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Chapter 12: First World (12)


Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Bai Duan’s mouth was stuffed full with apples, he was muddled as he chewed and swallowed, and then came back to his right mind, “These things…you did it all?”

“Some are from me, some I just pushed the waves.” Bai Xu cut the apple into square pieces with a light voice. “For example, Zheng Da-shao’s affairs have long been watched by the state. The Zheng family is in a serious internal struggle. To fight for power, everything can be done. The government has been trying to clean them up, but there was not enough evidence, and they dared not act rashly. And I just gave them something in the form of anonymous prosecution and helped them.”

“Where is Zheng Ershao?” Bai Duan held up his body, full of curiosity.

“It’s all my doing.” Bai Xu raised his eyebrows. “His lover is working with me. Of course, she doesn’t know my real identity. Zheng Ershao’s body is not very good, I used some medicine, which made her pregnant smoothly, and also helped her avoid Mrs. Zheng, so the child was born. That woman is ambitious and smart enough. She knows that as long as Mrs. Zheng is present, she would always be an invisible lover. If she wants to really climb the high branch of the Zheng family, she must remove Mrs. Zheng, and our goal was the same.” 

With a gentle laugh, Bai Xu shrugged his shoulders. “I helped Mrs. Zheng build a bridge secretly with those traffickers. That woman also deliberately let her child be abducted. When Mrs. Zheng’s reputation was damaged, no one dared to have their daughters marry my father. Besides me, he has only one son, and I have no mother. Then her chances of succeeding in the office are much better, aren’t they? Therefore, she was willing to take risks and contribute her child to be involved in such a big play with me.”

Bai Duan did not understand these twists and turns of things, and so, somewhat unconsciously, he asked, “So…have you finished your revenge?”

“This is the case in theory.” Bai Xu smiled and bent over and kissed Bai Duan’s silky eyes. “But for our future, I have to reorganize the mess that I’ve broken up. Didn’t you not like people looking down on me before? I’ll shut them up now, okay?”

“…Okay.” Bai Duan nodded in dismay. “What are you going to do?”

“I do not need to do anything, but it’s my turn to come out.” Bai Xu stood up and straightened up his clothes. “To be a filial son and a good grandson.”

Bai Xu did serve as a filial son and a virtuous grandson. He first consoled his father who was shamed and depressed, then went to the detention center to see his mad ‘mother,’ and finally stayed in front of Old Mr. Zheng’s bed to take care of the honorable old man who had been facing old age well but suddenly suffered difficulties for most of his life.

If Zheng Ershao was only a family scandal and personal crime, then Zheng Dashao involved the whole Zheng family in the judicial review. The Zheng family was full of stories and self-care. The only one who had the energy to take care of patients was Bai Xu, an illegitimate son who had been neglected by the Zheng family for many years and had no interest in entanglement at all.

Master Zheng’s character was tough and resolute. He never gave in to defeat or old age, so he stood out among many brothers and had been in charge of the Zheng family for decades.

Although he was hit hard and almost entered the ghost gate, he still persevered and recovered his mind. Old Mr. Zheng did not want to see the Zheng family fall under his own hands, nor would he like to hand it back to the brothers who separated from the family. After all, when they fought inside, they all had a deep hatred for one another. He could never give his enemies what he had tried so hard to win, even with his life.

But the Zheng descendants failed. Zheng Dashao would not be able to escape from the investigation by the state. This son of his was too much involved. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, the Zheng family would suffer from the disaster of imprisonment. In any case, the Zheng family could not have a person in power who had a record and was monitored continuously by the government. As for Zheng Da-shao’s daughter, she was married. It was the so-called ‘married person, splashed water.’ Once the Zheng family was handed over to her, it was the same as handing her over to her husband’s family.

Zheng Ershao, Old Mr. Zheng’s other son, was a complete disappointment. Old Mr. Zheng never imagined that his son had no courage and let a woman stir up trouble for so long, which also harmed his children and grandchildren. He would rather not have this son, and it was naturally more impossible to hand over the Zheng family to him.

So Bai Xu, who had been filial before his bed, entered his field of vision. Old Mr. Zheng did not know Bai Xu. He only knew that he was an honest child and had been at peace with himself for four years after he returned to the Zheng family. That was enough.

Mr. Zheng’s body collapsed. He could not get out of the hospital bed and go back to the Zheng family to deal with the mess. So he needed a spokesman to act honestly according to his instructions and help the Zheng family survive this. There was no way out. As long as Bai Xu was not as muddy as his father, he would help him stand up. At least, he was the son of Zheng Ershao and his direct blood.

With the strong support of Old Mr. Zheng, Bai Xu, who had always been a transparent man, emerged.

Although Old Mr. Zheng was already bedridden, his decades of power had left him with a lot of prestige. He was also a savvy man who knew the weaknesses of friends and enemies from all walks of life. Under his guidance, Bai Xu actually rebuilt the faltering Zheng family. Although severely wounded, he managed to survive the most challenging time.

Old Mr. Zheng knew that he couldn’t stay up for long when the lamp was dry. Now he was energetic, only because he was on his last breath and unwilling to close his eyes.

For the future of the Zheng family, he worked like a living dead to help Bai Xu find a reliable and loyal assistant. On the other hand, he did his best to guide Bai Xu, more than he had trained Zheng Dashao.

And Bai Xu gave him a great surprise. This child, who had no contact with Zheng family affairs at all, had an incomparable talent. He not only knew everything at once but could also immediately cite the opposite.

