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Chapter 88: Honest Confession and Late-Night Websites

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie


“Talk.” Ouyang Long pinched his cheeks and was very persistent.

“… Can I tell you after half a month?” Su Nuo asked cautiously. The gambling session with Chu Heng would be over in half a month and then he could let his handsome director and his big brother to punish that pervert! That would be really wonderful.

But Mr. Director surprisingly said no to Su Nuo’s question.

“Then after you get the answer, can you at least wait half a month to punish him?” Su Nuo backed off for a second, “He didn’t really take advantage of me. He was just saying naughty things to me.”

“I’ll consider it.” Mr. Director nodded.

What do you mean you’ll consider it! I need a hundred percent guarantee that you wouldn’t do anything rash! And then I can tell you! Su Nuo protested with his eyes as he pouted.

“Okay. Fine.” Ouyang Long ruffled Su Nuo’s head, “I promise.”

“You… You have to swear it.” Su Nuo was still not at ease. After all, the situation relates to my dearest brother! I need to be very careful of what I say!

Ouyang Long raised his right hand, “What do I swear on?”

“Uh… how about… the amount of food I consume?” The usual words used for oaths didn’t really fit the situation, so Su Nuo was willing to sacrifice himself. “If you keep your promise, I will never eat hot pot with beef in the future!” Su Nuo was too cruel to himself.

Mr. Director was angry, but as soon as he heard Su Nuo, he couldn’t help but release a laugh.

It’s not funny at all! It’s not called hot pot if you don’t eat it with beef! Su Nuo regretted his words, “You won’t break your promise right?”

“Ok.” Ouyang Long kissed Su Nuo’s lips, “I promise, now spill.”

“… Luo Li.” Su Nuo hesitated, his voice super low like a mosquito.

But Mr. Director still heard him, “Luo Li?”

“Yeah. The name even sounds perverted!” Su Nuo looked at him uneasily.
“Is he the one that made you take the nude photo last time?!!” Ouyang Long suddenly raged.

“Hubby!” Su Nuo flew onto his lap and hugged Mr. Director. “You must calm down!” Because his impulsiveness might result in rash decisions!

“WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?” Ouyang grit his teeth in anger.

“He didn’t do anything!” Su Nuo quickly clarified, “He didn’t even touch my hand. At most, he just confessed to me!”

“Confessed?” Ouyang Long pinched Su Nuo’s chin.

“I, of course, immediately refused him and turned him down!” Su Nuo was very serious.

“Has he harassed you lately?” Ouyang Long asked.

“No!” Su Nuo shook his head so hard that his head was about to fly off!

“Everytime you lie, your body movements are always so extra!” Ouyang Long’s tone was very cold.

“… He really didn’t.” Su Nuo instantly turned into a sculpture.

“Are you not going to say it?” Ouyang Long eyes went dark.

This expression looked very scary ah!! Su Nuo quickly covered his butt and said, “Limiting and stopping domestic violence is the common responsibility for the whole society.”

Ouyang Long threw Su Nuo into the shotgun seat and said, “Seatbelt.”

Nani? The questioning stops here? That’s weird! Su Nuo’s heart couldn’t calm down, “Where are we going?”

“Drop you off at home and then I’ll ask to meet your brother.” Mr. Director’s words were shocking.

Fuck! Su Nuo was surprised, “Why do you want to talk with my brother?” This kind of sudden revelation is too much!

“Since you wouldn’t answer my question, I just need to ask someone else.” Ouyang Long started the car.

“… Why are you asking him? He wouldn’t know either!” Su Nuo was very anxious, and even a little speechless.

Ouyang Long didn’t answer him, and drove with a dark expression on his face.

“You you you park the car on the side of the road first.” Su Nuo pulled on his sleeve.

“So you’re going to tell me?” Ouyang Long turned to look at him.

“… Yeah.” Su Nuo admitted defeat.

Ouyang Long parked the car on the side of the road, “Talk.”

“The event I went to last time, I met him there.” Su Nuo was very honest this time, “And he confessed to me again!”

“And then?” Ouyang Long asked.

“There’s no ‘then’. Every time he confesses, I turn him down seriously.” Su Nuo held onto Mr. Director’s hands, “Don’t get angry, okay?” His tone was very submissive.

Ouyang Long patted Su Nuo’s head, and didn’t say anything.

“Hubby.” Su Nuo clinged onto Mr. Director’s neck, “Please wait for half a month, and then I’ll find an opportunity to open up about our relationship to the media.” After this happens, my handsome man can fight with the pervert without hiding from the reporters. Declaring his ownership to Su Nuo sounded simply wonderful!

“Why wait half a month?” Ouyang Long asked softly.

“……..” Su Nuo kissed Mr. Director’s neck.

“You don’t want to tell me again?” Ouyang laughed bitterly.

“No!” Su Nuo was super anxious, “ I…” I have my own difficulties!

“What do you want me to say then?” Ouyang Long sighed.

Su Nuo’s heart suddenly turned soft!

I can’t stand it!

“Luo Li and my brother are friends.” After a long time, he whispered, “My brother has a lot of things on his hands this month, and Luo Li can help him.”

“What kind of things?” Ouyang Long asked.
“He’s going to fight Chu Heng for some land in a casino.” Su Nuo was very honest, “ Luo Li came back partly because he’s helping my brother.”

