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Chapter 179: Eleventh World (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Although he met many new friends with Hei Yun, Bai Jin was a bit absent-minded and too emotional all the way. After saying goodbye to Hei Yun, Bai Jin returned to Double-edged Sword Peak. He squatted in front of Hu Xiao’s house, scratching the door silently for half a day.

It was a pity that although Bai Jin hoped to see Hu Xiao in the next moment, he didn’t have a close relationship with him. Until it was late at night, Bai Jin finally went back to the house and spent a tossing night in the nest.

In the early morning of the next day, Bai Jin stayed in front of Hu Xiao’s closed door until dawn, before running to Jade Peak again.

With the consent of the leader of Jade Peak, Luse, the jade pendant on Bai Jin’s neck was recognised as a token for entering the peak. Bai Jin went all the way to the Jade Peak square that Hei Yun had taken him to before, but standing on the square, Bai Jin did not know where to find his ‘sweetheart’.

Swinging his tail, he sat blankly for a moment. The little white ermine soon attracted the attention of the practitioners. A young looking cultivator came to Bai Jin and squatted down. Her voice was gentle and kind, “Aren’t you the little guy who played with Hei Yun yesterday? Why are you squatting here?”

Bai Jin raised his head and gave two poor squeaks. It was a pity that he hadn’t transformed and couldn’t speak, and the cultivator was not a spirit beast like Hei Yun who could communicate with Bai Jin directly in beast language.

After talking with the cultivator for a long time, she fondled Bai Jin helplessly, “It seems that to understand what you want, you have to ask Hei Yun for help. But I don’t know where Hei Yun is… Otherwise, I could take you to his eagle nest to see if he is at home.”

Hearing the cultivator say this, Bai Jin’s eyes brightened and he nodded repeatedly he didn’t plan to look for Hei Yun, but he knew that his sweetheart should have been taken to the eagle nest!

Finally, the cultivator reached an agreement with Bai Jin. She sighed in relief and picked up Bai Jin carefully. She felt the warm and smooth feeling in her arms happily. Finally, she held the greedy little thing for a long time, which was really a satisfaction!

Cultivator Lian walked slowly, but not too slow, and soon came to the precipice of Jade Peak.

Although he had been in shape for thousands of years, Hei Yun was a spirit beast after all. Compared with the human form, most of the time he prefered to be an eagle, especially when resting in the nest. Therefore, the nest of Hei Yun was not very different from the general nest, but it was larger and the materials were more precious.

When Bai Jin came to the eagle nest with the cultivator, the inside of the eagle nest was empty. It was easy to see two mortals busy in the nest, and Bai Jin could see his human.

Seeing the cultivator coming, Li Bo, the old man in the eagle nest, hurriedly pulled the basket from the eagle nest and saluted the cultivator. “Why did this fairy come?”

The cultivator smiled and raised her hand to touch Bai Jin’s head, “This little thing seems to have something to do, but I can’t understand it, so I’m going to ask Hei Yun about it. Did he go out?”

“Yes, Hei Yun left the nest early in the morning. I don’t know where he went.” Li Bo replied, bowing.

The cultivator nodded slightly and turned to go, but unexpectedly the little ermine in her arms, who was very calm all the way, suddenly struggled. It turned into a white lightning bolt and when the cultivator was unprepared, crossed over Li Bo’s shoulder.

The cultivator and Li Bo were both surprised. When they saw it clearly, the little white ermine was safe in the arms of the young man following Li Bo.

Bai Jin did not hide his love for the young man. He rubbed around in his arms. He even raised his body, put his two claws on the shoulder of the young man, and tried to rub his cheek.

The young man’s expression was a little confused. He held Bai Jin in his arms and looked to Li Bo and the cultivator for help. It seemed that he could not understand what was happening.

Li Bo frowned slightly, but said nothing. And the cultivator finally looked at the young man and understood. “It seems that you are the person this little thing is looking for?”

The young man didn’t know how to react. The cultivator chuckled, “In that case, you will take care of this ermine.” After that, she took a look at Bai Jin with some regret, and was a little envious of the boy who was favored by Bai Jin. At first, she thought that the cleverness of the little ermine was intimacy. Now, it seemed that it was just the strangeness of politeness.

This feeling of being compared with ordinary people was really a little uncomfortable.

The cultivator said a few words and then she left. After bowing to see him off, Li Bo and the young man straightened up and looked at each other.

“Li Bo, I have something to say to him. Go back to the room and have a rest.” The young person’s eyes were black and white, mysterious and unpredictable.

Li Bo just felt the “buzz” in his head, turned to his house without saying a word, and closed the door of the house behind him. Although he was not too bold to the cultivator who was at foundation or above, Xiao Yun’s spirit hint was extremely effective for ordinary people and even the cultivator who were practicing Qi.

After clearing the venue, all the irrelevant people were gone and he was sure that they were not surrounded by other people’s divine sense, Xiao Yun’s mask of prudence and lowliness was finally lifted. He showed seven points of publicity and three points of recklessness. Looking at Bai Jin, his eyes quickly changed from unfamiliar to familiar.

Seeing Xiao Yun change his face, Bai Jin was more excited than afraid. Because this Xiao Yun looked more and more like the figure in his fuzzy memory, making him feel more intimate.