Old Mr. Zheng watched him suffer from danger and grow up rapidly in the turbulence and thunder of lightning. The means changed from young to old, and he had to thank God for giving the Zheng family a glimmer of hope.

Not only Old Mr. Zheng but also other people who wanted to bite off a piece of fat of the Zheng family did not expect that this child, who was pushed onto the stage like a farce, would explode with infinite potential and firmly block the probing dilemma of 40,000 people. Within two months, Bai Xu stabilized the stormy Zheng family, severely attacked those who tried to seize power during the disorder and secured the position of the Zheng family’s influence.

Seeing that Bai Xu had exceeded his expectations, Old Mr. Zheng finally took his last breath and closed his eyes peacefully.

After Old Mr. Zheng’s funeral, Bai Xu returned to his apartment and rubbed his sore shoulders.

Bai Duan’s eyes looked at him for half a day and could only spit out, “Sad and obedient.”

Bai Xu couldn’t help laughing, raised his hand, and rubbed his lover’s head, “Do you really think I have any grandfather’s love with Mr. Zheng?”

“… No?” Bai Duan was a little confused. “I saw your picture in the newspaper. You looked sad…”

“That’s all for others to see.” Bai Xu took off his black suit and threw it on the sofa. “I was at the Zheng’s house for four years and never saw him. Finally, he tried his best to teach me, but only to use me to stabilize Zheng’s house. Although I am a beneficiary, I have no feelings for him, just willing cooperation. I am not so sorry for his death as I am more worried about you.” Holding Bai Duan’s cheeks, Bai Xu bowed his head and kissed him. His voice was soft. “I’ve been busy these past two months, and I haven’t accompanied you very much. Are you angry?”

“I’m not going to get angry about this…” Bai Duan hummed a little, quite dissatisfied with Bai Xu’s ‘a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain.’

“Well, my brother is the best.” Bai Xu satisfactorily held him in his arms and shook him gently. “Since Mr. Zheng died, the Zheng family is expected to be in another mess. Some people have always thought that because Old Mr. Zheng supported me and sat me down in this position, it was inevitable for me to stretch out my paws with all my heart. I will still be busy for some time.”

“Never mind.” Bai Duan patted Bai Xu’s back. “I’m satisfied to see you every day, hug you and talk to you, compared with four years of only email communications.”

“It really makes me feel guilty when you say it.” Bai Xu sighed falsely, “You are so easy to satisfy, doesn’t it mean that I’m not qualified as a lover at all since I’m always snubbing you? It seems that I will have to continue to work hard to make you unwilling to leave me for a moment.”

Bai Duan was exhilarated by Bai Xu’s sweet words. His cheeks were red, and he buried his face in the other’s neck. He smiled happily and narrowed his eyes.

After a moment of warmth and tranquility, Bai Xu turned around and threw himself into the busywork. It was not until Beijing University began military training that he was able to spare a day’s leisure and send Bai Xu to the campus.

On campus, they happened to meet Liu Lang, or Liu Lang, who deliberately stayed where freshmen reported.

Looking at the Bai brothers, Liu Lang had a complicated face. Two months ago, Bai Xu was a bastard who was ridiculed and mocked, but two months later, he stood up to the position they had to look up to in a hurry.

Recalling the bloody words spoken two months ago, Liu Lang did not know how to face Bai Xu. To be more precise, he was afraid of this man, but he felt a sense of worship that was not humane. He just thought that Bai Xu was like what Han Feizi said, ‘Three years without flying, they will soar into the sky; Three years without singing, their singing will be astonishing.’

Seeing Liu Lang, Bai Duan greeted him happily and led Bai Xu to welcome him on his own initiative. Liu Lang smiled at Bai Duan and then nodded to Bai Xu. His expression was stiff, and his movements were awkward.

“I’ve been a little busy lately, but little Duan is in college, so please take care of him.” After judging that Liu Lang did not pose any threat, Bai Xu gave the other party a task quite readily. If he had not been able to leave, this ‘good thing’ would not have been Liu Lang’s turn.

“Of course, no problem!” Liu Lang nodded hurriedly and took the luggage from Bai Xu’s hand. He followed like a small footman and carried the bags to the dormitory building.

When Bai Duan finished his military training and officially began his colorful University career, Bai Xu had finally stabilized the Zheng family once again. Since the death of Old Mr. Zheng, Bai Xu’s wrists had become more and more tough and fierce. After all, he and the Zheng family had no love at all, and they were fiercely weeded out.

For a while, the entire Zheng family shrank and dared not do anything more. With the stability of the Zheng family, the rest of the eager foreign enemies finally converged with their claws and teeth, and regrettably abandoned the prey. The lean camel was bigger than the horse, even if the Zheng family lost, it was not an object that could be provoked at will.

After sitting firmly in the position of the Zheng family’s power, Bai Xu did not develop his fists and feet as expected. Instead, he restrained his vigor and sharpness and ordered the Zheng family to rest and recuperate, while he finally became a senior high school student, and was ready to take the college entrance examination one year later. (1)

After learning the news, all the people concerned about his movements could not help but be confused, because Bai Xu’s wrist and momentum made them completely ignore his age and forget that he was still a minor high school student.

What was the most important thing for a high school student? Not a strong family, not a struggle in the sea of commerce, but the college exam!

# God damn college entrance examination! 

# Victory of exam-oriented education! 

  1. So, remember, BX is almost 2 years older than Bai Duan, but he was always in the same grade as him. Since Bai Duan skipped a grade, he is technically one year ahead of BX school wise. Now, our little seme has to catch up to our uke. 
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