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Chapter 19: Flirtationship

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

In a flash, the Spring Festival atmosphere on the streets was becoming stronger.

Wen Yu pestered Zhao Zheng last night and made him promise to go shopping for New Year’s goods together today. But in truth, he just wanted to ask Zhao Zheng to go out to play. He had already quit his job. There was only the Spring Festival left before the winter break ended. Now Wen Yu was set to chasing his Uncle Zhao with all his heart. Of course, he didn’t want to spend his time working. If he could, he would want to stick to Uncle Zhao every day.

He had earned enough for his tuition anyway.

“Ha, it’s so cold.” Wen Yu said breathing out a puff of fog. He hooked his arms naturally around Zhao Zheng’s arm, and said seriously, “Let’s get some New Year’s shopping done first at the supermarket.”

Since it was an excuse, he should at least be in location.

Zhao Zheng was very easy to persuade. His work was handled by his subordinates. He accompanied Wen Yu to do what ordinary people did, but it felt completely different. 

The two rode a car to the supermarket. Zhao Zheng drove, and Wen Yu, who sat in the front passenger’s seat, was surprised. Maybe the shock on his face was too obvious, Zhao Zheng asked without looking over,  “Is it that shocking to see me drive?”

“Well, this is my first time seeing you drive.” Wen Yu said and asked, “Uncle, do you have an ID card?”

Zhao Zheng nodded his head and said, “Look for it in my pocket.”

Wen Yu leaned over and rummaged through Zhao Zheng’s pocket. It was empty at first, then he suddenly felt a hard card. When Wen Yu took it out, he deliberately touched Zhao Zheng’s refined and strong waist.

Seeing that Uncle Zhao’s expression did not change, he felt a little disappointed. Who knows when he could get to see some other expression from Uncle Zhao. From when they first met until now, Uncle Zhao’s indifferent expression was the only one he had. Even until now he would still show a light indifferent look. His smile would only show in his eyes and the number of times he had laughed out loud could easily be counted on one hand.

After parking the car, Zhao Zheng held Wen Yu by his shoulder and the two people entered the supermarket. Wen Yu pushed the cart and didn’t know what was missing at home. It seemed like they were never short of anything to eat or drink. He thought he could try and remember what his mother usually bought for every New Year.

Sweets, melon seeds, peanuts, and some snacks and fruits.

However, there were so many people in these areas. Promotions were going on everywhere and when it was this time of the year, people spent lavishly and it would feel weird to save up during New Years shopping. Wen Yu, who was pushing the cart, stopped outside the crowd and looked up at Zhao Zheng.

“You can ask the butler to get what you want.” When Zhao Zheng finished, he wanted to make up for Wen Yu’s heart for shopping and continued, “Where else do you want to go?”

Wen Yu had initially used the excuse for buying New Year’s products but now, he could save time without shopping. He had already done his research before choosing this shopping mall. It had a supermarket, cinema and a restaurant. Wen Yu looked at his watch. “It’s still early. Let’s go to the cinema, uncle.”

There were a lot of movies showing during the Spring Festival. They arrived early and bought tickets, and there were only a few people in the cinema. Those who worked hadn’t started their spring break yet.

It was a local movie. When the male and female lead were kissing after going through a lot of hardships, Wen Yu looked up at Zhao Zheng, who seemed to be aware of it. He looked and saw Wen Yu looking at him. His eyes froze for a while, and he soon looked away.

At that moment, he suddenly remembered the feeling he had when the child had kissed him last time.

Wen Yu was slightly disappointed, seeing Zhao Zheng avert his gaze, but these setbacks only motivated him more. He would get more energetic and would come up with more plans. Seducing his Uncle Zhao was his favorite thing to do every day.

At the end of the movie, Wen Yu was hungry and leaned on Zhao Zheng’s arm deliberately. He said, “Uncle, I’m hungry.”

“Brat.” Zhao Zheng, on the surface, didn’t agree with a boy acting so spoiled, but he couldn’t help saying, “What do you want to eat?”

