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Chapter 24: Accidental Visit

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Negotiations did not take too long, especially when both parties had a clear purpose.

Ed took the initiative. The pirates were naturally wary and uneasy. But seeing that Ed didn’t mean to clean them up, they voluntarily confessed some information of the Alliance. Ed had only hoped that the other side could take away some forces of the Dark Alliance in the Empire’s lands. Unexpectedly, they could not help but agree to transfer to the federal side, and would also like to receive information from the Union’s side. 

Ed, who was shocked in his heart, was silent on the surface. He only heard the arrested boy was still shouting, “Don’t worry about me, boss! There’s no need to keep a low voice with the people of this Empire. It doesn’t matter if I die!”

The young man seemed to be stimulated by this saying. His eyes were red, and he growled in a low voice. He was immediately asked to shut up, which scared the young man into being unable to say nothing more. Ed’s clear eyes wandered back and forth between the two.

“He is not sensible. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ed wouldn’t have thought of this well-dressed, serious looking man as a star thief if he hadn’t heard the boss say it.

“If I had thought about it, he would have died on the road.” Hearing Ed’s words, the man across him gave the boy a fierce look.

After that, things went very well. The other side seemed to attach great importance to the prisoner. As long as Ed returned the boy, it was easy to say that everything would go well. However, in view of the untrustworthy character of the star thief, Ed first made sure to receive a lot of information at the beginning of the negotiation as it was not important for the other party to follow the so-called promise to harass the Union.

There was no base in the Dark Alliance, but the main ship and senior members were far away from here. Without the instructions from above, the imperial warship couldn’t go abroad. Ed had nothing to do with this, and didn’t want to go into this muddy water.

Suddenly, Ed’s information terminal received a confidential message.

Although he should not be reading the message during the negotiation, it seemed that there was no such intermediary on the opposite side, so Ed had a quick look.

The news came from the capital.

The Emperor had died.

Although it was expected, Ed had been worried about when it would happen.

There was not enough time for him to go back to the capital, and even if there happened to be enough time for him to go back, it would not be helpful. Now all he could do was to hurry back to Lambeth, stabilize his forces, and make a good retreat for the Eldest Prince in case of failure.

The other side seemed to see that Ed didn’t intend to stay for a long time. It was just as they wished to leave early, so they ended the conversation in a few words.

Ed got up in a hurry and left.

The so-called boss went to the hatch and thought of Shidan. He looked back and said to Ed, “I’ve known you before. You look like the man at the top in the Dark Alliance.” After that, he turned around and took the young man who had been held prisoner away.

Ed shuddered and pondered over the words. But the current situation was urgent, and he couldn’t bear to ask more questions. Putting down his doubt, he turned around and sent a notice message to Langer’s side, saying that, there’s no more time, just to keep the situation stable, and to not leave Lambeth’s camp for the time being.

It shouldn’t affect him. Ed was thinking about it, as he buckled his seat belt on the spaceship.

The terminal message rang again.

A message from Langer. Ed thought it was just a reply to the news he received, but he didn’t expect the other side to report something more surprising than the Emperor’s death.

“Felix, the Third Prince, came to visit with his escort, but he landed directly with the privileges of the royal family.”

Ed couldn’t understand for a second. At the moment, the Second Prince and the Eldest Prince were probably fighting. What was the purpose of Felix running to his side?

But he could be sure that Felix probably knew Augus was here at present, and he could only hope that the prince would not trouble Augus before Ed could return to Lambeth.

“Major general Augus, ah no, you are no longer a major general. Now you are a civilian of the Empire.” Felix said as he walked back and forth in the room, touching the furniture from time to time.

Augus originally heard that Felix had come to change his identity, but he didn’t expect the other side to know that he was here. When the Third Prince came in, he called for him after he heard that Ed wasn’t there.

“When you see the royal family, you need to salute. Didn’t you know that?” Felix seemed to find it amusing that Augus wanted to tear him apart but could only obey him. He sat down on the sofa, raised his chin and glanced at the other.

Augus clenched his fist hard, and his fingernails dug into his palm. He bowed down slowly to salute Felix, and his posture was stiff as if he was going to rush to beat Felix in the next second.

“It’s slow.” Felix said, “I have nothing else to do this time. I just wanted to come pay you a visit here since I don’t know what your recent situation is like. Have you become used to being an Omega? “

The tone of the other party used was as if he was greeting a friend. This infuriated Augus, and he abruptly stood up from the ground. Two guards behind Felix quickly blocked Augus.

Augus knew that he and Ed were tied together now. If Felix was hurt at this time, the crime of hurting the royal family would go on the heads of the two people together. So he forced himself to kneel back again. Unconsciously, his lips were all bitten until they bled.

“It doesn’t seem like you’re used to it yet,” said Felix, who was extremely satisfied with the reaction, kicking his legs. “I heard you’ve been in the army lately? My big brother helped? How can the people who have been tortured in the first place work hard for the Empire? I knew we should have used you in the first place.”

Langer was embarrassed as he stood at the door. Although he disagreed with the words and deeds of the Third Prince, he could not stop the other. The guards behind Felix lowered their heads and remained silent. Felix didn’t care about his own natural self-expression. The expression of hatred and humiliation that Augus could not hide was completely pleasing to him.

“Ed’s heart is big enough to still think of you as an alpha, and he is not afraid that you will be taken from him?” Felix seemed to think of something funny, and his face brightened.

Augus rushed forward directly, and the guards around Felix were kicked away by Augus before their defensive posture could be even set.

Felix’s face turned white. He didn’t expect that Augus could beat his two guards with his current physical fitness. He was afraid immediately. But Langer, who was at the door, rushed over quickly and held Augus down. He whispered, “Calm down…”

Augus breathed heavily as he stared at Felix. He thought the latter was a demon in his heart, but his face was still tight, “You even tried to attack the future Emperor. What’s the charge? Do you know?”

“He’s just a civilian now. I hope you don’t mind him.” Langer quickly knelt down and saluted. Before Felix had a fit, he turned to the door and said, “Come on, take care of him before he can do anything more to hurt the prince.”

Augus didn’t want to see Felix for a second longer, so he left with the soldiers outside the door immediately. The other party took Augus to a guest room and asked him not to come out. He would deal with everything when general came back.

Hearing Ed’s name, Augus, who was still angry, calmed down immediately. His action almost affected the other side.

“The General has received the news that the Third Prince has arrived. He is on his way back now.”

This was a reminder for Augus before the soldiers went out to lock the door.

Augus sat on the bed, looked down at his palm repeatedly, as if he’s confirming what he was thinking.

“Ed…” Augus thought about it and turned on the optical camouflage.

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Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
January 16, 2020 9:14 am

Felix, the future emperor? What is that means? And his words about Ed is not afraid of Augus will be taken away? Hope nothing will happen to Augus. Hope Felix does not have strange ideas about using Augus as omega. Augus will not be able to stand it.

January 16, 2020 11:36 am

Oh no! I hope nothing will happen to Augus. 😔 He has been thru a lot already, please hurry Ed!

January 16, 2020 1:15 pm

Can somebody please kick his balls in!, however small they are. Thanks for the ch.

January 16, 2020 1:39 pm

Augus really needs to control his emotions before he gives Felix any more ideas.

January 16, 2020 3:04 pm

Thais Félix is evil!😈

November 17, 2021 7:39 am

Felix will be the future Emperor in his dreams. It’s nice to know that even his own guards are embarrassed by that waste of humanity. Really can’t wait to see him get what’s coming to him. I hope the star pirate is wrong cause if Ed’s parents are the star pirates that would cause…issues…

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