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Chapter 188: Eleventh World (15)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

Facing the lightning whip thrown out by Xiao Xinglong, Xiao Yun didn’t dodge. Xiao Xinglong sneered at his stupefied appearance. He thought that his lightning could cut the other side seriously, but the lightning hit Xiao Yun and left only a scorched trace. There was nothing left.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xiao Yun once again approached Xiao Xinglong and raised his long sword with cold light. He had a chance to strike Xiao Xinglong with a sword, but Xiao Yun left a line, only to force him to be in a mess, stumble and ‘force’ him away from the sword once again.

Once again, Xiao Xinglong just felt the buzz in his head and felt dizzy before his eyes. He was not strong willed originally. Once he fell into the downwind, his mind would easily collapse, and also, Xiao Yun’s mental power had covered him without trace, unconsciously oppressed his nerves and constantly increased his psychological fear and pressure.

The lightning on the challenge arena kept flickering, but no matter how powerful the lightning net looked, it couldn’t stop Xiao Yun from going forward.

Xiao Xinglong’s spirit was on the verge of collapse. He just instinctively kept dodging and running, while Xiao Yun pressed on step by step, even showing a leisurely and elegant walk in idle court — like a cat teasing a mouse.

Such a farcical scene stunned the audience. Although they had long thought that “Xiao Yun” was not as good as before in recent years, they never thought that not only would he not be able to bear it, but also be chased by a mortal and be in a state of embarrassment, without any counter-measures.

And… That “Guan Wu” was really just a mortal?!

“The boy of the Yang family, Guan Wu, is he wearing some magic weapon to hide the power of his spirit, and pretending to be a mortal?” A cultivator was surprised, and said in a low voice, “Even if Xiao Yun’s lightning and thunder can’t stand any more, it’s not for ordinary people’s bodies. Guan Wu suffered so many times from it without dodging, but he didn’t get hurt at all. It’s totally unreasonable!”

“Guan Wu… Guan Wu…” The cultivator next to him mumbled to himself, feeling that the name was familiar to him. Suddenly he clapped his hands and suddenly realized, “No wonder I thought the name is familiar! It’s him! The mortal who is said to be able to build a foundation!”

Although Xiao Yun was famous as ‘Guan Wu’, it had been two or three years. For the long cultivators of Shouyuan, two or three years of closed door cultivation was very common. But the cultivators who could go down the mountain and experience, and who had heard of Guan Wu, an ordinary man, were just a drop in the ocean.

Moreover, even if they had heard of him, as long as they had not seen him with their own eyes, few practitioners would pay attention to him. As practitioners, their pride made them not believe that a mortal could achieve such a level. They would only regard this as a grandiose joke and forget it after laughing.

However, when looking at the scene on the stage and recalling the rumor again, the practitioners had to face up to it and admit its authenticity.

In such a short time, the story of ‘Guan Wu’ spread among the children and elders of the family participating in the Dabi. All of them suddenly realized it and sighed “the world is big, and there is no wonder” — this was about the peak of human training, right?

If this ‘Guan Wu’ could really defeat the builders of the foundation period, then it was reasonable that ‘Xiao Yun’ was in a mess under his hands. In the eyes of the practitioners, towards ‘Xiao Yun’, there was no more scorn, but a hint of sympathy and pity. Unfortunately, although people gradually changed their attitude, Xiao Xinglong, on the stage, didn’t know anything about it.

Xiao Xinglong had been practicing at home for ten years. He didn’t have the chance to go out to experience and understand the current affairs. His eyes were higher than the top. Although he was in the Xiao family, he didn’t have friends, and no children of the Xiao family were willing to chat with him about these topics of gossip.

Therefore, Xiao Xinglong didn’t know that in recent years, a ‘Guan Wu’ had been born. He still thought that the other side was just an unknown mortal, and he was defeated by a mortal’s sword.

The buzzing of flies under the stage was no different from laughing and ridiculing Xiao Xinglong. In his mind, he also kept echoing the stern advice from the elders of the family.

The Xiao family’s younger generation, who was responsible for defending the arena this time, didn’t do well in the foundation period. It was helpless to be taken from the arena. Therefore, Xiao Xinglong’s challenge arena in the Qi training period must not be lost. If there was no challenge arena in the Xiao family after the end of the big match, it would be a shame. The Xiao family couldn’t afford to lose, so Xiao Xinglong couldn’t afford to lose.

