true. How come you doubt me? That place is relatively safe and peaceful, you guys all know them. How could I bring misfortune to the beasts? I only treat them well. Moreover, are you sure that Xiao Hei wouldn’t be captured for research?” Saying this, JinYu’s expression hardened. Right now even though human beings don’t slaughter beasts at their whims, arresting beasts and detaining them still occur. It was a recipe for disaster if beasts stayed near human beings. He would never take this risk. “Besides, I think that you should be able to feel that besides the conflict between the beasts and humans, there’s another invisible force. Otherwise, Shasha wouldn’t come to me in such a mess with Hei Tuan. Even the top five most innocent clans are in disorder. In other places, the high-level beasts aren’t death, they’ve only changed their path. None of your beasts are of lower ranks, right?”

Hearing JinYu’s words, Ling Chong, Jin Qian, Shan Bailu, and Long Changxiao’s eyes darkened. They thought back to the violent incident in the Bai Sha Clan a few days ago– at the time they didn’t know what was going on. A fierce and evil beast suddenly broke out of the Bai Sha Clan’s zoo. Their clan members had to deal with it immediately. As a result, those beasts, like demons, did not obey their commands at all. Instead they injured many people. When the beasts were attacking others, Fei Yu Sheng, as the general of the military, could not ignore this scene. So he naturally proposed to lock up the beast.

Originally this should be something that occurred both infrequently and naturally. However, when Fei Yusheng proposed to imprison the beast, Bai Sha came running over with Hei Tuan. Afterwards Hei Tuan didn’t know what was going on so suddenly it’s body lit on fire. A blue light shone from its eyes. In this way, all the beasts went mad and were bought. However, Hei Tuan fainted. 

Before Hei Tuan fainted, Bai Sha was informed of some news that would ensure it was brought to JinYu before it woke up. Otherwise it would continue to go mad. 

So, Bai Sha immediately prepared to find JinYu. However, she was blocked by Fei Yusheng and the just-arrived Long Yuting. The former didn’t do anything, only insinuated that Hei Tuan was also a beast and that it was best to hand it over to the army. However, Long Yuting demanded Bai Sha to hand over Hei Tuan otherwise the beasts cursed by Hei Tuan would continue to endanger everyone. It had to be monitored strictly so its ability could be analyzed.

The hidden meaning behind the last sentence almost made Bai Sha explode! This was a fellow she acquired with great difficulty. And before the screen showed just how bloody and gruesome “researching” the beasts could be! At that time, it wasn’t her beast that was shaking but it was her. If Hei Tuan was to be treated in the same way, she would go mad as well!

So Bai Sha naturally decided to use all her energy to run away. Originally, she had no way of escaping Long Yuting’s attack. She couldn’t even be considered his opponent. It was good that right now they were still at the Bai Clan household and that her sisters were all her. With the combined help of her sisters and father, Bai Sha was able to run away. She had to find JinYu before Hei Tuan woke up. 

And even if she found JinYu, if it were for Zhang Liangshan who also came to find him, Bai Sha would have been caught by the military. Well, for a certain daughterless hero, no one is as important as this white beauty unless the marshal and the boss give orders directly!

So, Bai Sha luckily brought Hei Tuan to JinYu, and then JinYu’s face twisted into an ugly expression. He put his hands on Hei Tuan. With nearly half mixed chaotic energy, he forced the toxins out of Hei Tuan’s body. Then, he spread out his arms to hug the boss. 

Because of this, JinYu asked Bai Sha to contact Long Changxiao and the others to discuss the situation. Moreover, Bai Sha was taken by Zhang Liangshan so it would appear like she was captured. As for Hei Tuan? Well, Lieutenant General Zhang would say that when he saw Bai Sha, he didn’t know if the beast were alive or dead or where it disappeared to. Although Fei Yusheng and Long Yuting didn’t believe it, they had no choice but to accept his words. 

“The Bai clan is a mess right now. Make sure to watch after your beasts too. Now, not only are there beasts scattered everywhere in the capital star, the only ones left are all in training yards or the gardens of the top ten families. If someone wants to do something that arouses conflict, they can only do so in those two locations. The second option is clearly more of a statement and more complex. Tsk, I have a bad feeling about this.”

“……Actually I need to tell you guys something, this, you need to help me……!” Shan Bailu hear JinYu’s words. He then said, “My family’s beasts were all taken away by Long Yuting and Fei Yusheng.”

“What are you talking about?!” Ling Chong was very agitated. “Those two don’t have anything. How can you give that to them?”

“What! Don’t move! That was my father’s order! My brother isn’t here right now! He has no resources! Right now it’s still good that we didn’t decide to trick the Long Clan!!” Shan Bailu shouted loudly, jumping up from behind Jin Qian. This pissed Ling Chong off to the point he only laughed coldly. Fucker, I’ll beat you and curse you to death!! My gossipy mouth has more spiritual energy than yours!!

“Wow, if it’s like this, then I’m afraid that the Long Clan also……”


The sound suddenly came from the floor. And then there was a heartbreaking cough.

“Hahaha! Haha! Ahhahaha! Aaaaah oh my god, who dumped the- the president? I’m going to punish them!”

Just look at Bai Fuchi’s angry face when he was caught by the boss, trapped in a corner. What he saw was a handsome face, but that wasn’t the point! The point is that your faces aren’t more fucking handsome than the next!! His eyes were daggers, he really felt like he was being forced.

“Hey hey, the president is here. I wonder if you have anything to do with it?” Fortunately, they didn’t say anything important or talk about the existence of the planet. They were all this old and still listened in the corner!! He really didn’t know if the underlings of the big shots took photos for future blackmail.

“Ah, well, then, haha. That, Boss Jin, and the other gentleman, it’s been a long time.”

Bai Fuchi quickly stood up and then prepared to speak.

“Don’t, before you found me thirty times. I wanted to go traveling then.”


“Well, Boss Jin? Let’s not talk about such useless things. I want to discuss something with you.”

“No! I think discussing anything with you is pointless.”

These two sentences were blocked by JinYu. Fu Baichi wanted to die. After a long time, he took a deep breath then said, “The beasts have agreed to negotiate. However, they want you to be the negotiator otherwise they refuse to appear. Even if boss Jin doesn’t think about the people of the Capital Star, he should think about the benefits of early negotiation for all. Only you can do it!”

“……”  Looking at President Bai who could barely hold his breath, the people in the room couldn’t help but keep silent. JInYu didn’t have any sympathy for him, but still he wavered when he heard that the negotiate would benefit both the beasts and humans. In fact, he also agreed with that sentiment. Besides, there was a premonition that some bad things may happen. Maybe it would be better to negotiate quickly but…..

“I would like to participate in the treaty for the beasts but refuse to attend the negotiation if I find it unacceptable.”

Hearing this, Bai Fuchi shook his head. He thought for a bit then said bitterly, “I’m going to ask.”

“Please do.” 

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The more I read about the mess they are in, the more I’m sure they need to do something about this Fei Yusheng guy. He started all this and now he is collecting beasts for an unknown reason. And let’s not forget that the Long family is responsible for the research institute where they change beasts into mindless killing machines (WangWang and the black phoenix, for example).

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