“Is your brother doing it too?” Ouyang Long’s tone softened.

“No, it’s not like that.” Su Nuo hugged him tightly, “You said you won’t get angry.”

Ouyang Long frowned, “Are you going too?”

“How do you know?” His question hit the bullseye, and Su Nuo was taken aback.

“You had this kind of tone, so of course I guessed it.” Ouyang Long ruffled Su Nuo’s hair again. “And you’re pretty good at this poker stuff.” When the two were bored at home, they would occasionally play a round or two. Not only Su Nuo beat him every time they’ve played, his skills in dealing the cards were also top-notch. If one were to notice… he’s a professional.

Although I don’t understand why my cute little idiot is an expert in this field, if the facts are right in front of my eyes, I have to believe them.

“Then you’ll let me go right?” Su Nuo hesitated.

“If I say no, will you not go?” Ouyang Long asked.

Of course I need to go! Su Nuo’s expression was very hesitant! Because brother is equally as important as Mr. Director.

“So what you mean is that no matter what I say, it’s no use.” Ouyang Long looked very helpless, and lifted his hand to touch Su Nuo’s nose, “I have to hope that your brother is reliable.”

“My brother is very reliable!” Su Nuo held Mr. Director’s hands, “Don’t worry, just think of it as me going to play a round of Mahjong during afternoon tea!”

“Ok.” Ouyang Long started the car, “Let’s go. We can talk about the rest at home.”

Su Nuo nodded, and thought from the bottom of his heart that his man is very handsome and caring man.

Super straightforward!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the town in a high-rise apartment building, Tang XiaoYu was massaging Qiu ZiYang and was about to ask for a vacation.

“A vacation?” Qiu ZiYan opened his eyes, “Where are you going?”
“I want to go back to my hometown and visit my grandfather,” Tang XiaoYu tried to make up an excuse.

“Visit your grandfather?” Qiu ZiYang sat up, “What day? I’ll go with you.”

“No, you don’t have to.” Tang XiaoYu reminded him, “You still have two events on that day.”

“Then wait after I’m done with those two events.” Qiu ZiYan lay down again, “I also want to visit your grandfather.”


“Why don’t we go back together next time? Let me go first this time.” Tang XiaoYu felt very stumped, since this break is actually supposed to be helping Han Wei. But I can’t tell him that!

“No. You can’t.” Qiu ZiYan bit Tang XiaoYu’s face, “Such matters as going back to one’s hometown must include the husband.”

Tang XiaoYu: …….

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Mr. Qiu was in a good mood.

How can he be like this… Tang Xiao Yu sat cross-legged on the bed, wondering how he could convince Mr. Qiu. Fighting was easy, but being in a relationship was seriously a little hard! I have no idea how to persuade my lover!

So he tried to call Su Nuo.

“Eh. It’s you?” Su Nuo was surprised.

“I just asked for a break, but he wouldn’t let me take one,” Tang XiaoYu whispered. “Do you have any good excuses?”

“Even if it’s only three days?” Su Nuo was very annoyed when he heard the news, “What an evil capitalist!”

“… Help me think of an excuse.” Tang XiaoYu said.

“Pretend to be sick?” Su Nuo’s advice wasn’t very professional.

“He’ll take me to the hospital.” Tang XiaoYu lay on the bed.

“Then quit your job and come work under me. I’ll give you three times the raise.” Su Nuo was very shameless!
“I’ll just think up of something myself.” Tang XiaoYu gave up on asking him.

“Wait wait.” Su Nuo stopped him from hanging up, “You can just search it up on the internet. There’s a lot of things about how to get breaks from bosses. There is even special advice on how to deal with black-hearted bosses.”

“Thanks.” This suggestion seemed reasonable, so Tang XiaoYu hung up and went to the study to use the computer.

“Why are you on the computer?” Qiu ZiYan was very confused as he stood by the door frame.

“I’m searching about some French stuff.” Tang XiaoYu turned to look at him, “Go sleep first, I’ll be quick.”

So obedient! Qiu ZiYan smiled and walked to the bedroom.

Because there’s too many black-hearted bosses in the world, so the internet gave birth to many brave and fearless heros! Tang XiaoYu typed in ‘how to ask your boss for a leave’ in the search bar, and received thousands of thousands answers.

Tang XiaoYu causally pressed an answer and was shocked by the content.

——My bully president, want me to give up my body in exchange for a break!

If Su Nuo had been the person who opened up this tab, he would read the whole content with excitement and even comment on the post. However, Tang XiaoYu usually didn’t browse these kind of things, so he was shocked to the core. He closed the tab at lightning speed.

The other sites that kept popping out were coming on too strong, too. Even if Tang XiaoYu already closed the main tab, the inappropriate websites just kept coming. “Spring love making at night’, ‘Gold pill makes it bigger and better for your women’, ‘pure girl student passionate video’….. The videos all seemed very lively and were very visual. Some of the tabs even had moans that could make a pure man’s heart beat faster!

Tang XiaoYu regretted his actions, and quickly turned down the volume. He quickly pressed the ‘x’ multiple times and was about to close the last tab until a pair of hands sneaked around his waist and hugged him tight.

“This is the so-called French material you’re searching about, huh?” Qiu ZiYan licked Tang XiaoYu’s ears and bit it.

Tang XiaoYu’s face instantly… started burning.

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