Wen Yu just wanted to hear Zhao Zheng’s concern. He casually pointed to a restaurant, there was an event going on and the atmosphere was lively. There were balloons at the door and both of them were lucky to get seats.

After ordering, the waiter served them tea, when Zhao Zheng suddenly asked, “Can I have a balloon?”

The waiter was stupefied, looked at the two people, and smiled, “Okay, please wait a moment.” In fact, balloons were only given to children, but the customer requested for it, and especially since this one who, though used polite words, she dare not say no.

“Uncle, do you want to play with balloons?” Wen Yu asked knowingly.

“It’s for you.”

After a while, the waiter brought the balloon, which was pink. 

Zhao Zheng saw it and nodded his head. He looked at Wen Yu with a little satisfaction and said, “It suits your temper.” Then he reached out and tied it to Wen Yu’s chair.

Wen Yu blushed, not with joy, but with embarrassment.

Uncle Zhao must have known that he was deliberately teasing him, so he was also purposefully embarrassing him.

The space was full of children with balloons. Only a boy as big as Wen Yu had a pink balloon tied to his chair, which really attracted people’s attention. A couple nearby saw it. The girl, a sweet and charming girl, was fascinated when she saw Zhao Zheng tying the balloon for Wen Yu. Her boyfriend looked at his girlfriend who was in a daze. He turned to her gaze and said, “Homos again.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s just a relationship between an uncle and his nephew.” The girl retorted.

The man’s face said he knew better, “TianTian, you are too innocent. I have seen too much of these types of relationships. The young man obviously likes the older one. The older one seems quite rich. The watch on his hand is at least a million. Tsk, a lot of people are into these (relationships) nowadays.”

The girlfriend was indeed Ji TianTian. Hearing this, she looked at Wen Yu dumbfoundedly. Seeing the sweetness in Wen Yu’s smile, her chest tightened and she didn’t dare to think further anymore. But the more she didn’t want to, the more she thought about when Wen Yu said that he liked someone, her head was tangled in confusion. She even forgot to ask her boyfriend why he knew so much about this.

Wen Yu didn’t know that Ji TianTian was sitting near them as they were seated quite inside the restaurant. The food arrived and a man with gold framed glasses walked up to them with a little boy. The little boy was seven or eight years old, cute and adorable.

The man with glasses looked at Zhao Zheng and said, “Such a coincidence.” Then he turned to look at Wen Yu, “I’m Lu Feng, dean of Ren Ai hospital. I’ve met you once, but you were unconscious. You probably don’t remember. This is my son, Hua Hua.”

The little boy Hua Hua was a smart boy, “Brother, Uncle.”

Wen Yu chuckled. It became ‘Uncle; when it was Zhao Zheng. He said with a smile, “I’m Wen Yu. Hello Hua Hua.”

“Do you want to eat together?” Zhao Zheng asked.

Lu Feng shook his head. “Hua Ting has gone to buy yogurt. We have our own table and just wanted to come over to say hello.” Then he smiled at Wen Yu and said, “Enjoy your meal,” before he led his son back to their table.

When they left, Wen Yu said, “Uncle, is Mr. Lu your friend? His child is lovely.”

“Guess you could say he’s a friend.” Zhao Zheng slurred over the matter.

Wen Yu gave Zhao Zheng the restaurant’s famous popcorn chicken 1and a chicken wing. He put it on the plate, saying, “If he’s a friend, he’s a friend. What is there to guess?”

“I didn’t have any friends before.” Zhao Zheng saw Wen Yu looking toward him expectantly so he used his chopsticks and picked up the food into his mouth. He nodded, “Not bad.”

Wen Yu ate his food with a smile and was just about to speak, but his gaze averted somewhere else. He caught something and his eyes went wide. Then he said, “Uncle, Mr. Lu is very close to that man.”

“That’s Hua Ting.” Zhao Zheng said, “Lu Feng is with Hua Ting, and Hua Hua is their son.”

Wen Yu was embarrassed as he smiled at Hua Ting. He took back his gaze awkwardly and said in a low voice, “Hua Ting just saw me. I thought Mr. Lu was seeing a man behind his wife’s back.”

