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Chapter 21: Mr. Zhao, you have the wrong person.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The next day after registration, Wen Yu found out why the guy looked at him that way.

In their WeChat group, eldest brother sent a link. Then he sent a voice message saying that on the day of registration, someone stopped him and asked him about this matter. He didn’t know about it yet, so that classmate asked him to go to the campus forum to read the post on the campus’ latest hot topic..

He added, “Wen Yu, brother believes in you, but you’d better deal with this gossip at the earliest, or it won’t be good for your image.”

Second brother also comforted and supported him in the group.

Wen Yu didn’t know what they were talking about so didn’t respond first. He clicked on the link to their campus forum.

The title of the forum post was that ‘The International Trade Department Grass1 is Suspected to be a Sugar Baby’. The poster said that the Department Grass had rejected her bestie. Her bestie was pretty and sweet, so she didn’t expect her bestie’s confession to be rejected. Later, her bestie saw the Department Grass and his financial backer eating in the restaurant, they were very intimate and were accompanied by a pink balloon. Then her bestie came to her complaining in tears, she was angry. Why has  society become so?

There were also a series of events related to the Department Grass posted, such as the time when they went climbing at Xiang Mountain, the sugar daddy would pick him up a luxury car. There was a butler and a villa, which was said to be very large. Plus, the Department Grass no longer rented a house to live in, but moved into the villa area of his Sugar Daddy, and had a luxury car picking him up and dropping him off every day.

Later, the post became more and more popular. After all, in society, a sugar daddy who had a villa, a luxury car and a butler was like prince charming. Not to mention that someone secretly took a picture of the back of the Department Grass with his sugar daddy. The Department Grass was holding the arm of his sugar daddy. The sugar daddy looked like a crane standing among chickens. 2 He was outstanding among the group of young and astringent students. He was tall and mighty, with long legs and elegant demeanor. The most important thing was that he had money.

With such great conditions, naturally somebody wanted to bring  him down. With envy, jealousy and hatred, they scolded the Department Grass for being shameless, selling his body and a bunch of ugly remarks. In the end, these parties who were not involved believed they knew everything. 

Wen Yu’s face turned uglier as he scrolled down the comments. The last comment said that he and Zhao Zheng were related by blood and that he was not what they accused him of. This must have been posted by eldest brother or second brother.

Zhao Zheng brought over hot tea. Seeing Wen Yu’s distorted expression, he stuffed the tea cup into his hand and took away Wen Yu’s phone. He briefly checked what was going on, “Do you feel wronged?”

Wen Yu put down the hot tea in his hand, his face frowned altogether. He nodded his head and said, “If we really were in this type of relationship, I wouldn’t say anything. It’s so obvious that we’re innocent, yet our relationship is described as such a shameful and unsolicited transaction. So, of course I feel wronged..” 

Zhao Zheng looked at Wen Yu with deep eyes. Wen Yu raised his eyebrows and smiled. He said in a relaxed tone, “But, I won’t be bothered by this matter.”

He just didn’t want him to worry. Zhao Zheng ruffled Wen Yu’s hair and said nothing. For him, this was a small matter and there was no need for this to affect his life.

Live as one should, and life should go on as usual.

However, when Wen Yu went to school the next day, he realized that Zhao Zheng also accompanied him. He understood in an instant and said with a smile, “Uncle, are you sending me to school today?” It used to be good manners for him to call him uncle. Now Wen Yu had the heart to flirt with Zhao Zheng, and this sweet nickname was called out gallantly.

Zhao Zheng nodded, “I just so happen to be free.”

When they arrived at the school, Zhao Zheng also personally sent Wen Yu off outside of the car and rubbed his head in spite of the public’s eyes. Wen Yu, wearing a scarf, blushed and said goodbye to Uncle Zhao. He then walked to class light-footedly carrying his backpack. 

Gao Yang said angrily, “I just found out what they were saying about you.”

Wen Yu was now unaffected and didn’t care, “It’s nothing, let them talk.” He even had the mood to joke with Gao Yang, “I haven’t been checking my phone these last two days. What did you do with Meng Yi?”

“Nothing, we just went to a hot spring.” Gao Yang’s eyebrows and eyes were full of chatter. He said to Wen Yu, without a hint of shame, “It was my first time doing it in a hot spring. It was very exciting. And when the water was hot as it flowed into..”

“Shut up!” Wen Yu laughed and wanted to smack Gao Yang.

Eldest brother and second brother were a little confused. Seeing this, Gao Yang suddenly realized, “I forgot to tell you guys that I have a boyfriend. I’m very happy every day. It’s impossible for you single dogs to understand.”