Although he took away his brother’s Heavenly Spiritual root and completely replaced his brother’s status, Xiao Xinglong’s life in the Xiao family was not so pleasant.

Even Xiao Yun, who had been praised by the clan leader and elders for more than ten years, could be given up on without hesitation, so what kind of affection could they have for Xiao Xinglong, the son who colluded with demon cultivation? The Xiao family tolerated Xiao Xinglong only for his Heavenly Spiritual root. Because they were worried about the relationship between him and the demon cultivation, they once again brought disaster to the family. The Xiao family guarded Xiao Xinglong very closely. With Xiao Xinglong’s sensitive mind, he naturally noticed this kind of vigilance.

However, Xiao Xinglong endured and tried to perform better than his elder brother. He believed that as long as the family relied on him more and more, his position in the Xiao family could also be improved and promoted. Therefore, this time, he must not lose in the challenge arena. Even if he wanted to lose, he must not lose in the hands of an ordinary mortal!

There was chaos in his brain. After trying many means but not bringing any difficulties to Xiao Yun, Xiao Xinglong despaired. He screamed in his brain, calling for the existence that had been helping him achieve his wish.

The lonely and silent black Qi lurking in Xiao Xinglong’s body surged several times, and finally responded to his call — or perhaps the black Qi had been waiting for this call. That black Qi was a devil in its infancy. More than ten years ago, he had a conflict with another demon cultivation power. His body was blown to powder by the other side, and only his soul and Qi could escape.

The old devil searched for a suitable body, and found Xiao Yun, who had a Heavenly Spiritual root.

A Heavenly Spiritual root was the most outstanding spiritual root for cultivation, as well as for demonic cultivation. Although a Heavenly Spiritual root was just right and was the magic star, as long as it was refined, it could bring endless benefits.

The cultivation of a demon cultivator was very fast, and they didn’t have a bottleneck and need to cross the mind like a regular cultivator. For the demon cultivator, the first enemy in the path of cultivation was the cultivator of the same era, and the second was the lightning tribulation that would appear every time he advanced.

If the cultivators did not have enough talent and had an unstable mind, most of them would be stuck in the bottleneck until they run out of Qi. However, for the cultivators who had no bottleneck, eight out of ten would fall under the lightning.

Most of the devil practices were deeply rooted. The advanced lightning tribulation was more powerful and terrifying than a normal cultivator. Moreover, they wouldn’t get the rain of heaven rewards after the disaster. Every time he crossed the lightning tribulation, the demon cultivator had a life of nine deaths. Even if he went through it, he would be greatly hurt and embarrassed.

But if one had a Heavenly Spiritual root, it was different.

As long as the Heavenly Spiritual root was refined, the lightning tribulation of demon cultivation would change from hell level difficulty to ordinary difficulty or even simple difficulty, which meant that the next path of demon cultivation would be smooth without any obstacles.

A Heavenly Spiritual root was hard to find in a thousand years, but he was in the state of physical destruction. It was just natural that he didn’t give up the other side. So the first time he met the original body, the old devil made a decision.

However, although he thought well, it was really troublesome to implement. Although the original body had a low cultivation level, it had strong willpower and a strong and pure system spiritual force protector. If the old devil, who was seriously injured at the moment, directly lost, it was easy to fail.

Therefore, the old devil chose the circuitous strategy and found his brother Xiao Xinglong.

When he saw Xiao Xinglong, the old devil knew that it was a narrow-minded, jealous and ruthless existence. What’s more interesting was that the boy was young and had a shallow life experience. As long as he found the weak points that made him move, he would be easily fooled.

Soon, the old devil seduced Xiao Xinglong, and together transferred the original’s Heavenly Spiritual root to Xiao Xinglong’s body. A Heavenly Spiritual root, which would inevitably damage the host, was easier to be refined by evil Qi. Xiao Xinglong’s weak will was also easier to be taken away by the old devil than his original body.

Of course, to be on the safe side, the old devil didn’t immediately take over Xiao Xinglong after he got the Heavenly Spiritual root, because in his opinion, Xiao Xinglong had other use values — he wanted Xiao Xinglong to help him refine the Heavenly Spiritual root with magic Qi.

The Heavenly Spiritual root was the devil’s nemesis. It would be very difficult to refine, and even worse, it might backfire. Naturally, the old devil didn’t want to take the risk, so he was ready to give Xiao Xinglong the arduous task.

