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Chapter 4: Don’t Come In

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

For a while, Augus lay unmoving, his arm raised to cover his eyes, and let Ed take a tissue to clean up his mess.

“Hey, are you okay?” Ed threw the tissue and saw that Augus was still in the same position, just like he had frozen the frame.

“We just rubbed it out together, you haven’t done it before?” Anyway, Augus used to be an alpha. Even if he hadn’t been with an omega, this kind of ‘intimacy’ was not absent between two alphas or an alpha and beta pair. Ed opened Augus’s arm and saw the other side’s wet eyes in the night. He felt a little bit sad.

“Do you think everyone is like you?” Augus glanced at him coldly, pulled the quilt apart, and lay down near the edge of the bed.

“Do you know all the alphas I know?” Ed wanted to say that there were almost no pure alphas like you these days. Ah, he wasn’t an alpha now. Of course, he didn’t say it. It was rude to sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds. If you get cheap, you can still be good.

Ed went to bed and took a look at Augus. The other, as if he had the plague, lay on the other side of the bed, far away from him. Augus was obviously not asleep yet, but he didn’t want to talk to Ed anymore, and he kept sticking to the edge. After a few seconds, he didn’t get a response, and Ed was too lazy to waste his words. In a few blinks, he shut his eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning, Ed woke up and saw that Augus was up, and he didn’t know what was going on. He was dressed neatly and sat on the sofa in silence, turning over the news magazine from a few months ago.

“How early do you get up? A habit from being in the army?”


After washing, Ed put on his uniform and thought about whether to call E upstairs. “This is my housekeeper E. You can order directly from him if you need anything.” Then he put a pair of electronic handcuffs that needed to be uncuffed by fingerprints on Augus. “I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you at the moment.”

“It’s a great honor for me to bother you when I look like this.” Augus snorted and extended his right hand generously to Ed.


With a click, Augus’s right hand was handcuffed to the armrest of the sofa.

“I’ve wronged you.” Ed listened to the irony in the other person’s words without any guilt. He bent down and kissed the other’s lips quickly. “If you want to go to the toilet, you can go to E directly. I’m sure it will be solved.”

“… Get out of here.” Augus wiped his mouth hard with his left hand, and his face finally showed signs of collapse.

Ed felt that he was becoming more and more fond of playing tricks on the other, which was not a good habit.

The next few days were too normal.

The Union retreated from the line of fire. Spies came to report that the internal situation in the opposite area was turbulent. They were too busy to deal with the Empire. They might even come to seek peace by cutting the land. This was the first time in hundreds of years that the battle between the two forces had been broken by peace.

Every morning, Ed handcuffed Augus, reported to the army, and went home to undo the handcuffs for Augus. What surprised him was that Augus didn’t resent his intimacy with him. Although he didn’t take the initiative, he didn’t avoid kissing and hugging desperately.

In fact, in recent days, Ed felt that Augus’s pheromone had a tendency to break out, and knew the Heat period couldn’t be avoided in any way, but the other side was still persevering in patience.

Ed was a little impressed by the insistence. An omega in Heat couldn’t resist their desire in front of an alpha. But… How many more days could he resist?

“General, I find you’ve been very active lately.” Winston patted the document twice. “You didn’t hear what I said, did you?”

“You said it yourself. It’s not an important report. It’s just a formality.”

“Then you don’t have to pretend to listen, you have a lover, don’t you?”

Do I have one? Ed stared at the subordinates, who had always had a good relationship with him.

Winston sighed, “General, are you in love?”

“Don’t discuss personal issues during working hours.” Ed cleared his throat, took the document in his hand, and began to read it.

“You can’t find anyone in your personal time,” Winston pointed out. “After work, you go straight home. You haven’t been to the bar for a few days. You asked for an omega inhibitor last time. At first glance, you have a treasure in your house.”

“That’s all.” Ed was too lazy to argue. He was right anyway.

“How did he catch the eyes of the Viscount? He is really flying on the branch to become a Phoenix.” It was ironic to be called an ‘aristocratic baby’ in the army because every year, there were many people who had no ability but entered the army through their aristocratic status to make contributions. Of course, this group of subordinates was just joking with him.

“Working hours are enough.” Ed stared at Winston, looked at his face, and nodded. It was estimated that one of them would know the news in the morning.

To know who the other person was, he thought that they would all be scared to death.

As soon as he arrived in the evening, Ed watched the time to pick up his coat and walk away on time. All of his friends in his daily life knew that this guy was abnormal recently. He didn’t go to drink or try to pick up girls.

Augus was still sitting where he left him that morning. What nonsense, he was handcuffed and couldn’t go anywhere else. But Augus didn’t even move his butt. Ed saw him sitting upright and struggling to turn over a book with one hand. He looked as serious as if he was in the library. He couldn’t help admiring his one-eyed lifestyle.

“I’m back.” Ed leaned down to undo the handcuffs for the other. “I didn’t know you were interested in. Take it with you.”

Augus turned his wrist, which was in a fixed position for most of the day, and then turned the book with both hands.

“I just ordered dinner on the way. Let’s eat together.”

Fast, nutritious dinner was not delicious, but it was more convenient. Ed didn’t pay much attention to his quality of life. He didn’t know whether Augus was satisfied or dissatisfied with what he ate every time. At least he hadn’t heard any complaints. He acquiesced that Augus was used to eating like himself. In fact, he also tried to observe what he liked to eat, but several times later, he found that Augus treated all kinds of food equally and never picked food, so the observation was over.

“Huh?” Ed saw a tiny cut on the middle finger of Augus’s left hand, the one that he was using to hold a fork. It looked like it just happened today. “What happened to your hand?”

Augus was obviously stunned, looked at his hand, swallowed what was in his mouth, and answered absently, “I’m sorry, but I cut it while I was reading today.”

“Oh, well. Be careful later.”

The advantage of ordering takeout was that one didn’t need to wash dishes. After eating, Augus went into the bathroom, and soon the sound of the shower came out. Ed fiddled with the terminal for a while, sat by the bed, and picked up half of the books that Augus had just read. It was about flowers. He bought the book when he had redecorated his room. Later, he found that flowers had nothing to do with him. He raised one to die, two died, and the next one also died. Later, he gave up.

When he turned two pages, he felt a lack of interest and wanted to close the book.


Ed frowned and turned a few more pages. He pinched the edge of the paper and rubbed it with his fingertips. This book was not a new book. The paper had been turned over several times. At the least, the edges were not sharp.

He thought for a moment that during the day if Augus had turned the book slowly with only one hand, how could he be scratched by this kind of paper?

After washing, Augus came out in a new bathrobe with the same look as usual.

Ed just looked around the bedroom. He didn’t see any clue. He took the chance to take a bath and checked the bathroom again. It was still the same as usual.

Maybe I’m paranoid.

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Wow, can’t wait for the next chapter

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I’m hooked. GE trust your gut. Weither Alpha, Beta, or Omega cornered foxes will do what they have to.

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Thankyouuu for this chap😊

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I like that Ed is giving Augus time and space. though I can’t wait for some spicy chapters. Cough. Cough.

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No you’re not. Trust your instincts

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