Wen Yu looked at the dumbfounded expressions of eldest brother and second brother.

Gao Yang suddenly stopped in the middle of his chattering, Wen Yu thought there was something wrong, so he tuned to listen to Gao Yang, “That forum post must have been sent by Ji TianTian’s best friend. Probably one of her dorm mates. One of those from that time where we climbed Xiang mountain. I didn’t expect that Ji TianTian’s mouth would be so loose. She’s too gossipy.”

“I thought of that, too.” Eldest brother said.

Wen Yu had already guessed it, but he couldn’t possibly talk about this with Ji TianTian. No matter what he said, outsiders would think he was wrong anyway, and that would only get those people more excited. But he didn’t expect that Ji TianTian would show up instead. At noon, she appeared at the classroom door. The entire class looked at  him crudely and began to avoid him when he walked past. However, some girls secretly looked at him with more hot gazes and whispered excitedly.

Ji TianTian clutched her bag tightly and whispered, “I, I want to talk to you privately.” 

Wen Yu’s eyes were cold and said to her directly, “There is nothing to talk about. We are not close. Don’t ever come find me anymore.”

Ji TianTian looked up, bit her lips, and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know Xu Shanshan would post it to the Internet. I was panicking and Ah Kuan said you are — I don’t believe it. I just wanted to talk to someone.”

No matter how she tried to explain it, Ji TianTian also knew that there was no possibility of her being with Wen Yu. Tears welled up in her eyes, as if about to fall, “I’m sorry to have disturbed you, I won’t come again.”

Then she ran out, leaving Wen Yu to be critized by the guys in the class, secretly cussing him horribly, whispering ‘homo’ and ‘disgusting gay’.

Gao Yang exploded, “If you don’t have the guts to say it out loud, scram!”

Just right at the end of the afternoon class, Wen Yu received a call from Zhao Zheng, asking him to wait for him to go back together. Wen Yu said, “Uncle, where are you?”

“At your university. There’s something to be discussed at the Dean’s office.”

Wen Yu was stunned but just nodded. He waited in the classroom for about five minutes, and then saw the Dean and Head of the Department accompanying Zhao Zheng as they walked over. Meng Yi was present too. The Department Head nodded and said something. Wen Yu saw them and obediently greeted them.

The Dean smiled kindly and said, “Such a good boy. Someone brought up by Mr. Zhao is indeed different.” 

The Headmaster nodded and said, “Yes, Wen Yu has always done well, but he has never applied for a scholarship.”

“That’s true. Wen Yu’s results have always been good but he’s never applied for any scholarships,” the Dean nodded.

There were conditions to be met for applications of scholarships in the class. He was not the best student in class — that was his second brother. He also was not one especially active at extracurricular activities. His grades could only be counted as middle average, and he really didn’t want to apply for the scholarship. When he heard the Department Head’s words, Wen Yu waved his hand and told the truth, “I haven’t reached the application conditions yet.”

“So humble, this child is so humble.” The Department Head smiled.

Seeing Wen Yu embarrassed by the praises, Zhao Zheng said, “He is very bashful and can’t take praises like this.” Then he continued, “You two do not need to send me off. If you have anything you need me for in the future, you can contact Meng Yi.”

On the way back, Wen Yu learned that Uncle Zhao had donated a laboratory to their University.

“Master wants to name the building after the young master.” Meng Yi said while driving.

Wen Yu was shocked and looked at Zhao Zheng in a panic. “Uncle, you can’t do this.” In the future, it would be so awkward whenever he passed by the building and saw his name on the building.

It was too much of an exaggeration.

Zhao Zheng didn’t explain anything, he just rubbed Wen Yu’s curly hair, “Don’t worry.”

After dinner, Wen Yu received a phone call from Gao Yang, only to find out that the forum’s post had been deleted, and another official post had been posted. In the post, it addressed the severity of slandering a student and how it was ruining Wen Yu’s reputation. They also explained Wen Yu and Zhao Zheng’s uncle-nephew relationship. Following that, an appreciation speech on how Mr. Zao Zheng had donated a building for the university.

Wen Yu had guessed that would happen, but didn’t expect Zhao Zheng to go to such extent for him. Such complicated feelings, he felt moved and sad. It was the first time that someone had valued him since he was a child, not letting him feel wronged, protecting him from the wind and rain. His feelings for Zhao Zheng were getting deeper and deeper but there was no progress in his pursuit of Zhao Zheng.