With a child, Wen Yu subconsciously assumed that Lu Feng was married. After hearing about  Lu Feng’s relationship with Hua Ting, he felt relieved and focused on eating.

After eating and settling the bill, Zhao Zheng brought Wen Yu over to greet Lu Feng.

“If you have nothing to do on the fifth & sixth day of the New Years 2, you can come to my house to play. Everyone will be coming.” Lu Feng smiled.

Hua Ting, who was beside, said, “Yes, since you’re in Beijing anyway. The more the merrier.”

Zhao Zheng looked at Wen Yu, letting him decide. Wen Yu was a little surprised, his eyes were wide open, as round as the pink balloon in his hand, he was really a bit dazzled 3. Zhao Zheng ruffled Wen Yu’s curly hair as he saw it, and looked at Lu Feng’s Hua Ting, saying, “We’ll come over then.”

Even after they left the restaurant, Wen Yu still felt a little embarrassed. He must have looked like a fool just now, as he didn’t expect Uncle Zhao would let him make a decision. He panicked.

Back in the car, Wen Yu learnt that some friends of Lu Feng and Hua Ting were there when Uncle Zhao regained his consciousness in this era. It could also be said that Uncle Zhao woke up because of these people who opened the door of the Temple of Heaven.

“Sounds like they’re really powerful.”

The world was becoming more and more fantasy-like.

Two days have passed and it was New Year’s Eve, it snowed heavily and the yard in the villa was covered in a thick layer of snow. Wen Yu didn’t let them clear the snow because he wanted to play. 

When it was dark, he pulled Zhao Zheng’s by his hand to play in the yard. The city forbade any firecrackers so Wen Yu pulled a small sparkler to light up in the yard, and then shoved one to Uncle Zhao who was standing and watching him play. He said with a smile, “When I was a child, I would play with fireworks with my brother. However, Yuncheng seldom had such a big chance of snow.”

Now the atmosphere of the New Year was becoming more and more bland. Wen Yu thought Uncle Zhao hadn’t felt the modern atmosphere of the Spring Festival, so he lit several fireworks in a row. His face was red from the cold, his hand frozen and he was breathing into them. Zhao Zheng’s face darkened and he angrily dragged Wen Yu back inside.

Wen Yu was changing into his slippers at the porch when he heard Uncle Zhao’s cold voice ordering, “Make ginger tea.”

The butler left to prepare.

Zhao Zheng saw that Wen Yu had some snow, which had fallen from the top of the tree, on his shoulder and reached out to brush it off for him. Wen Yu looked up at the same time, he caught the gaze of a frowning Uncle Zhao.

“It’s not very cold anyway…” Wen Yu’s guilt-ridden voice was weak.

Zhao Zheng’s hand stayed on Wen Yu’s curly hair. Seeing the momentarily timid Wen Yu, the angry Zhao Zheng could only smile helplessly. Wen Yu saw this and hurriedly said, “It’s not cold. Believe me, Uncle, you can feel my hand. It’s very hot.” He put his warm hands in Zhao Zheng’s.

Zhao Zheng squeezed his hands twice, subconsciously. Wen Yu’s fingers were slender, but his palms were soft. It felt good to the touch. Zhao Zheng swept his fingers over Wen Yu’s palms.

Wen Yu clenched his hand, his palms felt ticklish and his chest was too. He couldn’t help but look up and was accidentally caught in the gaze of Zhao Zheng’s deep and reserved eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly became filled with hints of a flirtationship. 4

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Translator Notes:

  1. Taiwanese popcorn chicken, also referred to as Crispy Chicken or Salt and Pepper Chicken, is a popular snack often found at tapioca/boba tea cafes.
  2. The Lunar New Year is celebrated for fifteen days.(Read more) Friends and relatives will often visit each other’s houses.
  3. Author used ‘ahoge’ here: He was dazzled, his ahoge shot upright.
  4. 暧昧(àimèi); the relationship status of being more intimate than normal friends but not yet lovers. Doing things couples will do while not officially a couple. The confusion if one is still stuck in the friend-zone or actually dating already. Informally, flirtationship.


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