If Xiao Xinglong began to use magic Qi to refine the Heavenly Spiritual root, he would inevitably lose both sides. Once Xiao Xinglong backfired and his spirit was unstable, the old devil could easily take him away; and the Heavenly Spiritual root had been eroded by Xiao Xinglong’s spirit, which was more conducive to the next refining of the old devil.

In this way, it was really killing two birds with one stone.

The old devil’s abacus was very good, but he had trouble in practice.

Xiao Xinglong was ruthless and determined when he took the spiritual root of his brother, but when the old devil asked him to leave the Xiao family and change from cultivation to demon cultivation, he withdrew. What surprised the old devil even more was that the Xiao family seemed to be a group of people of noble morality. In fact, they were a group of people of noble morality. They knew that Xiao Xinglong was in collusion with the devil cultivation, but they kept him for the Heavenly Spiritual root. It was a waste of time for the old devil to deliberately let Xiao Yun run away when he captured Xiao Yun’s spiritual root and let him return to the family to sue Xiao Xinglong.

Because of the protection of the Xiao family, Xiao Xinglong was more reluctant to leave with the old devil. The old devil had nothing to do with it. He saw through Xiao Xinglong’s insidious, jealous and weak nature like mud, and knew that it was too much. If he kept asking Xiao Xinglong to follow him, Xiao Xinglong would have doubted his vigilance.

So, no matter how eager he was, the old devil restrained him and lurked in Xiao Xinglong’s body for more than ten years. In the past ten years, he helped Xiao Xinglong with “one heart and one mind” to make him trust himself, rely on himself and relax his guard.

He had to say that the old devil did a good job. Every time Xiao Xinglong asked for help, he would help the other solve problems perfectly, and Xiao Xinglong was more and more used to asking for help.

Xiao Xinglong’s first reaction was to ask for help when he had no way to go in the challenge arena. What the old devil had been waiting for for ten years was such a chance. If Xiao Xinglong’s evil spirit was exposed in public, he would be rejected and killed by the cultivators. Then Xiao Xinglong, who was forced to die, would have to follow him.

Once the demon’s body was repaired, the Heavenly Spiritual root in Xiao Xinglong’s body would resist the chaos. Even if the old demon didn’t say it, Xiao Xinglong had to try his best to suppress and refine the spiritual root in his body — and then everything would come naturally.

As for the current group of disciples in the period of Qi training and foundation establishment in the Dabi arena, the old devil would not be concerned at all. The elders sent by various families led the team and presided over the Dabi, even if the old devil couldn’t fight, there were many ways for Xiao Xinglong to escape from them.

The old devil responded to Xiao Xinglong’s request, and Xiao Xinglong, whose mind was so confused that he could not think and could only resort to instinct and habit for help, did not notice the excitement in the old devil’s tone.

Following the old devil’s instructions, Xiao Xinglong once again threw out a piece of lightning, and in the shining bright lightning, a ray of black gas loomed.

“It’s Devil Qi!” There were many disputes between the devils and the Daoists. The elders of the aristocratic family could see the origin of the blackness at a glance. They couldn’t help saying it out loud. But the elders of the Xiao family were sweating and their eyes were splitting.

It was not a small thing that devil spirit appeared in the arena of family competition. Suddenly, an elder wanted to fly to the stage, but a flash of sword light made everyone move faster. In a flash, the lightning with devil spirit was cut off.

The sword was very fierce. There was no sign of dissipation after cutting off the lightning. It went straight to Xiao Xinglong. This sword Qi couldn’t be compared with Xiao Yun’s. Xiao Xinglong had no room to dodge. His chest was cut by the sword Qi and he spewed out a mouthful of blood. The whole man flew out of the arena like a kite that was cut off by the wind.

At the same time, it was detected that the situation was not good. A more solid black gas flew out of Xiao Xinglong’s body, and it fled quickly. However, the next sword light was faster than it.

With a light reprimand of “where the devil curfew goes”, the black Qi was split in two by the second sword light. When the sword light dissipated, a figure in a white Daoist robe appeared on the side of the black Qi, and the long sword twisted and stirred.

In a bleak voice that shocked people’s hearts and spirits, the two halves of black Qi were stirred to pieces and could not be condensed any further. After confirming that the spirit of the old devil was all gone, the man in white also put his sword into his sheath and turned around in the air, revealing a beautiful face like frost.

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