Zhao Zheng was fond of him, spoiled and pampered him, but everything was because they were related. Wen Yu was tortured by his unrequited love. The person he liked was in front of him, and he could also be close, hug him and lie in bed together, but that was it.

He got lost in thought at that. If they could be together, then his body——

Again, he stumbled into a tangle of pain..

The next day at school, Wen Yu found that his classmates’ attitude towards him took a 180 degree turn. They stopped looking at him and cursing him in a hushed voice. Some even came up to apologize and asked him out to hang out. Some students secretly inquired about Zhao Zheng’s background. After all, he had donated a building.

In the afternoon before school ended, Wen Yu received three love letters. Gao Yang joked, “To get your Uncle is like plucking a flower from the mountain top3. So, people go for the easier target, you. Plus, your uncle is rich and cares about you. You’re naturally the best match.”

“It seems that someone has sent you a love letter too. Do you think it’s best if I tell Meng Yi?” Wen Yu retorted.

Gao Yang made a gesture to beg for help and said, “Although Meng Yi likes to fuck me when he is angry, it is indeed amazing but I am afraid I won’t be able to endure it long term. Do you think it’s because he has been holding it for thousands of years? Does this mean your uncle has been holding it for an even longer time? You poor thing.”

Wen Yu was so angry that he wanted to kill Gao Yang.

Wen Yu became more popular and had received even more love letters. He asked Zhao Zheng how to deal with it on purpose, but when he saw Zhao Zheng’s expression was as usual and told him to do as it fits, he felt that Gao Yang’s invoke jealousy method was not reliable at all. Zhao Zheng would not ever be jealous or angry over something so trivial.

He couldn’t help but feel dejected.

On this day, the cold of spring had gone, and the sunshine was just nice. The foundation laying ceremony for the building donated by Zhao Zheng was held. Zhao Zheng did not like such lively and official events, so he asked Meng Yi to go in his stead. Wen Yu happened to have no class that time so Gao Yang pulled Wen Yu to the ceremony. When Gao Yang saw Meng Yi standing on the stage coolly. He laughed and said, “My ghost4 is really handsome.”

Wen Yu had become immune to hearing Gao Yang’s pet names for the couple.

On the stage, the school representative held a shovel tied with red silk and called Meng Yi to shovel the first soil. When the ceremony was over, the school reporter took pictures. The school representative held the microphone and said, “The foundation laying ceremony of the Fu Su building is a complete success. Thank you Mr. Zhao…”


Wen Yu couldn’t hear anything, and he looked at the Fu Su building.

“The name does not sound suitable for a laboratory. It’s quite suitable for a library though. Still it’s a very literary name. Don’t you think so, Wen Yu?” Gao Yang turned around, after complaining to Wen Yu, only to discover he had walked away from the crowd. He saw the back of Wen Yu far away.

He was driven back to the villa in a daze, the living room was empty when he walked in. Wen Yu just remembered that Zhao Zheng was not at home. He was set on going home just now, and he wanted to confess to Zhao Zheng one more time. He no longer wanted to be his son. He was almost driven mad by this ‘son’ identity.

It was like he was wearing this identity and enjoying what Zhao Zheng was giving him.

“Young master?” The butler’s voice was slightly surprised, and he thought of something. He bent down and said with a smile, “Master has been back for some time and is now upstairs — “

“Uncle is back?” It was Wen Yu’s turn to be surprised.

The butler thought that they had made an appointment prior. Now, it seemed that it was a mere coincidence. He was about to open his mouth but Wen Yu had already gone upstairs.

In the living room on the third floor, two young men, dressed in black and white suits, were sitting on the sofa. The man in the white suit placed the tablet computer on the tea table, and his cold face was a little embarrassed. He said, “I’m really sorry, but I didn’t expect that the high-tech system would be wrong. The real Fu Su is this here…”

Wen Yu, who was outside the door, was stunned. What do you mean, the real Fu Su?

“Mr. Zhao, you have the wrong person.” The man in the black suit said directly.


The author has something to say:

Hei Qian and Bai Sheng Sheng made a cameo appearance. (referring to men in black and white suit, from author’s previous novel ‘Wake Up to be Pregnant with the Zombie’s Child’ )

Now that the truth is out~

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Translator Notes:

  1. The popular girls would be referred to as ‘flower’ whereas the boys ‘grass’.
  2. Chinese proverb that means someone(crane) who stands out in the crowd(chickens).
  3. Very hard to reach, impossible.
  4. Lit.translates to ‘dead ghost’ but used as a nickname, to joke and to show close relationships. When used here, it became a pun, since Meng Yi was indeed a ghost.


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