Looking at Xiao Yun’s face, Bai Duan only felt that the figure of the “important person” who had been bothering him was becoming more and more clear, and quickly overlapped with Xiao Yun. The heart that had been empty because he couldn’t find a person also filled with peace and sweetness, as if there were no worries to worry about as long as he stayed in these arms.

Compared with Bai Jin’s pure happiness, Xiao Yun’s feeling was much more complicated. Silently staring at his little lover in his arms, Xiao Yun not only wanted to hug him to comfort his lovesickness, but also wanted to teach him a lesson by grasping his tail to let him know how anxious he was these days.

With a straight face, Xiao Yun tried to express his anger and dissatisfaction at being “pigeoned.’ Bai Jin looked at him like this, but he was also a little guilty. He even tried harder to please the other, even instinctively raised his head, touched Xiao Yun’s thin lips with his mouth, stretched out his little tongue and licked them.

Feeling the moistening on his lips, Xiao Yun finally couldn’t hold his “cold” expression, but he didn’t want to let it go. He just opened his lips slightly, put the little tongue that was too late to take back in, then closed his teeth, and took a bite on the soft and smooth little thing.

Bai Jin’s tongue was bitten, and the whole ermine was shocked. He suddenly took back his tongue. In his foggy black eyes, he was dazed and shy.

He was still young and doesn’t know what happened just now, but instinctively felt that he had done something close to each other. He was so ashamed that his body was more and more scalding, and his hair was also fried.

Seeing this picture of his little lover, Xiao Yun finally had a smile in his eyes. At the same time, he despised his increasingly illusory lower limit, while lamenting that he was really eaten to death by the little heartless guy in his arms.

With his head down, he kissed Bai Jin twice, who was so shy that he had shrunk into a ball. Then he rubbed him hard. Xiao Yun sighed softly, “I can’t help you. No matter what you do, I don’t want to worry about you at all if I just want to show your coquetry to me.”

Bai Jin shook his ears, tilted his head quietly, looked at Xiao Yun from the big tail around his body, and was facing his spoiled but helpless eyes. He was so happy that he even forgot his shyness.

Instinctively, Bai Jin understood that the other side had forgiven him for failing to comply with the agreement and left without saying goodbye. The heavy stone in his heart suddenly fell to the ground.

Seeing the heartless “forget the pain after the scar” of his little lover, Xiao Yun scratched his chin and said plaintively, “You see, I’m so relaxed about your breach of agreement. When you are angry with me, you should also remember my kindness. Please make up with me soon…”

Bai Jin blinked, his head askew for no reason, and his face was at a loss.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand now. Just remember.” Xiao Yun earnestly admonished him once and tried to use all means to reduce his sentence in advance.

Bai Jin shook his tail and squeaked “magnanimous” – as for when he’s really angry… then they would talk about it!

One man and one ermine were as good as before, and they were close to each other quickly. It was a pity that Xiao Yun, who still had the “task” of clearing the eagle nest, didn’t have much time to get along with Bai Jin.

Before long, Li Bo, who had previously returned to the house for a rest, pushed the door out to remind Xiao Yun that he was going to work again. Because he has just been suggested by Xiao Yun, Li Bo didn’t show any strange emotions for the intimate appearance between Xiao Yun and Bai Jin, but rather was envious, “A-Yun, it seems that this beast likes you very much.”

As a man without cultivation qualification, as long as he was favored by a cultivator, he would benefit for life.

Xiao Yun smiled, rubbed Bai Jin’s small head, and happily acquiesced to such words.

Li Bo looked at Bai Jin, who sat in Xiao Yun’s arms and was full of attachment but not half proud. Compared with the Sky Covering Eagle that he had been serving for decades but still looked like a great man, he was more and more envious, “I have never seen this beast in Jade Peak before, can I ask who he is…?”

“He’s Bai Duan, the spirit beast under Double-edged Sword Peak’s Hu Xiao .” Xiao Yun said with a smile.

Bai Jin was waiting for Xiao Yun’s introduction with his neck up. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but be stunned. His whole body was frozen.

Bai Duan?

How could it be Bai Duan?

Since arriving at Qingxia Sect, Bai Jin had been compared with “brother Bai Duan” by many people and even admitted to be wrong. It didn’t like this kind of comparison. It was more and more sensitive to the name “Bai Duan”, which it used to like very much. It was reflexive when he heard it.

Previously, because of Xiao Yun’s intimacy, his heart was as cold and sharp as a basin of ice water. Bai Jin had no time to think about it, so he was overwhelmed by his grievances.

Was it true that the man he liked very much mistook him for his elder brother Bai Duan?

Noticing the dissimilarity of Bai Jin in his arms, Xiao Yun subconsciously lowered his head and was facing the last pair of tearful black eyes full of complaints. Before he could respond, Bai Jin let out of his arms with his broken glass heart.

“Wait, what happened?! Little Duan?!” Xiao Yun was frightened and hurriedly chased after him. However, Bai Jin heard the words “Little Duan.’ After hearing the words, “Little Duan”, his figure, who had been hesitant at first, suddenly became firm. Xiao Yun, the mortal body, was left behind as he ran away.

Xiao Yun, with an ignorant face and no idea of what happened, said, “What happened?”

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